Hodgepodge 158th season There will be a rare “annular eclipse” next month!

Natsumi Hayashi, a young Japanese photographer, has been taking floating selfies for more than a year, and her work has become a favorite among photography fans. Here’s a look at her latest floating collection. The photographer walks around Tokyo, sets up pictures in ordinary locations, manually sets the focal length and shutter time, and then quickly runs to the appropriate position in front of the camera, jumps in the air, and poses. Sometimes she has to try many times in a row to get the best timing. Pineapple Science Award: Counting money helps relieve pain @Pineapple Science Award First Award, Psychology Award: To @Professor of Psychology, Sun Yat-sen University @Xinyue Zhou _ Department of Psychology, CUHK.” Counting money helps relieve pain.” The Pineapple Science Prize Chemistry Prize, winner Huang Wen, for his research project on how to make pot chicken soup taste better. Pineapple Me Award: Zhejiang University Water dispenser lady. Write a strong pen for the international cute history. @Li Miao on Weibo: Pineapple Science Award U Award to Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry protest canteen price increase incident. By weighing lunch boxes and food components, they concluded that the canteen was raising prices in disguise. Two fake monks were caught! Do you still remember the “monk brothers” who wore monk robes a few days ago, ate meat and drank alcohol with women in their arms in the Beijing subway, and opened a room in a star-rated hotel, causing extremely bad effects? Today, the two went to Fayuan Temple to pretend to be ghosts and continue to hype, although they hid in the toilet for a while, they were still caught by monks, lay people, and the police who came later, and were taken away by the police. A pregnant woman gave birth while using the toilet in Beijing, and the baby was washed away. Firefighters broke the urinal to rescue the baby, and the mother was taken to hospital for treatment. On April 7, a picture accompanied by the text “Wuhan University of Technology caught a thief in the East courtyard” sparked heated debate on Weibo. The images show a middle-aged man lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and being trampled by a woman. In response, the lawyer said that this is a reasonable uniform behavior, there is no infringement. On June 3, 1965, astronaut Ed White made history by becoming the first American to walk in space. That day, he stepped out of the “Gemini 4” spacecraft and carried out a spacewalk at an altitude of 286 kilometers above the ground, the whole process lasted 23 minutes. A rare video describing the history has been uploaded to YouTube, leaving netizens shocked. Google Glass has been developed to allow users to use voice control to access the Internet, according to the Daily Mail, one of the founders of Google. # 8226; Brin was spotted wearing Google Glass on Thursday while attending a charity event. Google Glass is topped with a voice-activated and head-turning micro-display that allows wearers to easily surf the web, video chat, update blogs and more. But it’s not clear when Glass will be available on the market. According to the Japan News website, a research team at Keio University in Japan has developed a device “POCHUTER” that can kiss poster characters. POCHUTER can sense the distance between the screen and the user, and change the expression of the characters on the screen according to the change of distance. When the user wants to kiss the character on the screen, the other person will change their expression accordingly. There are also these functions: close can smell the smell of shampoo, put a lemon flavor film on the lips, you can have taste enjoyment, people on the screen will say like you. Every year on the anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek’s death or birthday, there is a guest who comes to the Taxi Cihu audience, always cause a stir, he is the “copycat Chiang Kai-shek” Lidenko. Because his appearance is too similar to his own, many mainland tourists’ first words when they see him are: “Chairman hello”. Here he is in Cihu on April 6 this year. There is an anecdote that the North Korean Amama Ni, supervising pedestrians with revolutionary eyes, found the new trend of struggle, rushed up and stopped the past woman to shout: Comrade, can you wear pants as a woman? Why can’t North Korean women wear pants? Because Kim Jong Il said: Pants are for men… But North Korean female soldiers, they have to wear pants, or they’ll embarrass themselves. China used to be like this, and the Chinese who dressed fashionably in the past were dismissed as bourgeois liberalization. North Korean women are now allowed to wear proper pants, but there are three types of pants: “Trousers that cling to a woman’s lower body, bell-bottoms and short shorts are not styles we promote.” Women wearing pants in Rason Special District, “Civic Training Booklet” 1 during the Republic of China. Keep an eye out for new things. 2. Don’t touch other people’s things without permission. 3. Don’t borrow things from others easily. 4. Don’t borrow money from others. 5. Avoid danger quickly. 6, others in danger, immediately rescue. 7. When others ask for advice, answer them earnestly. 8. Speak softly and kindly. 9. Be kind to others. Don’t ask others to do what you don’t want to do. :

  1. Anything that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, or holds you back, get rid of it. 2. If anything is just taking up space and not contributing positively to your life, get rid of it. 3. If you want to lose or keep anything, you will spend a long time weighing the pros and cons, or worrying about what is wrong, then throw it away. The girl in scenery village always thought that happiness was far away and could be pursued in the future. Later found that those who hugged, held the hand, sang the song, the tears, loved the people, the so-called once, is happiness. In countless nights, the words I have said, the calls I have made, the people I have missed, the tears I have shed… Seen or unseen moved, we have passed, and then in the shuttle of time, everything becomes eternal! Downstairs, the children are singing happily: a xiu brother cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken ~ cut chicken, aunt wash stupid donkey… A portrait of Marilyn Monroe made from lip prints. Art can do anything! Do you remember what subject you did best on the Sats? Pay is like your period. Once A month, about a week without stupid NaNa this can meet a rival in Hokkaido, Japan’s Doraemon tram, like children’s shoes please raise your hand! Ice Cream Buffet ~ Your choice! Bright blind my eyes ah this summer fashion indicators: Qi force small skirt, Qi Mi small vest, raised point small sling, breast nipple clip! People always do… Soap crusher, no longer have to worry about slipping and dropping. This throw pillow is so funny. What the Titanic tells us is that when a loser gets rich, he dies. Rice, I want also; Thin, also I want also. You can’t have both. I can’t… When I saw this, I immediately laughed and sprayed the name of a jewelry store. How much love is like this – the beginning of the story: “I will give you happiness.” The end of the story: “I wish you happiness.” With nowhere to go, the target is right behind you. The subject the photographers were trying to find was strolling behind them. The deer probably felt pleased with himself. “You ignorant humans.” Strong tea solution spirits, light tea nourishing spirit, flower tea and stomach, green tea filter heart dust, the virtue of tea; Oolong Dahongpao, Huangshan pigment Maofeng, south born Tieguanyin, north long Qishan cloud, east Longjing green, west more yellow inlaid forest, tea is also born; Tea products are six colors, sweet Ren thousand evaluation, drink can solve dryness, slow products can entertain, the interest of tea also insists on ≠ waiting. Many entrepreneurs think that they have a grand vision, the market is large, as long as the persistence will eventually succeed, but countless people fail in this “persistence”. Entrepreneurial goals must be: 1. Specific 2. Phased 3. Quantifiable. Did you close the client today? Did you close the investment today? Did you make any money today? If the answer is “yes”, please continue to persevere, otherwise ask yourself how much longer can you wait? While we are still young, take a few more steps, enjoy the scenery along the way, do not rush to reach the destination and miss the warm people and things in the fleeting years; While we are still young, say more romantic words, do more childish things, don’t think people joke missed the most beautiful moments and occasions in life; While we are still young, shorten the distance and extend the time. While we are still young, do more of whatever we want to do. The end of the party, the female secretary drove, met the traffic police to check drunk driving, the female secretary blew the test to show drinking, the female secretary firmly denied, blood test no alcohol content. The police are wondering, the leader suddenly said: not just a kiss on the mouth, what is the fuss? The traffic police had to let it go. No matter what happens, don’t hide it, it is very important to disclose the truth at the first time.
    Have always thought that they are husband and wife ah [Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother is what is the relationship] Jade Emperor and the West queen mother is not husband and wife relationship, the West Queen mother is a combination of innate Yin qi, is the head of all female fairies, in charge of the Kunlun fairy Island. The first of all male immortals is the East Maharaja, which is in charge of Penglai Island. And the Jade Emperor is the head of the immortals, the Lord of the gods. The appearance of the West Queen Mother is earlier than the Jade Emperor, so they are not husband and wife. After the big pants, there are big pants, “the gate of the East” is said to be in Suzhou. Trust is like the feeling of a one-year-old child, when you throw him into the sky, he will smile, because he knows you will catch him, this is trust. Whom know – – – – – – – – dating — – > date — – frustration – difficult – sweet – – – – love – – touching passion – and parents – – – – – – habit — – > children — – money – – trouble — – > 10 years — – twenty years — – 30 years — – forty years — – > 50 years — – wrinkles – – aging — – depression – – but with you… This life is enough. Yao Ming T-shirt! This is so cool! ~ The things that make you sad, one day, you will smile and say it. —— The Shawshank Redemption has a rare annular solar eclipse next month! Have you ever seen the sun with only one ring? On May 21 this year, China will have an annular eclipse of the sun, and most places can enjoy the annular (partial) eclipse. You can also enjoy the wonders of the sun “coming out with an eclipse”. The next large-scale observable solar eclipse in China will not occur until 2016. The annular eclipse began at about 6:07 a.m. Look forward to it! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! Last year, a quarter of the city’s population was aged 60 or older, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, and the proportion of elderly people in Shanghai is 1.7 times the national average. The biggest lie in the world is: “Lend me a napkin,” said that it was borrowed, in fact, no one has returned… This guy’s really not your average bum… Top 10 Chinese pasta dishes (1) Shanxi sliced noodles; (2) Sichuan’s burning noodles; (3) Fried sauce noodles in Beijing; (4) Lanzhou pulled noodles; (5) Shaanxi minced noodles; (6) Yifu noodles in Shandong Province; (7) Henan mutton stewed noodles; (8) Hot and dry noodles in Wuhan; (9) Fuzhou mixed noodles; (10) Suzhou noodles. Yamdrok Lake – Sacred Lake in Tibet. The largest inland lake in the northern foot of the Himalayas, the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the crown of southern Tibet. The helplessness of life lies in always expecting others with good ideas, but always meeting evil people without bottom line. How big does a university really have to be? Daaaaaa! The girl who lives in three dormitories rejects the courtship of the boy who lives in five dormitories, because she can’t accept long-distance love… Man: “I… What’s yours?” Woman: “You are my Anerle!” Man: “Oh, so I’m just a sanitary napkin?” Woman: “So I can put you between my thighs.” Foreign woman library poo, quality really NM high in fact, I want to throw up a little girl, what are you doing so skillful, born because of water, beautiful because of water, happy because of water, this is the water city Venice, the only city in the world without cars. by: CubaGallery (group photo) New Weekly: “April is the cruelest month, the barren land/lilacs grow, memories and desires/mixed together, and let the spring rain/urged those slow roots.” / Winter keeps us warm, and the earth/gives a little life to the forgotten snow-covered, also called/withered bulb.
    Summer comes unexpectedly, and when it showers…” “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot, translated by Zhao Luorui. Picture shows the works of Eliot Erwitt. Appropriate sadness can show the depth of feelings, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom. No matter where you are in the workplace, if you want to be able to network and control the rain after three years, you must start from now on to lay out the next bureau: improve the inner world, strengthen your own energy, and master the law of getting along with people! Layout determines the pattern, the pattern determines the outcome. The most important investment in life is to know yourself and choose the right direction! In the shortest time, with the most right way, do the most right thing, get the best result. ‘I’d rather send him to England. I don’t expect him to go to Oxford or Cambridge, I just want him to go back to the way I was when I was a kid – walking to and from school by himself, walking a few blocks to school, not being afraid to meet strangers, not having parents to pick him up, not having so many cars on the road, cars knowing to avoid pedestrians, not having to give gifts to the teacher and kiss his ass. Mrs. Liu said. 652 Cover “Reasons to emigrate” When you are young, you are afraid that someone will say that you are disappointed. In fact, when you look at who he is, he is different from you. Second, see what he expects, he is just afraid that you go better and turn a blind eye. Wang Meng said: “Those who passionately ask you to operate according to their expectations, can you not let them down again and again? That’s how their brains are sculpted, shaped, solidified and strengthened, so what do you do?” Don’t take things seriously, get down to business. People should live the truth, living under the mask of the unreal soul, after all, is the fear and sorrow with tears and smiles. Real people are the strongest people. Tiago Ribeiro is ready to start shooting a new film, and the title is already in mind: There will be Diaosi to Love You for Me. “I’m pregnant, can you stay?” “No, I want to go far away and pursue my dreams.” “Can you stay and be a father?” “No, a diaosi will be my father.” “Then get me an iPhone.” “A diaosi will take you for me.”
    Love can be very simple, that is, I want to be with you, you want to be with me. Love can be very complicated, I want to be with you, you want to be with me; But we just can’t be together. Want a simple love, sunrise, sunset; Enjoy every morning sunshine, breeze, rain and dew, dusk together. The truly beautiful scenery does not need to stay in the memory; When you feel happy, no matter what kind of scenery you see, it is beautiful, even if it is lonely, it will not be lonely; Let love stand the time, and the hand in hand and happiness in the ordinary light are the most precious. The so-called happiness, there is never an accurate and eternal answer; Gold basin silver spoon, Jinyi food people, not necessarily happy; Coarse clothes and shoes, humble people, not necessarily unfortunate; A flower, a drop of water in this world, can become the source of happiness; Happiness has nothing to do with rich or poor

Snow and I had to tell the story

When I was young and ignorant and mixed emotions, I met snow, joined an illegal organization, and finally snow became a moderator, and ruthlessly abandoned me… PS “The theme of this story is paranoia… In that year, I had just graduated and returned to Yuyao with longing for my hometown and longing for a better life. At this time, an ID into my sight, she is snow, how elegant name ah, how poetic name ah. The flower god in Liaozhai, I was deeply attracted. Maybe I am lucky, pluck up the courage to chat with her, and gradually get familiar with her. Is this what it’s like to be in love, to keep Posting to each other on the forums. And joined an organization she leads. At that time I sang “Conquer” every day: So conquered by you!! 1 But the good days are always short, since she became a moderator, there are countless suitors, they cruelly abandoned me. I was depressed, sunk, even depressed. Because I can’t figure out!!!!! Since we broke up, why not return the burnt cake I bought for you !!!!!! Snow. Give me back my burnt pie, you cheating woman !!!! Burned cookies? Isn’t it churros? You bought a churro for me, and then said you were hungry, and I gave you the churro, and I bought a cup of soy milk for you, you forgot? You forgot all this? Back to the post on the 20th floor (Jiang Xue) you are too shameless, obviously you ate the burnt cake, I also bought the churros. You ate half a heel, soy milk I did not want, you have to buy, and now also take it, you really shameless for today’s story enough why scold ah. I’m the victim. The story is boring, the plot is simple, it’s not educational, it has no real meaning. Failure 13:66, you are very sick, hurry to the hospital I want to occupy a seat. Story is making up pro, now 15 o ‘clock to 3:30, if there is no content, I strongly ask to delete this post! Make it up, keep making it up… Edited wonderful I give you plus sperm help, 66 is want to go to a mental hospital, and sorry to say 66, edited it ~~~ don’t let everyone down ah relaxed to tomorrow, ha ha melon seeds peanut mineral water to cut ~~ for a long time did not eat coke cake for coke cake
From whom? Pull out to kill the letter rumor you are afraid of famous pig afraid of strong, you become a celebrity, congratulations all said rumors, you really believe ah? What are you talking about? No one
There is a very jealous woman, every day to search her husband, if found another woman’s hair, will cry loudly. Once she searched for a long time, but found nothing, so she cried even more fierce, she pointed at her husband and scolded: Well, I did not expect you to even the nun now! The biggest flaw in this picture is that it doesn’t show the woman’s most beautiful belly

  1. Brave people are easily provoked. 2, angry people, easy to be dragged down. 3, greedy people, easy to be bought. 4, kind people, easy to be troubled. 5, witty and shy people, easy to be embarrassed. Honest people, easy to be deceived. Clean and do not know the benefit of the people, easy to be insulted. Tough and domineering people, easy to be used. Weak people, easy to be deceived. Top, top, top. No one’s gonna pick you up? Your writing is very good.
    It’s time for your meds, isn’t it? It’s Jiang Xue this time. I got it right. Come and see Na

Hodgepodge season 155 Cats take over the Earth

Hello Tomorrow, designed by Ronny Sauer, could revive the landline. This phone completely overturned the previous distinction between mobile phones and landlines. The appearance is fashionable, and the microphone and receiver part are made of transparent materials. The designer REN Fangying designed the chat pen, which transmits information through the Internet by handwriting, and the screen on the pen will display the received information. How to add friends is really unknown. There are several LED highlights in the choice of the pen. You can send messages by writing them on a flat surface with a pen. This shape makes it easier to cheat. Designer David Blanc brought a laser projection watch with a hollow dial that can be worn as a beautiful bracelet. When you need to see the time, just touch your finger inside the lower dial and the red number will be projected on your skin through a laser. A one-finger touch shows the current time, and a two-finger touch shows the current date. The design from designer Jung Jae Yup, through the idea and imagination of the design of this very cute ball, so that the light on the top, this is a tumbler, if you have a small pair of boxing gloves, you can hit it, made of stainless steel. When the iphone became the most favored mobile phone, designer Heyon You brought the Android platform concept mobile phone Galaxy Skin, highlighting their ambition, beyond the iphone as the goal, the mobile phone into the human skin. It has four highlights: no need for support, no need for projectors, the body as soft as no bone, and the body feels bony. Do I poke and install mode B? It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake… This car is driving! It’s so strong! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! It’s too vulgar for a guy to accompany a girl to see TITANIC in April. The most he can do is get a chance to wipe a girl’s tears. However, you can take her to see the 3D Sadako in May, and maybe then you can hold the girl who has fainted and go home ah, after complex calculations, everything is a fortress! This is what the inside of toothpaste used to look like. Send this picture to warn all children’s shoes sleeping in the lower bunk!! Flirt with my Han paper! Me!! Huh? What’s wrong? Damn it, it’s not that easy to drag me… ~ It is said that fat people do not like to use touch screen phones… Because, smile, the phone hangs up… In fact, the truth that Snow White was awakened by the prince is… Purple, dream and noble life… Orange sunset blue water green green plants, the water house is very elegant, very chic! “Congratulations on entering the boy power, now you have ten basic rights,” “eighth, life photos,” “OK, let’s take a look at the life photos of female guests.” ………………… (Music starts a minute later) Unfortunately not you, accompany me to the end…… Female tears diaosi do not cry, Gao Fu Shuai now has an iphone case that can hold a case, I look forward to one day, 5230 can hold a bag of heart printing tissue. Cats occupy the earth, : [Small S4 on the 5th smooth production of the third child mother and daughter safe] Small S agent said that small S third child in the morning of April 5 smooth production, mother and daughter safe, English name Alice, weighing 3200 grams, the production of her husband Xu Yajun (@Mike Xu) and @big S accompanied the whole process. Xu Xu two thank you for your care and blessing!
Which lyrics make you cry? I feel that I have not had time to grow up, but I have begun to age, the ideal has become smaller and smaller, and even the time of running water has gradually worn down, not finally dare to admit that I am an ordinary person, but in the face of the surging world, I have to admit that I have no power to fight back… Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. A little tide to say debauchery; Be reserved to say pure; Fat a little said fat lady; Thin say hemp rod; I don’t know how many people I’ve slept with; Look bad said don’t come out scary; Big breasts say boba; Flat chest said airport; Accommodating others to say that they have no opinion; Personality point love special…… No matter what, there will be people pointing at you, it is better to do what you like, let the people who don’t like to shi. Happy every day. Talk about life with people you know, talk about feelings with people you don’t know. Good, bad, anything can be talked about. And now, with the acquaintance is very perfunctory, either ‘ha ha’ smile, or a series of full stops. With people you don’t know, simply ignore or pretend to disappear. Pain and joy, no longer willing to say and who to listen. Began to understand: no one is who’s angel, no one can save who! After all, on my own when I was in college, one of my classmates was really shy. See others are out of the pair, lonely and finally get up the courage to ask the beloved girl: What kind of boy do you like? The girl said: compatible. The boy asked again or the same, he had to sadly say: head flat is not OK? Man, this life should be left a round size ah, life is like mahjong: love at first sight is called day Hu, free love is called flat Hu, looking for a lover is called dark bar, seduce others husband is called rob bar, and other people’s husband has children on the bar, a lover is called single hanging, no lover is called Xianggong, single is called touch! A woman drank a can of drink, was sent to the hospital, and left the world. Coroner’s cause of death was leptospirosis, and trace the drink she drank directly from the can to the mouth. Tests showed that the cans were infected with leptospirosis virus in rat urine. Rat urine contains toxic and deadly substances. Because the cans were not cleaned during transportation. Research shows that there are a lot of toadstool on the tank, please pass it on to your concerned friends. When we were kids, we had no ipads, no iphones, no Three Kingdoms… But back then we were happier and more fulfilled than we are now. @ We love to tell bad jokes: pilots, stewardesses, maintenance eyes of each other. Time dancing, people know whether or not, flowers snow melt another autumn. Hair has changed full of white head, who knows this life a few look back. There’s beauty in the north, unique and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country ·· KFC covered rice, also said what “mother’s taste,” your mother cooking on this taste ah! That’s all your mother gave you! Your mom’s a stepmom, isn’t she? ! No matter friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, it actually contains my too much disappointment. I really thought that we could not be together, I wanted to forget him, but then found out that unconsciously became another him, I really don’t know when he began to affect me so deeply. —— The perfect combination of money and beauty Sometimes, loneliness is also a kind of loneliness. Two people were killed, two missing and four injured when a speedboat collided with a tow cable between two cargo ships in waters near Sanshan Island in Taihu Lake, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on April 4. It was confirmed that one of the dead, two of the missing and three of the injured were students of Shanghai Jiaotong University. CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been awarded a Guinness World Records certificate for being the “most watched gala in the world” during the Cannes International Television Festival in France. Alistair Richards, president of Guinness World Records, said it was a great achievement for the CCTV gala to beat both the Academy Awards show and the Super Bowl. When I’m old, I want to have this 1984 Jobs and Gates. An unemployed man found a Picasso print for $14 at a grocery store in Clintonville, the United States CBS reported that Bowdish, an American man, accidentally found an original print created by the Spanish painter Picasso for $14.14 when he went to a grocery store in Clintonville. Although original Picasso prints are relatively common, they can sell for at least $6,000. Bowdish decided to sell because he had lost his job two years earlier and was in a pinch.
In Wakayama, Japan, there is a small station called Taishi, the shop next to the station has a cat named Tama, because her cattery has been built on the road, when the city government received the demolition order, the owner begged the railway manager to let her live in the station, but to keep her in the station needed a reasonable reason, so decided to appoint her as the station master. Four years ago, the Takeshikawa line, which almost faced a crisis of suspension, escaped a disaster because of the appearance of Tama station master, and the reward was a year’s cat food. When a country falls into a state of isolation, it is bound to have three passions: language fever, history fever and health fever. Inoue building is yours, is yours, the more tightly, the easier to lose. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Leave the rest to fate. True love through three stages: the first stage of course lost self-esteem, pain, hearing his name will jump up. The second stage pretended to forget, avoid mentioning sad things, but the heart ache. In the final stage, his name, like that of the passer-by, is just a name, with no special meaning at all. I believe that any one person in the moment of commitment to love, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. You are so easy to use a smile will let me recognize you, from then on, I will selfless selfish sacrifice their own inner world. Life is always a joke, what to expect, what will be far away; Cling to who, will be hurt by who. Do not expect too much, do not insist too persistent; Learn to put down, put down unrealistic expectations, put down the persistence of no results; Everything to see light, open, see through some, the last second has passed; Nothing can stay, don’t turn back in the past, only the beautiful scenery is real and reliable. Everyone has a sadness, want to hide, but in the growth. When we look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we think that only one day has passed, but we know that the time has passed twenty years. The stars that cannot be reached are always the brightest; The little fish that runs away is always the most beautiful; Missed movies, always the best; Lost lover, always the most understand me; Some things are too beautiful to hold in your hands. There is a feeling because too true, so can not let go. In the best time, do the dream you want to do, go to the place you want to go in the future, you will thank you for your hard work now I like this girl regardless of friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, in fact, it contains too much of my disappointment. Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. I believe that the moment anyone makes a commitment to their lover, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. It’s yours, it’s yours. The more you hold it, the easier it is to lose it. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Others, to fate like everyone, there is a sadness, want to hide, but growing. A look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we thought that only one day has passed which know the time has passed twenty years (this is talking about yourself) Yes, don’t you ha ha ha every time you see a hodgepodge have a different feeling!! Sit out
Realm one: Light cut, not long wisdom; Realm two: A fall into the pit, a gain in wisdom; Realm three: Eat less, how long wisdom; Realm four: Others eat, their own wisdom. Eat good forget! Looking at the defense, there are not many people to stick you, very poor, just top you!
Know that there is no hope but still can not go back! It is clear that someone said it was impossible but still stubborn to bother! Clearly know that she is not up to standard and she has the right person, but stubborn still want to break through the original relationship! Want to say did not learn to give up but already learned, just do not want to give up! I don’t want to start a new search! Very want to see but afraid to see! Maybe you will pretend not to know her when you meet her on the street! Now try to get back to the original point! Back to not moved only occasionally mentioned will think of the point! This is gonna be hard! But work hard! A long time has passed just because of the chance to look at you one more time, so you can never forget your face and move on to find a new girl
I’ll take her out for you. What do you do? Where is she every day? Okay, I’ll report, Little Bud is a cook. How do you know? Why do you want to answer you? It’s a magical intuition, a sixth sense. It’s true. My sixth sense is right? No, no. How can you lie to your heart and tell me that I’m telling the truth

Hodgepodge Season 157 If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old.

To see 3D, you no longer need special plasma TVS or special stereoscopic glasses. The 3D effect can be produced by displaying the picture in quick succession from two different angles. Check out the top 11 photos from Gizmodo’s 3D photography contest, and how they were shot. 1. Public phone My Panasonic m4/3 stereo lens had been asleep for a long time, and it was this competition that allowed me to reuse it for stereo photography. I’ve recently become obsessed with pay phones and thought it would be a good subject. The 3D photo I submitted was first taken with a handheld camera and then converted into two alternating frames. — Dan Mark-Moore 2. I photographed the RC Reventon model remote control car jointly developed by the world’s top sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and the British model manufacturer De Agostini. A strong beam of light is used to illuminate the model at close range, making the surrounding light dim, and a piece of white paper is used to disperse the light. I made the floor a little shabby to give it the feel of an alley. Camera and parameters used: Canon T2i, ISO 200, aperture f/3.5, shutter speed 1/30 second. – Diego Ramirez 3. Camera and parameters for the world’s most three-dimensional violin: Sony DSC-S930, ISO800, aperture F2.4. — Avin Abraham 4. Orchids I have a row of orchids on my windowsill, and I thought they would look great. I shot the Nikon D40 camera on a triangle mount with a shutter speed of 1/125 second, aperture f5.3, speed of ISO 200, and lens 18-55mm. My focus was on purple orchids and I only used two frames to make the dithered stereoscopic photo. I increased the exposure, saturation, and contrast a little bit before animating it. — Stacy Repin 5. St. Elizabeth’s Fountain For this competition, I chose the St. Elizabeth’s Fountain statue as the theme. I didn’t shoot close enough to enhance the 3D effect, but instead tried to make sure the trees could be captured. The High Dynamic Light Rendering Method (HDR) is also used to equalize the light. Camera and parameter Settings used: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/10 aperture, 1/50 second shutter speed, ISO 200. I chose a large Packard Motor plant that had been largely unused since about 1958 and had been razed by shovels after a few Michigan winters. This is probably the largest abandoned industrial production site in the world today. I used a Nikon D90 with an aperture of f/11, a shutter speed of 1/80 seconds, an ISO 200 speed, and a focal length of 18mm. I selected 3 photos 4 inches apart and took 3 photos of each location for high dynamic light rendering (HDR), resulting in a total of 9 images.
Using Photomatix software to render high dynamic light (HDR), I finally got the effect I wanted. Then Photoshop CS5.5 was used to modify the tif file obtained above, and the filter Topaz Adjust was processed, and CS5.5 was used for animation. In order to make the animation more fluid, I copied the second frame and put it at the end of the animation so that there was less hard cropping. So those orders should be 1,2,3,2, and so on. – Ken Janeczko 7. I set aside several hours each day for this task, which took me three whole days to finish. I had no idea how hard it would be. I’m going to spray water onto the leaves first, wait for the perfect drop to form, wait for the wind to die down before I can shoot some shots, then switch angles and shoot again. We have to hurry, because we have to get this shot done before the water drops and the wind starts blowing. I had to do it over and over again because I had to take one shot and then move my tripod and Angle it for a second shot before the breeze blew the dew off. Camera Model and parameters: Nikon D90, 18-200 VR (optical stabilization), focal length 105mm, shutter speed 1/30 second, aperture f/16, speed ISO 200. 8. A rusted turntable is part of a machine on a farm in Lyndon Johnson National Park in Texas. I originally wanted to go outdoors and take some photos of wildflowers, but in the end I chose this photo that I like to submit. Camera parameters: Aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1/25 second, speed ISO 200. — Karen Tarlow 9. Tulips This is a flower that has just bloomed after last week’s rain. It’s made up of two photos, with Photoshop tweaking the eye level slightly. I found that when I used the top tulip as the rotation point, the animation looked rather unnatural, so I used the center line of the flower stem as the rotation point. I used 1/10th of a second frame to transition the two shots and make the animation look fresh and natural. It used a SONY Alpha A55 with a tripod, a 70mm focal length and an aperture of f/18, 1/8 second exposure time. — Marvin Francois 10. A few weeks ago, I bought a foam board covered with prisms that reflect light. First make up your mind to choose it as the background for this picture. I carefully balanced a rubber ball with a flashing LED light on top of a red glass vase. Then expose every five seconds. The hardest part is getting the ball to glow again for different shots without moving it (because the ball only flashes for 10 seconds at a time, you have to shake it to get it to glow again). The space between two different shots should not be more than 2 inches, because if it is too far away, the resulting renderings will be dazzling. Finally, I made some minor adjustments using Lightroom, the image processing software. Camera and parameters used: Nikon D7000, Tenlong 90mm macro lens, speed ISO 100, aperture about f20. 11. Duck King My fiancee has a 3-year-old daughter who loves rubber ducks, and she has a big blue rubber duck. For Valentine’s Day, I bought her a bunch of rubber ducklings in Valentine’s Day colors. She let the big duck lead the little ducks and ordered them to form a circle. The big duck has become their leader. I thought the ducklings surrounding their leader would make for a very three-dimensional picture. I fitted the iPhone 4 with a Kodak 2X telephoto lens and clipped it to the Pico Flex Table Dolly, a retractable dolly designed for shooting around ducks. Except for the ducks, there is no special lighting or setting. – Joshua Bowman (Joshua Bowman) no body, makeup, Photoshop! Angle is everything! Life is as brilliant as summer flowers, death is as quiet as autumn leaves. A friend’s grandmother knitted a sweater that can have 30 lives. I don’t know what’s in my bones, but in my heart, there’s a gangster, a little girl and an old woman. Frog, you can’t hurt a powerful fly… I cried… Kimono small loli what, really too love!! ~~ Violent artillery!! Before you go to bed, make sure you do the same thing you did when you were a kid! ! All problems are ultimately a matter of time; All the troubles, in fact, are looking for trouble. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day that I like you. ~ Is this peek-a-boo? Recently, I just watched the dog play. This double reed is playing well! This is the first master in China! Zhongnanhai bodyguard Buddha said: the fate to the day is doomed, the edge to the people to take. The same kind of cause, the same kind of fruit, everything is created by the mind. Face it with a smile, don’t complain. Leisurely, one’s heart, with nature, with fate. [A woman who does not work hard has only two results] : go to the endless market, buy endless stall goods… A man who does not work hard has only one result: his girlfriend is holding a LV bag, and he is wearing a Lv hat. There is only one secret to a woman’s success, and that is… Meeting is a matter of two people, leaving is a person’s decision, meeting is a beginning, leaving is to meet the next leave. It’s a popular world to leave, but none of us are good at goodbyes. Milan Kunderadu has been busy, and now Zhu Yuanzhang is coming, see if this mango looks like Zhu Yuanzhang’s brother…. 2012, Zhiqiang and Shi Yi, I believe that love this expression is too captivating We squeeze toothpaste later, gentle ah ~~. Foreign super outdoor graffiti!! With false true ah, do not know how many people will go to the wall Wu Junru and Chen Kexin rent Chen Kexin and Wu Junru love for many years to have a daughter, but the star couple is not as rich as the outside world imagined, so far they can only rent. It turns out that Chan’s films “Warlords” and “Wuxia” lost badly, and only “Warlords” lost nearly 500 million yuan. In his autobiography “My Own Road”, Chan revealed that every time they went on a date, they watched movies, and the two people knew each other because of the movie, but also because of the movie debt. When I woke up at noon, my mother said that the rice cooker was broken, and I saw that the pan was printed with Supor. I checked the phone to call the past, they said to send to repair it, I was looking for half an hour to find the after-sale store, go into the people a look at the brand said: can not repair. I said why? One word did not make me shudder to death: you are a copycat Supor ah! I said no way! It says it in Chinese! I told you to look at English. Shit! Taobao, you hurt the big man. What an overbearing slogan!! British angler catches the largest ray in the Irish Sea on April 6, local time, Andy Logan set a new record in an ocean fishing, he caught a ray weighing 100 kilograms, about 2.5 meters long. The fish had dragged the 4.5-ton fishing vessel for about two miles. Take care of everyone’s feelings, destined to not feel good. If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old. Idiots have best friends, hookers have first loves, gangsters have grade-school classmates. So, don’t run naked down the stupid road like an ox… I don’t know what happened, and love, how to do, like a beautiful couple, eventually lost, those years, we chase the vampire diaries together. It’s off the air for two weeks. Slapping a bloodsucking mosquito can kill a person. The remains of a battered mosquito can get into the skin, causing a fungal infection and even death! A 57-year-old woman in the United States died from a muscular fungal infection. The researchers tested for infection caused by the remains of battered mosquitoes entering the skin. Experts warn that when the mosquito is found to be sucking blood, it is best to gently flick the mosquito away. Older, men began to wear suits, women began to learn to wear makeup. I find men in suits beautiful. Everyone has a girl who can hit. Who do you think of? Youth is an ignorant rush, always leave the injury of displacement. A beautiful day has begun. Do not retain, is called youth. Don’t explain, is calm. Don’t let go, is called true love. Life is not perfect. Let’s break up. M: Why? W: Now that the exams are over, you don’t have to grab a place in the library. M: Oh, but I have two train tickets for the 2013 Spring Festival travel rush. Woman: No, I’m just kidding you. A man attends a special TV dating event. After two rounds, the female guest did not turn off a light, a miracle. In the third round, a female guest asked, “How many girlfriends have you had?” Male guest: “Talked about two, the first is more ordinary, the second is more literary, I hope to find my third girlfriend in life today…” Before he finished speaking, the lights went out… At 9:30 last night, I met a male colleague in the local supermarket. He looked through my shopping basket and saw a condom. Colleague: “Out in the middle of the night to buy TT, nightlife is very happy!” I saw him take a bag of toilet paper, back: “Buy toilet paper in the middle of the night, your nightlife is very lonely!” At this time, a beautiful MM walked in the door. She walked to the counter next to the cash register and said, “Get me two batteries!” So we both became evil… Don’t care too much about the people around you and don’t deliberately care about other people’s things. There will always be people in this world who will make you sad and make you jealous and make you gnash your teeth. Not because they’re bad, but because you care. So if you want peace of mind, you must first not care. If you don’t care about something, it can’t hurt you; If you don’t care about people, they won’t make you angry. You’ve already lost if you care. The man who doesn’t care about anything is invincible. When I was a child, I hoped to grow up quickly. When I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. When you are single, you begin to envy the sweetness of your lovers. When you are in love, you miss the freedom of being single. A lot of things, do not get always feel good, get after the beginning to understand: we get at the same time is losing. Sometimes, women will have sex for money, men feel cheap. Sometimes, men will pay for sex and women look down on it. When love is gone, you sleep with anyone, men are not angry. When the feeling has dried up, you give money to anyone, women are not anxious.
Sex can make a man fight. Money, can make a woman proud. Love pales in comparison to sex and money. And once you have true love, you give up sex and money altogether. A little lost in the heart, there are a lot of things that are completely not personal control, so there are a lot of words can not be exported. So smile to let the occurrence, the disappearance of the disappearance, the coming, the going, the saying, the closing, the guessing guess, the thinking, the writing, the stop stop, I am still me, I have been here. Some people can’t be together, but their hearts are together; Some people surface together, but the heart can not be together; Some people never want to be together, but naturally together; Some people go through a lot of trouble to get together, only to find out that they’re not right for each other… Just because we can’t be together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I

Go left, go right — this damn love!

When we are bored and empty and lonely, we really want to have such a person to accompany you, regardless of life and work are so busy, there will be such a person in our hearts worth you to worry about. When such a person appears in your side, please cherish it well, a lot of fate will be a pity to miss, a lot of love will be very sorry for life. Love is more transparent than pearls, more shining than gems, more dazzling than the sun. If you love, please treat each other with undivided attention. When we have each other’s love, we should cherish each other, when we go to each other, we read each other’s good, at least once love that is really really exist. If you do not love, why should we be together at the beginning; If not, just because he is not suitable for each other to share a person. In my heart, I have always believed that there is such a sea sell stone rotten, sky old love exists, I desire to have such a vigorous love in my life, do not care about everlasting, only care about once had. Many times, I find myself really a contradiction, I want to have is a simple, ordinary love. You always accompany me, we cook together, clean the room together, watch our favorite TV series together, sit on the balcony and bask in the warm sun together. I grow old with you slowly, you don’t mind my body out of shape, I don’t mind your hair slowly becoming less, even if it becomes a bald, you are still my lifelong dependence. A lot of feelings together when love is dead and alive, a lot of feelings do not become each other’s harm. Once the person you love the most, eventually became the guy you hate the most. When love is gone, love dies. No matter what reason appears, each other can not be together, then it is good to get together and leave each other a good thought. Recall the beginning, that he – I once loved the man; That she — the woman I once loved. He was so good to me, I wanted to commit to him, I loved him so much, I wanted to do anything to marry him even if it was a naked wedding. In the end, the only reason we couldn’t be together was because we didn’t want to disappoint the parents who gave me birth, raised me, and dyed my hair blond. You go left, I go right, this damn love at least once existed in life. Bless the lovers who love each other deeply, bless the lovers who have broken up. shafa top.. Join in the fun, how can I be less I am afraid of the world is not chaotic big fairy more points, show I have more culture, ha ha you appear I have no culture alas, I work very busy chicken move chicken move, the egg cracked!
Today I want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I want to say: “Monday! Good morning!” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. Today I want to say: “boiler boiling rice, I want to fill water ~”. Today I want to say: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. Today I want to say: “According to the statistics of the province, Bi Nv is not only the oldest person in Taizhou, but also the oldest person in Zhejiang Province.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”.
“I am a police officer of Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau, please cooperate!” “I’m a police officer, please cooperate!” What do you do when you get a call like that? Recently, there have been new means of impersonating public security fraud. Criminals in the fraud process requires the victim to install “security protection” and other mobile phone APP, the APP in the process of logging in to the bank card, the background to collect the victim input bank card number, password, verification code and other information, resulting in bank card funds stolen. On September 5, the victim, surnamed Chen, who lives in Shiqi Street, Haishu, received a phone call from a man claiming to be the Hubei Provincial Communications Administration. The caller claimed that two mobile phone cards issued by Mr. Chen in Beijing Daxing were involved in illegal activities, and transferred the call to a person claiming to be “He Yong, a police officer from Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau.” “He Yong” said to Mr. Chen that in addition to the two mobile phone cards, there is a bank card involved in money laundering activities, and Mr. Chen needs to cooperate with him to investigate. Hear each other’s answer Mr. Chen heart suddenly panicked, quickly said willing to cooperate with each other’s investigation, and added “He Yong” QQ number. After that, “He Yong” in the name of cooperating with the investigation, let Mr. Chen install an APP called “Public security protection”, and kept the screen sharing in QQ voice communication, and also asked Mr. Chen to open the interception of all calls (resulting in 96110 anti-fraud dissuade phone can not enter). Mr. Chen, who fully believes the other party’s rhetoric, has no doubt at all, and under the guidance of the other party, he entered the bank card number, password and SMS verification code in the APP, and even loaned more than 100,000 yuan on multiple platforms and transferred it to the bank card. Until the next day, all the funds on the bank card were transferred, Mr. Chen woke up, and only then did He know that yesterday’s “Hubei Provincial Communications Administration Bureau” and “Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau police He Yong” were crooks, and he lost more than 105,000 yuan. Police remind, when asked for SMS verification code, bank card password and other information, be careful. When the public security police handle the case, they will not ask the public for SMS verification code, bank card password and other information, and will not ask the public to transfer money! In the face of unfamiliar links and apps, do not click, these unidentified links and apps are usually the bait of fraudsters, and they will read the information on the phone after clicking or downloading, but they can not fill in their identity information on it. If you find yourself cheated, call 110 or 96110 for the first time. (Source: Ningbo Evening News reporter Zhang Yifu correspondent Wang Xize) This fraud gang will not innovate, are old, but the world fool is dead not only.

Less than a year to carry out 8 special actions Shanghai strictly prevent alcohol-related traffic violations rebound

The reporter recently learned from the traffic police Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau that at the same time as the normalization of drunk driving regulation, the city has carried out eight special rectification efforts this year, investigated and dealt with 4,300 alcohol-related traffic violations, and strictly prevented the rebound of alcohol-related traffic violations. At more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening on September 28, Cixi traffic police Candun squadron received a public alarm, saying that a car collided with an electric bicycle at the intersection of the local Hu Chong Highway and Zhu Dun Road, and the rider was hit, while the vehicle fled the scene. “An hour after the accident, we found the vehicle with the person still inside. We took him to the hospital for a blood test and found he was drunk driving.” Traffic police on duty told reporters that the perpetrator surnamed Gao, hit the electric bicycle, Gao felt dizzy, on their own to run. Gao has been detained on suspicion of dangerous driving. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the traffic police and other police have strengthened the linkage and cooperation, adhered to the normal alcohol driving regulation, and effectively curbed the rebound of such illegal behavior. The traffic police department also analyzed the data investigated and found that according to the time period, drunk driving was mainly concentrated from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., accounting for more than 40%. From the perspective of the age of drunk-driving offenders, the proportion of “post-80s” is the largest, followed by “post-70s”, and “post-00s” account for about 1%. (Source: Reporter Wang Xiaofeng correspondent Zhou Jin Hu Zhidong) The problem is to have a car, otherwise how can it be drunk driving?
How to pick it along the reed to the middle of the river? I went to get a bamboo pole to hook it up, OK, Karma actually the bottom of the river has turned over the sky, can walk the bold unruly people, dare to tease friends in broad daylight
The company issued the appointment letter a few days ago, the general manager (is the branch general manager) of the junior third position has been upgraded. N had an affair with another general manager at another branch before being kicked out by the general manager’s wife. Foreign women are good at it. Do not say the name of the company, do not go on the photo, say you paralyzed to say, do not understand the rules of a little revelation this is the rhythm of envy envy hate? Lord, I suggest that you add a “this” in front of “foreign women”, so that it becomes “in addition to the woman’s kung fu is very good”, so more rigorous. The main floor master kung fu is not good enough to have to vent on the forum should be taught by your Chinese PE teacher. The small three original in the company’s first branch, to the branch president to do the small three was driven out of the boss’s wife, and now in the second second company to the branch president to do the small three in exchange for promotion, the Lord envious you have what use. Being young and beautiful is the cost. Yellow face woman either outstanding ability, or can only stand on the side of the ability to rise you issued is not envy envy hate? Small three have seen ugly also have, mainly or kung fu is good, cheap enough on the first floor and second floor: I do not have any envy envy hate oh! What company can you tell us? This woman’s bed is always people come and go, so busy about a laugh after dinner, do not have to find out. Yeah, that way it doesn’t knock out a bunch of people. What is the use of envy. Do you want to find that woman? Everyone wants to be on top, but their strength is not enough what company? A big company? General manager beautiful
The Grand Court of thousands of centuries! The worst is not worse than the green City, the sound of the upstairs west bubble is clean and refreshing! Is there a Luftwaffe? You can hear the snoring upstairs. Isn’t the Century Court house almost a no1? Jindi Lanyue is the worst live rich lane drift past ha dont want the original price back out Ken, have the ability dont mentality must be absolutely good? Before 1949 (the founding of the Communist Party of China), one of the marshals, Lin Biao, must have a noise before going to bed, and the sound of gunfire (killing sound dark) can be sleepy. Normal. Is the front row loud? No front row loud. The floor insulation is too poor. It’s so bad… The houses in the community are the same, or villa sleep sweet! All the same at night, the sound of the Wucaicheng can be heard, too close to our upstairs two children next door two children downstairs training class tonight you are recording, send a comparison, the worst sound insulation cast-in-place concrete is too thin, in fact, you can hear the footsteps of the upstairs and the moving sound of tables, chairs and benches. The white things in the community, suona firecrackers get a headache at 12 o ‘clock in the night, Buddhist do zhai, make stinky tofu smelly winter melon, belt fish, dried vegetables, play osmanthus, four or five in the morning put square dance, load coal stove, burn garbage this whole building down, Yuyao seems to have no good soundproof community
On the 13th of this month, Shaoxing released a heavy news that 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! All 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! In the news mentioned: in the ancient city of Shaoxing 9.09 square kilometers of land, Shaoxing building, Zhenyuan Hall, Dynasty Hotel and other buildings have been completed or will begin to dismantle in the future there will be 178 high-rise buildings have been gradually dismantled so many, can sell a lot of money… Tear down and build, build and tear down enterprising 178 is how high building ah, tear down and build things out can be rich. Nonsense, no economic sense. There are too many new houses, demolishing old houses and digesting new ones. The houses in the old city of Shaoxing are basically not high, which blocks the plane channel. The demolition and construction Office has another job. Who benefits again

Simba forced the security guard to apologize to the fans

It is also a watch live to see the magic, say a bad word, pay attention to this kind of network anchor after dinner boring time a person to see the pastime, take it out to say things that you this person pattern is really low. Soil Longming this name is like a pet dog someone jealous he so fire want to take advantage of this matter to kill Simba just Simba who?? You said it was a stage jump, it was your concert, and Simba was in front of the hotel disrupting traffic, and the hotel was good for other guests… Wouldn’t it have been if he’d contracted the place instead of himself having a concert for his fans on the 18th and getting some news first, Simba don’t be too much of a hype man, just the Lion King Simba the Lion King? You got me, Ruben Wei?
Maotai many towns I have seen this page, but forget which APP to find open, the postage is very expensive oh is to earn your postage money Maotai town on the small winery production of one-time mixed wine, the cost of about 5 yuan a bottle, I have ordered such wine in Guizhou, the name, packaging and other styles as you decide (hundreds of boxes can be customized mixed), If the owner pays more than 50 yuan, there is no fun! You’re not who you are and you’re just a sidekick
All the suggestions in the article are good, and they are indeed suitable for the daughter’s study and life. But in reality, how many students are so conscious, independent and planned for learning like the owner’s daughter? Other people’s children are other people’s children. Grid on this pattern excellent good, grew up to be admitted to the civil service. Good good good family is more than 50 million happy! Then give it to me!! Sincere blessing
In NetEase news saw the “Shi Hai time college Entrance examination database”, 2018, 2019, but missing 2020, in Ningbo famous schools through the search, that three years are all, Ningbo counties and cities first-class high schools nearly three years into Zhejiang University statistics Yuyao top 100 into Zhejiang University, the top 200 985, the top 500 Ningbo University, Well, it is also very difficult to enter Ningbo University Cixi school so good, should go to buy Cixi school district house. Does Cixi Middle School have more students than Yuyao Middle School? The teaching quality of Yuyao Middle School was withdrawn
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “come on, come on, come on.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I want to say today: “Have to work overtime today!” I want to say today: “sign to save money kei!” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “Perseverance”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” .

Shanghai’s oldest man in Linhai is very clean and can still do his own laundry

Bi, who has lived in the village for 113 years, is currently the oldest person in Zhejiang Province. Laochangji Village, Taozhu Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, is almost the easternmost part of Linhai land. Less than eight kilometers east of Lao Changji Village is the coastline. On the afternoon of October 16, I went to the centenarian’s home, an old house on the edge of Lao Changji Village, owned by her third son. In front of the house is a small courtyard without walls, the cement floor under the eaves is very clean, and the old man often uses a cane in one hand and a small broom to clean the dust on the cement floor. There was also a stone covered with a cloth mat in the small yard, where the old man basked in the sun. The old man is very clean and now he also washes his clothes the old man’s room is about 15 square meters, a bed, a table, a small “stove” with a rice cooker, a refrigerator and a few small stools, simple and refreshing. Villagers said that the old man loved to be clean, often saw her sweeping the floor in the yard, but also like to wash their own clothes, always feel that they wash more clean. Bi Nv was born in 1907, the thirty-third year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty. According to the 2019 Statistical Bulletin of Zhejiang Province’s Elderly Population and aging Cause, the oldest person in Zhejiang is Bi NV, 113 years old, from Taozhu Town, Linhai City. Tao Haiting, a staff member of the grass-roots health and aging Health Department of Taizhou Municipal Health Commission, said that every year, cities across the province will do a statistics on centenarians, and the data will be summarized in the provincial statistical bulletin of the elderly population and aging cause. According to provincial statistics, Bi is not only the oldest person in Taizhou, but also the oldest person in Zhejiang province. At present, the number of centenarians in Taizhou ranks third in the province, followed by Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Doesn’t look that old, like 90 or something
The residential community is a place to live, how can you let the loudspeaker flood, crazy Shouting, and frequently come to the community every day to endanger the residents: they are also making money. As for Shouting in the community, then who let him come in to change the floor? You like to tow your own car? 666 We speak, and the people next to us cannot hear as long as their ears are plugged. But it’s crazy because you put your fingers in your ears and the horn is still piercing. The decibel level should far exceed the national noise limit !!!!!!!!!!!!! At first, I thought I was advocating educational advice. Later, when I saw a law enforcement vehicle on the street taking electronic scales from a stall, I appealed to the law enforcement vehicle to enter the residential area and the law enforcement officer to take away the horn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a woman who does not use a horn, does not even shout, but still has a business! Because it is obvious: the residential complex is dense, you come every day, residents see your car can not know what you do? Territory: Is the place where residents live, foreign businessmen do not rule, harm, harassment of residents, the United States now has no 5G? Boss Ren said, you don’t even have 5G, how can I steal you? Taking your stuff and selling it is money. Pests do business to make money is originally in the residential area of residents, do not oppose business, against the noise horn. In the residential community, until today, August 14, 2020, the horn of garbage collection shouted loudly, the noise of serious pollution did not change, and continued to satirize civilization! Harass the residents and challenge the face of the four officers! The rag-collecting horn shouts, sort. 1, special number, end sentence: “afraid – plow – afraid – what.” The cry of the devil. 2, begins abruptly: “Afraid… 3, “there is feeding”. 4, “high price recycling”. 5, “… Everything.” On October 16th the United States recorded 69,000 new cases in a single day
Ming Dynasty pavilion old Lu Ben ended in Baoqing Road Ding worry back home, and helped his hometown to build the South city, Shaoxing city built an area of 48 acres “; Thirteen halls of Lu Fu “. For hundreds of years, the 13th Hall of Lu Fu has been the most well-deserved mansion in Shaoxing City. Now it has been opened up by the local Wang Yangming Memorial Hall. Yuyao’s pride, well, worth going to is Lu Jin, not Lu Ben. I often play cricket in it when I was a child, and I am familiar with it. But now Shaoxing in order to highlight Wang Yangming’s investment of 6 billion yuan to build Wang Yangming’s former residence, the two neighbors who moved to Shaoxing live together in one room, which is probably to let the two Yuyao saints talk about the past, in fact Yuyao and Shaoxing origin is very deep, such as Xiaoshan Street, the flower gate is Yuyao Simen Xie Qian son Shaoxing City, Yuyao County, Xie PI was established, is now only preserved one of the flower gate. Yuyao Lu Wen An temple why not display open. After all, Luben has contributed to Yuyao. ” {{A text from “Yuyao Lu Family Research in Ming Dynasty” (Zhejiang University Press 2012, written by Ningbo University Associate Professor Zhang Ping) was attributed to “Lu Ben” rather than “Lu Ji”. She thought that in the name of Reuben, the genealogy was sometimes written “forward”; But from the names of Reuben’s three brothers “Wo”, “Wo”; “Music”; ” “Pick” All from the side “; “Wood” and the echoing relationship between the name and the word should be “wood”. Ben “. ” The name “Ben” is” The word “Ru Li” is connected, which approximately contains the meaning of “establishing your body from the root”. In addition, Shen Defu’s “Wanli Ye Wo” Volume 8 “Cabinet” has “; Named “encountered”; One also believes that the reason why Zhang Zhi and Lu Ben were elected to the cabinet is because their names are similar, which happens to have the meaning of “re-treating the root cause”, and is called the meaning of the extremely renamed Jiajing Emperor. “Make no mistake, it was borrowed by Mr. Yang Ming. Yes, the same as the prime minister, the same as the Shaoxing Lord, how different comments, Lu Ji no fault, for the people and their own less damage, did not openly fight with the strict thieves just, the Zhou Gong in today’s Cultural Revolution is the same, perhaps learn from Lu Ge old way of people!
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” Today I want to say: “The top ten cities for night travel are Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Foshan.” I want to say today: “Come on!”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “work!” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” What I want to say most today is “go to work go to………” I want to say today: “Go, go, go”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I want to say today: “I want to say today”. Today I want to say: “boiler boiling rice, I want to fill water ~”. Today I want to say: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” .
It is not easy to be in charge of a forum, and I am sorry that the moderator has made a mistake and will not dare to quarrel with you

Take a look at people’s wet market in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, clean and standardized

A wet market in Shijiazhuang is beautiful, clean and standardized. Compared with it, Yuyao is not a little bit different. Go out to see, the development and construction of the county and city outside is really better than Yuyao. SHH, lower your voice, Shijiazhuang people: I am a capital city, but you said the outside county city. Give Yuyao 20 years can not reach is you have to take the county and people’s provincial capital of Shijiazhuang should be compared with Hangzhou, Yuyao should be compared with Shijiazhuang Zhufutun Town this kind of Ningbo also has a similar vegetable farm. Don’t go far, just compare in our Zhejiang province. Jinhua Huzhou those places of the new rural construction carried out in full swing, in contrast to Yuyao, there is nothing can only think is clean some people often laugh at Henan people out? Haha, the instant Yuyao people’s design concept is low, Henan people laugh without a word. Little Yuyao, you compare it to a big city. Are you sure this isn’t a supermarket? That’s good! This model will soon come to the supermarket so like than Baishantou vegetable market selling tofu stall traffic can second half of Shijiazhuang vegetable market. Is indeed clean a small provincial capital Yuyao big empire high house prices
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For example, “school uniform corruption case”, “student meal crushing case”, “campus construction case”… Where there are fat people, there are conflicts of interest. It’s always been like this inside the system. The surface is calm, but the actual waves are rough. Do we have a principal like that around? Do not talk about politics, dogmatic, line your own pockets, deceive the people, destroy the education ecology! How did you get him up to the atrium
Through means, He Yan privatized the company, and then controlled and restructured the company, so that Sichuan Warwick became a wholly foreign-owned company registered in the British Virgin Islands, and the company representative was He Yan. In 1999, Sichuan Warwick also established Sichuan Guoteng Communications Company, which then acquired the shares of China Reserve Chengdu Company and Sichuan Post and Telecommunications Research and Planning Institute in Chengdu Guoteng with one yuan a share, and all took the sales income of Chengdu Guoteng as the purchase fund, and became the controlling shareholder of Chengdu Guoteng. Not only that, Chengdu Guoteng Communication was also a state-owned enterprise at that time, and the IC card telephone production license was also handed over to Sichuan Guoteng. According to news materials in 2003, Song Kehuang, the son of Song Renqun, took three years to report He Yan, who embezzled huge amounts of state assets, but under the protection of her patron forces at that time, state-owned assets became the private property of He Yan family, although many ministries questioned, but in view of the pressure of its patron Zhou, finally there was nothing to be done. Watching state assets being appropriated. Because of the support of Zhou, after He Yan’s bold operation, in December 2000, approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance, Chengdu State-owned Assets Administration will be held in the capital of Xuguang Electronics Company 15,456,44 shares, divided into two yuan a share price, Half sold and half sent to He Yan’s actual control of Chengdu Guoteng Communications Group and Sichuan Daoheng Computer Software Co., LTD. He Yan holds a 51 percent stake in Sichuan Daoheng, a company that also played an important role in the ownership change of Sichuan Warwick. After the transfer, although Chengdu State-owned Assets Administration still holds 21.6% of the shares, is the largest shareholder of Xuguang Electronics, but Chengdu Guoteng and Sichuan Dao Heng respectively hold 20.47% and 1.87% of the shares of Xuguang Electronics, He Yan actually controls Xuguang Electronics, and then He Yan let his sister He Qiong become the chairman of Xuguang Electronics. On November 20, 2002, Xuguang Shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. After He Yan’s Qianquan relocation, He Yan used 500,000 yuan, in seven or eight years, by embezzling huge state-owned assets, the net worth has been billions of yuan, on the Forbes rich list, becoming the first rich woman in Sichuan. Chengdu Guoteng Electronics Group, He Yan accounted for 51%, Chengdu Guoteng Electronics Group is the largest shareholder of Zhenxing Technology, accounting for 29% of the shares, on October 10, 2020, the total market value of 9.1 billion, only one, He Yan worth 1.35 billion. Now, although Zhou, the backer of He Yan, has been jailed and nailed to the column of shame in history, these assets that should belong to the country are still occupied by He Yan. Article source: Shenzhen hotline

I’m tired of chasing girls after 90 years

It was nice seeing each other last Sunday! Not many messages sent! Yesterday began to send her information always say busy! Today is also busy so far! I’m embarrassed to text her! What do you do?! Give up, people just refuse you in a euphemistic ah, do you still cling to it, must people clearly refuse you just give up! It happened to me too! A woman’s heart is a lifetime book! Hard to understand! Ouch! Looks like it’s about time! I’m obviously not interested in you. Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Ouch! Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Know it is good, so as not to be a spare tire is very difficult very difficult nothing to drive a car, go to her unit waiting to reject your rhythm get brain cut refreshing ah, you think chasing girlfriend ah, please you are blind date, chat to continue, chat not to 88, you really go after, this colored a good ning sex. If you always secret her, it means that people are not interested in you, decisive escape to find the next house HEHE amount! Got it, thanks! She doesn’t like you. What’s the fare? ~ Drive a 50w or so car to pick him up for dinner and date immediately Tuo Tuo to find a married person is really difficult ah, brothers have no worries about pulling brothers!
I female 26 years old, Yuyao people, looking for marriage object, because the circle is small, so take this platform to find people to spend their life, I am just a very ordinary girl, every day in addition to work is off the job requirements: 1: Yuyao local boys 26-31, the best near the city, divorced detour 2: boys honest, down-to-earth, to have their own stable work 3: Boys do not touch tobacco and alcohol, do not gamble 4: family harmony, cult, Jesus faith detour 5: boys foreign trade association, or heavy, hypocritical, do not add 6: boys temperament, violent tendencies, do not add if you meet the above conditions of the boys, then please add qq: 2110424072
In the forum, all kinds of men who do not smoke, drink and gamble, and pay their wages to sit on housework and love their wives can not find objects; And the reality that I am in contact with, all kinds of men who smoke and drink and play mahjong casually change women, you big gods explain, why is this? No wedding fashion b, after marriage show ah! Women still like bad guys! You know that! Because your friend is not looking for a married woman do not know thick skin can accomplish a lot of things, birds of a feather, what kind of people will live in what circle. My brother told me that his friend’s friend, my brother went out with him 3 times, and he changed 3 women, rich people can change! Do all kinds of gangsters out there like all kinds of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, and get paid to do housework?? Unless they want to go from light, by then, they want to find a variety of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, pay to do housework and love their wives. The sad character of society determines everything: the sky is grey, the wild, the good woman, the love rogue
— Contact information, small partners, Yuyao, junior college, bright LZ leave a contact information ah and you are the same age, unmarried, local, have a stable job, can you, really want to take off single, looking at the anxiety of parents, I am also very helpless, courage to see the forum, do not know whether? qq: 3257604575 Let the future, now come… qq415527724
Male, 1987, height 178, there is a room in the city, live apart from his parents, there is a scooter, interested people can add wechat wangqi197367 passing by fun than you are also in

There’s not a lot of girls around here these days

Girls are out for marriage! I saw the right one! It’s been a long time, girl. Forget it. Just find something cheaper. Cut total anyway, I have not seen a beautiful woman in the forum but there is a situation similar to the North County forum is basically old. That’s all that’s left. The requirements are not low, the old turtle to find rich handsome ah! We losers are just stupid! Can I get through it in hot weather? Ha, ha, ha, ha
269954295 wechat can see my post before signing up for the New Year to find a girlfriend. Always thought you were a big mama sign up for a gun tower? You want to join us? I know it’s fake, but it’s so boring. I’m just gonna leave a message. Pop-pop-pop-pay attention. I just called a buddy, he’s an artillery guy. Sign up Xiaobian can not make a fuss ah New Year to find a girlfriend. The New Year is 29… W: 286579414 floor owner is a small series?? tipsy
Ha ha ha come together hi 104443 z9ydwi8fiwgk7qp4. JPG download attachment blast wave (^ ^ 0) this is what the rhythm! To cicada to find a friend ha ha ha is to find a friend to see cicada Yuyao: zo lian passing through the virtual good
Otherwise, there is no bride more awkward paralysis, can not help but scold you this black fungus Lun home is a lady, not with you generally see no bride how to come then you I attack you by good ah good ah, you will love me like killing sister What is the work by professional mixed bride 30 years you are male or female? You guess
D My strength gender: Male age 85 years (cow) height 177CM Bachelor’s degree work technical support and sales Native Yuyao have an idea plus QQ947022165 If You Are the One, technical support Happy New Year Come on Thank you for supporting friends D My strength gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao have the idea plus QQ947022165 top a D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor’s degree work technical support and sales native Yuyao have an idea plus QQ947022165 Thank you for the friend refuelmust be a major life event ah discouraged bear how so many D my strength gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (Ox) Height 177CM degree undergraduate work technical support and sales Native Yuyao have thought of QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (Ox) height 177CM degree Undergraduate work technical support and sales native Yuyao have thought of QQ947022165

Is there a girl willing to endure hardships and happiness with me?

I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108 Cixi, single, kung fu, Ningbo
I am engaged in early childhood education industry, work in the city, and get along with children every day. Basically is the home unit two point line, so life events also wasted down, I this year 25, height 158 weight 46, hope to find a good temper, has been ready to house (parents care about), income can support his wife, parents at home also get along with people. You can leave a short message. Because before also sent a post, about what, I think this is not very reliable don’t send me. 25 years old height 174 weight 130 more introverted no temper, the family are very simple, there is a new house, no bad habits, before more like to play games now not how to play. I am 83 years old, unmarried, in the health institution, graduate degree, may I know my college degree, correspondence undergraduate do not mind? Don’t mind, education is not so important, my QQ: 375958915 kindergarten teacher impression there will be a lot of enthusiastic parents to introduce objects ah 25 years old, undergraduate, height 180 weight 142 houses and cars QQ573004179 how to contact. Wechat chat 13858206972 about the intention to quickly add my QQ224575638090 only son, do not smoke do not drink do not gamble, have an independent marriage house, no bad habits are good high ah, on how I short 18 year old children can be self-cultivation is also a skill :-P24 passing by can fight about too small conditions good small
If you are the One, the public Lang Yi, contact information, interests, understand each other 12.jpg download attachment 2015-2-7 13:59 upload young man, good, come on, ha conditions are too good, where the conditions are good to their top to the world’s top 500 companies in the beauty is more will not find it… Is it too late to leave work at 5pm? What about those of us who stay up until 10 p.m. every night… Come on, the conditions are too good and good office romance will not have, too familiar! Where is it? What company is so late? TSK TSK, neighbors like you said there is no husband and wife in a company produced our company if you fall in love, get married, you must go to a neighbor, which is a Wanda 500 company girlfriend just grab a large number of it is the company married women, and do not allow office love
In fact, I have found that a series of requirements for friends are written clearly, even if these are met, the probability of success is still very small. Because we have to pay attention to the eye edge, but also to speak. So it’s hard. It also depends on whether you are handsome ~ not beautiful ~, how kung fu hurts does not hurt, will not take care of people, willing to spend money, what interests, cleanliness, faith, a few cases of previous history, bad habits, whether there is body odor, abortion history (female),…… And so on and so on is endless. When you find the perfect person in your heart, someone will be there long ago. If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be so many people left. Is the solution to the drop, continue to remain, Hao Hao makes sense how much male fairy, female turtle, can not believe what is called big fairy, turtle fairy eat turtle, turtle eat big fairy, fairy things, wonderful next personal resume to write ten pages, in line with each other, so the probability is a little bigger, haha… You’re still chatting on the Earth Bar forum