Hodgepodge 158th season There will be a rare “annular eclipse” next month!

Natsumi Hayashi, a young Japanese photographer, has been taking floating selfies for more than a year, and her work has become a favorite among photography fans. Here’s a look at her latest floating collection. The photographer walks around Tokyo, sets up pictures in ordinary locations, manually sets the focal length and shutter time, and then quickly runs to the appropriate position in front of the camera, jumps in the air, and poses. Sometimes she has to try many times in a row to get the best timing. Pineapple Science Award: Counting money helps relieve pain @Pineapple Science Award First Award, Psychology Award: To @Professor of Psychology, Sun Yat-sen University @Xinyue Zhou _ Department of Psychology, CUHK.” Counting money helps relieve pain.” The Pineapple Science Prize Chemistry Prize, winner Huang Wen, for his research project on how to make pot chicken soup taste better. Pineapple Me Award: Zhejiang University Water dispenser lady. Write a strong pen for the international cute history. @Li Miao on Weibo: Pineapple Science Award U Award to Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry protest canteen price increase incident. By weighing lunch boxes and food components, they concluded that the canteen was raising prices in disguise. Two fake monks were caught! Do you still remember the “monk brothers” who wore monk robes a few days ago, ate meat and drank alcohol with women in their arms in the Beijing subway, and opened a room in a star-rated hotel, causing extremely bad effects? Today, the two went to Fayuan Temple to pretend to be ghosts and continue to hype, although they hid in the toilet for a while, they were still caught by monks, lay people, and the police who came later, and were taken away by the police. A pregnant woman gave birth while using the toilet in Beijing, and the baby was washed away. Firefighters broke the urinal to rescue the baby, and the mother was taken to hospital for treatment. On April 7, a picture accompanied by the text “Wuhan University of Technology caught a thief in the East courtyard” sparked heated debate on Weibo. The images show a middle-aged man lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and being trampled by a woman. In response, the lawyer said that this is a reasonable uniform behavior, there is no infringement. On June 3, 1965, astronaut Ed White made history by becoming the first American to walk in space. That day, he stepped out of the “Gemini 4” spacecraft and carried out a spacewalk at an altitude of 286 kilometers above the ground, the whole process lasted 23 minutes. A rare video describing the history has been uploaded to YouTube, leaving netizens shocked. Google Glass has been developed to allow users to use voice control to access the Internet, according to the Daily Mail, one of the founders of Google. # 8226; Brin was spotted wearing Google Glass on Thursday while attending a charity event. Google Glass is topped with a voice-activated and head-turning micro-display that allows wearers to easily surf the web, video chat, update blogs and more. But it’s not clear when Glass will be available on the market. According to the Japan News website, a research team at Keio University in Japan has developed a device “POCHUTER” that can kiss poster characters. POCHUTER can sense the distance between the screen and the user, and change the expression of the characters on the screen according to the change of distance. When the user wants to kiss the character on the screen, the other person will change their expression accordingly. There are also these functions: close can smell the smell of shampoo, put a lemon flavor film on the lips, you can have taste enjoyment, people on the screen will say like you. Every year on the anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek’s death or birthday, there is a guest who comes to the Taxi Cihu audience, always cause a stir, he is the “copycat Chiang Kai-shek” Lidenko. Because his appearance is too similar to his own, many mainland tourists’ first words when they see him are: “Chairman hello”. Here he is in Cihu on April 6 this year. There is an anecdote that the North Korean Amama Ni, supervising pedestrians with revolutionary eyes, found the new trend of struggle, rushed up and stopped the past woman to shout: Comrade, can you wear pants as a woman? Why can’t North Korean women wear pants? Because Kim Jong Il said: Pants are for men… But North Korean female soldiers, they have to wear pants, or they’ll embarrass themselves. China used to be like this, and the Chinese who dressed fashionably in the past were dismissed as bourgeois liberalization. North Korean women are now allowed to wear proper pants, but there are three types of pants: “Trousers that cling to a woman’s lower body, bell-bottoms and short shorts are not styles we promote.” Women wearing pants in Rason Special District, “Civic Training Booklet” 1 during the Republic of China. Keep an eye out for new things. 2. Don’t touch other people’s things without permission. 3. Don’t borrow things from others easily. 4. Don’t borrow money from others. 5. Avoid danger quickly. 6, others in danger, immediately rescue. 7. When others ask for advice, answer them earnestly. 8. Speak softly and kindly. 9. Be kind to others. Don’t ask others to do what you don’t want to do. :

  1. Anything that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, or holds you back, get rid of it. 2. If anything is just taking up space and not contributing positively to your life, get rid of it. 3. If you want to lose or keep anything, you will spend a long time weighing the pros and cons, or worrying about what is wrong, then throw it away. The girl in scenery village always thought that happiness was far away and could be pursued in the future. Later found that those who hugged, held the hand, sang the song, the tears, loved the people, the so-called once, is happiness. In countless nights, the words I have said, the calls I have made, the people I have missed, the tears I have shed… Seen or unseen moved, we have passed, and then in the shuttle of time, everything becomes eternal! Downstairs, the children are singing happily: a xiu brother cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken ~ cut chicken, aunt wash stupid donkey… A portrait of Marilyn Monroe made from lip prints. Art can do anything! Do you remember what subject you did best on the Sats? Pay is like your period. Once A month, about a week without stupid NaNa this can meet a rival in Hokkaido, Japan’s Doraemon tram, like children’s shoes please raise your hand! Ice Cream Buffet ~ Your choice! Bright blind my eyes ah this summer fashion indicators: Qi force small skirt, Qi Mi small vest, raised point small sling, breast nipple clip! People always do… Soap crusher, no longer have to worry about slipping and dropping. This throw pillow is so funny. What the Titanic tells us is that when a loser gets rich, he dies. Rice, I want also; Thin, also I want also. You can’t have both. I can’t… When I saw this, I immediately laughed and sprayed the name of a jewelry store. How much love is like this – the beginning of the story: “I will give you happiness.” The end of the story: “I wish you happiness.” With nowhere to go, the target is right behind you. The subject the photographers were trying to find was strolling behind them. The deer probably felt pleased with himself. “You ignorant humans.” Strong tea solution spirits, light tea nourishing spirit, flower tea and stomach, green tea filter heart dust, the virtue of tea; Oolong Dahongpao, Huangshan pigment Maofeng, south born Tieguanyin, north long Qishan cloud, east Longjing green, west more yellow inlaid forest, tea is also born; Tea products are six colors, sweet Ren thousand evaluation, drink can solve dryness, slow products can entertain, the interest of tea also insists on ≠ waiting. Many entrepreneurs think that they have a grand vision, the market is large, as long as the persistence will eventually succeed, but countless people fail in this “persistence”. Entrepreneurial goals must be: 1. Specific 2. Phased 3. Quantifiable. Did you close the client today? Did you close the investment today? Did you make any money today? If the answer is “yes”, please continue to persevere, otherwise ask yourself how much longer can you wait? While we are still young, take a few more steps, enjoy the scenery along the way, do not rush to reach the destination and miss the warm people and things in the fleeting years; While we are still young, say more romantic words, do more childish things, don’t think people joke missed the most beautiful moments and occasions in life; While we are still young, shorten the distance and extend the time. While we are still young, do more of whatever we want to do. The end of the party, the female secretary drove, met the traffic police to check drunk driving, the female secretary blew the test to show drinking, the female secretary firmly denied, blood test no alcohol content. The police are wondering, the leader suddenly said: not just a kiss on the mouth, what is the fuss? The traffic police had to let it go. No matter what happens, don’t hide it, it is very important to disclose the truth at the first time.
    Have always thought that they are husband and wife ah [Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother is what is the relationship] Jade Emperor and the West queen mother is not husband and wife relationship, the West Queen mother is a combination of innate Yin qi, is the head of all female fairies, in charge of the Kunlun fairy Island. The first of all male immortals is the East Maharaja, which is in charge of Penglai Island. And the Jade Emperor is the head of the immortals, the Lord of the gods. The appearance of the West Queen Mother is earlier than the Jade Emperor, so they are not husband and wife. After the big pants, there are big pants, “the gate of the East” is said to be in Suzhou. Trust is like the feeling of a one-year-old child, when you throw him into the sky, he will smile, because he knows you will catch him, this is trust. Whom know – – – – – – – – dating — – > date — – frustration – difficult – sweet – – – – love – – touching passion – and parents – – – – – – habit — – > children — – money – – trouble — – > 10 years — – twenty years — – 30 years — – forty years — – > 50 years — – wrinkles – – aging — – depression – – but with you… This life is enough. Yao Ming T-shirt! This is so cool! ~ The things that make you sad, one day, you will smile and say it. —— The Shawshank Redemption has a rare annular solar eclipse next month! Have you ever seen the sun with only one ring? On May 21 this year, China will have an annular eclipse of the sun, and most places can enjoy the annular (partial) eclipse. You can also enjoy the wonders of the sun “coming out with an eclipse”. The next large-scale observable solar eclipse in China will not occur until 2016. The annular eclipse began at about 6:07 a.m. Look forward to it! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! Last year, a quarter of the city’s population was aged 60 or older, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, and the proportion of elderly people in Shanghai is 1.7 times the national average. The biggest lie in the world is: “Lend me a napkin,” said that it was borrowed, in fact, no one has returned… This guy’s really not your average bum… Top 10 Chinese pasta dishes (1) Shanxi sliced noodles; (2) Sichuan’s burning noodles; (3) Fried sauce noodles in Beijing; (4) Lanzhou pulled noodles; (5) Shaanxi minced noodles; (6) Yifu noodles in Shandong Province; (7) Henan mutton stewed noodles; (8) Hot and dry noodles in Wuhan; (9) Fuzhou mixed noodles; (10) Suzhou noodles. Yamdrok Lake – Sacred Lake in Tibet. The largest inland lake in the northern foot of the Himalayas, the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the crown of southern Tibet. The helplessness of life lies in always expecting others with good ideas, but always meeting evil people without bottom line. How big does a university really have to be? Daaaaaa! The girl who lives in three dormitories rejects the courtship of the boy who lives in five dormitories, because she can’t accept long-distance love… Man: “I… What’s yours?” Woman: “You are my Anerle!” Man: “Oh, so I’m just a sanitary napkin?” Woman: “So I can put you between my thighs.” Foreign woman library poo, quality really NM high in fact, I want to throw up a little girl, what are you doing so skillful, born because of water, beautiful because of water, happy because of water, this is the water city Venice, the only city in the world without cars. by: CubaGallery (group photo) New Weekly: “April is the cruelest month, the barren land/lilacs grow, memories and desires/mixed together, and let the spring rain/urged those slow roots.” / Winter keeps us warm, and the earth/gives a little life to the forgotten snow-covered, also called/withered bulb.
    Summer comes unexpectedly, and when it showers…” “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot, translated by Zhao Luorui. Picture shows the works of Eliot Erwitt. Appropriate sadness can show the depth of feelings, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom. No matter where you are in the workplace, if you want to be able to network and control the rain after three years, you must start from now on to lay out the next bureau: improve the inner world, strengthen your own energy, and master the law of getting along with people! Layout determines the pattern, the pattern determines the outcome. The most important investment in life is to know yourself and choose the right direction! In the shortest time, with the most right way, do the most right thing, get the best result. ‘I’d rather send him to England. I don’t expect him to go to Oxford or Cambridge, I just want him to go back to the way I was when I was a kid – walking to and from school by himself, walking a few blocks to school, not being afraid to meet strangers, not having parents to pick him up, not having so many cars on the road, cars knowing to avoid pedestrians, not having to give gifts to the teacher and kiss his ass. Mrs. Liu said. 652 Cover “Reasons to emigrate” When you are young, you are afraid that someone will say that you are disappointed. In fact, when you look at who he is, he is different from you. Second, see what he expects, he is just afraid that you go better and turn a blind eye. Wang Meng said: “Those who passionately ask you to operate according to their expectations, can you not let them down again and again? That’s how their brains are sculpted, shaped, solidified and strengthened, so what do you do?” Don’t take things seriously, get down to business. People should live the truth, living under the mask of the unreal soul, after all, is the fear and sorrow with tears and smiles. Real people are the strongest people. Tiago Ribeiro is ready to start shooting a new film, and the title is already in mind: There will be Diaosi to Love You for Me. “I’m pregnant, can you stay?” “No, I want to go far away and pursue my dreams.” “Can you stay and be a father?” “No, a diaosi will be my father.” “Then get me an iPhone.” “A diaosi will take you for me.”
    Love can be very simple, that is, I want to be with you, you want to be with me. Love can be very complicated, I want to be with you, you want to be with me; But we just can’t be together. Want a simple love, sunrise, sunset; Enjoy every morning sunshine, breeze, rain and dew, dusk together. The truly beautiful scenery does not need to stay in the memory; When you feel happy, no matter what kind of scenery you see, it is beautiful, even if it is lonely, it will not be lonely; Let love stand the time, and the hand in hand and happiness in the ordinary light are the most precious. The so-called happiness, there is never an accurate and eternal answer; Gold basin silver spoon, Jinyi food people, not necessarily happy; Coarse clothes and shoes, humble people, not necessarily unfortunate; A flower, a drop of water in this world, can become the source of happiness; Happiness has nothing to do with rich or poor

Hodgepodge season 155 Cats take over the Earth

Hello Tomorrow, designed by Ronny Sauer, could revive the landline. This phone completely overturned the previous distinction between mobile phones and landlines. The appearance is fashionable, and the microphone and receiver part are made of transparent materials. The designer REN Fangying designed the chat pen, which transmits information through the Internet by handwriting, and the screen on the pen will display the received information. How to add friends is really unknown. There are several LED highlights in the choice of the pen. You can send messages by writing them on a flat surface with a pen. This shape makes it easier to cheat. Designer David Blanc brought a laser projection watch with a hollow dial that can be worn as a beautiful bracelet. When you need to see the time, just touch your finger inside the lower dial and the red number will be projected on your skin through a laser. A one-finger touch shows the current time, and a two-finger touch shows the current date. The design from designer Jung Jae Yup, through the idea and imagination of the design of this very cute ball, so that the light on the top, this is a tumbler, if you have a small pair of boxing gloves, you can hit it, made of stainless steel. When the iphone became the most favored mobile phone, designer Heyon You brought the Android platform concept mobile phone Galaxy Skin, highlighting their ambition, beyond the iphone as the goal, the mobile phone into the human skin. It has four highlights: no need for support, no need for projectors, the body as soft as no bone, and the body feels bony. Do I poke and install mode B? It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake. It’s a cake… This car is driving! It’s so strong! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! To get you back to your ex-girlfriend! It’s too vulgar for a guy to accompany a girl to see TITANIC in April. The most he can do is get a chance to wipe a girl’s tears. However, you can take her to see the 3D Sadako in May, and maybe then you can hold the girl who has fainted and go home ah, after complex calculations, everything is a fortress! This is what the inside of toothpaste used to look like. Send this picture to warn all children’s shoes sleeping in the lower bunk!! Flirt with my Han paper! Me!! Huh? What’s wrong? Damn it, it’s not that easy to drag me… ~ It is said that fat people do not like to use touch screen phones… Because, smile, the phone hangs up… In fact, the truth that Snow White was awakened by the prince is… Purple, dream and noble life… Orange sunset blue water green green plants, the water house is very elegant, very chic! “Congratulations on entering the boy power, now you have ten basic rights,” “eighth, life photos,” “OK, let’s take a look at the life photos of female guests.” ………………… (Music starts a minute later) Unfortunately not you, accompany me to the end…… Female tears diaosi do not cry, Gao Fu Shuai now has an iphone case that can hold a case, I look forward to one day, 5230 can hold a bag of heart printing tissue. Cats occupy the earth, : [Small S4 on the 5th smooth production of the third child mother and daughter safe] Small S agent said that small S third child in the morning of April 5 smooth production, mother and daughter safe, English name Alice, weighing 3200 grams, the production of her husband Xu Yajun (@Mike Xu) and @big S accompanied the whole process. Xu Xu two thank you for your care and blessing!
Which lyrics make you cry? I feel that I have not had time to grow up, but I have begun to age, the ideal has become smaller and smaller, and even the time of running water has gradually worn down, not finally dare to admit that I am an ordinary person, but in the face of the surging world, I have to admit that I have no power to fight back… Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. A little tide to say debauchery; Be reserved to say pure; Fat a little said fat lady; Thin say hemp rod; I don’t know how many people I’ve slept with; Look bad said don’t come out scary; Big breasts say boba; Flat chest said airport; Accommodating others to say that they have no opinion; Personality point love special…… No matter what, there will be people pointing at you, it is better to do what you like, let the people who don’t like to shi. Happy every day. Talk about life with people you know, talk about feelings with people you don’t know. Good, bad, anything can be talked about. And now, with the acquaintance is very perfunctory, either ‘ha ha’ smile, or a series of full stops. With people you don’t know, simply ignore or pretend to disappear. Pain and joy, no longer willing to say and who to listen. Began to understand: no one is who’s angel, no one can save who! After all, on my own when I was in college, one of my classmates was really shy. See others are out of the pair, lonely and finally get up the courage to ask the beloved girl: What kind of boy do you like? The girl said: compatible. The boy asked again or the same, he had to sadly say: head flat is not OK? Man, this life should be left a round size ah, life is like mahjong: love at first sight is called day Hu, free love is called flat Hu, looking for a lover is called dark bar, seduce others husband is called rob bar, and other people’s husband has children on the bar, a lover is called single hanging, no lover is called Xianggong, single is called touch! A woman drank a can of drink, was sent to the hospital, and left the world. Coroner’s cause of death was leptospirosis, and trace the drink she drank directly from the can to the mouth. Tests showed that the cans were infected with leptospirosis virus in rat urine. Rat urine contains toxic and deadly substances. Because the cans were not cleaned during transportation. Research shows that there are a lot of toadstool on the tank, please pass it on to your concerned friends. When we were kids, we had no ipads, no iphones, no Three Kingdoms… But back then we were happier and more fulfilled than we are now. @ We love to tell bad jokes: pilots, stewardesses, maintenance eyes of each other. Time dancing, people know whether or not, flowers snow melt another autumn. Hair has changed full of white head, who knows this life a few look back. There’s beauty in the north, unique and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country ·· KFC covered rice, also said what “mother’s taste,” your mother cooking on this taste ah! That’s all your mother gave you! Your mom’s a stepmom, isn’t she? ! No matter friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, it actually contains my too much disappointment. I really thought that we could not be together, I wanted to forget him, but then found out that unconsciously became another him, I really don’t know when he began to affect me so deeply. —— The perfect combination of money and beauty Sometimes, loneliness is also a kind of loneliness. Two people were killed, two missing and four injured when a speedboat collided with a tow cable between two cargo ships in waters near Sanshan Island in Taihu Lake, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on April 4. It was confirmed that one of the dead, two of the missing and three of the injured were students of Shanghai Jiaotong University. CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been awarded a Guinness World Records certificate for being the “most watched gala in the world” during the Cannes International Television Festival in France. Alistair Richards, president of Guinness World Records, said it was a great achievement for the CCTV gala to beat both the Academy Awards show and the Super Bowl. When I’m old, I want to have this 1984 Jobs and Gates. An unemployed man found a Picasso print for $14 at a grocery store in Clintonville, the United States CBS reported that Bowdish, an American man, accidentally found an original print created by the Spanish painter Picasso for $14.14 when he went to a grocery store in Clintonville. Although original Picasso prints are relatively common, they can sell for at least $6,000. Bowdish decided to sell because he had lost his job two years earlier and was in a pinch.
In Wakayama, Japan, there is a small station called Taishi, the shop next to the station has a cat named Tama, because her cattery has been built on the road, when the city government received the demolition order, the owner begged the railway manager to let her live in the station, but to keep her in the station needed a reasonable reason, so decided to appoint her as the station master. Four years ago, the Takeshikawa line, which almost faced a crisis of suspension, escaped a disaster because of the appearance of Tama station master, and the reward was a year’s cat food. When a country falls into a state of isolation, it is bound to have three passions: language fever, history fever and health fever. Inoue building is yours, is yours, the more tightly, the easier to lose. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Leave the rest to fate. True love through three stages: the first stage of course lost self-esteem, pain, hearing his name will jump up. The second stage pretended to forget, avoid mentioning sad things, but the heart ache. In the final stage, his name, like that of the passer-by, is just a name, with no special meaning at all. I believe that any one person in the moment of commitment to love, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. You are so easy to use a smile will let me recognize you, from then on, I will selfless selfish sacrifice their own inner world. Life is always a joke, what to expect, what will be far away; Cling to who, will be hurt by who. Do not expect too much, do not insist too persistent; Learn to put down, put down unrealistic expectations, put down the persistence of no results; Everything to see light, open, see through some, the last second has passed; Nothing can stay, don’t turn back in the past, only the beautiful scenery is real and reliable. Everyone has a sadness, want to hide, but in the growth. When we look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we think that only one day has passed, but we know that the time has passed twenty years. The stars that cannot be reached are always the brightest; The little fish that runs away is always the most beautiful; Missed movies, always the best; Lost lover, always the most understand me; Some things are too beautiful to hold in your hands. There is a feeling because too true, so can not let go. In the best time, do the dream you want to do, go to the place you want to go in the future, you will thank you for your hard work now I like this girl regardless of friends or lovers, when I say “forget it”, in fact, it contains too much of my disappointment. Leave and end or continue, is a continuous drama of life, people around you come and go, some things are destined to leave, some things are destined to stay, some people are destined not to belong to themselves, when we get used to all this grief and joy may not be sad, not used to when you can squat down to hold yourself, that is to give yourself a not lonely hug. I believe that the moment anyone makes a commitment to their lover, we are sincere. But we actually forget, in fact, no matter how beautiful love can not withstand the test of time, can not withstand….. Anyone who loses someone else will live on as before. It’s yours, it’s yours. The more you hold it, the easier it is to lose it. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. Others, to fate like everyone, there is a sadness, want to hide, but growing. A look back and stop, we will be amazed, because we thought that only one day has passed which know the time has passed twenty years (this is talking about yourself) Yes, don’t you ha ha ha every time you see a hodgepodge have a different feeling!! Sit out
Realm one: Light cut, not long wisdom; Realm two: A fall into the pit, a gain in wisdom; Realm three: Eat less, how long wisdom; Realm four: Others eat, their own wisdom. Eat good forget! Looking at the defense, there are not many people to stick you, very poor, just top you!
Know that there is no hope but still can not go back! It is clear that someone said it was impossible but still stubborn to bother! Clearly know that she is not up to standard and she has the right person, but stubborn still want to break through the original relationship! Want to say did not learn to give up but already learned, just do not want to give up! I don’t want to start a new search! Very want to see but afraid to see! Maybe you will pretend not to know her when you meet her on the street! Now try to get back to the original point! Back to not moved only occasionally mentioned will think of the point! This is gonna be hard! But work hard! A long time has passed just because of the chance to look at you one more time, so you can never forget your face and move on to find a new girl
I’ll take her out for you. What do you do? Where is she every day? Okay, I’ll report, Little Bud is a cook. How do you know? Why do you want to answer you? It’s a magical intuition, a sixth sense. It’s true. My sixth sense is right? No, no. How can you lie to your heart and tell me that I’m telling the truth

Shanghai’s oldest man in Linhai is very clean and can still do his own laundry

Bi, who has lived in the village for 113 years, is currently the oldest person in Zhejiang Province. Laochangji Village, Taozhu Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, is almost the easternmost part of Linhai land. Less than eight kilometers east of Lao Changji Village is the coastline. On the afternoon of October 16, I went to the centenarian’s home, an old house on the edge of Lao Changji Village, owned by her third son. In front of the house is a small courtyard without walls, the cement floor under the eaves is very clean, and the old man often uses a cane in one hand and a small broom to clean the dust on the cement floor. There was also a stone covered with a cloth mat in the small yard, where the old man basked in the sun. The old man is very clean and now he also washes his clothes the old man’s room is about 15 square meters, a bed, a table, a small “stove” with a rice cooker, a refrigerator and a few small stools, simple and refreshing. Villagers said that the old man loved to be clean, often saw her sweeping the floor in the yard, but also like to wash their own clothes, always feel that they wash more clean. Bi Nv was born in 1907, the thirty-third year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty. According to the 2019 Statistical Bulletin of Zhejiang Province’s Elderly Population and aging Cause, the oldest person in Zhejiang is Bi NV, 113 years old, from Taozhu Town, Linhai City. Tao Haiting, a staff member of the grass-roots health and aging Health Department of Taizhou Municipal Health Commission, said that every year, cities across the province will do a statistics on centenarians, and the data will be summarized in the provincial statistical bulletin of the elderly population and aging cause. According to provincial statistics, Bi is not only the oldest person in Taizhou, but also the oldest person in Zhejiang province. At present, the number of centenarians in Taizhou ranks third in the province, followed by Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Doesn’t look that old, like 90 or something
The residential community is a place to live, how can you let the loudspeaker flood, crazy Shouting, and frequently come to the community every day to endanger the residents: they are also making money. As for Shouting in the community, then who let him come in to change the floor? You like to tow your own car? 666 We speak, and the people next to us cannot hear as long as their ears are plugged. But it’s crazy because you put your fingers in your ears and the horn is still piercing. The decibel level should far exceed the national noise limit !!!!!!!!!!!!! At first, I thought I was advocating educational advice. Later, when I saw a law enforcement vehicle on the street taking electronic scales from a stall, I appealed to the law enforcement vehicle to enter the residential area and the law enforcement officer to take away the horn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a woman who does not use a horn, does not even shout, but still has a business! Because it is obvious: the residential complex is dense, you come every day, residents see your car can not know what you do? Territory: Is the place where residents live, foreign businessmen do not rule, harm, harassment of residents, the United States now has no 5G? Boss Ren said, you don’t even have 5G, how can I steal you? Taking your stuff and selling it is money. Pests do business to make money is originally in the residential area of residents, do not oppose business, against the noise horn. In the residential community, until today, August 14, 2020, the horn of garbage collection shouted loudly, the noise of serious pollution did not change, and continued to satirize civilization! Harass the residents and challenge the face of the four officers! The rag-collecting horn shouts, sort. 1, special number, end sentence: “afraid – plow – afraid – what.” The cry of the devil. 2, begins abruptly: “Afraid… 3, “there is feeding”. 4, “high price recycling”. 5, “… Everything.” On October 16th the United States recorded 69,000 new cases in a single day
Ming Dynasty pavilion old Lu Ben ended in Baoqing Road Ding worry back home, and helped his hometown to build the South city, Shaoxing city built an area of 48 acres “; Thirteen halls of Lu Fu “. For hundreds of years, the 13th Hall of Lu Fu has been the most well-deserved mansion in Shaoxing City. Now it has been opened up by the local Wang Yangming Memorial Hall. Yuyao’s pride, well, worth going to is Lu Jin, not Lu Ben. I often play cricket in it when I was a child, and I am familiar with it. But now Shaoxing in order to highlight Wang Yangming’s investment of 6 billion yuan to build Wang Yangming’s former residence, the two neighbors who moved to Shaoxing live together in one room, which is probably to let the two Yuyao saints talk about the past, in fact Yuyao and Shaoxing origin is very deep, such as Xiaoshan Street, the flower gate is Yuyao Simen Xie Qian son Shaoxing City, Yuyao County, Xie PI was established, is now only preserved one of the flower gate. Yuyao Lu Wen An temple why not display open. After all, Luben has contributed to Yuyao. ” {{A text from “Yuyao Lu Family Research in Ming Dynasty” (Zhejiang University Press 2012, written by Ningbo University Associate Professor Zhang Ping) was attributed to “Lu Ben” rather than “Lu Ji”. She thought that in the name of Reuben, the genealogy was sometimes written “forward”; But from the names of Reuben’s three brothers “Wo”, “Wo”; “Music”; ” “Pick” All from the side “; “Wood” and the echoing relationship between the name and the word should be “wood”. Ben “. ” The name “Ben” is” The word “Ru Li” is connected, which approximately contains the meaning of “establishing your body from the root”. In addition, Shen Defu’s “Wanli Ye Wo” Volume 8 “Cabinet” has “; Named “encountered”; One also believes that the reason why Zhang Zhi and Lu Ben were elected to the cabinet is because their names are similar, which happens to have the meaning of “re-treating the root cause”, and is called the meaning of the extremely renamed Jiajing Emperor. “Make no mistake, it was borrowed by Mr. Yang Ming. Yes, the same as the prime minister, the same as the Shaoxing Lord, how different comments, Lu Ji no fault, for the people and their own less damage, did not openly fight with the strict thieves just, the Zhou Gong in today’s Cultural Revolution is the same, perhaps learn from Lu Ge old way of people!
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” Today I want to say: “The top ten cities for night travel are Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Foshan.” I want to say today: “Come on!”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “work!” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” What I want to say most today is “go to work go to………” I want to say today: “Go, go, go”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I want to say today: “I want to say today”. Today I want to say: “boiler boiling rice, I want to fill water ~”. Today I want to say: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” .
It is not easy to be in charge of a forum, and I am sorry that the moderator has made a mistake and will not dare to quarrel with you

I have a blind date phobia now, and it’s not easy to put pressure on myself

The success rate is so low that I do not know if there is a word to say, but I still feel that I have to say after careful consideration: I saw the floor has a blind date (marriage) phobia. It is! Blind date is a dead end! I just went on a blind date last night! Blind date is already a joke, almost will not succeed! But what if you don’t have a blind date? Now people have basically lost their ability to know the opposite sex! How did it turn out to introduce you to my cousin? I’m in the right place, I’m in the right place, and I don’t know how to get married. I’m also on the road and don’t know if the next stop is the one I want. Your cousin’s last name, right? My cousin will have a surname with me, you are too ridiculous that is not necessarily, some people themselves are their own old cousin, one is their own siblings, one plays their own mother or other elders…… That’s how weird it is! I hope you’re not one of them! In addition, objectively, the cousin with their own family name this probability is not small! Hello, God. You remember him right away. How is God these days… Buy a house, change a car, otherwise how to live up to his original lofty words? Can you add your wechat, my psychological quality, has not debated with you no return to the stock God? Oh God! Fourth blind date this is OK! Wish I could get off alone! Her sister tried to help me!
Reading post is fate, reply post is friendship. Today, you suddenly find that you don’t know what to do when you do something stupid? Often think of someone in the heart is very upset after all want to find a place to vent the depressed heart. Hope to be watered. Love, marriage, how, fate you lonely.
I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108
123 Australia, university graduation, Chinese restaurant, Thailand, photo brother come on wish you find the right one as soon as possible too long… Can be a little more false estimate was injured by teachers, doctors, female cadres! Young and promising Come on, it’s sincere. A very mature boy… Come on! Don’t forget to invite me to McDonald’s for a drink! Can the early education center work, can the early education center work this year belongs to the rabbit, this year belongs to the rabbit this condition also use the forum to find! This is ridiculous! You brainless women beware of being cheated! Classic jealousy… Forum female essence, not to mention the building conditions are not very good. More suitable for life. LZ is awesome, even teachers and doctors

Single dog… 83 Looking for a Girlfriend

I am also a small success personnel do not family specific wechat chat 391771200
Nothing nothing how to take away! How much for each? How much is a ah, the price is right, to buy there is no single pig took Teddy I want (0^) single dog I take I want teddy, thank you, I also want teddy serious, dog, dog, okay, take your parents away…
Forced to force it slowly slowly their own urgent because most of them are ordinary people ah, very helpless yes yes then blind date… There is no bad feeling ah, earn 2000, phase a pro standard with 400. Blind date is not necessary to eat and watch movies, especially some women are right. Don’t you know blind date is a road of no return? Object or to find their own good that is not also no way to blind date, is it under their own talk more tired really early phase early agree from the bitter sea upstairs now marriage is really very annoying is such Cixi people in Yuyao work to find objects more difficult I Yuyao people in Cixi Yuyao people in Yuyao is also difficult to find
There are many women who haven’t found a partner in 87 years…. A lot of mood, still young why is left depressed mood……….. In a blink of an eye, there are still many old girls in the early forum 30 very soon also the peak of the sad ah 28 ah this year to hurry the little girl is anxious… I 77 are not in a hurry to send a post, a wave of back. Should we be glad that there are people like me, Doller, to give you a psychological comfort, I am also 87 years old, leftover girl! Two reasons: 1, the requirements are too high, pick to pick now; 2. You don’t cherish it. Of course, can not be so young or young to find objects 87 have not found really rare Yes, did not cherish it may be character sake in time is love will not be shown to cause others to think that you do not love him and missed a lot, to team up to date? Come on!
Ha ha, I am a fan of Yue opera, especially like Fu’s singing style, want to make friends with the majority of Yuyao Yue opera lovers… Friends, friends, find friends, lovers, Yuyao this… I like to listen to Fu Pai singing Yuyao single friends group 312080852

Will the second wave of infections peak in March-May? Two groups of people or most affected!

Over the Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic did not rebound significantly. With the emergence of Omicron variants CH.1.1, XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB, there is great concern about a possible second wave of infection. The topic “The second round of infections may peak in March to May” has also been trending recently. Why is the second round of infection peak predicted in March to May? Xing Mingyou, chief physician of the Infection Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, analyzed that from a virological point of view and an epidemiological point of view, the antibody level in the body after “Yangkang” will maintain a relatively high peak for 3 to 6 months, and the probability of re-infection in a short time is only 2%. However, the population base of our country is very large, starting from December last year, after another 3 to 6 months, our antibody levels slowly decline, at this time if there is a new virus mutation strain, we are highly likely to have clinical symptoms after re-infection, and there may still be a peak. Professor Xing predicted that the second wave of infections could peak in March to May, but this time the peak may not be felt by the public. Due to the difference in the time sequence of infection, coupled with the presence of a basic antibody level after our second infection, the number of people infected in the second round, the severity of infection symptoms, and the amplitude of time concentration will be much weaker than the first. Lu Mengji, a German Chinese virologist and professor of the Virus Research Institute of Essen University School of Medicine, also said in an interview with China News Weekly on February 1 that it is expected that from late March this year, with the decline of population immunity, the risk of population infection will increase, and the change in the epidemic will be very obvious in May and June, when it may face a second wave of impact. But whether the second wave comes in March or May or June depends on the emergence of a new strain with a very strong impact. 1. The elderly who are still recovering Lu Mengji said that now many infected elderly people are in the physical recovery period, and many people with poor physique are infected again, and the consequences may be very serious. At this stage, some people at high risk of immune deficiency who have not been infected may also face the impact of the next wave of epidemics. 2. Uninfected people The most affected by the current outbreak are the uninfected population, estimated at 15 to 20 percent. Compared with the previous situation where the whole population was susceptible, the degree of impact has been reduced, but given the population base in China, the size of the population involved is still very large. What can we do? Everyone should be the first person responsible for their own health, maintain social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits, which can largely prevent infections and secondary infections. 1. Maintain the habit of wearing masks Professor Xing Mingyou reminded that, especially in crowded public places, it is necessary to standardize the wearing of masks. It is enough for ordinary people to wear medical surgical masks during regular travel. In some high-risk positions and environments, the probability of infection increases and N95 masks are needed. 2. Priority vaccination for the third group Professor Xing Mingyou said that because the antibodies produced after the first infection have disappeared six months after “Yangkang”, it is very necessary to reseed and strengthen the vaccine. Vaccination can delay the time of infection, or reduce the probability of infection. Three groups of people are recommended to give priority to vaccination: first, engaged in high-risk positions such as doctors, couriers; 2. Elderly patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, tumors, or those who have undergone dialysis transplantation; Third, in the first infection appeared in the performance of pneumonia, the symptoms of more severe hospitalized people, in the first “Yangkang” after 6 months must be vaccinated to strengthen the vaccine. Source: People’s Daily Science Popularization, Health Times, Hubei release, healthy Hubei, Youth Hebei — ☆ — Horses run and dance according to dance. — ☆ — What about the first round? Experts are thinking about ways to make money — – brick house – do – being is beautiful — – have read – do – being is now no one wearing a mask – do – oh oh – can – it doesn’t matter – do – being is letter? ☆ – Impossible to defend! — ☆ — The main high school entrance examination children Oh, in case of exam when sick how poor. ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Can we not send this news? Boring, you – ☆ – really want to pay attention – ☆ – brick said the Spring Festival second round of infection peak? ☆ — or to prevent the main — ☆ — Chinese experts is a derogatory term — ☆ — ☆ — expert brick is too terrible — ☆ — even a weather forecast is not accurate, but also engage in these difficult, don’t be ashamed
How much is the entrance fee for the bronze statue? Does any great God know? Please reply, thank you – ☆ – no money free – ☆ – I went in 2018, when I did not need tickets, drive to, only charged 10 yuan parking fee. Mind you, the shift ends at 4:00 p.m. – ☆ – Thank you – ☆ – Happy New Year! – ☆ – This free visit – ☆ – local ID card buy 30 – ☆ – no money – ☆ – free entry to the park, but the Hong Wish hall charges, which is to visit the history of Buddhism, sell arts and crafts, decorate the magnificent, landscape car usually 30 per person back and forth, walk up and back for more than an hour, see the scenery is very good, parking fee 10 yuan, 4.30 PM forbidden to enter the park. — ☆ — Free — ☆ — Free — ☆ yesterday asked 39 — ☆ — Go play — ☆ — no money — ☆ — Free tickets, go inside the Buddhist hall to buy tickets — ☆ — free parking ten dollars went to n trip — ☆ — Parking outside the factory there are many parking Spaces, so parking fees also sound — ☆ — free I still 14 years to go, outsiders 150, Local 30, now do not have tickets — ☆ — do not need tickets just go to Hong Yuan Tang to collect 30 yuan, the rest is the parking lot to collect parking fees — ☆ — several years ago it was free. — Free outside — — I don’t know — — No money — — Free
On the morning of February 11, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and Science and Technology Museum launched a brand activity of tomorrow’s Little Scientist: “Light and Eyes” popular science class in the lecture hall on the fifth floor. Ms. Xia Xuelian from Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Sports is invited to give a lecture. First of all, Teacher Xia explained the use of light for everyone, through the PPT display of the sun, the moon, lights, fireflies and other luminous objects, science what is the light source. Then with the help of spotlights, sunlight, etc., let the students understand that light travels in a straight line in a uniform medium, and can not pass through opaque objects; By showing shadows, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, etc., we can understand the phenomenon of light traveling in a straight line. Through the phenomenon of first seeing lightning and then hearing thunder, we explained the speed of light, and let the students understand that light travels fastest in vacuum; By seeing objects that do not emit light with our eyes, we have learned about the reflection of light. Finally, the teacher explained the eye to you, so that you understand the structure of the eye, convex lens imaging law and its application. And explained to the students the correct way to protect the eyes in daily life. The students listened carefully, actively answered the teacher’s questions, and took notes. By carrying out such activities, the aim is to further cultivate young students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, and improve their ability to explore science independently. – ☆ – Read – ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Good – ☆ – Thumbs up! – ☆ – Thumbs up – ☆ – Good

[Shanghai recruitment network 02.03] These enterprises in the city urgently need to recruit people, see the medium speed investment!

Shenzhen Xinghe Food Co., LTD. Pickup truck driver 3500-4500 yuan/month deliverer (meal supplement) 3000-4000 yuan/month Company Address: Room 404, Block B, Shanghua International, Guichi District, Shenzhen City View details Shenzhen Zhima Flower Extracurricular Training School Co., LTD. Reception 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Anhui Province Liyang Lanting East gate View details Guichi District Micro wedding hall makeup apprentice salary negotiable dress division 4000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Guichi District Xiushan Gate Square Building 1 View details Shenzhen Ji ‘an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine physician (five insurance/speech supplement) Salary negotiable Market publicity director (five insurance/speech supplement) Salary negotiable Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Duwu Road and Zhaoming Avenue intersection Xinghua Jiangnan Building 10 View details Anhui Jindian Culture and Technology Co., LTD. 3D designer (five insurance) 4000-8000 yuan/month advertising installation (five insurance) 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Hengtai City Huating Street 16 building 215-216 View details Anhui Province such heart trading Co., LTD. E-commerce customer service 3000-4000 yuan/month audit officer (five insurance) 3000-4000 yuan/month
Address: Room 105-106, Building 25, Huabang Yangguang City, Guichi District, Shenzhen City Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Property Administration Personnel Specialist (five insurance) Salary negotiable Jinjiang Star reception (two days off two) 3100-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Office Building A1 Taoyuan Community, Guichi District, Shenzhen City, Anhui Province View details Shenzhen Tang Yun Teahouse Co., LTD. Night shift attendant 2200-2300 yuan/month attendant 2700-3000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District South American Garden Xuri Building 1001-1016 View details Shenzhen Qianlima Creative Advertising Co., LTD. Advertising production installation (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Graphic designer (five insurance/work meal) 5000-7000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Taoyuan Community A1 Building 16, 17 View details Shenzhen Zhibang Pest Control Service Co., LTD. Reserve cadres (fresh graduates post) 2500-4500 yuan/month Business consultant (five insurance) 3500-15000 yuan/month Company Address: 7 / F, Yuxiu Gate 1 Building, Guichi District, Shenzhen (on the elevator behind Wenjiang Noodle Hall) View details Guichi District Impression tree women’s shop Impression Tree/Momo tree women’s shopping guide 4500-8000 yuan/month Impression tree/Momo tree women’s shop manager 5000-10000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District West street impression tree ladies View details Anhui Zhengde Human Resources Co., LTD. Shenzhen branch IT solution engineer (five insurance/double vacation) 5000-8000 yuan/month front desk guide (college degree/five insurance) 2000-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Chamber of Commerce Building 10th floor View details Shenzhen Tianle Trading Co., LTD. Warehouse packing staff 2500-3500 yuan/month clerk 2500-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Building 1, Health Road, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Anhui Baojiang Environmental Consulting Co., LTD. Market Manager (part-time) Salary negotiable Market Manager (two days off/lunch provided) 3000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Bosman Apartment Room 1007 View details Anhui Youmei Construction Engineering Co., LTD. Clerk (five insurance)3000-3500 yuan/month Financial accounting (five insurance) 4000-6000 yuan/month Company Address: Room 1501, Chaoyang Building, South American Garden, Guichi District, Shenzhen City View details Shenzhen Tianask Productivity Promotion Center Co., LTD. KA major customer sales (five insurance and one fund/double holidays) 5000-8000 yuan/month Project declaration specialist (high) (Five insurance and one fund/double holidays) 4000-6000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Bosman Square commercial street 127.128 View details Anhui Maosheng Xiangrui Agricultural Products Trading Co., LTD supermarket computer (five insurance) salary negotiable supermarket cashier (five insurance) 2600-3000 yuan/month Company Address: 208, 208 duplex, Building 2, Xinghua Cultural Park, Xinghua Village, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Anhui Well-known Culture Media Co., LTD. Marketing Manager 5000-10000 yuan/month executive (part-time) 90 yuan/day (monthly settlement) Company Address: Room 710, Building 1, Jiaqi Hotel, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Pingtianhu Scenic Area Ming Shang Stone Business Department Housekeeping 1500-1600 yuan/month marble processing master 5500-7000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Baihui Plaza c Building 108 View details Shenzhen Changjie Property Management Service Co., LTD. Floor cleaning salary negotiable security 2300-2400 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Keyuan New village south of the Sun New City B30 building 616 View details Anhui Kaitai Project Management Co., LTD. Project budget 2000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: No. 575, Qishan Avenue, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Shenzhen Chuangzhiyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Interior design 8000-12000 yuan/month Clerk 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Anhui Province, Guichi District, Grand Yue Plaza 5th floor creation art decoration View details Anhui Hengda Wine Co., LTD. Business manager (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Group purchase department (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Qingfeng Road and Cuibai Road southwest View details Shenzhen Law Insurance Legal Consulting Co., LTD telephone sales (five insurance/double holidays) 3000-10000 yuan/month Sales supervisor (five insurance) 3000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen guichi OuJinDing building 4th floor, room 422 for details – – – can – do – well – being is being fostered, reporting in a timely manner, nurture, thumb up — – being good
Looking for him to – do – should be in the bags – – somebody else help you try to eat – do – being is packing missed a good less – do – – – – being fostered – when packing leakage rt-mart also authentic – do – was to steal to eat? — ☆ — Machine packaging, missing a — ☆ — Meituan preferably on the same brand (the same model), the date is fresh, much cheaper — ☆ — This situation should be missing a — ☆ — If you see the production line should be able to understand why there is one less

Don’t fall in love because of loneliness

Lonely, easy to be touched by the care of others,
Thought it was love!

And then together.
Miss their love, love their own missed!

Too much to miss.

I like words: Don’t love because of loneliness.
Don’t be lonely all your life because of wrong love.

Live lonely people, can get true love.
Before not grasp the love, is really very lonely feeling!
Live lonely people, can get true love? Is it really hard to say?
Lonely people will always be afraid of loneliness
Some people say loneliness like smoke
Some people say lonely as the sea
Some people say lonely as autumn
It can be seen that each one has its own loneliness
Loneliness is a touch of sadness
Like a silk tied to its own cocoon

There is an ancient poem, “Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow. Now know all the sorrow flavor, want to say again. Want to return to rest, but the day cool good autumn! .

Don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, not afraid of indifference between people. Because no one is not lonely, no one is not lonely! Everyone in this rolling red dust, are experiencing different loneliness and loneliness, staged a different life paragraph!
Into Li Qingzhao’s loneliness
Turn into banana rain
Ye Ye Xinxin
Drip rain 霪
Sad and miserable
One’s tears run dry.
Into the loneliness of Zhang Ailing
In a bleak gesture
Sigh silently
The strings were dancing
Admire the world
It is rich and beautiful
Laugh crazy talent said lonely
Into Wang Xiaobo’s loneliness
Between laughs
Incarnate as a giant spirit god
The phoenix swims through the sky
Look at the xuan Hua hatchet whistling past
The loneliness of splitting the imprisoned air…
Read someone else’s loneliness all afternoon
Lie on your back in lonely silence
Skinny, voluptuous or proud
The sowing of words and sentences
Fangfu’s language jointing
The feelings are flourishing in the clouds
The loneliness of life falls resolutely in reading
Loneliness is a dim street lamp;
Loneliness is midnight cigarettes;
Loneliness is an umbrella in the rain;
Loneliness is a bag full of dust;
When you feel most helpless
It’s when you miss someone
Life is a lonely journey
When a person should be called lonely, when you want to be a person, it should be called lonely Mo
Loneliness is an attitude, loneliness is an idea
Loneliness and loneliness are different, loneliness and loneliness are the same mental state, and loneliness is more tough, robust, with poetry. Although loneliness is as unique as loneliness, its bones have a desire for people to watch, because it is beautiful as smoke.
Shemo is the pale blue in the sky with the old old light. If you lift your head casually, you can no longer avoid it.
But. one hundred percent,
He who can’t stand loneliness will never get true love.

Because the reason why she (he) is together is not to be lonely rather than love.

There are things that only you believe in, as long as you insist I believe that absolutely will appear.

  • That’s who I am.
    The truth. I don’t know what loneliness is. Blink, don’t call me stupid.
    I really don’t know. My life is simple, there is no trouble, a person has a person’s happiness, two people have two people’s happiness, seriously understand you will not feel lonely.
    Head on

Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow! haha
… meaning a lot.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am even more speechless.

Big white rabbit I sleep.

I want to harass you, I put up with it!
Don’t be wrong because of loneliness, or don’t love, love, don’t say wrong.
Lonely, together that is not love.
Sichuan people love to join in… Ho ho

  • I don’t love it.
    Hi, Honey!
    Ho ho

It’s been a long time. Still not so popular

You can tell by the popularity of people who don’t talk
Just talk
Pass by. Give me a bump
I come here every day and I’m not happy…
I want to marry, anyone see me suitable??
Oh beauty
Your line is too long, first study hard and make progress every day.
MM, how old are you? You want to get married…
Is it okay to see me
Change the touch, it’s not top!
Although not standard, but still support you a bit! Hey hey ~~~ Ha ha!! So many wolves!! Lightning first! What do you mean!! Count me in I’m married too. There’s no fit. Is there really no true love in this society? Do you have to be 180? Do you have to have a bachelor’s degree? Does the income have to be more than 10W? Must the hukou be Shanghai local? Does a real relationship have to be mixed with these questions? I can’t believe that women in this world are so realistic. I have to wait for a girl who doesn’t need these things. Does the flower have a owner? No, if I did, I wouldn’t be looking ~~
What a buzz! I’ll join in! Count me in.
How can such a beautiful flower have no owner?
The 12th floor of the brothers you say seems to be a copy of my post it you ~~ if you find a wife don’t forget is my credit ~
I’m here to sign up…
Go to Beijing to marry you!
Am I suitable? Unfortunately, I am also in Wuhan
When do you come to me? I want you! haha

# # = = = =

$^ \ ^ $
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Let me help you out. You look so much like my old girlfriend.
The good guys are covering for you
You know, it’s a consolation to do something bad for my girlfriend.

On self-cultivation — Lin Yutang

Holiday at home, occasionally found on the shelf father sent this “on humor, on reading – Lin Yutang classic works selection” book; Opened the reading, which found this “talk about self-cultivation” is very interesting, I feel that the article on the description of the Chinese educated people is very appropriate, and very feel, so I want to share with you.

The old Chinese education, marked with the word “self-cultivation”, paid attention to the cultivation of virtue, and the modern so-called education, emphasis on credits is different. Credits may not necessarily have knowledge, knowledge may not have self-cultivation. China regards learning and self-cultivation as one thing, which is one of the major characteristics of Chinese traditional education, which is different from German education focusing on fine study, French education focusing on artistic cultivation, and British education focusing on character cultivation. The so-called character of the British, the original text is not only Chinese can not be translated, French and German can not be translated, so the meaning of the word, in particular, refers to perseverance, perseverance, calm, prudent, fearless in the face of danger, brave, obey the discipline, obey the etiquette and customs and other components, and perseverance, perseverance, obey the discipline, especially from outdoor sports. Therefore, the English regard sports as life, as religion. The British people are well aware of this. The British people have this “education” that focuses on virtue, so whether they live in the North or the South, or travel across the oceans, only seven or eight people, or twenty or thirty people, can form an autonomous group in Africa, in Australia, in India, or in one of the small towns in Egypt, and thus rule the other people. The British Empire was built on this. Although Chinese education is also based on cultivating virtue, the cultivation of its goals is quite different. Probably the British style of pottery cultivation, the more the character of the more rigid, the Chinese style of pottery cultivation, the more the more soft, to the point of indecision, has been highly respected. Although Confucianism is not so, but in history, it is such a result, because the word “self-cultivation” means that it pays attention to endure humiliation, peaceful outlook, does not show its vanguard, does not show anger in color, does not offend people easily, does not eat losses in the future, intelligent calculation and so on. So the uneducated people in China are like a cliff, like a cliff, like a pine, like a cypress, like a hungry Wolf, like an eagle, like a horse, like a porcupine, like a thorn, like a file, like a Li Kui, like a Wu song, like a shrew, like all things difficult to deal with. People who have been cultivated are like noodles, such as dumplings, such as fat pigs, such as poultry, such as training sheep, such as snails, such as the scenery of the West Lake, such as rain flowers, such as hydrangea, such as wind wheels, such as catkins, such as cotton, such as hanging verruca, such as Tan Yankai, such as Li Yuanhong, such as Mr. Hao Hao, such as all smooth things.
Well done! Well written!
Well written, hehe

Pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s child, he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t know what to do

I went to work on March 15, 16, when I was just separated from the last object, although it was a peaceful breakup, it was still a long time, I did a day off a day, at that time he (Oda) was very good to me and took care of me, he is the kind of person who can make trouble, and who can play, who has difficulties he can help, but the IQ is particularly high, He is recognized as the highest IQ person in the store, but his past is also very messy, eating, drinking, prostitution and gambling. And I belong to the good temper, good personality, sometimes no brain, at that time someone chased me, is the store manager, nothing to go to my there to chat with me, the store manager is 10 years older than me, giving people the feeling of special will take care of people, coax people, but also romantic, I had a relationship with him, but how to say older people are particularly heavy, I found that the store manager was a person who paid special attention to his own interests and had the courage to set my words to understand the things in the store, and always used me. I gradually had a distance with him. At that time, Oda took more and more care of me, and as time went on, I liked him more and more. Later, the store manager felt that I was getting farther and farther away from her, and began to drive a rift between me and Oda. Oda was particularly sensitive and smart, and I didn’t want to hide it from him, so I told him everything. We got off work at three in the morning, and I cried under his dormitory building until morning, and he finally came down and opened a small hotel nearby with me. When we entered the room, we began to cry, I cried, he also hugged me, I also promised that I would not contact him again and said that I forgive you, from that day on I am more good to him, all his requirements I will meet, from drinking water at work to work he was bitten by bugs I buy medicine, to his clothes, I have wrapped. The store manager already suspected that we were together, I fought at work and I quit, and there were some small things in the resignation, I listened to the Xiaotian pit the store manager, I left, I left, I left on the 15th, we rented a house on the 17th, because we planned to do a few months to rent a hotel to live monthly, before because the store did not let the object, it has not been public, I thought I quit on the public, he has not agreed, said later quit to say again, that was already in mid-October. Oda said you first temporarily find a job to do until a year ago, we go back to my house to do something, I said, I go with you, rent a house after the store changed a big manager, Oda dry manager, is earning performance commissions, rent a house I feel stable feelings, I work harder, his socks so underwear clothes are I buy I wash, he loves to eat my mother dumplings, The canned food made by my mother, I asked my mother to make dumplings every few days. I was making a bus journey of more than one hour to go home and bring them to him. The hotel could not do any food, but I had a small pot that could cook noodles. I waited for him to get off work every day and cooked noodles for him when he was hungry after work. Like every day at 12 o ‘clock asked him if he was off work, suddenly told me to break up, suddenly the whole world is gone, I don’t believe it, because there is no warning before breaking up, it is normal, and there are four women in the store, two have objects, one he is very annoying, one is younger than me just a few months, and at that time I did not leave, we share a dormitory, I see his small life and work to take special care of the little girl (Xiao Lin) and he knows that I have a special relationship with Oda, I also told him something to find Oda before I left, I never suspected him. Xiao Tian told me that they were together that day, I still don’t believe it, then how did not answer the phone, wechat SMS did not return, I went home and cried for three days, Xiao Tian did not return to our home for three days, the third day he went back to pack up his things, took away his things, and we have not met, I returned to the house found nothing, only full of memories, I cried all day, it was uncomfortable I looked for my friend to drink, drink especially much, I felt like he, I took my friend to the store to play, in fact, just want to see him, but he saw me hide, even words and even a look did not give me, I feel sad I despair, I lie in the morning to 5 electricity dazed back to the hotel, the kind of despair no one can understand, looking at our home, Once the memory, I really can’t stand it, I took a knife to cut the wrist, a friend found, called the ambulance, go to the hospital together, a friend still have to go to work at night, I call Oda I have to give an injection for a while, can you come and accompany me for a while. He picked up the phone and scolded me, saying that I had killed the whole thing, that I made him sick to watch, and I was more desperate. Crying with a friend in his arms, he had 9 stitches in his arm, and the needles were messed up until more than 11 o ‘clock, spending more than 1000. He said he had time to come over to see me and call me, I have been waiting, the house has just paid the rent, but I really can’t stay, there is always a feeling of suffocation, I withdrew the house, I told him on wechat that I withdrew the house, resigned from the work, something to call, a long time did not give me back suddenly found that his circle of friends can not see, he gave me deleted, shielded, I was full of despair, no matter how to take care of you for eight months why break up with me so ruthless, do things so heartless, I myself slow down a few days to open, want to continue to be a friend, silently care about him, our wages are separate, buy and borrow for him is separate, Before the score borrowed 900 from me to give me 400 also owe me 500 he said several times at the end of the commission to me, did not intend to want, but for so long I have been together with him has not saved money, go to the hospital have spent how much, I at the end of the month he opened commission to find him, in fact, I have selfish also want to see him, I smile to find him, I intend him to give me the money I go, Not noisy, but he scolded me in front of so many colleagues, said to see me disgusting, no money and no money to me, I really angry, where he went with him, he scolded me quickly roll, I asked him Oda you now see me disgusting, when I slept with him how not disgusting, he will go, we are downstairs he still scolded me with language to stimulate me, my angry legs are soft, No way I said to find small Lin, he is afraid of us fighting, let small Lin to me, I saw him I was wronged, I took care of small Lin, know that we are together still when do not know, with oda make ambiguous and finally make us break up, finally small Lin also talk to me, I thought I was in the past, Found that my heart will still hurt in yesterday January 3, my period has not come, normal character at the end of December, I was afraid, I bought a test paper to try it at home, I was honored to win, I do not believe and try again, the same result, I also do not understand why the plot of the TV series appeared in me, I called Oda to tell him I was pregnant, There are more than 35 days, he began to ask who, is it his, we have a good 13 days, 35 days ago we are still renting a house together, he told me that he has no money, also can not manage, I said that you, really is your, he said that you were born, born is his he admitted that he is responsible, or let me go to fight, and then wait for him to have money, how much to give me a report, But before cutting the wrist to eat the medicine there are a lot of doctors said to play those medicine children can not, I told him that it is really your child, he said he and Lin together today let me wait for his phone, I know he is dragging, also know that Lin tube his strict, at night friends showed me Xiao Tian and Lin to see the movie circle of friends, my heart is like a knife stabbed, Am I worthless to him? It’s a big deal. I’m pregnant. I’m having his baby. I hate ah, what I do is not good, I wholeheartedly treat him, treat him like a husband after marriage, with me, he almost didn’t wash any clothes, even drink water and take medicine are fed to him in front of me, what I do is not good, I can accept that the two people do not break up emotionally, but I can not accept why they have been together for eight months every day, breaking up so unfeeling, So cruel to me, even if it is a friend he will not do so, I once because I know him very well. But now I find that I don’t understand him at all. He looked first and finally found that there was no problem. Blame someone. Even if you didn’t know it was gonna happen. You have 48 hours to take your meds. Your signature is good, I’d like to hear it in person! Leave contact information, ha ha novel, wrong words too many children take off, live again, who does not meet a few cheating men play with women’s feelings, want to open. In the future, it is important to be better than him to look for me, I am responsible for your collection of broken shoes to see which side of the copy now think about it, a worthless marriage certificate, in fact, is quite important, of course, also like a guarantee of the same feeling

First meal of school, still swallow it?

A multi-purpose broom. I sweep the floor, I scrub the tables, I scrub the POTS. If not, do you know that this is a sun kitchen for students? The sun is shining, and the surveillance head under the wind, seems to be used to. On the Internet, I have seen rat heads and duck necks, and I have seen fish with maggots, and I always feel that this kind of food hygiene is still far from us. Shanghai schools are strictly controlled. Never thought ah, the world crows are generally black, and the canteen world also has “a Qiu river” and “if Gou Ying”. Parents in Shanghai are really honest. Dare not speak in anger. Even if there is a video with screenshots, but the hostages are still in their hands, the sniper can only hold the gun and rage, look up, cry to the sky ah… Staff canteens should be abolished, teachers and principals should eat together, and parents should take turns to accompany dinner every week. Supervise food safety in campus canteens together. It used to be a matter of conscience to cook for children. It’s up to the kitchen staff to be self-aware. It’s all right now. Had to “stare like a bell”. Shanghai University has called on relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive inspection of school canteens to ensure the food safety of students. At the same time, I also hope that the school can face up to the problem and actively rectify. A modified version. The image was mosaicked. No Internet bullying, no human flesh. The punishment should be punished, the change. The appeal of parents is very simple, let the child eat a peace of mind meal. Oh, did you receive a phone call asking you to delete this article? The Education Bureau and relevant departments should check the food of Shanghai Lincheng School is really like food.

Thank you for your concern and supervision of the food safety of teachers and students in our school. At around 10:45 this afternoon, an employee of our school canteen had an illegal operation (cleaning the stove and cleaning the pot with a sweeping broom). After receiving the response, the market supervision Administration and the Education Bureau went to the school site for the first time to verify the existence of the facts; Schools are required to immediately carry out a comprehensive canteen health hazards investigation and rectification. The market supervision bureau also carried out a sampling inspection of the canteen system construction, facilities and equipment, and food samples retained on the day. At noon on the same day, the school dismissed the staff involved; Initiate accountability for school leaders. In the afternoon, the school held a parent representative meeting to apologize to the majority of parents and promised to immediately carry out a comprehensive rectification of the hidden health hazards in the cafeteria. The school will further promote the working mechanism of “daily control, weekly investigation and monthly scheduling” to ensure that such incidents do not occur again and to ensure the safety of students’ tongues. Parents are welcome to continue to supervise, if you find all kinds of violations, please timely report to the school or education department, market supervision department. Shanghai No. 1 Primary School on September 4, 2023 is to have a good inspection is to have a good inspection and strict inspection, please the school to announce a follow-up series of substantive measures to the parents of students, rather than a simple punishment and official reply. The point is that it doesn’t happen again. When will the children be able to eat a “peace of mind meal”? Can you refer to the “ask politics” form to a “face to face” honesty, to give children and parents a frank reply!

Exposure of Shanghai black enterprise: Shanghai Dinghai District Tianyi nursing home. How can such a unit in Shanghai be expelled without cause?! Pay cut for no reason to transfer posts, framed employees work mistakes to employees to lose money without a word to fire employees, everyone to evaluate. Have you done everything, I am still in the protracted war, this unit is absolutely, get out of Shanghai, my situation says they have not yet given a reply, delay and delay, the false testimony provided in court I will not let it go, Shanghai said well, everyone can see to you deal with it, I can’t think of a step faster you sent up, I haven’t finished dealing with their false testimony in court. Old people often call me to say that the food is not good, the food is very bad. How much money does this nursing home pay? I know that the internal management of this company, this nursing home is in chaos… The care of the elderly is not very good, and the food is very poor. へ?) No one wants… A unit nursing home in vain, the people fooled into finishing the job () ︿) There are such nursing homes ah passing by to see

Shanghai Islands, known as the “city of Thousand Islands”, has thousands of islands and reefs, tens of thousands of place names of native, simple, popular… These place names all record the history of the ancestors’ life and the changes of the islands and reefs. Then, do you know the “story in the place names” of Shanghai? Today, along with Xiaobian along the river of history, the number of Shanghai Islands “highest big” place names first chair: “Changguo County” this place name was produced nearly a thousand years ago in the Northern Song Xining six years (1073). At that time, after the baptism of “Qingli New Deal” advocated by Fan Zhongyan and “Xining Reform” presided over by Wang Anshi, the Northern Song Dynasty implemented an unprecedented open policy and realized national wealth and military strength. The powerful trading fleet has established trade relations with North Korea and Japan in East Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and has direct influence on West Asia and Africa. In this context, Zhao Xu, Emperor of Song Shenzong, issued an edit in June of the sixth year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty to rebuild the county administration of Wengshan County, that is, Shanghai Islands. At that time, the Song Dynasty changed the previous concept of looking at the island “fairyland” simply from the perspective of supernatural culture, and viewed the location advantage of the island more from the perspective of reform and reform, and raised it to the height of national strategy related to the wealth of the country and the strength of the army. Therefore, Emperor Shenzong abandoned the name of the old Weng Mountain and gave the new county the name of “Changguo”. On the meaning of the name of Changguo County, the Yuan “Dado Changguo State Map” has a detailed interpretation: “Established county, named Changguo, meaning that it controls Japan in the east, Denglai in the north, Oumin in the south, Wuhui in the west, and the giant barrier in the sea is enough to Changzhuang national power.” After the restoration of Changguo County, in only 40 years, the population increased by more than 10 times compared with the initial establishment of Changguo County, and the economic and social development was rapid, becoming the most prosperous period in the ancient history of Shanghai. Since then, the Shanghai Islands have entered a new period closely related to the fate of the country and the rise and fall of the nation. The second chair: “Ziwei” Ziwei, also known as the North Star, known as “the Lord of the number of fights.” The ancients thought it was the “star of Kings”. In December of the third year of Jianyan in the Southern Song Dynasty (1130), a major event affecting the national situation once again occurred in Shanghai Islands. Emperor Zhao Gou was chased to Mingzhou by Jin Bing, except for the sea road, looking around the Jin Bing. In desperation, Zhao Gou and his party boarded the ship to Shanghai and took refuge in Tiantongpu, now Shuangqiao Street, for eight days. According to the folk legend, Zhao Gou had been helped by young village girls in the local area, so later issued a decree that all Shanghai women, regardless of rich or poor, could be married like royal women, wearing a phoenix crown, Xia Pei, spreading red felt, sitting on a bridal sedan, holding palace lamps, blowing and celebrating for three days. As a result, the Shanghai Islands formed the “newlywed woman three days king” custom. Photo Source: The third chair of Dinghai Cultural Tourism: “Dinghaishan” after the three times of the Ming and Qing dynasties, since the revival of the Song Dynasty Shanghai Islands once again abandoned and withered. In the reign of Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi appeased the coast and pacified the sea border, so he decided to redevelop the Shanghai Islands.

In the 26th year of Kangxi’s reign (1687) in May, Emperor Kangxi in Shanghai Town General Huang Dalai proposed to set up a county administration in the Shanghai Islands in the letter: “The mountain is called a boat, it is moving and not quiet”, then took the meaning of “Haibo Yongding”, and changed “Shanghai” to “Dinghai Mountain”, awarded the Chen Han, the title of “Dinghai Mountain” plaque. In the 27th year of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty approved the establishment of Dinghai County administration in Shanghai Islands. At the same time, in order to avoid the repetition of the name, the original Dinghai County in Ningbo was also renamed Zhenhai County. The three characters of “Dinghai Mountain” inscribed by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty were later enshrined in the “Imperial Library” (now Dinghai No. 1 Middle School). However, because the royal library was destroyed in a special era, today’s “Dinghaishan” plaque is a replica. I can’t believe that these familiar place names come from so many places! The long river of history has left a precious imprint of the island ancient village. Looking at these “place names”, it seems that they can talk to the ancients across time and space! What other “top” place names do you know? Share the story behind it ~ Source: Shanghai Civil affairs I only know that Dinghai Mountain long knowledge of the East pole of the name of the cow force, the earth has the North Pole, Shanghai has the East Pole to see our six horizontal first chair I am assured that long knowledge users are banned, the theme automatically shield! Not in Putuo? Yeah, yeah