Less than a year to carry out 8 special actions Shanghai strictly prevent alcohol-related traffic violations rebound

The reporter recently learned from the traffic police Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau that at the same time as the normalization of drunk driving regulation, the city has carried out eight special rectification efforts this year, investigated and dealt with 4,300 alcohol-related traffic violations, and strictly prevented the rebound of alcohol-related traffic violations. At more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening on September 28, Cixi traffic police Candun squadron received a public alarm, saying that a car collided with an electric bicycle at the intersection of the local Hu Chong Highway and Zhu Dun Road, and the rider was hit, while the vehicle fled the scene. “An hour after the accident, we found the vehicle with the person still inside. We took him to the hospital for a blood test and found he was drunk driving.” Traffic police on duty told reporters that the perpetrator surnamed Gao, hit the electric bicycle, Gao felt dizzy, on their own to run. Gao has been detained on suspicion of dangerous driving. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the traffic police and other police have strengthened the linkage and cooperation, adhered to the normal alcohol driving regulation, and effectively curbed the rebound of such illegal behavior. The traffic police department also analyzed the data investigated and found that according to the time period, drunk driving was mainly concentrated from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., accounting for more than 40%. From the perspective of the age of drunk-driving offenders, the proportion of “post-80s” is the largest, followed by “post-70s”, and “post-00s” account for about 1%. (Source: Reporter Wang Xiaofeng correspondent Zhou Jin Hu Zhidong) The problem is to have a car, otherwise how can it be drunk driving?
How to pick it along the reed to the middle of the river? I went to get a bamboo pole to hook it up, OK, Karma actually the bottom of the river has turned over the sky, can walk the bold unruly people, dare to tease friends in broad daylight
The company issued the appointment letter a few days ago, the general manager (is the branch general manager) of the junior third position has been upgraded. N had an affair with another general manager at another branch before being kicked out by the general manager’s wife. Foreign women are good at it. Do not say the name of the company, do not go on the photo, say you paralyzed to say, do not understand the rules of a little revelation this is the rhythm of envy envy hate? Lord, I suggest that you add a “this” in front of “foreign women”, so that it becomes “in addition to the woman’s kung fu is very good”, so more rigorous. The main floor master kung fu is not good enough to have to vent on the forum should be taught by your Chinese PE teacher. The small three original in the company’s first branch, to the branch president to do the small three was driven out of the boss’s wife, and now in the second second company to the branch president to do the small three in exchange for promotion, the Lord envious you have what use. Being young and beautiful is the cost. Yellow face woman either outstanding ability, or can only stand on the side of the ability to rise you issued is not envy envy hate? Small three have seen ugly also have, mainly or kung fu is good, cheap enough on the first floor and second floor: I do not have any envy envy hate oh! What company can you tell us? This woman’s bed is always people come and go, so busy about a laugh after dinner, do not have to find out. Yeah, that way it doesn’t knock out a bunch of people. What is the use of envy. Do you want to find that woman? Everyone wants to be on top, but their strength is not enough what company? A big company? General manager beautiful
The Grand Court of thousands of centuries! The worst is not worse than the green City, the sound of the upstairs west bubble is clean and refreshing! Is there a Luftwaffe? You can hear the snoring upstairs. Isn’t the Century Court house almost a no1? Jindi Lanyue is the worst live rich lane drift past ha dont want the original price back out Ken, have the ability dont mentality must be absolutely good? Before 1949 (the founding of the Communist Party of China), one of the marshals, Lin Biao, must have a noise before going to bed, and the sound of gunfire (killing sound dark) can be sleepy. Normal. Is the front row loud? No front row loud. The floor insulation is too poor. It’s so bad… The houses in the community are the same, or villa sleep sweet! All the same at night, the sound of the Wucaicheng can be heard, too close to our upstairs two children next door two children downstairs training class tonight you are recording, send a comparison, the worst sound insulation cast-in-place concrete is too thin, in fact, you can hear the footsteps of the upstairs and the moving sound of tables, chairs and benches. The white things in the community, suona firecrackers get a headache at 12 o ‘clock in the night, Buddhist do zhai, make stinky tofu smelly winter melon, belt fish, dried vegetables, play osmanthus, four or five in the morning put square dance, load coal stove, burn garbage this whole building down, Yuyao seems to have no good soundproof community
On the 13th of this month, Shaoxing released a heavy news that 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! All 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! In the news mentioned: in the ancient city of Shaoxing 9.09 square kilometers of land, Shaoxing building, Zhenyuan Hall, Dynasty Hotel and other buildings have been completed or will begin to dismantle in the future there will be 178 high-rise buildings have been gradually dismantled so many, can sell a lot of money… Tear down and build, build and tear down enterprising 178 is how high building ah, tear down and build things out can be rich. Nonsense, no economic sense. There are too many new houses, demolishing old houses and digesting new ones. The houses in the old city of Shaoxing are basically not high, which blocks the plane channel. The demolition and construction Office has another job. Who benefits again