Snow and I had to tell the story

When I was young and ignorant and mixed emotions, I met snow, joined an illegal organization, and finally snow became a moderator, and ruthlessly abandoned me… PS “The theme of this story is paranoia… In that year, I had just graduated and returned to Yuyao with longing for my hometown and longing for a better life. At this time, an ID into my sight, she is snow, how elegant name ah, how poetic name ah. The flower god in Liaozhai, I was deeply attracted. Maybe I am lucky, pluck up the courage to chat with her, and gradually get familiar with her. Is this what it’s like to be in love, to keep Posting to each other on the forums. And joined an organization she leads. At that time I sang “Conquer” every day: So conquered by you!! 1 But the good days are always short, since she became a moderator, there are countless suitors, they cruelly abandoned me. I was depressed, sunk, even depressed. Because I can’t figure out!!!!! Since we broke up, why not return the burnt cake I bought for you !!!!!! Snow. Give me back my burnt pie, you cheating woman !!!! Burned cookies? Isn’t it churros? You bought a churro for me, and then said you were hungry, and I gave you the churro, and I bought a cup of soy milk for you, you forgot? You forgot all this? Back to the post on the 20th floor (Jiang Xue) you are too shameless, obviously you ate the burnt cake, I also bought the churros. You ate half a heel, soy milk I did not want, you have to buy, and now also take it, you really shameless for today’s story enough why scold ah. I’m the victim. The story is boring, the plot is simple, it’s not educational, it has no real meaning. Failure 13:66, you are very sick, hurry to the hospital I want to occupy a seat. Story is making up pro, now 15 o ‘clock to 3:30, if there is no content, I strongly ask to delete this post! Make it up, keep making it up… Edited wonderful I give you plus sperm help, 66 is want to go to a mental hospital, and sorry to say 66, edited it ~~~ don’t let everyone down ah relaxed to tomorrow, ha ha melon seeds peanut mineral water to cut ~~ for a long time did not eat coke cake for coke cake
From whom? Pull out to kill the letter rumor you are afraid of famous pig afraid of strong, you become a celebrity, congratulations all said rumors, you really believe ah? What are you talking about? No one
There is a very jealous woman, every day to search her husband, if found another woman’s hair, will cry loudly. Once she searched for a long time, but found nothing, so she cried even more fierce, she pointed at her husband and scolded: Well, I did not expect you to even the nun now! The biggest flaw in this picture is that it doesn’t show the woman’s most beautiful belly

  1. Brave people are easily provoked. 2, angry people, easy to be dragged down. 3, greedy people, easy to be bought. 4, kind people, easy to be troubled. 5, witty and shy people, easy to be embarrassed. Honest people, easy to be deceived. Clean and do not know the benefit of the people, easy to be insulted. Tough and domineering people, easy to be used. Weak people, easy to be deceived. Top, top, top. No one’s gonna pick you up? Your writing is very good.
    It’s time for your meds, isn’t it? It’s Jiang Xue this time. I got it right. Come and see Na