Hodgepodge Season 157 If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old.

To see 3D, you no longer need special plasma TVS or special stereoscopic glasses. The 3D effect can be produced by displaying the picture in quick succession from two different angles. Check out the top 11 photos from Gizmodo’s 3D photography contest, and how they were shot. 1. Public phone My Panasonic m4/3 stereo lens had been asleep for a long time, and it was this competition that allowed me to reuse it for stereo photography. I’ve recently become obsessed with pay phones and thought it would be a good subject. The 3D photo I submitted was first taken with a handheld camera and then converted into two alternating frames. — Dan Mark-Moore 2. I photographed the RC Reventon model remote control car jointly developed by the world’s top sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and the British model manufacturer De Agostini. A strong beam of light is used to illuminate the model at close range, making the surrounding light dim, and a piece of white paper is used to disperse the light. I made the floor a little shabby to give it the feel of an alley. Camera and parameters used: Canon T2i, ISO 200, aperture f/3.5, shutter speed 1/30 second. – Diego Ramirez 3. Camera and parameters for the world’s most three-dimensional violin: Sony DSC-S930, ISO800, aperture F2.4. — Avin Abraham 4. Orchids I have a row of orchids on my windowsill, and I thought they would look great. I shot the Nikon D40 camera on a triangle mount with a shutter speed of 1/125 second, aperture f5.3, speed of ISO 200, and lens 18-55mm. My focus was on purple orchids and I only used two frames to make the dithered stereoscopic photo. I increased the exposure, saturation, and contrast a little bit before animating it. — Stacy Repin 5. St. Elizabeth’s Fountain For this competition, I chose the St. Elizabeth’s Fountain statue as the theme. I didn’t shoot close enough to enhance the 3D effect, but instead tried to make sure the trees could be captured. The High Dynamic Light Rendering Method (HDR) is also used to equalize the light. Camera and parameter Settings used: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/10 aperture, 1/50 second shutter speed, ISO 200. I chose a large Packard Motor plant that had been largely unused since about 1958 and had been razed by shovels after a few Michigan winters. This is probably the largest abandoned industrial production site in the world today. I used a Nikon D90 with an aperture of f/11, a shutter speed of 1/80 seconds, an ISO 200 speed, and a focal length of 18mm. I selected 3 photos 4 inches apart and took 3 photos of each location for high dynamic light rendering (HDR), resulting in a total of 9 images.
Using Photomatix software to render high dynamic light (HDR), I finally got the effect I wanted. Then Photoshop CS5.5 was used to modify the tif file obtained above, and the filter Topaz Adjust was processed, and CS5.5 was used for animation. In order to make the animation more fluid, I copied the second frame and put it at the end of the animation so that there was less hard cropping. So those orders should be 1,2,3,2, and so on. – Ken Janeczko 7. I set aside several hours each day for this task, which took me three whole days to finish. I had no idea how hard it would be. I’m going to spray water onto the leaves first, wait for the perfect drop to form, wait for the wind to die down before I can shoot some shots, then switch angles and shoot again. We have to hurry, because we have to get this shot done before the water drops and the wind starts blowing. I had to do it over and over again because I had to take one shot and then move my tripod and Angle it for a second shot before the breeze blew the dew off. Camera Model and parameters: Nikon D90, 18-200 VR (optical stabilization), focal length 105mm, shutter speed 1/30 second, aperture f/16, speed ISO 200. 8. A rusted turntable is part of a machine on a farm in Lyndon Johnson National Park in Texas. I originally wanted to go outdoors and take some photos of wildflowers, but in the end I chose this photo that I like to submit. Camera parameters: Aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1/25 second, speed ISO 200. — Karen Tarlow 9. Tulips This is a flower that has just bloomed after last week’s rain. It’s made up of two photos, with Photoshop tweaking the eye level slightly. I found that when I used the top tulip as the rotation point, the animation looked rather unnatural, so I used the center line of the flower stem as the rotation point. I used 1/10th of a second frame to transition the two shots and make the animation look fresh and natural. It used a SONY Alpha A55 with a tripod, a 70mm focal length and an aperture of f/18, 1/8 second exposure time. — Marvin Francois 10. A few weeks ago, I bought a foam board covered with prisms that reflect light. First make up your mind to choose it as the background for this picture. I carefully balanced a rubber ball with a flashing LED light on top of a red glass vase. Then expose every five seconds. The hardest part is getting the ball to glow again for different shots without moving it (because the ball only flashes for 10 seconds at a time, you have to shake it to get it to glow again). The space between two different shots should not be more than 2 inches, because if it is too far away, the resulting renderings will be dazzling. Finally, I made some minor adjustments using Lightroom, the image processing software. Camera and parameters used: Nikon D7000, Tenlong 90mm macro lens, speed ISO 100, aperture about f20. 11. Duck King My fiancee has a 3-year-old daughter who loves rubber ducks, and she has a big blue rubber duck. For Valentine’s Day, I bought her a bunch of rubber ducklings in Valentine’s Day colors. She let the big duck lead the little ducks and ordered them to form a circle. The big duck has become their leader. I thought the ducklings surrounding their leader would make for a very three-dimensional picture. I fitted the iPhone 4 with a Kodak 2X telephoto lens and clipped it to the Pico Flex Table Dolly, a retractable dolly designed for shooting around ducks. Except for the ducks, there is no special lighting or setting. – Joshua Bowman (Joshua Bowman) no body, makeup, Photoshop! Angle is everything! Life is as brilliant as summer flowers, death is as quiet as autumn leaves. A friend’s grandmother knitted a sweater that can have 30 lives. I don’t know what’s in my bones, but in my heart, there’s a gangster, a little girl and an old woman. Frog, you can’t hurt a powerful fly… I cried… Kimono small loli what, really too love!! ~~ Violent artillery!! Before you go to bed, make sure you do the same thing you did when you were a kid! ! All problems are ultimately a matter of time; All the troubles, in fact, are looking for trouble. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day that I like you. ~ Is this peek-a-boo? Recently, I just watched the dog play. This double reed is playing well! This is the first master in China! Zhongnanhai bodyguard Buddha said: the fate to the day is doomed, the edge to the people to take. The same kind of cause, the same kind of fruit, everything is created by the mind. Face it with a smile, don’t complain. Leisurely, one’s heart, with nature, with fate. [A woman who does not work hard has only two results] : go to the endless market, buy endless stall goods… A man who does not work hard has only one result: his girlfriend is holding a LV bag, and he is wearing a Lv hat. There is only one secret to a woman’s success, and that is… Meeting is a matter of two people, leaving is a person’s decision, meeting is a beginning, leaving is to meet the next leave. It’s a popular world to leave, but none of us are good at goodbyes. Milan Kunderadu has been busy, and now Zhu Yuanzhang is coming, see if this mango looks like Zhu Yuanzhang’s brother…. 2012, Zhiqiang and Shi Yi, I believe that love this expression is too captivating We squeeze toothpaste later, gentle ah ~~. Foreign super outdoor graffiti!! With false true ah, do not know how many people will go to the wall Wu Junru and Chen Kexin rent Chen Kexin and Wu Junru love for many years to have a daughter, but the star couple is not as rich as the outside world imagined, so far they can only rent. It turns out that Chan’s films “Warlords” and “Wuxia” lost badly, and only “Warlords” lost nearly 500 million yuan. In his autobiography “My Own Road”, Chan revealed that every time they went on a date, they watched movies, and the two people knew each other because of the movie, but also because of the movie debt. When I woke up at noon, my mother said that the rice cooker was broken, and I saw that the pan was printed with Supor. I checked the phone to call the past, they said to send to repair it, I was looking for half an hour to find the after-sale store, go into the people a look at the brand said: can not repair. I said why? One word did not make me shudder to death: you are a copycat Supor ah! I said no way! It says it in Chinese! I told you to look at English. Shit! Taobao, you hurt the big man. What an overbearing slogan!! British angler catches the largest ray in the Irish Sea on April 6, local time, Andy Logan set a new record in an ocean fishing, he caught a ray weighing 100 kilograms, about 2.5 meters long. The fish had dragged the 4.5-ton fishing vessel for about two miles. Take care of everyone’s feelings, destined to not feel good. If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old. Idiots have best friends, hookers have first loves, gangsters have grade-school classmates. So, don’t run naked down the stupid road like an ox… I don’t know what happened, and love, how to do, like a beautiful couple, eventually lost, those years, we chase the vampire diaries together. It’s off the air for two weeks. Slapping a bloodsucking mosquito can kill a person. The remains of a battered mosquito can get into the skin, causing a fungal infection and even death! A 57-year-old woman in the United States died from a muscular fungal infection. The researchers tested for infection caused by the remains of battered mosquitoes entering the skin. Experts warn that when the mosquito is found to be sucking blood, it is best to gently flick the mosquito away. Older, men began to wear suits, women began to learn to wear makeup. I find men in suits beautiful. Everyone has a girl who can hit. Who do you think of? Youth is an ignorant rush, always leave the injury of displacement. A beautiful day has begun. Do not retain, is called youth. Don’t explain, is calm. Don’t let go, is called true love. Life is not perfect. Let’s break up. M: Why? W: Now that the exams are over, you don’t have to grab a place in the library. M: Oh, but I have two train tickets for the 2013 Spring Festival travel rush. Woman: No, I’m just kidding you. A man attends a special TV dating event. After two rounds, the female guest did not turn off a light, a miracle. In the third round, a female guest asked, “How many girlfriends have you had?” Male guest: “Talked about two, the first is more ordinary, the second is more literary, I hope to find my third girlfriend in life today…” Before he finished speaking, the lights went out… At 9:30 last night, I met a male colleague in the local supermarket. He looked through my shopping basket and saw a condom. Colleague: “Out in the middle of the night to buy TT, nightlife is very happy!” I saw him take a bag of toilet paper, back: “Buy toilet paper in the middle of the night, your nightlife is very lonely!” At this time, a beautiful MM walked in the door. She walked to the counter next to the cash register and said, “Get me two batteries!” So we both became evil… Don’t care too much about the people around you and don’t deliberately care about other people’s things. There will always be people in this world who will make you sad and make you jealous and make you gnash your teeth. Not because they’re bad, but because you care. So if you want peace of mind, you must first not care. If you don’t care about something, it can’t hurt you; If you don’t care about people, they won’t make you angry. You’ve already lost if you care. The man who doesn’t care about anything is invincible. When I was a child, I hoped to grow up quickly. When I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. When you are single, you begin to envy the sweetness of your lovers. When you are in love, you miss the freedom of being single. A lot of things, do not get always feel good, get after the beginning to understand: we get at the same time is losing. Sometimes, women will have sex for money, men feel cheap. Sometimes, men will pay for sex and women look down on it. When love is gone, you sleep with anyone, men are not angry. When the feeling has dried up, you give money to anyone, women are not anxious.
Sex can make a man fight. Money, can make a woman proud. Love pales in comparison to sex and money. And once you have true love, you give up sex and money altogether. A little lost in the heart, there are a lot of things that are completely not personal control, so there are a lot of words can not be exported. So smile to let the occurrence, the disappearance of the disappearance, the coming, the going, the saying, the closing, the guessing guess, the thinking, the writing, the stop stop, I am still me, I have been here. Some people can’t be together, but their hearts are together; Some people surface together, but the heart can not be together; Some people never want to be together, but naturally together; Some people go through a lot of trouble to get together, only to find out that they’re not right for each other… Just because we can’t be together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I