Hodgepodge Season 157 If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old.

To see 3D, you no longer need special plasma TVS or special stereoscopic glasses. The 3D effect can be produced by displaying the picture in quick succession from two different angles. Check out the top 11 photos from Gizmodo’s 3D photography contest, and how they were shot. 1. Public phone My Panasonic m4/3 stereo lens had been asleep for a long time, and it was this competition that allowed me to reuse it for stereo photography. I’ve recently become obsessed with pay phones and thought it would be a good subject. The 3D photo I submitted was first taken with a handheld camera and then converted into two alternating frames. — Dan Mark-Moore 2. I photographed the RC Reventon model remote control car jointly developed by the world’s top sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and the British model manufacturer De Agostini. A strong beam of light is used to illuminate the model at close range, making the surrounding light dim, and a piece of white paper is used to disperse the light. I made the floor a little shabby to give it the feel of an alley. Camera and parameters used: Canon T2i, ISO 200, aperture f/3.5, shutter speed 1/30 second. – Diego Ramirez 3. Camera and parameters for the world’s most three-dimensional violin: Sony DSC-S930, ISO800, aperture F2.4. — Avin Abraham 4. Orchids I have a row of orchids on my windowsill, and I thought they would look great. I shot the Nikon D40 camera on a triangle mount with a shutter speed of 1/125 second, aperture f5.3, speed of ISO 200, and lens 18-55mm. My focus was on purple orchids and I only used two frames to make the dithered stereoscopic photo. I increased the exposure, saturation, and contrast a little bit before animating it. — Stacy Repin 5. St. Elizabeth’s Fountain For this competition, I chose the St. Elizabeth’s Fountain statue as the theme. I didn’t shoot close enough to enhance the 3D effect, but instead tried to make sure the trees could be captured. The High Dynamic Light Rendering Method (HDR) is also used to equalize the light. Camera and parameter Settings used: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/10 aperture, 1/50 second shutter speed, ISO 200. I chose a large Packard Motor plant that had been largely unused since about 1958 and had been razed by shovels after a few Michigan winters. This is probably the largest abandoned industrial production site in the world today. I used a Nikon D90 with an aperture of f/11, a shutter speed of 1/80 seconds, an ISO 200 speed, and a focal length of 18mm. I selected 3 photos 4 inches apart and took 3 photos of each location for high dynamic light rendering (HDR), resulting in a total of 9 images.
Using Photomatix software to render high dynamic light (HDR), I finally got the effect I wanted. Then Photoshop CS5.5 was used to modify the tif file obtained above, and the filter Topaz Adjust was processed, and CS5.5 was used for animation. In order to make the animation more fluid, I copied the second frame and put it at the end of the animation so that there was less hard cropping. So those orders should be 1,2,3,2, and so on. – Ken Janeczko 7. I set aside several hours each day for this task, which took me three whole days to finish. I had no idea how hard it would be. I’m going to spray water onto the leaves first, wait for the perfect drop to form, wait for the wind to die down before I can shoot some shots, then switch angles and shoot again. We have to hurry, because we have to get this shot done before the water drops and the wind starts blowing. I had to do it over and over again because I had to take one shot and then move my tripod and Angle it for a second shot before the breeze blew the dew off. Camera Model and parameters: Nikon D90, 18-200 VR (optical stabilization), focal length 105mm, shutter speed 1/30 second, aperture f/16, speed ISO 200. 8. A rusted turntable is part of a machine on a farm in Lyndon Johnson National Park in Texas. I originally wanted to go outdoors and take some photos of wildflowers, but in the end I chose this photo that I like to submit. Camera parameters: Aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1/25 second, speed ISO 200. — Karen Tarlow 9. Tulips This is a flower that has just bloomed after last week’s rain. It’s made up of two photos, with Photoshop tweaking the eye level slightly. I found that when I used the top tulip as the rotation point, the animation looked rather unnatural, so I used the center line of the flower stem as the rotation point. I used 1/10th of a second frame to transition the two shots and make the animation look fresh and natural. It used a SONY Alpha A55 with a tripod, a 70mm focal length and an aperture of f/18, 1/8 second exposure time. — Marvin Francois 10. A few weeks ago, I bought a foam board covered with prisms that reflect light. First make up your mind to choose it as the background for this picture. I carefully balanced a rubber ball with a flashing LED light on top of a red glass vase. Then expose every five seconds. The hardest part is getting the ball to glow again for different shots without moving it (because the ball only flashes for 10 seconds at a time, you have to shake it to get it to glow again). The space between two different shots should not be more than 2 inches, because if it is too far away, the resulting renderings will be dazzling. Finally, I made some minor adjustments using Lightroom, the image processing software. Camera and parameters used: Nikon D7000, Tenlong 90mm macro lens, speed ISO 100, aperture about f20. 11. Duck King My fiancee has a 3-year-old daughter who loves rubber ducks, and she has a big blue rubber duck. For Valentine’s Day, I bought her a bunch of rubber ducklings in Valentine’s Day colors. She let the big duck lead the little ducks and ordered them to form a circle. The big duck has become their leader. I thought the ducklings surrounding their leader would make for a very three-dimensional picture. I fitted the iPhone 4 with a Kodak 2X telephoto lens and clipped it to the Pico Flex Table Dolly, a retractable dolly designed for shooting around ducks. Except for the ducks, there is no special lighting or setting. – Joshua Bowman (Joshua Bowman) no body, makeup, Photoshop! Angle is everything! Life is as brilliant as summer flowers, death is as quiet as autumn leaves. A friend’s grandmother knitted a sweater that can have 30 lives. I don’t know what’s in my bones, but in my heart, there’s a gangster, a little girl and an old woman. Frog, you can’t hurt a powerful fly… I cried… Kimono small loli what, really too love!! ~~ Violent artillery!! Before you go to bed, make sure you do the same thing you did when you were a kid! ! All problems are ultimately a matter of time; All the troubles, in fact, are looking for trouble. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day that I like you. ~ Is this peek-a-boo? Recently, I just watched the dog play. This double reed is playing well! This is the first master in China! Zhongnanhai bodyguard Buddha said: the fate to the day is doomed, the edge to the people to take. The same kind of cause, the same kind of fruit, everything is created by the mind. Face it with a smile, don’t complain. Leisurely, one’s heart, with nature, with fate. [A woman who does not work hard has only two results] : go to the endless market, buy endless stall goods… A man who does not work hard has only one result: his girlfriend is holding a LV bag, and he is wearing a Lv hat. There is only one secret to a woman’s success, and that is… Meeting is a matter of two people, leaving is a person’s decision, meeting is a beginning, leaving is to meet the next leave. It’s a popular world to leave, but none of us are good at goodbyes. Milan Kunderadu has been busy, and now Zhu Yuanzhang is coming, see if this mango looks like Zhu Yuanzhang’s brother…. 2012, Zhiqiang and Shi Yi, I believe that love this expression is too captivating We squeeze toothpaste later, gentle ah ~~. Foreign super outdoor graffiti!! With false true ah, do not know how many people will go to the wall Wu Junru and Chen Kexin rent Chen Kexin and Wu Junru love for many years to have a daughter, but the star couple is not as rich as the outside world imagined, so far they can only rent. It turns out that Chan’s films “Warlords” and “Wuxia” lost badly, and only “Warlords” lost nearly 500 million yuan. In his autobiography “My Own Road”, Chan revealed that every time they went on a date, they watched movies, and the two people knew each other because of the movie, but also because of the movie debt. When I woke up at noon, my mother said that the rice cooker was broken, and I saw that the pan was printed with Supor. I checked the phone to call the past, they said to send to repair it, I was looking for half an hour to find the after-sale store, go into the people a look at the brand said: can not repair. I said why? One word did not make me shudder to death: you are a copycat Supor ah! I said no way! It says it in Chinese! I told you to look at English. Shit! Taobao, you hurt the big man. What an overbearing slogan!! British angler catches the largest ray in the Irish Sea on April 6, local time, Andy Logan set a new record in an ocean fishing, he caught a ray weighing 100 kilograms, about 2.5 meters long. The fish had dragged the 4.5-ton fishing vessel for about two miles. Take care of everyone’s feelings, destined to not feel good. If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old. Idiots have best friends, hookers have first loves, gangsters have grade-school classmates. So, don’t run naked down the stupid road like an ox… I don’t know what happened, and love, how to do, like a beautiful couple, eventually lost, those years, we chase the vampire diaries together. It’s off the air for two weeks. Slapping a bloodsucking mosquito can kill a person. The remains of a battered mosquito can get into the skin, causing a fungal infection and even death! A 57-year-old woman in the United States died from a muscular fungal infection. The researchers tested for infection caused by the remains of battered mosquitoes entering the skin. Experts warn that when the mosquito is found to be sucking blood, it is best to gently flick the mosquito away. Older, men began to wear suits, women began to learn to wear makeup. I find men in suits beautiful. Everyone has a girl who can hit. Who do you think of? Youth is an ignorant rush, always leave the injury of displacement. A beautiful day has begun. Do not retain, is called youth. Don’t explain, is calm. Don’t let go, is called true love. Life is not perfect. Let’s break up. M: Why? W: Now that the exams are over, you don’t have to grab a place in the library. M: Oh, but I have two train tickets for the 2013 Spring Festival travel rush. Woman: No, I’m just kidding you. A man attends a special TV dating event. After two rounds, the female guest did not turn off a light, a miracle. In the third round, a female guest asked, “How many girlfriends have you had?” Male guest: “Talked about two, the first is more ordinary, the second is more literary, I hope to find my third girlfriend in life today…” Before he finished speaking, the lights went out… At 9:30 last night, I met a male colleague in the local supermarket. He looked through my shopping basket and saw a condom. Colleague: “Out in the middle of the night to buy TT, nightlife is very happy!” I saw him take a bag of toilet paper, back: “Buy toilet paper in the middle of the night, your nightlife is very lonely!” At this time, a beautiful MM walked in the door. She walked to the counter next to the cash register and said, “Get me two batteries!” So we both became evil… Don’t care too much about the people around you and don’t deliberately care about other people’s things. There will always be people in this world who will make you sad and make you jealous and make you gnash your teeth. Not because they’re bad, but because you care. So if you want peace of mind, you must first not care. If you don’t care about something, it can’t hurt you; If you don’t care about people, they won’t make you angry. You’ve already lost if you care. The man who doesn’t care about anything is invincible. When I was a child, I hoped to grow up quickly. When I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. When you are single, you begin to envy the sweetness of your lovers. When you are in love, you miss the freedom of being single. A lot of things, do not get always feel good, get after the beginning to understand: we get at the same time is losing. Sometimes, women will have sex for money, men feel cheap. Sometimes, men will pay for sex and women look down on it. When love is gone, you sleep with anyone, men are not angry. When the feeling has dried up, you give money to anyone, women are not anxious.
Sex can make a man fight. Money, can make a woman proud. Love pales in comparison to sex and money. And once you have true love, you give up sex and money altogether. A little lost in the heart, there are a lot of things that are completely not personal control, so there are a lot of words can not be exported. So smile to let the occurrence, the disappearance of the disappearance, the coming, the going, the saying, the closing, the guessing guess, the thinking, the writing, the stop stop, I am still me, I have been here. Some people can’t be together, but their hearts are together; Some people surface together, but the heart can not be together; Some people never want to be together, but naturally together; Some people go through a lot of trouble to get together, only to find out that they’re not right for each other… Just because we can’t be together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I

Less than a year to carry out 8 special actions Shanghai strictly prevent alcohol-related traffic violations rebound

The reporter recently learned from the traffic police Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau that at the same time as the normalization of drunk driving regulation, the city has carried out eight special rectification efforts this year, investigated and dealt with 4,300 alcohol-related traffic violations, and strictly prevented the rebound of alcohol-related traffic violations. At more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening on September 28, Cixi traffic police Candun squadron received a public alarm, saying that a car collided with an electric bicycle at the intersection of the local Hu Chong Highway and Zhu Dun Road, and the rider was hit, while the vehicle fled the scene. “An hour after the accident, we found the vehicle with the person still inside. We took him to the hospital for a blood test and found he was drunk driving.” Traffic police on duty told reporters that the perpetrator surnamed Gao, hit the electric bicycle, Gao felt dizzy, on their own to run. Gao has been detained on suspicion of dangerous driving. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the traffic police and other police have strengthened the linkage and cooperation, adhered to the normal alcohol driving regulation, and effectively curbed the rebound of such illegal behavior. The traffic police department also analyzed the data investigated and found that according to the time period, drunk driving was mainly concentrated from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., accounting for more than 40%. From the perspective of the age of drunk-driving offenders, the proportion of “post-80s” is the largest, followed by “post-70s”, and “post-00s” account for about 1%. (Source: Reporter Wang Xiaofeng correspondent Zhou Jin Hu Zhidong) The problem is to have a car, otherwise how can it be drunk driving?
How to pick it along the reed to the middle of the river? I went to get a bamboo pole to hook it up, OK, Karma actually the bottom of the river has turned over the sky, can walk the bold unruly people, dare to tease friends in broad daylight
The company issued the appointment letter a few days ago, the general manager (is the branch general manager) of the junior third position has been upgraded. N had an affair with another general manager at another branch before being kicked out by the general manager’s wife. Foreign women are good at it. Do not say the name of the company, do not go on the photo, say you paralyzed to say, do not understand the rules of a little revelation this is the rhythm of envy envy hate? Lord, I suggest that you add a “this” in front of “foreign women”, so that it becomes “in addition to the woman’s kung fu is very good”, so more rigorous. The main floor master kung fu is not good enough to have to vent on the forum should be taught by your Chinese PE teacher. The small three original in the company’s first branch, to the branch president to do the small three was driven out of the boss’s wife, and now in the second second company to the branch president to do the small three in exchange for promotion, the Lord envious you have what use. Being young and beautiful is the cost. Yellow face woman either outstanding ability, or can only stand on the side of the ability to rise you issued is not envy envy hate? Small three have seen ugly also have, mainly or kung fu is good, cheap enough on the first floor and second floor: I do not have any envy envy hate oh! What company can you tell us? This woman’s bed is always people come and go, so busy about a laugh after dinner, do not have to find out. Yeah, that way it doesn’t knock out a bunch of people. What is the use of envy. Do you want to find that woman? Everyone wants to be on top, but their strength is not enough what company? A big company? General manager beautiful
The Grand Court of thousands of centuries! The worst is not worse than the green City, the sound of the upstairs west bubble is clean and refreshing! Is there a Luftwaffe? You can hear the snoring upstairs. Isn’t the Century Court house almost a no1? Jindi Lanyue is the worst live rich lane drift past ha dont want the original price back out Ken, have the ability dont mentality must be absolutely good? Before 1949 (the founding of the Communist Party of China), one of the marshals, Lin Biao, must have a noise before going to bed, and the sound of gunfire (killing sound dark) can be sleepy. Normal. Is the front row loud? No front row loud. The floor insulation is too poor. It’s so bad… The houses in the community are the same, or villa sleep sweet! All the same at night, the sound of the Wucaicheng can be heard, too close to our upstairs two children next door two children downstairs training class tonight you are recording, send a comparison, the worst sound insulation cast-in-place concrete is too thin, in fact, you can hear the footsteps of the upstairs and the moving sound of tables, chairs and benches. The white things in the community, suona firecrackers get a headache at 12 o ‘clock in the night, Buddhist do zhai, make stinky tofu smelly winter melon, belt fish, dried vegetables, play osmanthus, four or five in the morning put square dance, load coal stove, burn garbage this whole building down, Yuyao seems to have no good soundproof community
On the 13th of this month, Shaoxing released a heavy news that 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! All 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! In the news mentioned: in the ancient city of Shaoxing 9.09 square kilometers of land, Shaoxing building, Zhenyuan Hall, Dynasty Hotel and other buildings have been completed or will begin to dismantle in the future there will be 178 high-rise buildings have been gradually dismantled so many, can sell a lot of money… Tear down and build, build and tear down enterprising 178 is how high building ah, tear down and build things out can be rich. Nonsense, no economic sense. There are too many new houses, demolishing old houses and digesting new ones. The houses in the old city of Shaoxing are basically not high, which blocks the plane channel. The demolition and construction Office has another job. Who benefits again

Is there a girl willing to endure hardships and happiness with me?

I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108 Cixi, single, kung fu, Ningbo
I am engaged in early childhood education industry, work in the city, and get along with children every day. Basically is the home unit two point line, so life events also wasted down, I this year 25, height 158 weight 46, hope to find a good temper, has been ready to house (parents care about), income can support his wife, parents at home also get along with people. You can leave a short message. Because before also sent a post, about what, I think this is not very reliable don’t send me. 25 years old height 174 weight 130 more introverted no temper, the family are very simple, there is a new house, no bad habits, before more like to play games now not how to play. I am 83 years old, unmarried, in the health institution, graduate degree, may I know my college degree, correspondence undergraduate do not mind? Don’t mind, education is not so important, my QQ: 375958915 kindergarten teacher impression there will be a lot of enthusiastic parents to introduce objects ah 25 years old, undergraduate, height 180 weight 142 houses and cars QQ573004179 how to contact. Wechat chat 13858206972 about the intention to quickly add my QQ224575638090 only son, do not smoke do not drink do not gamble, have an independent marriage house, no bad habits are good high ah, on how I short 18 year old children can be self-cultivation is also a skill :-P24 passing by can fight about too small conditions good small
If you are the One, the public Lang Yi, contact information, interests, understand each other 12.jpg download attachment 2015-2-7 13:59 upload young man, good, come on, ha conditions are too good, where the conditions are good to their top to the world’s top 500 companies in the beauty is more will not find it… Is it too late to leave work at 5pm? What about those of us who stay up until 10 p.m. every night… Come on, the conditions are too good and good office romance will not have, too familiar! Where is it? What company is so late? TSK TSK, neighbors like you said there is no husband and wife in a company produced our company if you fall in love, get married, you must go to a neighbor, which is a Wanda 500 company girlfriend just grab a large number of it is the company married women, and do not allow office love
In fact, I have found that a series of requirements for friends are written clearly, even if these are met, the probability of success is still very small. Because we have to pay attention to the eye edge, but also to speak. So it’s hard. It also depends on whether you are handsome ~ not beautiful ~, how kung fu hurts does not hurt, will not take care of people, willing to spend money, what interests, cleanliness, faith, a few cases of previous history, bad habits, whether there is body odor, abortion history (female),…… And so on and so on is endless. When you find the perfect person in your heart, someone will be there long ago. If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be so many people left. Is the solution to the drop, continue to remain, Hao Hao makes sense how much male fairy, female turtle, can not believe what is called big fairy, turtle fairy eat turtle, turtle eat big fairy, fairy things, wonderful next personal resume to write ten pages, in line with each other, so the probability is a little bigger, haha… You’re still chatting on the Earth Bar forum

I have a blind date phobia now, and it’s not easy to put pressure on myself

The success rate is so low that I do not know if there is a word to say, but I still feel that I have to say after careful consideration: I saw the floor has a blind date (marriage) phobia. It is! Blind date is a dead end! I just went on a blind date last night! Blind date is already a joke, almost will not succeed! But what if you don’t have a blind date? Now people have basically lost their ability to know the opposite sex! How did it turn out to introduce you to my cousin? I’m in the right place, I’m in the right place, and I don’t know how to get married. I’m also on the road and don’t know if the next stop is the one I want. Your cousin’s last name, right? My cousin will have a surname with me, you are too ridiculous that is not necessarily, some people themselves are their own old cousin, one is their own siblings, one plays their own mother or other elders…… That’s how weird it is! I hope you’re not one of them! In addition, objectively, the cousin with their own family name this probability is not small! Hello, God. You remember him right away. How is God these days… Buy a house, change a car, otherwise how to live up to his original lofty words? Can you add your wechat, my psychological quality, has not debated with you no return to the stock God? Oh God! Fourth blind date this is OK! Wish I could get off alone! Her sister tried to help me!
Reading post is fate, reply post is friendship. Today, you suddenly find that you don’t know what to do when you do something stupid? Often think of someone in the heart is very upset after all want to find a place to vent the depressed heart. Hope to be watered. Love, marriage, how, fate you lonely.
I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108
123 Australia, university graduation, Chinese restaurant, Thailand, photo brother come on wish you find the right one as soon as possible too long… Can be a little more false estimate was injured by teachers, doctors, female cadres! Young and promising Come on, it’s sincere. A very mature boy… Come on! Don’t forget to invite me to McDonald’s for a drink! Can the early education center work, can the early education center work this year belongs to the rabbit, this year belongs to the rabbit this condition also use the forum to find! This is ridiculous! You brainless women beware of being cheated! Classic jealousy… Forum female essence, not to mention the building conditions are not very good. More suitable for life. LZ is awesome, even teachers and doctors

How can I get up the courage to say hello to her when I run into her in the elevator every morning?

Taking the elevator every morning feels like the best part of my life. She lives on the 15th floor I watermark sold you on the 9th floor to see the shape and code, should be three people this good material oh, the young man has a vision, do not know if your pocket top can stand when the big little brother is afraid of a flat chest network map you also find a similar but the size is different the second chest is obviously much smaller, no pad? Why is it different every time? Why suddenly become smaller and larger you the top of this post is pushed by the small fish network: What degree can you do for good deeds? Buy a Ferrari key and fiddle with it in the elevator. I mean, the elevator’s got you in a bad way, so the boobs are big and small and unpredictable, so it must be a sex doll or a man? I asked the girl on the 15th floor also noticed you tomorrow at about 8 o ‘clock she will take the elevator No. 1 hope that the building owner will provide a peace of mind breakfast inflatable a day big day small [expression] On ah, afraid of hair Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… Get off the elevator with her. Why sometimes big, sometimes small… Why are they so big and so small? Does the amount of filling vary from day to day? The burden of heavy evil big and small magic added what, the size of different black show small? I share it with her at 1505 on the 15th floor, and she models coconut water, which is real, and the black one is intentionally small. If it isn’t the hostess who borrowed the mask from the subway in Tiktok, black is really thin! Taking the elevator every morning feels like the best part of my life. She lives on the 15th floor I watermark sold you on the 9th floor to see the shape and code, should be three people this good material oh, the young man has a vision, do not know if your pocket top can stand when the big little brother is afraid of a flat chest network map you also find a similar but the size is different the second chest is obviously much smaller, no pad? Why is it different every time? Why suddenly become smaller and larger you the top of this post is pushed by the small fish network: What degree can you do for good deeds? Buy a Ferrari key and fiddle with it in the elevator. I mean, the elevator’s got you in a bad way, so the boobs are big and small and unpredictable, so it must be a sex doll or a man? I asked the girl on the 15th floor also noticed you tomorrow at about 8 o ‘clock she will take the elevator No. 1 hope that the building owner will provide a peace of mind breakfast inflatable a day big day small [expression] On ah, afraid of hair Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… Get off the elevator with her. Why sometimes big, sometimes small… Why are they so big and so small? Does the amount of filling vary from day to day? The burden of heavy evil big and small magic added what, the size of different black show small? I share it with her at 1505 on the 15th floor, and she models coconut water, which is real, and the black one is intentionally small. If it isn’t the hostess who borrowed the mask from the subway in Tiktok, black is really thin! The second one is the real one! As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! The second is obviously not wearing underwear why Figure 2 is so small Jia Nailiang standard: underwire with sponge lining. It’s the tenderness of your dreams. What’s in this big gap? Does heat expand and cold contract? This is AI drawing, wechat group has long spread the finger ring or do not disturb the material. Is it the same person as Moutai cooking wine? Men look at the picture suddenly can find big and small problems engage in a few net maps, began to make up stories, ha ha… Which chest is sometimes big and sometimes small is how the chest size difference is too much Figure 2 the most normal state demon show oh… If you look too long, your life will be short… Meet nod, slowly greet the difference is very big pay attention not to invade privacy suddenly big and small, the second picture is obviously sucked by you empty? Is greedy for her body, you cheap, bah ~! These three pictures are very different, aren’t they? Hold her tight. Didn’t anyone call the publisher?? Black is really thin beauty, about the hotel? Big and small, it won’t be a boy, it’s too bad, do it… Figure 2, how to become smaller as expected, black and thin what filling is added? Let’s get serious. HI, I’ve watched you grow up. [Expression] are not the same fierce is not a person to hahah ah oh ~ the user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… Haha, sure enough, the comment inside the talent ah oh ~ the user has entered the small black room to rest because of violations… Figure 2 two bones do not p good, too scary, small and large, such sort people do not want to deal with you, one side SAO to direct point: I want to play poker with you, first you have to be handsome enough. Why the big and small pictures on the Internet if it is true, such an extreme product, you are still asking this question, indicating that you do not have such strength, give up. Oh, it’s getting smaller and bigger and smaller every day. Is it shrinking? If you really took this picture, will she Sue you for taking it? Did you take this picture yourself? The girl knows that it is estimated that you will beat to death quoting quoting the 84th floor leather ball rabbit published in 2023-09-21 11:06: Is this picture taken by you? The girl knows that it is estimated to kill your wife, the most simple you bought his 15 floor of the company, you as the boss to promote her to you as a secretary is not good directly suck the second breast size looks more coordinated some beauty ah on the edge of SM for advice Hello color is normal this is not my wife? I’m warning you? Don’t go after my wife

318 back and forth Jiuhuashan and Chizhou city, too uncomfortable, all the way dark

During the Chinese New Year, 318 round trip Jiuhuashan and Shenzhen city, driving too uncomfortable at night, all the way dark, outsiders say Shenzhen road public service is too bad, the toll station on the podium to collect 10 yuan, the money out of the ah, national highway standards, actually all the way street lights black, civilized city first this point can not pass, hope the relevant departments pay attention to it. ☆ – Yes, I can’t see the road clearly – ☆ – The eyes of the headlights on the way – ☆ – A year charges so much, where does the money go? The last time someone responded, the government responded quickly, and then nothing happened. People who cross the road at night are afraid to cross the road. Night vision is not good, to the side only to see a person, the driver quickly brake, if there is an accident in the case of street lights can be avoided. ☆ – Soon to install street lights, and so on – ☆ – and so on the heat of the storm passed again – ☆ – One night back to the city in the road Sun that intersection, a car with headlights to come over to scare the labor and capital, 318 night is really too dark, rainy day on the road sign line is also vague to see a point is not clear – ☆ – I do not know this year may be arranged? Qingyang’s are done — ☆ — there were street lights before, and then the quality of street lights was not good, it was dismantled, and the result was gone — ☆ — Don’t worry, is preparing — ☆ — The province — ☆ — Jiuhua Mountain here at night but there are street lights — ☆ — Qingyang’s street lights are installed at the junction of Five rivers and your pond — ☆ — Support the building — ☆ — Hope to light up, convenient for the people, Also enhance the image of the city – ☆ – On the night of the fifteenth day of the first month from Qingyang back to GUI Chi, to Jiuzishan Public School, all the street lights are bright. ☆ – no money to pay electricity – ☆ – there will be – ☆ – when can install street lights Shenzhen traffic worst. Many places don’t have streetlights. The roads are not easy — ☆ — they used to be — ☆ — It’s a problem — ☆ — 318 It’s hard to walk at night. It would be a lot better if we could install a little reflective road tack on the roadside and in the middle of the road. – – Safety hazard. – – Got it! The lotus lamp has been removed for more than ten years, and now the Qingyang section has installed a high-pole street lamp, and the black paint of the Guichi section is black — ☆ — it is not good to open at night, and there is no isolated lawn in the middle. Can not see the road ahead by the opposite distant light! Yes, you reminded me and there was no response! — Drive slowly at night — — The most hateful thing on the way is the high beam of the big truck. — ☆ — Let alone the street lights, the toll station speed bumps are broken for a long time with concrete. — ☆ — Shenzhen’s street lights are spent in the urban area. — ☆ — Qingyang to Wuxi to Jiuhuashan road have street lights, and now it is much better to drive at night. — This is still the road built by Fang Xiping, objective evaluation, he did something in Shenzhen. Including Jiuhuashan Avenue was also built at that time, Qingxi River scenic belt was also built at that time. ☆ – It is dark at night, there are many big trucks, headlights can not see clearly – ☆ – There should be – ☆ – There is money to eat and drink how good – ☆ – If there is an installation plan to have quality installation after installation it is recommended to pave the road effect is good otherwise it is not a waste of taxpayers’ money for the driver. And do not open 318 state road broken ridge location often see the retrograde – ☆ – do not know
On February 1, Anhui Provincial Meteorological Observatory released “Meteorological Information Special Report”, data show that since January, the average temperature of the province is higher than the same period of the year, the temperature fluctuations are large, and the amount of rain and snow is less. It is expected that the next ten days in the province more rainy weather, local sleet or light snow. It is predicted that the average temperature of the whole province in February is higher than usual, and the rain and snow amount in the north of the Huai River is more than usual, and the south of the Huai River is less than usual. Since January, the average temperature in the province is 1.3 ° C higher than that in the same period of the year (2.9 ° C), and the temperature fluctuates greatly. Among them, the maximum temperature of 55 counties (cities) along the Huai River and south of the Huai River on January 8 exceeded 20 ° C, of which 11 counties (cities) broke the historical January extreme value, the highest Lu ‘an 24.2 ° C. On January 13-15 and 23-25, there were two cold wave weather processes in the province. In January, the average amount of rain and snow in the province was 30% less. The average rain and snow in the province is 36 mm, which is 30% less than the same period of the year (50 mm), of which between the Jianghuai River, along the river and the eastern part of the Jiangnan River is less than 3-8%, and most of the Huaibei River is more than 5-70%. Rain and snow mainly appeared on January 13-15 and 22-24, with heavy rain in Yixian (62.2 mm), Qimen (57.5 mm) and Tunxi (50.4 mm) on January 13. In the past week, the province was mainly sunny, and the temperature has risen significantly since January 28. On January 31, the highest temperature in the Huaibei area was 17 ~ 20℃, the south of the Huaihe River was generally 20 ~ 22℃, and the highest was 24.3℃ in Shitai. According to the climate forecast in February and the weather forecast data for the next ten days, the rainfall and snow in the north of the Huaihe River in February is more than that in the normal year (21-40 mm), and the south of the Huaihe River is less than that in the normal year (40-116 mm). The next ten days, Anhui more rainy weather. Among them, there was sleet or light snow in the north between Jianghuai and Huaihe on February 2 and in the mountains along the north of Huaihe and Huaihe on February 8. The rainy days are 2 ~ 3 days in the Huaibei area and 7 ~ 8 days in the south of the Huaihe River. The rainfall in Huaibei area is 2 ~ 5% more than that in normal years. The south of Huaihe River is 5 ~ 90% more than usual, and the local area is more than 1 times. In terms of temperature, it is expected that the average temperature of the province in February is 0.5 ~ 1.0℃ higher than that of the usual year (3.4 ~ 5.0℃ along the Huai River North, 5.0 ~ 7.0℃ south of the Huai River). In early February, the temperature was obviously 1 ~ 2℃ higher; In the middle and late months, the temperature is about 0.5℃ higher. On February 1-2, under the influence of cold air, the average temperature of the province will drop by 5 ~ 7 ° C from north to south, while the average wind will increase to about 4, and the gust will be 7. From March 3 to 6, the temperature in the province rose slowly; There is also a cold air on 7-8, and the average temperature in the province will drop by 4 to 6 ° C. In the coming week, the city is cloudy and rainy weather, including light rain or sleet from the evening of February 2 to the night, and rain around the 5th and 8th. It is expected that in the next week, the precipitation of the city is more than usual. The meteorological department warned that the cold air process on February 1-2 has adverse effects on agricultural production, energy supply and human health. The rainy weather in Anhui from 2 to 9 has an adverse effect on the Spring Festival traffic. In the cold air interval, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are poor, and haze weather may occur. Hefei Tong client – all media reporter Shao Xiaojie – ☆ – Temperature anomaly – ☆ – Received. — ☆ — There is a big temperature difference in spring. — ☆ — It’s going to fall soon. — ☆ — Oh — Oh — Yes, I feel the same way. — ☆ — Read it

The snow in early winter

I don’t know when it started to get so sad
You feel like you’re falling apart at what point
So sad
Very uncomfortable
On the way home, the first snow of the winter was falling outside
My colleague let me ride
But I just like to go
Even though it’s cold outside
Although the clothes are wet
Although already tired
But I’m just trying to clear my head
My shoes are soaking wet
A few people on the street
It’s like I stopped crying
So many, many things that I repressed came up
Carrying too many unsolved heart knot
About to suffocate.
So sad… Really sad
I feel so desperate.
Such a beautiful young sister, why despair?
Now that winter has come, can spring be far behind?
The mood is floating like a fine day suddenly about to get cold… And the weather often affects our mood when you find that the weather is only in the completion of its cycle of replacement only to find that the change is our mood!
Find your other half, will definitely leave the despair of a new life. Life is valued in the bosom friend, the four seas meet flesh and blood relatives
It’s not good to be so sad at such a young age
There’s nothing wrong with sentimentality ‘it’s about size’
There are pain and tears can go to a close friend to talk about it
Go out for a break what can relieve a bad mood

Wish to get out of the shadow of pain early
My four seasons
It’s all impetuous, desperate and cold
The body is like the walking dead in the world
We have to admit that many external factors affect mood
Like the weather, like a song, like a place where memories were made

Most of the time, the enlightenment of pain is the expression of language

You don’t know the fear of despair without your own experience
Really want to work hard
I really want to get out of my own circle
Don’t want to be a cocoon. Don’t want to be a prison
But the more I struggle, the more I feel bound
Wrapped around my body
It makes me suffocate
I thought I’d always be happy if I laughed
But it turns out it hurts more and more
More and more sad
It really hurts to be more and more depressed
It’s really depressing.
Like outstretched hands in the dark
Although it seems to grasp the thread of light
Can finally find that the bubble of fantasy can not withstand any test
Confusion, pain, despair, depression, decadence
Oh, no, sister
Try to be open-minded about everything. There is no such thing as a problem we can’t overcome.
Be selfish sometimes

Male and female friends in Zhuhai (with characteristics Oh)

The young woman lives in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province
Twenty-three this year
Born on July 27th. Ha ha
Is there anyone in the same city as me?
Anyone born on the same day of the same year as me?
There are friends who are willing to intersect with each other
I am handan! @
Can I be your friend?
I live in Shilian District 2, Shijiazhuang
Hey hey, in fact, there is nothing! Just kidding! Haha ~~~~
Many older friends have told me that the family is always talking to them, asking them not to pick, quickly find, my family is also like this, the most often said sentence is to pick and marry can not go out, to tell the truth, not we pick, get married and fall in love, it is not accompanied by home wine, after the loss of things can be, first of all, to have a little feeling, feel how to describe this thing, I don’t know. I don’t hate it, at least. And secondly? Find out each other’s family background, many people say that girls are very realistic now, but can not be realistic? Do not say better than their own, can not be worse than their own, when their wages are higher than the husband, it is estimated that this day can not go on, the man’s face problem has been so since ancient times. With these two points is almost, there is an emotional basis, there is an economic basis, you can begin to prepare for the next generation, our requirements are high? It’s not high at all. These are the basic conditions, but why can’t we find a suitable partner?
You have to think clearly, it takes two to beat, if your conditions were to change to a man’s point of view, what would you think? Women can’t go on with higher wages than men, so those female white-collar workers and female bosses, their husbands will also be higher than them? I’m dizzy!
Agree with the view of the upper floor, the feelings can not be affected by the salary, and now the salary is not necessarily low in the future, maybe people are still a potential stock (salary is a relative reflection of personal ability, the landlord is better to find a more straightforward than their ability)!
Don’t worry, wait for her to play for two or three years and become a real leftover woman, she won’t pull so.
Yes, yes, yes.
I can’t pull it up right now.
You feel good on the line, go your own way, let others say, support
Not high for some, but high for some…
My classmates often say a famous saying: wear other people’s shoes to go their own way let others find it, ha ha

I don’t want to hold on anymore

Don’t want to do this, you only love yourself, with you, in addition to grievances have no other feeling you to me fierce, I see your face I live a good humble I admit, I was beaten by you I can not afford to hide… Go, go why! Don’t be so tired to let go of their hands hold a few you escaped with me or give up, or really too tired, tired life is not as sad for a while, go go, people always have to learn to grow up, go go, life is inevitable to experience pain and struggle. Live every day, do every day, eat what you like to eat, listen to what you like to listen to, do what you like to do, all this is just to numb your hurt heart with him, he yelled at me, I pressed the fire, know that he is the temper for a long time, really tired, After all, I am also a woman ah, this life never to love again all my happy ignorance and friendship Right, right, right, I actually want not much, just care, let me feel that I can rely on the shoulder, but he, what can not be released “Let me live alone, HMM, I decided, time to go, I am right, To be good to yourself is the king, ah, so am I, even if I am a little bit enthusiastic and now the mood is not good mood, yes, I beg out, he said a nice word, I can be happy for a long time. Make oh I am not the same depressed Lazar want to enter when you go pull you go also pick me up OK, say you are not very busy with work ah too miss you, come and see, I will soon put into the intense work we are looking at Jigong year sample get a few efforts to return to the forum early
Back to the 17th floor (kill pig big no) post I know, you are a lunar dog, but was born in 83 years see every day very confused follow post “wife (when the wife)” you boring, brain mutilated brother you use a new coat ah
Recently, Ning Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Market released the 2016 annual fruit sales ranking. According to statistics, the total sales volume of Ningbo fruit market in 2016 was 536,300 tons, an increase of 5.9% compared with 2015. Among them, apple is still the favorite of Yongcheng residents, with 75,300 tons of sales to occupy the first place for seven consecutive years. Watermelon, pear, tangerine, sweet orange, grapefruit, peach, melon, mango, and small tomato rank second to tenth. Although it held the “hegemonic” position, Apple’s annual sales declined significantly, falling 36.9% compared with 2015. Xu Hui, the relevant person in charge of the wholesale market, told the author, “In 2015, the wholesale price of apple once fell to about 4 yuan per kilogram. “With the decrease of migrant population and the decrease in the number of street vendors, the popularity of the mass fruit consumption market has gradually faded, and the wholesale price of apples has recovered to the normal level of 7.4 yuan per kilogram, while the sales volume has declined.” At the same time as the mass fruit “cooling”, cherries, strawberries, oranges, bayberries and other high-end fruits with high prices and strong seasonality have shown a strong upward trend. According to Xu Hui, in recent years, the consumption power of Ningbo citizens has increased year by year, and more attention has been paid to the taste and quality of fruits, resulting in the “small aristocrats” in these fruits being sought after. In addition, the southern provinces suffered from bad weather in 2016, and all kinds of southern fruits suffered production cuts, resulting in a large number of low-priced northern seasonal fruits in the Ningbo fruit market, further stimulating local consumers’ desire to buy. Which fruit is the most popular in 2017? “These days, the seasonal fruit sugar orange is quite hot. My stall is also busy with customers, and several staff members are busy from 5 a.m. to 12 noon.” Mr. Wang, a wholesaler, told the author excitedly, “The small peak of the fruit market will continue until around the Spring Festival.” Wholesale market, fruit wholesale, Ningbo City, ranking, cooling wholesale market, fruit wholesale, Ningbo City, ranking, cooling

Is the cow more expensive or the chicken more expensive?

Teacher: Is the cow more expensive or the chicken more expensive? Xiao Ming quick answer: Chicken expensive! Teacher: Why? Xiao Ming: Nine cows only a hair, chicken 80 hair. Teacher: Get out! & # 128532; Biology class teacher asked: Wolf and dog after mating called Wolf dog, that tiger and lion? Xiao Ming answered again: call the old lion. Teacher: Get out! & # 128521; Math Teacher: Class, today we are going to review the multiplication tables. Teacher: 37? Xiao Ming: Four concubines! Teacher: Thirty-nine? Xiao Ming: Stomach Tai! Teacher: Five eight? Xiao Ming: In the same city! Teacher: Ninety-nine? Xiao Ming: Duck neck! Teacher: Fuck off! Don’t come tomorrow! Biology class, tiger, 39, lion, good math student… . There’s money in it. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Bought a house in Yuyao or Cixi, and then went home every week to see mom and dad, wechat circle of friends posted “the countryside” air is so nice.” Countryside “food is really fresh, today back to the” countryside “to see parents, go to a sun once, really put themselves when the city, or superior? Look really uncomfortable forget the people are not worth mentioning dizzy, such people really pretend forced ah. People buy in Shanghai how to do oh, ha ha a week can go back once is also considered to be a premium suit threatening! The problem is not to go home in a week, but to go to the “countryside” do not know what such people are thinking if Shanghai to buy a house, back here is called “stomp down the country head” It is just every time to see a little inexplicable contempt said very well, in fact, in the eyes of others Yuyao or Cixi or are rural people, what is worth showing off. No matter where you live, you are the same person and you are not inferior. There is nothing to despise, anyway, the world can say, what people have. You bother this today and bother that tomorrow this is your own trouble with yourself, no fun. All caps and pithy! I also hate people say country people, as long as they feel good, where is not a good place. Azionon left green dragon right white tiger ah pretend forced ah ah ah become “city people”! Identity times long, self feel good. Left green dragon to right white tiger a penis in the middle ah! This is also despised? ! The hill-raiser who goes to another hill-raiser is not going to be drowned by your spit…
As the old saying goes, “Stand with poise.” What you may not know is that posture not only affects your appearance but also reveals your personality. Let’s test what kind of person you are! How are you used to standing in the picture above? (Optional) Figure A standing pose B Standing pose C Standing pose D Standing pose E Standing pose Voting result A. Put your hands in your pockets at this moment you are closing your heart or hiding some emotion, immersed in your own world and do not want to communicate with others. B. Feet wide, hands on hips You are energized and eager to get ready for the next big thing. Self-confidence is strong, often with a potential for aggression, suggesting leadership and authority. C. Hands hanging down naturally At this moment you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy, free from the world and eager for everyone to live in peace. Ignore the things that make you unhappy and try to keep yourself as smooth and calm as possible. D. This posture occurs when you cross your hands in front of your chest and talk to others. It is a defensive behavior, which is a subconscious posture of defending against injury and attack. It often occurs when there is a dispute. Don’t want to accept the other person’s attitude, opinions, opinions. E. Like to rely on something else You are very direct and don’t like to hide your thoughts. But you like to take shortcuts, lack independence, and always think that others can do something for you. Do you think it’s correct? I sit like a clock
On January 1, all women are not allowed to wear bras, meaning that there is no bad omen in the New Year; Men also don’t wear pants, indicating that the next year will not suffer. Remember to tell each other! Attention, wives! In the morning, I must resolutely remove my husband’s pants fork, paste a few hundred yuan bills on the buttocks, bite hard, and then face east, put my hands together, and murmur :2017, butts rich! Butt rich! Butt rich! Wearing a bra, Oriental, wife, husband, man 124027 vo44on0s6wbavb8z. JPG download attachment after January 1, all women can’t wear a bra, meaning in the New Year no omen um um um agghh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Cool, my little sister who’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby.

Shanghai, a national 5A tourist attraction, was “teased”! Official: Quick rectification!

Shanghai has just sent off a very hot summer tourism file in the tourism peak, we heard tourists praise the sea and sky scenery, delicious seafood, but also received some ridicule on the evening of August 31, The second “Ask politics Shanghai” program this year exposed Shengsi “traffic ship tourists on the deck, upgrade need to pay and do not issue tickets”, “flower and bird Township into the island charges but do not provide tickets in a timely manner” and other transport and tourism field non-standard charging problems. Shanghai is building an island leisure tourism destination can not let tourists add congestion “ask the government of Shanghai” that night after the second day of the action reporters learned that on September 1 Shengsi County clearly immediately stop the non-standard charging behavior and carry out self-inspection in the tourism service industry to comprehensively improve the quality of service for everyone to ridicule the problem one by one to respond to the question of a passenger ship deck charges can also be “bargained. “? Rectification plan: Since September 1, Shengsi Island inter-traffic routes have completely stopped sightseeing deck service projects and charges, and all the signs and tables and chairs on the passenger ships about the original sightseeing deck service charges have been removed. Guo Hua, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shengsi County Trading Company At present, our 10 regular passenger ships and passenger rollers that have carried out sightseeing business have all completed the rectification, and all sightseeing platforms have been canceled. Question 2: The passenger ship’s upper cabin ticket sale singing “empty city plan” cabin upgrade fee claim ticket was rejected? Rectification plan: Shengsi County Trading company requires that all passenger ships under the same boat company upgrade must take the initiative to provide invoices, tourists upgrade the difference must be paid into the enterprise account. At present, the company’s unified charge two-dimensional code for all passenger ships is being produced, and the bar of all passenger ships will post a sign “The ship provides supplementary ticket and upgrade services, and provide invoices” in a prominent place, and set up a supervisory complaint telephone. Question Three scenic spots do not provide paper tickets for the reason is “too late”? Rectification plan: In the future, Huayao Island wharf staff must wear work uniforms during work, and at the same time, ensure that tickets can be provided normally when Beiao Wharf is temporarily opened. Are you satisfied with Shengsi’s rectification plan? Xiao Bian knows that everyone’s ridicule comes from the deep love of Shanghai tourism. However, the promotion of tourism services is only carried out, and it is not completed. I hope that various departments around the world will continue to improve and improve and live up to everyone’s expectations. What comments do you have for Shanghai tourism services

There is a bird in the tree, and the song of love bird is still very good. Star Ylang Lin came to Putuo Mountain! Haven’t heard of it, don’t know each other, come, come, whoo whoo oh thank you all for coming to Shanghai, thank you for coming, to our Shanghai, to drive the development and popularity of Shanghai, the stars of the 80’s don’t be so high-profile

I really threw up some time ago to find a job, couldn’t find it at all, how difficult it is now, so the back is a little want to put rotten. There is a small company, I sent my resume, two rounds of interviews, and finally failed to ask me, but the HR person is very good, I can not stop to talk to her about my current situation. As a result, the HR person told me that my resume was not bright and asked me if I had written it completely. I said yes, because I hadn’t really done that kind of awesome project, and I didn’t know how to write it. HR said that it is normal, in fact, many elites are not necessarily strong, but good at optimizing on the resume, so I do not have to be so honest, I can appropriately exaggerate in the field that I am familiar with. I mean, isn’t that just resume padding? She says it’s hard to pass your resume because, at least from a visual point of view, your resume isn’t competitive. HR talked to me for a long time and comforted me for a long time, and I suddenly felt that she had a point. Would like to ask everyone, is it necessary to inject water on the resume now, in order to have the opportunity to work? But also just over the resume this level, really ask a few pounds a few two exposed no water, smoothly ashore, all rely on the community cow I originally did not, but my classmates do so oh finally have to be exposed when don’t be too crazy first look at the water, at least the chance of success

Can do warehouse, can also do production factory, address in Dinghai six near, please call for details :13505807986