Hodgepodge season 155 Cats take over the Earth

Hello Tomorrow, designed by Ronny Sauer, could revive the landline. This phone completely overturned the previous distinction between mobile phones and landlines. The appearance is fashionable, and the microphone and receiver part are made of transparent materials. The designer REN Fangying designed the chat pen, which transmits information through the Internet by handwriting, and the screen on the pen will display the received information. How to add friends is really unknown. There are several LED highlights in the choice of the pen. You can send messages by writing them on a flat surface with a pen. This shape makes it easier to cheat. Designer David Blanc brought a laser projection watch with a hollow dial that can be worn as a beautiful bracelet. When you need to see the time, just touch your finger inside the lower dial and the red number will be projected on your skin through a laser. A one-finger touch shows the current time, and a two-finger touch shows the current date. The design from designer Jung Jae Yup, through the idea and imagination of the design of this very cute ball, so that the light on the top, this is a tumbler, if you have a small pair of boxing gloves, you can hit it, made of stainless steel. When the iphone became the most favored mobile phone, designer Heyon You brought the Android platform concept mobile phone Galaxy Skin, highlighting their ambition, beyond the iphone as the goal, the mobile phone into the human skin. It has four highlights: no need for support, no need for projectors, the body as soft as no bone, and the body feels bony. Do I poke and install mode B? It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake… This car is driving! It’s so strong! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! It’s too vulgar for a guy to accompany a girl to see TITANIC in April. The most he can do is get a chance to wipe a girl’s tears. However, you can take her to see the 3D Sadako in May, and maybe then you can hold the girl who has fainted and go home ah, after complex calculations, everything is a fortress! This is what the inside of toothpaste used to look like. Send this picture to warn all children’s shoes sleeping in the lower bunk!! Flirt with my Han paper! Me!! Huh? What’s wrong? Damn it, it’s not that easy to drag me… ~ It is said that fat people do not like to use touch screen phones… Because, smile, the phone hangs up… In fact, the truth that Snow White was awakened by the prince is… Purple, dream and noble life… Orange sunset blue water green green plants, the water house is very elegant, very chic! “Congratulations on entering the boy power, now you have ten basic rights,” “eighth, life photos,” “OK, let’s take a look at the life photos of female guests.” ………………… (Music starts a minute later) Unfortunately not you, accompany me to the end…… Female tears diaosi do not cry, Gao Fu Shuai now has an iphone case that can hold a case, I look forward to one day, 5230 can hold a bag of heart printing tissue. Cats occupy the earth, : [Small S4 on the 5th smooth production of the third child mother and daughter safe] Small S agent said that small S third child in the morning of April 5 smooth production, mother and daughter safe, English name Alice, weighing 3200 grams, the production of her husband Xu Yajun (@Mike Xu) and @big S accompanied the whole process. Xu Xu two thank you for your care and blessing!
Which lyrics make you cry? I feel that I have not had time to grow up, but I have begun to age, the ideal has become smaller and smaller, and even the time of running water has gradually worn down, not finally dare to admit that I am an ordinary person, but in the face of the surging world, I have to admit that I have no power to fight back… Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. A little tide to say debauchery; Be reserved to say pure; Fat a little said fat lady; Thin say hemp rod; I don’t know how many people I’ve slept with; Look bad said don’t come out scary; Big breasts say boba; Flat chest said airport; Accommodating others to say that they have no opinion; Personality point love special…… No matter what, there will be people pointing at you, it is better to do what you like, let the people who don’t like to shi. Happy every day. Talk about life with people you know, talk about feelings with people you don’t know. Good, bad, anything can be talked about. And now, with the acquaintance is very perfunctory, either ‘ha ha’ smile, or a series of full stops. With people you don’t know, simply ignore or pretend to disappear. Pain and joy, no longer willing to say and who to listen. Began to understand: no one is who’s angel, no one can save who! After all, on my own when I was in college, one of my classmates was really shy. See others are out of the pair, lonely and finally get up the courage to ask the beloved girl: What kind of boy do you like? The girl said: compatible. The boy asked again or the same, he had to sadly say: head flat is not OK? Man, this life should be left a round size ah, life is like mahjong: love at first sight is called day Hu, free love is called flat Hu, looking for a lover is called dark bar, seduce others husband is called rob bar, and other people’s husband has children on the bar, a lover is called single hanging, no lover is called Xianggong, single is called touch! A woman drank a can of drink, was sent to the hospital, and left the world. Coroner’s cause of death was leptospirosis, and trace the drink she drank directly from the can to the mouth. Tests showed that the cans were infected with leptospirosis virus in rat urine. Rat urine contains toxic and deadly substances. Because the cans were not cleaned during transportation. Research shows that there are a lot of toadstool on the tank, please pass it on to your concerned friends. When we were kids, we had no ipads, no iphones, no Three Kingdoms… But back then we were happier and more fulfilled than we are now. @ We love to tell bad jokes: pilots, stewardesses, maintenance eyes of each other. Time dancing, people know whether or not, flowers snow melt another autumn. Hair has changed full of white head, who knows this life a few look back. There’s beauty in the north, unique and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country ·· KFC covered rice, also said what “mother’s taste,” your mother cooking on this taste ah! That’s all your mother gave you! Your mom’s a stepmom, isn’t she? ! No matter friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, it actually contains my too much disappointment. I really thought that we could not be together, I wanted to forget him, but then found out that unconsciously became another him, I really don’t know when he began to affect me so deeply. —— The perfect combination of money and beauty Sometimes, loneliness is also a kind of loneliness. Two people were killed, two missing and four injured when a speedboat collided with a tow cable between two cargo ships in waters near Sanshan Island in Taihu Lake, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on April 4. It was confirmed that one of the dead, two of the missing and three of the injured were students of Shanghai Jiaotong University. CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been awarded a Guinness World Records certificate for being the “most watched gala in the world” during the Cannes International Television Festival in France. Alistair Richards, president of Guinness World Records, said it was a great achievement for the CCTV gala to beat both the Academy Awards show and the Super Bowl. When I’m old, I want to have this 1984 Jobs and Gates. An unemployed man found a Picasso print for $14 at a grocery store in Clintonville, the United States CBS reported that Bowdish, an American man, accidentally found an original print created by the Spanish painter Picasso for $14.14 when he went to a grocery store in Clintonville. Although original Picasso prints are relatively common, they can sell for at least $6,000. Bowdish decided to sell because he had lost his job two years earlier and was in a pinch.
In Wakayama, Japan, there is a small station called Taishi, the shop next to the station has a cat named Tama, because her cattery has been built on the road, when the city government received the demolition order, the owner begged the railway manager to let her live in the station, but to keep her in the station needed a reasonable reason, so decided to appoint her as the station master. Four years ago, the Takeshikawa line, which almost faced a crisis of suspension, escaped a disaster because of the appearance of Tama station master, and the reward was a year’s cat food. When a country falls into a state of isolation, it is bound to have three passions: language fever, history fever and health fever. Inoue building is yours, is yours, the more tightly, the easier to lose. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Leave the rest to fate. True love through three stages: the first stage of course lost self-esteem, pain, hearing his name will jump up. The second stage pretended to forget, avoid mentioning sad things, but the heart ache. In the final stage, his name, like that of the passer-by, is just a name, with no special meaning at all. I believe that any one person in the moment of commitment to love, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. You are so easy to use a smile will let me recognize you, from then on, I will selfless selfish sacrifice their own inner world. Life is always a joke, what to expect, what will be far away; Cling to who, will be hurt by who. Do not expect too much, do not insist too persistent; Learn to put down, put down unrealistic expectations, put down the persistence of no results; Everything to see light, open, see through some, the last second has passed; Nothing can stay, don’t turn back in the past, only the beautiful scenery is real and reliable. Everyone has a sadness, want to hide, but in the growth. When we look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we think that only one day has passed, but we know that the time has passed twenty years. The stars that cannot be reached are always the brightest; The little fish that runs away is always the most beautiful; Missed movies, always the best; Lost lover, always the most understand me; Some things are too beautiful to hold in your hands. There is a feeling because too true, so can not let go. In the best time, do the dream you want to do, go to the place you want to go in the future, you will thank you for your hard work now I like this girl regardless of friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, in fact, it contains too much of my disappointment. Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. I believe that the moment anyone makes a commitment to their lover, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. It’s yours, it’s yours. The more you hold it, the easier it is to lose it. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Others, to fate like everyone, there is a sadness, want to hide, but growing. A look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we thought that only one day has passed which know the time has passed twenty years (this is talking about yourself) Yes, don’t you ha ha ha every time you see a hodgepodge have a different feeling!! Sit out
Realm one: Light cut, not long wisdom; Realm two: A fall into the pit, a gain in wisdom; Realm three: Eat less, how long wisdom; Realm four: Others eat, their own wisdom. Eat good forget! Looking at the defense, there are not many people to stick you, very poor, just top you!
Know that there is no hope but still can not go back! It is clear that someone said it was impossible but still stubborn to bother! Clearly know that she is not up to standard and she has the right person, but stubborn still want to break through the original relationship! Want to say did not learn to give up but already learned, just do not want to give up! I don’t want to start a new search! Very want to see but afraid to see! Maybe you will pretend not to know her when you meet her on the street! Now try to get back to the original point! Back to not moved only occasionally mentioned will think of the point! This is gonna be hard! But work hard! A long time has passed just because of the chance to look at you one more time, so you can never forget your face and move on to find a new girl
I’ll take her out for you. What do you do? Where is she every day? Okay, I’ll report, Little Bud is a cook. How do you know? Why do you want to answer you? It’s a magical intuition, a sixth sense. It’s true. My sixth sense is right? No, no. How can you lie to your heart and tell me that I’m telling the truth

Simba forced the security guard to apologize to the fans

It is also a watch live to see the magic, say a bad word, pay attention to this kind of network anchor after dinner boring time a person to see the pastime, take it out to say things that you this person pattern is really low. Soil Longming this name is like a pet dog someone jealous he so fire want to take advantage of this matter to kill Simba just Simba who?? You said it was a stage jump, it was your concert, and Simba was in front of the hotel disrupting traffic, and the hotel was good for other guests… Wouldn’t it have been if he’d contracted the place instead of himself having a concert for his fans on the 18th and getting some news first, Simba don’t be too much of a hype man, just the Lion King Simba the Lion King? You got me, Ruben Wei?
Maotai many towns I have seen this page, but forget which APP to find open, the postage is very expensive oh is to earn your postage money Maotai town on the small winery production of one-time mixed wine, the cost of about 5 yuan a bottle, I have ordered such wine in Guizhou, the name, packaging and other styles as you decide (hundreds of boxes can be customized mixed), If the owner pays more than 50 yuan, there is no fun! You’re not who you are and you’re just a sidekick
All the suggestions in the article are good, and they are indeed suitable for the daughter’s study and life. But in reality, how many students are so conscious, independent and planned for learning like the owner’s daughter? Other people’s children are other people’s children. Grid on this pattern excellent good, grew up to be admitted to the civil service. Good good good family is more than 50 million happy! Then give it to me!! Sincere blessing
In NetEase news saw the “Shi Hai time college Entrance examination database”, 2018, 2019, but missing 2020, in Ningbo famous schools through the search, that three years are all, Ningbo counties and cities first-class high schools nearly three years into Zhejiang University statistics Yuyao top 100 into Zhejiang University, the top 200 985, the top 500 Ningbo University, Well, it is also very difficult to enter Ningbo University Cixi school so good, should go to buy Cixi school district house. Does Cixi Middle School have more students than Yuyao Middle School? The teaching quality of Yuyao Middle School was withdrawn
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “come on, come on, come on.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I want to say today: “Have to work overtime today!” I want to say today: “sign to save money kei!” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “Perseverance”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” .

There’s not a lot of girls around here these days

Girls are out for marriage! I saw the right one! It’s been a long time, girl. Forget it. Just find something cheaper. Cut total anyway, I have not seen a beautiful woman in the forum but there is a situation similar to the North County forum is basically old. That’s all that’s left. The requirements are not low, the old turtle to find rich handsome ah! We losers are just stupid! Can I get through it in hot weather? Ha, ha, ha, ha
269954295 wechat can see my post before signing up for the New Year to find a girlfriend. Always thought you were a big mama sign up for a gun tower? You want to join us? I know it’s fake, but it’s so boring. I’m just gonna leave a message. Pop-pop-pop-pay attention. I just called a buddy, he’s an artillery guy. Sign up Xiaobian can not make a fuss ah New Year to find a girlfriend. The New Year is 29… W: 286579414 floor owner is a small series?? tipsy
Ha ha ha come together hi 104443 z9ydwi8fiwgk7qp4. JPG download attachment blast wave (^ ^ 0) this is what the rhythm! To cicada to find a friend ha ha ha is to find a friend to see cicada Yuyao: zo lian passing through the virtual good
Otherwise, there is no bride more awkward paralysis, can not help but scold you this black fungus Lun home is a lady, not with you generally see no bride how to come then you I attack you by good ah good ah, you will love me like killing sister What is the work by professional mixed bride 30 years you are male or female? You guess
D My strength gender: Male age 85 years (cow) height 177CM Bachelor’s degree work technical support and sales Native Yuyao have an idea plus QQ947022165 If You Are the One, technical support Happy New Year Come on Thank you for supporting friends D My strength gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao have the idea plus QQ947022165 top a D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor’s degree work technical support and sales native Yuyao have an idea plus QQ947022165 Thank you for the friend refuelmust be a major life event ah discouraged bear how so many D my strength gender: Male Age 85 years (cow) Height 177CM Bachelor degree Job Technical support and sales Native Yuyao You think plus QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (Ox) Height 177CM degree undergraduate work technical support and sales Native Yuyao have thought of QQ947022165D My strength Gender: Male age 85 years (Ox) height 177CM degree Undergraduate work technical support and sales native Yuyao have thought of QQ947022165

I have a blind date phobia now, and it’s not easy to put pressure on myself

The success rate is so low that I do not know if there is a word to say, but I still feel that I have to say after careful consideration: I saw the floor has a blind date (marriage) phobia. It is! Blind date is a dead end! I just went on a blind date last night! Blind date is already a joke, almost will not succeed! But what if you don’t have a blind date? Now people have basically lost their ability to know the opposite sex! How did it turn out to introduce you to my cousin? I’m in the right place, I’m in the right place, and I don’t know how to get married. I’m also on the road and don’t know if the next stop is the one I want. Your cousin’s last name, right? My cousin will have a surname with me, you are too ridiculous that is not necessarily, some people themselves are their own old cousin, one is their own siblings, one plays their own mother or other elders…… That’s how weird it is! I hope you’re not one of them! In addition, objectively, the cousin with their own family name this probability is not small! Hello, God. You remember him right away. How is God these days… Buy a house, change a car, otherwise how to live up to his original lofty words? Can you add your wechat, my psychological quality, has not debated with you no return to the stock God? Oh God! Fourth blind date this is OK! Wish I could get off alone! Her sister tried to help me!
Reading post is fate, reply post is friendship. Today, you suddenly find that you don’t know what to do when you do something stupid? Often think of someone in the heart is very upset after all want to find a place to vent the depressed heart. Hope to be watered. Love, marriage, how, fate you lonely.
I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108
123 Australia, university graduation, Chinese restaurant, Thailand, photo brother come on wish you find the right one as soon as possible too long… Can be a little more false estimate was injured by teachers, doctors, female cadres! Young and promising Come on, it’s sincere. A very mature boy… Come on! Don’t forget to invite me to McDonald’s for a drink! Can the early education center work, can the early education center work this year belongs to the rabbit, this year belongs to the rabbit this condition also use the forum to find! This is ridiculous! You brainless women beware of being cheated! Classic jealousy… Forum female essence, not to mention the building conditions are not very good. More suitable for life. LZ is awesome, even teachers and doctors

Will the second wave of infections peak in March-May? Two groups of people or most affected!

Over the Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic did not rebound significantly. With the emergence of Omicron variants CH.1.1, XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB, there is great concern about a possible second wave of infection. The topic “The second round of infections may peak in March to May” has also been trending recently. Why is the second round of infection peak predicted in March to May? Xing Mingyou, chief physician of the Infection Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, analyzed that from a virological point of view and an epidemiological point of view, the antibody level in the body after “Yangkang” will maintain a relatively high peak for 3 to 6 months, and the probability of re-infection in a short time is only 2%. However, the population base of our country is very large, starting from December last year, after another 3 to 6 months, our antibody levels slowly decline, at this time if there is a new virus mutation strain, we are highly likely to have clinical symptoms after re-infection, and there may still be a peak. Professor Xing predicted that the second wave of infections could peak in March to May, but this time the peak may not be felt by the public. Due to the difference in the time sequence of infection, coupled with the presence of a basic antibody level after our second infection, the number of people infected in the second round, the severity of infection symptoms, and the amplitude of time concentration will be much weaker than the first. Lu Mengji, a German Chinese virologist and professor of the Virus Research Institute of Essen University School of Medicine, also said in an interview with China News Weekly on February 1 that it is expected that from late March this year, with the decline of population immunity, the risk of population infection will increase, and the change in the epidemic will be very obvious in May and June, when it may face a second wave of impact. But whether the second wave comes in March or May or June depends on the emergence of a new strain with a very strong impact. 1. The elderly who are still recovering Lu Mengji said that now many infected elderly people are in the physical recovery period, and many people with poor physique are infected again, and the consequences may be very serious. At this stage, some people at high risk of immune deficiency who have not been infected may also face the impact of the next wave of epidemics. 2. Uninfected people The most affected by the current outbreak are the uninfected population, estimated at 15 to 20 percent. Compared with the previous situation where the whole population was susceptible, the degree of impact has been reduced, but given the population base in China, the size of the population involved is still very large. What can we do? Everyone should be the first person responsible for their own health, maintain social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits, which can largely prevent infections and secondary infections. 1. Maintain the habit of wearing masks Professor Xing Mingyou reminded that, especially in crowded public places, it is necessary to standardize the wearing of masks. It is enough for ordinary people to wear medical surgical masks during regular travel. In some high-risk positions and environments, the probability of infection increases and N95 masks are needed. 2. Priority vaccination for the third group Professor Xing Mingyou said that because the antibodies produced after the first infection have disappeared six months after “Yangkang”, it is very necessary to reseed and strengthen the vaccine. Vaccination can delay the time of infection, or reduce the probability of infection. Three groups of people are recommended to give priority to vaccination: first, engaged in high-risk positions such as doctors, couriers; 2. Elderly patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, tumors, or those who have undergone dialysis transplantation; Third, in the first infection appeared in the performance of pneumonia, the symptoms of more severe hospitalized people, in the first “Yangkang” after 6 months must be vaccinated to strengthen the vaccine. Source: People’s Daily Science Popularization, Health Times, Hubei release, healthy Hubei, Youth Hebei — ☆ — Horses run and dance according to dance. — ☆ — What about the first round? Experts are thinking about ways to make money — – brick house – do – being is beautiful — – have read – do – being is now no one wearing a mask – do – oh oh – can – it doesn’t matter – do – being is letter? ☆ – Impossible to defend! — ☆ — The main high school entrance examination children Oh, in case of exam when sick how poor. ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Can we not send this news? Boring, you – ☆ – really want to pay attention – ☆ – brick said the Spring Festival second round of infection peak? ☆ — or to prevent the main — ☆ — Chinese experts is a derogatory term — ☆ — ☆ — expert brick is too terrible — ☆ — even a weather forecast is not accurate, but also engage in these difficult, don’t be ashamed
How much is the entrance fee for the bronze statue? Does any great God know? Please reply, thank you – ☆ – no money free – ☆ – I went in 2018, when I did not need tickets, drive to, only charged 10 yuan parking fee. Mind you, the shift ends at 4:00 p.m. – ☆ – Thank you – ☆ – Happy New Year! – ☆ – This free visit – ☆ – local ID card buy 30 – ☆ – no money – ☆ – free entry to the park, but the Hong Wish hall charges, which is to visit the history of Buddhism, sell arts and crafts, decorate the magnificent, landscape car usually 30 per person back and forth, walk up and back for more than an hour, see the scenery is very good, parking fee 10 yuan, 4.30 PM forbidden to enter the park. — ☆ — Free — ☆ — Free — ☆ yesterday asked 39 — ☆ — Go play — ☆ — no money — ☆ — Free tickets, go inside the Buddhist hall to buy tickets — ☆ — free parking ten dollars went to n trip — ☆ — Parking outside the factory there are many parking Spaces, so parking fees also sound — ☆ — free I still 14 years to go, outsiders 150, Local 30, now do not have tickets — ☆ — do not need tickets just go to Hong Yuan Tang to collect 30 yuan, the rest is the parking lot to collect parking fees — ☆ — several years ago it was free. — Free outside — — I don’t know — — No money — — Free
On the morning of February 11, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and Science and Technology Museum launched a brand activity of tomorrow’s Little Scientist: “Light and Eyes” popular science class in the lecture hall on the fifth floor. Ms. Xia Xuelian from Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Sports is invited to give a lecture. First of all, Teacher Xia explained the use of light for everyone, through the PPT display of the sun, the moon, lights, fireflies and other luminous objects, science what is the light source. Then with the help of spotlights, sunlight, etc., let the students understand that light travels in a straight line in a uniform medium, and can not pass through opaque objects; By showing shadows, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, etc., we can understand the phenomenon of light traveling in a straight line. Through the phenomenon of first seeing lightning and then hearing thunder, we explained the speed of light, and let the students understand that light travels fastest in vacuum; By seeing objects that do not emit light with our eyes, we have learned about the reflection of light. Finally, the teacher explained the eye to you, so that you understand the structure of the eye, convex lens imaging law and its application. And explained to the students the correct way to protect the eyes in daily life. The students listened carefully, actively answered the teacher’s questions, and took notes. By carrying out such activities, the aim is to further cultivate young students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, and improve their ability to explore science independently. – ☆ – Read – ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Good – ☆ – Thumbs up! – ☆ – Thumbs up – ☆ – Good

No need to merge cities anymore, this place publishes combined city GDP for the first time

We all know that there is only one deputy center in Anhui Province, that is, Wuhu, but the deputy center in Sichuan Province has become a twin city [Yibin + Luzhou] GDP602.9 billion, [Nanchong + Dazhou] GDP518.8 billion, the “deputy center” of the combination of two cities, the GDP and fiscal revenue icon total ranking, can be said to be an innovative move. So which cities in Anhui can be combined? 1, Wuhu + Maanshan GDP 710 billion 2, Anqing + Shenzhen 396.1 billion (Anchi Copper Group 519.1 billion)3, Huainan + Bengbu 364 billion 4, Suzhou + Huaibei 349 billion Note: The distance between the above combination of cities are far lower than the combination of Sichuan, even if the distance between Anqing and Tongling is lower than the distance between Nanchong and Dazhou, no longer need to shout every day merged cities, Anhui development combination of cities will have more advantages, do you think? – ☆ – Oh oh – ☆ – creative – ☆ – to legal compliance and reasonable name Anchi copper city! — ☆ — Very creative, lots of bones. — ☆ — Think of these as better to make money, contribute more to GDP — ☆ — I think it will be called Anhui Province and Anhui City in the future, and become a city GDP is more beautiful, — ☆ — oh, — ☆ — oh — oh — ☆ Is it meaningful? Speechless! – do – passing – – each provinces such combination, or the bottom – do – oh, next to – do – jiangsu superiority arises spontaneously, nurture, the ostrich, self-deception – – ha ha ha – – I have nothing to do with being – being fostered – yuan longping let you eat so full – do – and this wave operation have read – – well – being – being creative new idea – do – not merge? I also expect Hefei to merge with Shenzhen It seems to become Hefei people have no hope – ☆ – Anchi Tong shouted for many years – ☆ – have read – ☆ – Anqing metropolitan area? Anqing ring poverty belt is almost, almost did not give me the whole spit – ☆ – good idea – ☆ – self comfort. 50 years old man I, on behalf of a group of people to say: I am Jin Zhiyu leaves, never willing to partner with the hanging wire. ☆ Come on, come on. ☆ There is only one center in Anhui called Hefei. The power of the fat, ha ha. ☆ — No matter how you merge and split, don’t put me and the Fir-Yang people together. I don’t deserve it! – ☆ – Yes is, say no is not – ☆ – Good idea – ☆ – can not pull up – ☆ – creative, good opinion, but Hefei does not agree, that’s it
On January 17, it was reported that since January, Yanglodo has increased the price of two products of lactic acid bacteria drinks “Yanglodo” and “Yanglodo Low sugar” sold throughout China, and will pass on the price increase of raw materials to the sales price. Among them, Guangzhou Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd. sales in the region and other regions of the price increase is different, the increase is 8.7%~14.3%. About the price of products, the reporter to Yang Le many aspects to verify, the other party did not disclose much, only said that “if the price of products on the offline shelf has risen, it is in the price increase.” According to consumer shopping records, in August 2022, the price of Yolo Live bacteria type lactic acid bacteria (5 packages) in Beijing 711 convenience store was 11.7 yuan, and in January 2023, the price of this product was 12.8 yuan, an increase of 1.1 yuan. Expert analysis: There are two major factors in the price adjustment of Yanglodo. First, the price of raw sugar has risen in the past two years, and the price of sugar imported from Cuba has also risen, which has caused the cost of Yanglodo to rise. In addition, in the probiotic industry, the price of ordinary probiotics is relatively good, and some proprietary probiotics have patent fees in them, and the cost is higher. Domestic sales growth slowed down some of the “worry” in China, the products of the company are concentrated in the two types of Yanglodo and Yanglodo low sugar, with a large single product strategy. When it first entered the Chinese market, there were not many domestic probiotic products, and Yangle Dor had a first-mover advantage in the Chinese market. However, with the increase of domestic probiotic products, this advantageous aura gradually lost, and the growth rate of Yangle Dor slowed down. According to data provided by Kantar Worldview, from August 2020 to August 2021, the sales of Yanglotte in the Chinese market fell by 16.2%; Penetration was down 3.4%, average prices were down 0.7%, and shopping volume for the year was down 14.9%. Sales declined, to a certain extent, resulting in the difficulty of maintaining the favor of capital. In 2000, it formed an alliance with food company Danone, but in 2020, Danone announced that it would sell its entire stake in the company for nearly 500 million euros because “the partnership did not produce the desired synergies”. Industry competition has intensified probiotic products for the food and beverage industry in recent years, the industry believes that the next five years or usher in a period of rapid development. This has also attracted all kinds of players to the track, and the industry competition has intensified. Data show that the market size in 2020 is close to 85 billion yuan. The product market has gradually entered a mature period of “high grade and many varieties”, and differentiated probiotic products have been more welcomed by the market. Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that brand power is the advantage of Yangle Duo, but because the sales channels of Yangle Duo are mainly supermarket and family distribution, cold chain distribution requirements are high, sales expansion space is limited, the overall channel is more favorable to the first and second tier market, and the three, four and five line market is relatively weak. Under the trend of consumption upgrading in China, the depth of Yangle multi-channel and the breadth of the market need to increase with the rigidity and consumption power of the people. Source: Beijing Business Daily, Hangzhou Daily — ☆ — It is much more expensive than the same type, but also the price. – – Japanese – – No – – It’s getting harder – – – No – – Anyway, I’m not that many people, I don’t drink this, I’d rather have yogurt or flavor. — ☆ — ☆ — Uh-huh? – ☆ – Very good – ☆ – Well – ☆ – really didn’t pay attention – ☆ – Praise – ☆ – Network report a, this is not really a problem, don’t drink, drink too much can only give yourself aggravated, not healthy – ☆ – Praise – ☆ – Don’t drink – ☆ – I don’t drink, you go up! ☆ — I don’t know. ☆ — Not much to drink. It’s a drink. ☆ — It’s advertised here. Drinks are not nutritious – ☆ – go up

Who can name a reason, why is this?

In fact, I really do not want to get married, in my heart, if I get married, I am finished, usually the suitor did not, usually the attention and love of the opposite sex to me will no longer, no freedom, think of these I will be afraid of the day of marriage, but I clearly hope to have a boyfriend to love me,
God, am I out of my mind?
Somebody help me, what’s going on with me,
Who can untie my heart knot, thank you !!!!
Because you’re still young and when you get to 27, you’ll have the answer you need.
Agreed oh!!
thank you,
But I don’t think that’s the answer.
Am I suitable?
Wanting to have company is probably lonely
Marriage is to want to bind the partner
Perhaps your understanding of marriage is to support your husband and raise your children
You’re right. You want a life for yourself, not a population
It takes your whole life to make a baby and you end up grateful and unfilial
And what else do you have
After all, we are also from childhood our feelings for our parents are any
I wonder if it’s worth it to my parents
Why do we do it now if it’s not worth it
If there are any superfluous conditions, we might consider them
Don’t want to burn yourself out because of marriage….

I don’t want to use the seed of my bread just because the house consumes it
Maybe we can start with the bread romance and then the dwelling

You have an opinion at every age, at least not for a few years now
I’m not kidding. You have to believe in objectivity
This is not positive or negative
Just be happy and live your life for yourself

I want to get married because I want to be bound to her and I don’t want her to leave again
But I don’t want kids and I probably can’t afford them or I just haven’t had enough fun
Wait till you’re tired of it
Want to know more please check primary school 100,000 why
I think it is just that you are a girl who loves to dream, is a little demanding, some picking, and may not have experienced hardships… This is probably called ‘the beginning of the affair shaper heart. Just ideal and reality, you have to choose the same!
It’s so boring not to talk
Women are not ordinary stupid oh, stupid very cute ~~~~

It just means that you haven’t found the one you really love ~

Wait, maybe that day the old man woke up to give you a red line!
What is love….
Depressed ,,,,,
Still young. Always hoping for more than you give. As you grow older and experience more, you will gradually get tired of this life, hoping to find someone who can tie you down. But there is something wrong with the idea that youth is not a reason. I’m sure you’ll figure it out yourself.
Nothing to do, come for a walk, popularity is so low !!!!
Head down oneself,
This idea is because the person you like has not appeared!
You do have a fear of marriage certificate
You say this because you have not met the person you love, if you fall in love, you will not care whether you admire, on the contrary, he is the most important, your heart only cares about his opinion of you, as long as he loves you, take good care of you, you will feel that other people’s evaluation and admiration are so insignificant …………
Personal opinion, for reference only, ha ha!!
Not who you thought you’d be after marriage?
No more freedom.
A really attractive girl is not only single to exchange for the appreciation of the opposite sex, if that, they only care about some external factors, in other words, you have a lot less inside. Do you know what that means? It’s not about having a relationship with just one person of the opposite sex, it’s about having priorities. A boyfriend is not the same as a male friend. You said that if you have a boyfriend, you are afraid that no other boys will favor you again. Do you want many boys to favor your appearance or do you want only one to favor your heart? I feel that your heart is a little vain, the reason may be that you have not met the boy who can reassure you. How to change? A person’s personality can not be changed, to your advice is not to find a boyfriend for the time being, your vanity does not change to who will not be fair…

Male and female friends in Zhuhai (with characteristics Oh)

The young woman lives in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province
Twenty-three this year
Born on July 27th. Ha ha
Is there anyone in the same city as me?
Anyone born on the same day of the same year as me?
There are friends who are willing to intersect with each other
I am handan! @
Can I be your friend?
I live in Shilian District 2, Shijiazhuang
Hey hey, in fact, there is nothing! Just kidding! Haha ~~~~
Many older friends have told me that the family is always talking to them, asking them not to pick, quickly find, my family is also like this, the most often said sentence is to pick and marry can not go out, to tell the truth, not we pick, get married and fall in love, it is not accompanied by home wine, after the loss of things can be, first of all, to have a little feeling, feel how to describe this thing, I don’t know. I don’t hate it, at least. And secondly? Find out each other’s family background, many people say that girls are very realistic now, but can not be realistic? Do not say better than their own, can not be worse than their own, when their wages are higher than the husband, it is estimated that this day can not go on, the man’s face problem has been so since ancient times. With these two points is almost, there is an emotional basis, there is an economic basis, you can begin to prepare for the next generation, our requirements are high? It’s not high at all. These are the basic conditions, but why can’t we find a suitable partner?
You have to think clearly, it takes two to beat, if your conditions were to change to a man’s point of view, what would you think? Women can’t go on with higher wages than men, so those female white-collar workers and female bosses, their husbands will also be higher than them? I’m dizzy!
Agree with the view of the upper floor, the feelings can not be affected by the salary, and now the salary is not necessarily low in the future, maybe people are still a potential stock (salary is a relative reflection of personal ability, the landlord is better to find a more straightforward than their ability)!
Don’t worry, wait for her to play for two or three years and become a real leftover woman, she won’t pull so.
Yes, yes, yes.
I can’t pull it up right now.
You feel good on the line, go your own way, let others say, support
Not high for some, but high for some…
My classmates often say a famous saying: wear other people’s shoes to go their own way let others find it, ha ha

Some love, have to each end of the world

The seasons change, it is cold, and the weather changes faster than a woman’s heart.

Perhaps because of this, I am in this hot and cold alternately at the time of suffering from loss, restless.

Shouldn’t be like this, my heart has been like a dry well, how can you let a piece of autumn leaves waves?

In order to appease the ups and downs of the small mind, I decided ~~

Watch a beautiful music video every day from now on,

Watch an episode of Kangxi,

Spend an hour on blogs and forums,

Three hours of reading,

The rest of the time is spent coding and staring into space.

Ten years? How long is that?

So far that one could ignore a fatal injury ten years ago,

But can clearly remember those details of ten years ago that others have long been unable to remember, although others have long been blurred.

In ten years, a lot of people walk by you, some stay in your heart, some lose their ID forever.

Who still remembers who had a green appearance? Who still remembers that letter from ten years ago?

I once said that in order to see the world with you one day, I would work harder, but I finally compromised.

Please allow me to say that time is really the most powerful thing, will let you inadvertently burst into tears, a turn around, only to find that the most important things have long been lost.

Some love, have to live in peace,

Some people, once scattered, meet as miss.

Unwilling, but also inevitable surrender to the fate of the arrangement.

Absent happiness can not make up for back, miss the embrace only a desolate.

Yesterday was listening to He Jie’s “You must be happy”, so the mind automatically flashed such a picture:

In the busy street,

In the dead of night,

Think of the person you once loved, you sit on the street, pull out your phone to make a call,

I’m thinking about him, but all I can do is talk about the weather and jokes,

I had to make a phone call to my old friend, and then cry about the sadness and loneliness that no one can understand you at this moment, and you never dared to tell him these words, because I was afraid that he did not understand, more afraid that he disdained.

Finally had to wipe the tears, smiling in the heart to recite the blessing of that person, please must be happy ah,

In this way, even if you can not give me the happiness I want, can see your happiness is also my happiness.

Today I suddenly want to listen to Miriam Yeung’s “Big City Small Things”, over and over again, the sad music makes people want to cry for no reason,

I know it’s the theme song of a movie, but I don’t want to see it, it’s already a complete story,

What? I suddenly want to write short, nutrient-poor love stories,

A woman falls in love with a man whose smile is clean, but whose eyes and eyebrows are sad,

Men spoil her in their hands, sweet love like a fairy tale.

If she hadn’t stumbled across the picture in his wallet one day,

The subject of the photo is not her, yet the woman has a face that is very similar to her own,

The woman suddenly realized that his lingering and deep feeling was for another woman, and he was just a substitute.

She wants to pretend that she doesn’t know anything, but the jealousy of the bottom of her heart, the substitute is also a feeling, no woman can bear to pay the life to love the man, his heart lives another woman.

Well, run away. It is better to disappear, find a man who does not love to marry, no feelings, and there is no entanglement of pain and injury.

Death had taken his heart, and he thought he could transfer his feelings for the woman to someone else, only to find out later that he had fallen in love with the substitute.

Somehow, he finds the woman who is the substitute, at this woman’s wedding.

Looking at each other, as a substitute, the woman’s eyes shed tears, do not know whether it is joy or excitement;

The man hesitated. Should he take her away at all costs? Or, she has found a better happiness, and he should bless her, and then silently leave?

That’s the end of the story.

As for whether or not they were together? Who knows!

I’d rather a timid man not accept another relationship, retreat into his world with his dead girlfriend;

Perhaps many years from now, he will see a white-haired woman in another lane,

The woman may be in a wheelchair, or she may be guarding a small shop with a husband with a gentle smile beside her.

Do you think he’ll regret it?

Do you think the replacement will remember him?

Or is it that after a few years, everyone has passed away?

Well, life is full of regrets and misses.

So, I love tragedy hopelessly.

Some love, have to, each safe end of the world.

You get it.
hi! This MM, our hometown is the same place, now the place of work is not far apart, would you like to contact? I don’t know what you think, but I’m fucking.
Thank you for your attention, but I’m not a fuck.
Either QJ or XT
Not really.
It’s so hard to guess. So many places. Oh, I see. You’re from the wildlings, aren’t you? haha
Have Someone to talk to
Are we still talking? Don’t talk about me playing my “happy landlord” to go, by the way to Professor Lang that knock on the door.
“Life is beautiful, so why bother?” (Tomorrow I will open a post, welcome to disturb, do not come to pull all to South Africa diamond digging.)
I wonder if my sister wrote it. Although it is long… But very moved… Some love has to go anywhere. Right now. I lost love. Also understand this sentence. Actually. The scariest part is. We went to the end of the world. I still miss him in my heart

Afternoon tea (January 12): The robber robbed the shop with a gun and was shot dead by the owner

Dear netizens, old Money secretly told you a little secret today, which I saw when I stayed up late last night to read Weibo… 1.png download attachment The secret is: staying up late is bad for your health! (Feels like a nonsense…) 2. According to researchers at Korea University Ansan Hospital in South Korea, men who often stay up late are prone to diabetes, and women who often stay up late are prone to more abdominal fat.
Yesterday midnight brush this news, the old money scared oh ~ immediately shut down the computer, and then into the bed, concentrate on playing the mobile phone…
Who knows when you’re in the middle of your phone and you’re scrolling through news you shouldn’t be… British scientists say charging your phone in your bedroom can make you fat…
Here’s what he says: A dark sleep environment helps the body produce a hormone called melatonin, which boosts the body’s metabolism and improves sleep quality. Charging mobile phones and tablets in the bedroom will affect the secretion of melatonin in the body, and metabolism will be unbalanced, and then symptoms such as obesity and diabetes may follow. 6.png download attachment Everyone saw it? Reasonable evidence, said the right way, so tonight please obediently put the mobile phone outside the bedroom, do not put outside but to become fat…
You don’t want to be a fat guy who walks around and gets stares all the time…
You know, it’s been seen too much, but something’s gonna happen. For example, this police officer in Bozhou, he was walking home from work that day when he was confronted by three men. When passing by, the policeman could not help but take a look at one of the men, and then they wiped a love… No, I erased the “”. “Crime” The spark of…
The police found the man suspicious, very similar to a suspect in a burglary. Immediately indicated the identity of the relevant information check, sure enough, the man is the online fugitive, and then brought back to the bureau…
The police are very clever, this suspect can tell at a glance, must click “like”…
What can I say about this criminal? He’s not lucky enough to be caught on the street. But to be serious, the same criminal, his luck is actually good, after all, he did not meet the owner of the American store when he stole… 13. Yes, this is the shopkeeper with the gun who looks like the robber. A man could be seen lying not far away. It was one of the robbers. Of course, he was not too tired because of the robbery, so he was lying down to rest, he was because of the robbery too much talk was shot on the spot, so he was lying down…
It is said that two robbers entered the store and shouted “… Sit on the floor and put your stuff down, or I’ll kill you.
The shopkeeper was very obedient, really put down what was in his hand, then pulled out a gun, shot and killed the talkative robber, and then scared off the other robber…
The owner is really not according to the routine card, this wanted to say how the boss move so fast, do you carry a gun? Then I saw the sign of this shop and I realized…
According to Lao Qian’s elementary school level of English, it should be written on guns, pawnshops, pawnshops and so on. So those two robbers are probably illiterate, too, and smart enough to catch a chicken. Alas, a degree is still very important these days. Being a robber? You don’t have a college degree to go out and rob… 18. As the year is approaching, has your company holiday schedule come out yet? I’ll show you a model company vacation schedule…
According to reports, this is the Spring Festival holiday arrangement of a company in Chongqing, which runs from January 21 to February 12 and is 23 days long, comparable to students’ winter vacation. The most enviable is that after returning from the long holiday, there are even employees traveling abroad!!
Old money now just want to find a quiet place, by the way, your company still hire cleaners? Netizens, how many days do you have for the Spring Festival holiday? Reply let me know ~ afternoon tea
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Shanghai, a national 5A tourist attraction, was “teased”! Official: Quick rectification!

Shanghai has just sent off a very hot summer tourism file in the tourism peak, we heard tourists praise the sea and sky scenery, delicious seafood, but also received some ridicule on the evening of August 31, The second “Ask politics Shanghai” program this year exposed Shengsi “traffic ship tourists on the deck, upgrade need to pay and do not issue tickets”, “flower and bird Township into the island charges but do not provide tickets in a timely manner” and other transport and tourism field non-standard charging problems. Shanghai is building an island leisure tourism destination can not let tourists add congestion “ask the government of Shanghai” that night after the second day of the action reporters learned that on September 1 Shengsi County clearly immediately stop the non-standard charging behavior and carry out self-inspection in the tourism service industry to comprehensively improve the quality of service for everyone to ridicule the problem one by one to respond to the question of a passenger ship deck charges can also be “bargained. “? Rectification plan: Since September 1, Shengsi Island inter-traffic routes have completely stopped sightseeing deck service projects and charges, and all the signs and tables and chairs on the passenger ships about the original sightseeing deck service charges have been removed. Guo Hua, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shengsi County Trading Company At present, our 10 regular passenger ships and passenger rollers that have carried out sightseeing business have all completed the rectification, and all sightseeing platforms have been canceled. Question 2: The passenger ship’s upper cabin ticket sale singing “empty city plan” cabin upgrade fee claim ticket was rejected? Rectification plan: Shengsi County Trading company requires that all passenger ships under the same boat company upgrade must take the initiative to provide invoices, tourists upgrade the difference must be paid into the enterprise account. At present, the company’s unified charge two-dimensional code for all passenger ships is being produced, and the bar of all passenger ships will post a sign “The ship provides supplementary ticket and upgrade services, and provide invoices” in a prominent place, and set up a supervisory complaint telephone. Question Three scenic spots do not provide paper tickets for the reason is “too late”? Rectification plan: In the future, Huayao Island wharf staff must wear work uniforms during work, and at the same time, ensure that tickets can be provided normally when Beiao Wharf is temporarily opened. Are you satisfied with Shengsi’s rectification plan? Xiao Bian knows that everyone’s ridicule comes from the deep love of Shanghai tourism. However, the promotion of tourism services is only carried out, and it is not completed. I hope that various departments around the world will continue to improve and improve and live up to everyone’s expectations. What comments do you have for Shanghai tourism services

There is a bird in the tree, and the song of love bird is still very good. Star Ylang Lin came to Putuo Mountain! Haven’t heard of it, don’t know each other, come, come, whoo whoo oh thank you all for coming to Shanghai, thank you for coming, to our Shanghai, to drive the development and popularity of Shanghai, the stars of the 80’s don’t be so high-profile

I really threw up some time ago to find a job, couldn’t find it at all, how difficult it is now, so the back is a little want to put rotten. There is a small company, I sent my resume, two rounds of interviews, and finally failed to ask me, but the HR person is very good, I can not stop to talk to her about my current situation. As a result, the HR person told me that my resume was not bright and asked me if I had written it completely. I said yes, because I hadn’t really done that kind of awesome project, and I didn’t know how to write it. HR said that it is normal, in fact, many elites are not necessarily strong, but good at optimizing on the resume, so I do not have to be so honest, I can appropriately exaggerate in the field that I am familiar with. I mean, isn’t that just resume padding? She says it’s hard to pass your resume because, at least from a visual point of view, your resume isn’t competitive. HR talked to me for a long time and comforted me for a long time, and I suddenly felt that she had a point. Would like to ask everyone, is it necessary to inject water on the resume now, in order to have the opportunity to work? But also just over the resume this level, really ask a few pounds a few two exposed no water, smoothly ashore, all rely on the community cow I originally did not, but my classmates do so oh finally have to be exposed when don’t be too crazy first look at the water, at least the chance of success

Can do warehouse, can also do production factory, address in Dinghai six near, please call for details :13505807986