I’m tired of chasing girls after 90 years

It was nice seeing each other last Sunday! Not many messages sent! Yesterday began to send her information always say busy! Today is also busy so far! I’m embarrassed to text her! What do you do?! Give up, people just refuse you in a euphemistic ah, do you still cling to it, must people clearly refuse you just give up! It happened to me too! A woman’s heart is a lifetime book! Hard to understand! Ouch! Looks like it’s about time! I’m obviously not interested in you. Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Ouch! Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Know it is good, so as not to be a spare tire is very difficult very difficult nothing to drive a car, go to her unit waiting to reject your rhythm get brain cut refreshing ah, you think chasing girlfriend ah, please you are blind date, chat to continue, chat not to 88, you really go after, this colored a good ning sex. If you always secret her, it means that people are not interested in you, decisive escape to find the next house HEHE amount! Got it, thanks! She doesn’t like you. What’s the fare? ~ Drive a 50w or so car to pick him up for dinner and date immediately Tuo Tuo to find a married person is really difficult ah, brothers have no worries about pulling brothers!
I female 26 years old, Yuyao people, looking for marriage object, because the circle is small, so take this platform to find people to spend their life, I am just a very ordinary girl, every day in addition to work is off the job requirements: 1: Yuyao local boys 26-31, the best near the city, divorced detour 2: boys honest, down-to-earth, to have their own stable work 3: Boys do not touch tobacco and alcohol, do not gamble 4: family harmony, cult, Jesus faith detour 5: boys foreign trade association, or heavy, hypocritical, do not add 6: boys temperament, violent tendencies, do not add if you meet the above conditions of the boys, then please add qq: 2110424072
In the forum, all kinds of men who do not smoke, drink and gamble, and pay their wages to sit on housework and love their wives can not find objects; And the reality that I am in contact with, all kinds of men who smoke and drink and play mahjong casually change women, you big gods explain, why is this? No wedding fashion b, after marriage show ah! Women still like bad guys! You know that! Because your friend is not looking for a married woman do not know thick skin can accomplish a lot of things, birds of a feather, what kind of people will live in what circle. My brother told me that his friend’s friend, my brother went out with him 3 times, and he changed 3 women, rich people can change! Do all kinds of gangsters out there like all kinds of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, and get paid to do housework?? Unless they want to go from light, by then, they want to find a variety of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, pay to do housework and love their wives. The sad character of society determines everything: the sky is grey, the wild, the good woman, the love rogue
— Contact information, small partners, Yuyao, junior college, bright LZ leave a contact information ah and you are the same age, unmarried, local, have a stable job, can you, really want to take off single, looking at the anxiety of parents, I am also very helpless, courage to see the forum, do not know whether? qq: 3257604575 Let the future, now come… qq415527724
Male, 1987, height 178, there is a room in the city, live apart from his parents, there is a scooter, interested people can add wechat wangqi197367 passing by fun than you are also in