Hodgepodge 158th season There will be a rare “annular eclipse” next month!

Natsumi Hayashi, a young Japanese photographer, has been taking floating selfies for more than a year, and her work has become a favorite among photography fans. Here’s a look at her latest floating collection. The photographer walks around Tokyo, sets up pictures in ordinary locations, manually sets the focal length and shutter time, and then quickly runs to the appropriate position in front of the camera, jumps in the air, and poses. Sometimes she has to try many times in a row to get the best timing. Pineapple Science Award: Counting money helps relieve pain @Pineapple Science Award First Award, Psychology Award: To @Professor of Psychology, Sun Yat-sen University @Xinyue Zhou _ Department of Psychology, CUHK.” Counting money helps relieve pain.” The Pineapple Science Prize Chemistry Prize, winner Huang Wen, for his research project on how to make pot chicken soup taste better. Pineapple Me Award: Zhejiang University Water dispenser lady. Write a strong pen for the international cute history. @Li Miao on Weibo: Pineapple Science Award U Award to Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry protest canteen price increase incident. By weighing lunch boxes and food components, they concluded that the canteen was raising prices in disguise. Two fake monks were caught! Do you still remember the “monk brothers” who wore monk robes a few days ago, ate meat and drank alcohol with women in their arms in the Beijing subway, and opened a room in a star-rated hotel, causing extremely bad effects? Today, the two went to Fayuan Temple to pretend to be ghosts and continue to hype, although they hid in the toilet for a while, they were still caught by monks, lay people, and the police who came later, and were taken away by the police. A pregnant woman gave birth while using the toilet in Beijing, and the baby was washed away. Firefighters broke the urinal to rescue the baby, and the mother was taken to hospital for treatment. On April 7, a picture accompanied by the text “Wuhan University of Technology caught a thief in the East courtyard” sparked heated debate on Weibo. The images show a middle-aged man lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and being trampled by a woman. In response, the lawyer said that this is a reasonable uniform behavior, there is no infringement. On June 3, 1965, astronaut Ed White made history by becoming the first American to walk in space. That day, he stepped out of the “Gemini 4” spacecraft and carried out a spacewalk at an altitude of 286 kilometers above the ground, the whole process lasted 23 minutes. A rare video describing the history has been uploaded to YouTube, leaving netizens shocked. Google Glass has been developed to allow users to use voice control to access the Internet, according to the Daily Mail, one of the founders of Google. # 8226; Brin was spotted wearing Google Glass on Thursday while attending a charity event. Google Glass is topped with a voice-activated and head-turning micro-display that allows wearers to easily surf the web, video chat, update blogs and more. But it’s not clear when Glass will be available on the market. According to the Japan News website, a research team at Keio University in Japan has developed a device “POCHUTER” that can kiss poster characters. POCHUTER can sense the distance between the screen and the user, and change the expression of the characters on the screen according to the change of distance. When the user wants to kiss the character on the screen, the other person will change their expression accordingly. There are also these functions: close can smell the smell of shampoo, put a lemon flavor film on the lips, you can have taste enjoyment, people on the screen will say like you. Every year on the anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek’s death or birthday, there is a guest who comes to the Taxi Cihu audience, always cause a stir, he is the “copycat Chiang Kai-shek” Lidenko. Because his appearance is too similar to his own, many mainland tourists’ first words when they see him are: “Chairman hello”. Here he is in Cihu on April 6 this year. There is an anecdote that the North Korean Amama Ni, supervising pedestrians with revolutionary eyes, found the new trend of struggle, rushed up and stopped the past woman to shout: Comrade, can you wear pants as a woman? Why can’t North Korean women wear pants? Because Kim Jong Il said: Pants are for men… But North Korean female soldiers, they have to wear pants, or they’ll embarrass themselves. China used to be like this, and the Chinese who dressed fashionably in the past were dismissed as bourgeois liberalization. North Korean women are now allowed to wear proper pants, but there are three types of pants: “Trousers that cling to a woman’s lower body, bell-bottoms and short shorts are not styles we promote.” Women wearing pants in Rason Special District, “Civic Training Booklet” 1 during the Republic of China. Keep an eye out for new things. 2. Don’t touch other people’s things without permission. 3. Don’t borrow things from others easily. 4. Don’t borrow money from others. 5. Avoid danger quickly. 6, others in danger, immediately rescue. 7. When others ask for advice, answer them earnestly. 8. Speak softly and kindly. 9. Be kind to others. Don’t ask others to do what you don’t want to do. :

  1. Anything that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, or holds you back, get rid of it. 2. If anything is just taking up space and not contributing positively to your life, get rid of it. 3. If you want to lose or keep anything, you will spend a long time weighing the pros and cons, or worrying about what is wrong, then throw it away. The girl in scenery village always thought that happiness was far away and could be pursued in the future. Later found that those who hugged, held the hand, sang the song, the tears, loved the people, the so-called once, is happiness. In countless nights, the words I have said, the calls I have made, the people I have missed, the tears I have shed… Seen or unseen moved, we have passed, and then in the shuttle of time, everything becomes eternal! Downstairs, the children are singing happily: a xiu brother cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken ~ cut chicken, aunt wash stupid donkey… A portrait of Marilyn Monroe made from lip prints. Art can do anything! Do you remember what subject you did best on the Sats? Pay is like your period. Once A month, about a week without stupid NaNa this can meet a rival in Hokkaido, Japan’s Doraemon tram, like children’s shoes please raise your hand! Ice Cream Buffet ~ Your choice! Bright blind my eyes ah this summer fashion indicators: Qi force small skirt, Qi Mi small vest, raised point small sling, breast nipple clip! People always do… Soap crusher, no longer have to worry about slipping and dropping. This throw pillow is so funny. What the Titanic tells us is that when a loser gets rich, he dies. Rice, I want also; Thin, also I want also. You can’t have both. I can’t… When I saw this, I immediately laughed and sprayed the name of a jewelry store. How much love is like this – the beginning of the story: “I will give you happiness.” The end of the story: “I wish you happiness.” With nowhere to go, the target is right behind you. The subject the photographers were trying to find was strolling behind them. The deer probably felt pleased with himself. “You ignorant humans.” Strong tea solution spirits, light tea nourishing spirit, flower tea and stomach, green tea filter heart dust, the virtue of tea; Oolong Dahongpao, Huangshan pigment Maofeng, south born Tieguanyin, north long Qishan cloud, east Longjing green, west more yellow inlaid forest, tea is also born; Tea products are six colors, sweet Ren thousand evaluation, drink can solve dryness, slow products can entertain, the interest of tea also insists on ≠ waiting. Many entrepreneurs think that they have a grand vision, the market is large, as long as the persistence will eventually succeed, but countless people fail in this “persistence”. Entrepreneurial goals must be: 1. Specific 2. Phased 3. Quantifiable. Did you close the client today? Did you close the investment today? Did you make any money today? If the answer is “yes”, please continue to persevere, otherwise ask yourself how much longer can you wait? While we are still young, take a few more steps, enjoy the scenery along the way, do not rush to reach the destination and miss the warm people and things in the fleeting years; While we are still young, say more romantic words, do more childish things, don’t think people joke missed the most beautiful moments and occasions in life; While we are still young, shorten the distance and extend the time. While we are still young, do more of whatever we want to do. The end of the party, the female secretary drove, met the traffic police to check drunk driving, the female secretary blew the test to show drinking, the female secretary firmly denied, blood test no alcohol content. The police are wondering, the leader suddenly said: not just a kiss on the mouth, what is the fuss? The traffic police had to let it go. No matter what happens, don’t hide it, it is very important to disclose the truth at the first time.
    Have always thought that they are husband and wife ah [Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother is what is the relationship] Jade Emperor and the West queen mother is not husband and wife relationship, the West Queen mother is a combination of innate Yin qi, is the head of all female fairies, in charge of the Kunlun fairy Island. The first of all male immortals is the East Maharaja, which is in charge of Penglai Island. And the Jade Emperor is the head of the immortals, the Lord of the gods. The appearance of the West Queen Mother is earlier than the Jade Emperor, so they are not husband and wife. After the big pants, there are big pants, “the gate of the East” is said to be in Suzhou. Trust is like the feeling of a one-year-old child, when you throw him into the sky, he will smile, because he knows you will catch him, this is trust. Whom know – – – – – – – – dating — – > date — – frustration – difficult – sweet – – – – love – – touching passion – and parents – – – – – – habit — – > children — – money – – trouble — – > 10 years — – twenty years — – 30 years — – forty years — – > 50 years — – wrinkles – – aging — – depression – – but with you… This life is enough. Yao Ming T-shirt! This is so cool! ~ The things that make you sad, one day, you will smile and say it. —— The Shawshank Redemption has a rare annular solar eclipse next month! Have you ever seen the sun with only one ring? On May 21 this year, China will have an annular eclipse of the sun, and most places can enjoy the annular (partial) eclipse. You can also enjoy the wonders of the sun “coming out with an eclipse”. The next large-scale observable solar eclipse in China will not occur until 2016. The annular eclipse began at about 6:07 a.m. Look forward to it! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! Last year, a quarter of the city’s population was aged 60 or older, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, and the proportion of elderly people in Shanghai is 1.7 times the national average. The biggest lie in the world is: “Lend me a napkin,” said that it was borrowed, in fact, no one has returned… This guy’s really not your average bum… Top 10 Chinese pasta dishes (1) Shanxi sliced noodles; (2) Sichuan’s burning noodles; (3) Fried sauce noodles in Beijing; (4) Lanzhou pulled noodles; (5) Shaanxi minced noodles; (6) Yifu noodles in Shandong Province; (7) Henan mutton stewed noodles; (8) Hot and dry noodles in Wuhan; (9) Fuzhou mixed noodles; (10) Suzhou noodles. Yamdrok Lake – Sacred Lake in Tibet. The largest inland lake in the northern foot of the Himalayas, the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the crown of southern Tibet. The helplessness of life lies in always expecting others with good ideas, but always meeting evil people without bottom line. How big does a university really have to be? Daaaaaa! The girl who lives in three dormitories rejects the courtship of the boy who lives in five dormitories, because she can’t accept long-distance love… Man: “I… What’s yours?” Woman: “You are my Anerle!” Man: “Oh, so I’m just a sanitary napkin?” Woman: “So I can put you between my thighs.” Foreign woman library poo, quality really NM high in fact, I want to throw up a little girl, what are you doing so skillful, born because of water, beautiful because of water, happy because of water, this is the water city Venice, the only city in the world without cars. by: CubaGallery (group photo) New Weekly: “April is the cruelest month, the barren land/lilacs grow, memories and desires/mixed together, and let the spring rain/urged those slow roots.” / Winter keeps us warm, and the earth/gives a little life to the forgotten snow-covered, also called/withered bulb.
    Summer comes unexpectedly, and when it showers…” “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot, translated by Zhao Luorui. Picture shows the works of Eliot Erwitt. Appropriate sadness can show the depth of feelings, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom. No matter where you are in the workplace, if you want to be able to network and control the rain after three years, you must start from now on to lay out the next bureau: improve the inner world, strengthen your own energy, and master the law of getting along with people! Layout determines the pattern, the pattern determines the outcome. The most important investment in life is to know yourself and choose the right direction! In the shortest time, with the most right way, do the most right thing, get the best result. ‘I’d rather send him to England. I don’t expect him to go to Oxford or Cambridge, I just want him to go back to the way I was when I was a kid – walking to and from school by himself, walking a few blocks to school, not being afraid to meet strangers, not having parents to pick him up, not having so many cars on the road, cars knowing to avoid pedestrians, not having to give gifts to the teacher and kiss his ass. Mrs. Liu said. 652 Cover “Reasons to emigrate” When you are young, you are afraid that someone will say that you are disappointed. In fact, when you look at who he is, he is different from you. Second, see what he expects, he is just afraid that you go better and turn a blind eye. Wang Meng said: “Those who passionately ask you to operate according to their expectations, can you not let them down again and again? That’s how their brains are sculpted, shaped, solidified and strengthened, so what do you do?” Don’t take things seriously, get down to business. People should live the truth, living under the mask of the unreal soul, after all, is the fear and sorrow with tears and smiles. Real people are the strongest people. Tiago Ribeiro is ready to start shooting a new film, and the title is already in mind: There will be Diaosi to Love You for Me. “I’m pregnant, can you stay?” “No, I want to go far away and pursue my dreams.” “Can you stay and be a father?” “No, a diaosi will be my father.” “Then get me an iPhone.” “A diaosi will take you for me.”
    Love can be very simple, that is, I want to be with you, you want to be with me. Love can be very complicated, I want to be with you, you want to be with me; But we just can’t be together. Want a simple love, sunrise, sunset; Enjoy every morning sunshine, breeze, rain and dew, dusk together. The truly beautiful scenery does not need to stay in the memory; When you feel happy, no matter what kind of scenery you see, it is beautiful, even if it is lonely, it will not be lonely; Let love stand the time, and the hand in hand and happiness in the ordinary light are the most precious. The so-called happiness, there is never an accurate and eternal answer; Gold basin silver spoon, Jinyi food people, not necessarily happy; Coarse clothes and shoes, humble people, not necessarily unfortunate; A flower, a drop of water in this world, can become the source of happiness; Happiness has nothing to do with rich or poor