Hodgepodge 158th season There will be a rare “annular eclipse” next month!

Natsumi Hayashi, a young Japanese photographer, has been taking floating selfies for more than a year, and her work has become a favorite among photography fans. Here’s a look at her latest floating collection. The photographer walks around Tokyo, sets up pictures in ordinary locations, manually sets the focal length and shutter time, and then quickly runs to the appropriate position in front of the camera, jumps in the air, and poses. Sometimes she has to try many times in a row to get the best timing. Pineapple Science Award: Counting money helps relieve pain @Pineapple Science Award First Award, Psychology Award: To @Professor of Psychology, Sun Yat-sen University @Xinyue Zhou _ Department of Psychology, CUHK.” Counting money helps relieve pain.” The Pineapple Science Prize Chemistry Prize, winner Huang Wen, for his research project on how to make pot chicken soup taste better. Pineapple Me Award: Zhejiang University Water dispenser lady. Write a strong pen for the international cute history. @Li Miao on Weibo: Pineapple Science Award U Award to Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry protest canteen price increase incident. By weighing lunch boxes and food components, they concluded that the canteen was raising prices in disguise. Two fake monks were caught! Do you still remember the “monk brothers” who wore monk robes a few days ago, ate meat and drank alcohol with women in their arms in the Beijing subway, and opened a room in a star-rated hotel, causing extremely bad effects? Today, the two went to Fayuan Temple to pretend to be ghosts and continue to hype, although they hid in the toilet for a while, they were still caught by monks, lay people, and the police who came later, and were taken away by the police. A pregnant woman gave birth while using the toilet in Beijing, and the baby was washed away. Firefighters broke the urinal to rescue the baby, and the mother was taken to hospital for treatment. On April 7, a picture accompanied by the text “Wuhan University of Technology caught a thief in the East courtyard” sparked heated debate on Weibo. The images show a middle-aged man lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and being trampled by a woman. In response, the lawyer said that this is a reasonable uniform behavior, there is no infringement. On June 3, 1965, astronaut Ed White made history by becoming the first American to walk in space. That day, he stepped out of the “Gemini 4” spacecraft and carried out a spacewalk at an altitude of 286 kilometers above the ground, the whole process lasted 23 minutes. A rare video describing the history has been uploaded to YouTube, leaving netizens shocked. Google Glass has been developed to allow users to use voice control to access the Internet, according to the Daily Mail, one of the founders of Google. # 8226; Brin was spotted wearing Google Glass on Thursday while attending a charity event. Google Glass is topped with a voice-activated and head-turning micro-display that allows wearers to easily surf the web, video chat, update blogs and more. But it’s not clear when Glass will be available on the market. According to the Japan News website, a research team at Keio University in Japan has developed a device “POCHUTER” that can kiss poster characters. POCHUTER can sense the distance between the screen and the user, and change the expression of the characters on the screen according to the change of distance. When the user wants to kiss the character on the screen, the other person will change their expression accordingly. There are also these functions: close can smell the smell of shampoo, put a lemon flavor film on the lips, you can have taste enjoyment, people on the screen will say like you. Every year on the anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek’s death or birthday, there is a guest who comes to the Taxi Cihu audience, always cause a stir, he is the “copycat Chiang Kai-shek” Lidenko. Because his appearance is too similar to his own, many mainland tourists’ first words when they see him are: “Chairman hello”. Here he is in Cihu on April 6 this year. There is an anecdote that the North Korean Amama Ni, supervising pedestrians with revolutionary eyes, found the new trend of struggle, rushed up and stopped the past woman to shout: Comrade, can you wear pants as a woman? Why can’t North Korean women wear pants? Because Kim Jong Il said: Pants are for men… But North Korean female soldiers, they have to wear pants, or they’ll embarrass themselves. China used to be like this, and the Chinese who dressed fashionably in the past were dismissed as bourgeois liberalization. North Korean women are now allowed to wear proper pants, but there are three types of pants: “Trousers that cling to a woman’s lower body, bell-bottoms and short shorts are not styles we promote.” Women wearing pants in Rason Special District, “Civic Training Booklet” 1 during the Republic of China. Keep an eye out for new things. 2. Don’t touch other people’s things without permission. 3. Don’t borrow things from others easily. 4. Don’t borrow money from others. 5. Avoid danger quickly. 6, others in danger, immediately rescue. 7. When others ask for advice, answer them earnestly. 8. Speak softly and kindly. 9. Be kind to others. Don’t ask others to do what you don’t want to do. :

  1. Anything that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, or holds you back, get rid of it. 2. If anything is just taking up space and not contributing positively to your life, get rid of it. 3. If you want to lose or keep anything, you will spend a long time weighing the pros and cons, or worrying about what is wrong, then throw it away. The girl in scenery village always thought that happiness was far away and could be pursued in the future. Later found that those who hugged, held the hand, sang the song, the tears, loved the people, the so-called once, is happiness. In countless nights, the words I have said, the calls I have made, the people I have missed, the tears I have shed… Seen or unseen moved, we have passed, and then in the shuttle of time, everything becomes eternal! Downstairs, the children are singing happily: a xiu brother cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken cut chicken ~ cut chicken, aunt wash stupid donkey… A portrait of Marilyn Monroe made from lip prints. Art can do anything! Do you remember what subject you did best on the Sats? Pay is like your period. Once A month, about a week without stupid NaNa this can meet a rival in Hokkaido, Japan’s Doraemon tram, like children’s shoes please raise your hand! Ice Cream Buffet ~ Your choice! Bright blind my eyes ah this summer fashion indicators: Qi force small skirt, Qi Mi small vest, raised point small sling, breast nipple clip! People always do… Soap crusher, no longer have to worry about slipping and dropping. This throw pillow is so funny. What the Titanic tells us is that when a loser gets rich, he dies. Rice, I want also; Thin, also I want also. You can’t have both. I can’t… When I saw this, I immediately laughed and sprayed the name of a jewelry store. How much love is like this – the beginning of the story: “I will give you happiness.” The end of the story: “I wish you happiness.” With nowhere to go, the target is right behind you. The subject the photographers were trying to find was strolling behind them. The deer probably felt pleased with himself. “You ignorant humans.” Strong tea solution spirits, light tea nourishing spirit, flower tea and stomach, green tea filter heart dust, the virtue of tea; Oolong Dahongpao, Huangshan pigment Maofeng, south born Tieguanyin, north long Qishan cloud, east Longjing green, west more yellow inlaid forest, tea is also born; Tea products are six colors, sweet Ren thousand evaluation, drink can solve dryness, slow products can entertain, the interest of tea also insists on ≠ waiting. Many entrepreneurs think that they have a grand vision, the market is large, as long as the persistence will eventually succeed, but countless people fail in this “persistence”. Entrepreneurial goals must be: 1. Specific 2. Phased 3. Quantifiable. Did you close the client today? Did you close the investment today? Did you make any money today? If the answer is “yes”, please continue to persevere, otherwise ask yourself how much longer can you wait? While we are still young, take a few more steps, enjoy the scenery along the way, do not rush to reach the destination and miss the warm people and things in the fleeting years; While we are still young, say more romantic words, do more childish things, don’t think people joke missed the most beautiful moments and occasions in life; While we are still young, shorten the distance and extend the time. While we are still young, do more of whatever we want to do. The end of the party, the female secretary drove, met the traffic police to check drunk driving, the female secretary blew the test to show drinking, the female secretary firmly denied, blood test no alcohol content. The police are wondering, the leader suddenly said: not just a kiss on the mouth, what is the fuss? The traffic police had to let it go. No matter what happens, don’t hide it, it is very important to disclose the truth at the first time.
    Have always thought that they are husband and wife ah [Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother is what is the relationship] Jade Emperor and the West queen mother is not husband and wife relationship, the West Queen mother is a combination of innate Yin qi, is the head of all female fairies, in charge of the Kunlun fairy Island. The first of all male immortals is the East Maharaja, which is in charge of Penglai Island. And the Jade Emperor is the head of the immortals, the Lord of the gods. The appearance of the West Queen Mother is earlier than the Jade Emperor, so they are not husband and wife. After the big pants, there are big pants, “the gate of the East” is said to be in Suzhou. Trust is like the feeling of a one-year-old child, when you throw him into the sky, he will smile, because he knows you will catch him, this is trust. Whom know – – – – – – – – dating — – > date — – frustration – difficult – sweet – – – – love – – touching passion – and parents – – – – – – habit — – > children — – money – – trouble — – > 10 years — – twenty years — – 30 years — – forty years — – > 50 years — – wrinkles – – aging — – depression – – but with you… This life is enough. Yao Ming T-shirt! This is so cool! ~ The things that make you sad, one day, you will smile and say it. —— The Shawshank Redemption has a rare annular solar eclipse next month! Have you ever seen the sun with only one ring? On May 21 this year, China will have an annular eclipse of the sun, and most places can enjoy the annular (partial) eclipse. You can also enjoy the wonders of the sun “coming out with an eclipse”. The next large-scale observable solar eclipse in China will not occur until 2016. The annular eclipse began at about 6:07 a.m. Look forward to it! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! This shit is chocolate!! Last year, a quarter of the city’s population was aged 60 or older, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, and the proportion of elderly people in Shanghai is 1.7 times the national average. The biggest lie in the world is: “Lend me a napkin,” said that it was borrowed, in fact, no one has returned… This guy’s really not your average bum… Top 10 Chinese pasta dishes (1) Shanxi sliced noodles; (2) Sichuan’s burning noodles; (3) Fried sauce noodles in Beijing; (4) Lanzhou pulled noodles; (5) Shaanxi minced noodles; (6) Yifu noodles in Shandong Province; (7) Henan mutton stewed noodles; (8) Hot and dry noodles in Wuhan; (9) Fuzhou mixed noodles; (10) Suzhou noodles. Yamdrok Lake – Sacred Lake in Tibet. The largest inland lake in the northern foot of the Himalayas, the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the crown of southern Tibet. The helplessness of life lies in always expecting others with good ideas, but always meeting evil people without bottom line. How big does a university really have to be? Daaaaaa! The girl who lives in three dormitories rejects the courtship of the boy who lives in five dormitories, because she can’t accept long-distance love… Man: “I… What’s yours?” Woman: “You are my Anerle!” Man: “Oh, so I’m just a sanitary napkin?” Woman: “So I can put you between my thighs.” Foreign woman library poo, quality really NM high in fact, I want to throw up a little girl, what are you doing so skillful, born because of water, beautiful because of water, happy because of water, this is the water city Venice, the only city in the world without cars. by: CubaGallery (group photo) New Weekly: “April is the cruelest month, the barren land/lilacs grow, memories and desires/mixed together, and let the spring rain/urged those slow roots.” / Winter keeps us warm, and the earth/gives a little life to the forgotten snow-covered, also called/withered bulb.
    Summer comes unexpectedly, and when it showers…” “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot, translated by Zhao Luorui. Picture shows the works of Eliot Erwitt. Appropriate sadness can show the depth of feelings, but excessive sadness can prove the lack of wisdom. No matter where you are in the workplace, if you want to be able to network and control the rain after three years, you must start from now on to lay out the next bureau: improve the inner world, strengthen your own energy, and master the law of getting along with people! Layout determines the pattern, the pattern determines the outcome. The most important investment in life is to know yourself and choose the right direction! In the shortest time, with the most right way, do the most right thing, get the best result. ‘I’d rather send him to England. I don’t expect him to go to Oxford or Cambridge, I just want him to go back to the way I was when I was a kid – walking to and from school by himself, walking a few blocks to school, not being afraid to meet strangers, not having parents to pick him up, not having so many cars on the road, cars knowing to avoid pedestrians, not having to give gifts to the teacher and kiss his ass. Mrs. Liu said. 652 Cover “Reasons to emigrate” When you are young, you are afraid that someone will say that you are disappointed. In fact, when you look at who he is, he is different from you. Second, see what he expects, he is just afraid that you go better and turn a blind eye. Wang Meng said: “Those who passionately ask you to operate according to their expectations, can you not let them down again and again? That’s how their brains are sculpted, shaped, solidified and strengthened, so what do you do?” Don’t take things seriously, get down to business. People should live the truth, living under the mask of the unreal soul, after all, is the fear and sorrow with tears and smiles. Real people are the strongest people. Tiago Ribeiro is ready to start shooting a new film, and the title is already in mind: There will be Diaosi to Love You for Me. “I’m pregnant, can you stay?” “No, I want to go far away and pursue my dreams.” “Can you stay and be a father?” “No, a diaosi will be my father.” “Then get me an iPhone.” “A diaosi will take you for me.”
    Love can be very simple, that is, I want to be with you, you want to be with me. Love can be very complicated, I want to be with you, you want to be with me; But we just can’t be together. Want a simple love, sunrise, sunset; Enjoy every morning sunshine, breeze, rain and dew, dusk together. The truly beautiful scenery does not need to stay in the memory; When you feel happy, no matter what kind of scenery you see, it is beautiful, even if it is lonely, it will not be lonely; Let love stand the time, and the hand in hand and happiness in the ordinary light are the most precious. The so-called happiness, there is never an accurate and eternal answer; Gold basin silver spoon, Jinyi food people, not necessarily happy; Coarse clothes and shoes, humble people, not necessarily unfortunate; A flower, a drop of water in this world, can become the source of happiness; Happiness has nothing to do with rich or poor

Less than a year to carry out 8 special actions Shanghai strictly prevent alcohol-related traffic violations rebound

The reporter recently learned from the traffic police Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau that at the same time as the normalization of drunk driving regulation, the city has carried out eight special rectification efforts this year, investigated and dealt with 4,300 alcohol-related traffic violations, and strictly prevented the rebound of alcohol-related traffic violations. At more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening on September 28, Cixi traffic police Candun squadron received a public alarm, saying that a car collided with an electric bicycle at the intersection of the local Hu Chong Highway and Zhu Dun Road, and the rider was hit, while the vehicle fled the scene. “An hour after the accident, we found the vehicle with the person still inside. We took him to the hospital for a blood test and found he was drunk driving.” Traffic police on duty told reporters that the perpetrator surnamed Gao, hit the electric bicycle, Gao felt dizzy, on their own to run. Gao has been detained on suspicion of dangerous driving. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the traffic police and other police have strengthened the linkage and cooperation, adhered to the normal alcohol driving regulation, and effectively curbed the rebound of such illegal behavior. The traffic police department also analyzed the data investigated and found that according to the time period, drunk driving was mainly concentrated from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., accounting for more than 40%. From the perspective of the age of drunk-driving offenders, the proportion of “post-80s” is the largest, followed by “post-70s”, and “post-00s” account for about 1%. (Source: Reporter Wang Xiaofeng correspondent Zhou Jin Hu Zhidong) The problem is to have a car, otherwise how can it be drunk driving?
How to pick it along the reed to the middle of the river? I went to get a bamboo pole to hook it up, OK, Karma actually the bottom of the river has turned over the sky, can walk the bold unruly people, dare to tease friends in broad daylight
The company issued the appointment letter a few days ago, the general manager (is the branch general manager) of the junior third position has been upgraded. N had an affair with another general manager at another branch before being kicked out by the general manager’s wife. Foreign women are good at it. Do not say the name of the company, do not go on the photo, say you paralyzed to say, do not understand the rules of a little revelation this is the rhythm of envy envy hate? Lord, I suggest that you add a “this” in front of “foreign women”, so that it becomes “in addition to the woman’s kung fu is very good”, so more rigorous. The main floor master kung fu is not good enough to have to vent on the forum should be taught by your Chinese PE teacher. The small three original in the company’s first branch, to the branch president to do the small three was driven out of the boss’s wife, and now in the second second company to the branch president to do the small three in exchange for promotion, the Lord envious you have what use. Being young and beautiful is the cost. Yellow face woman either outstanding ability, or can only stand on the side of the ability to rise you issued is not envy envy hate? Small three have seen ugly also have, mainly or kung fu is good, cheap enough on the first floor and second floor: I do not have any envy envy hate oh! What company can you tell us? This woman’s bed is always people come and go, so busy about a laugh after dinner, do not have to find out. Yeah, that way it doesn’t knock out a bunch of people. What is the use of envy. Do you want to find that woman? Everyone wants to be on top, but their strength is not enough what company? A big company? General manager beautiful
The Grand Court of thousands of centuries! The worst is not worse than the green City, the sound of the upstairs west bubble is clean and refreshing! Is there a Luftwaffe? You can hear the snoring upstairs. Isn’t the Century Court house almost a no1? Jindi Lanyue is the worst live rich lane drift past ha dont want the original price back out Ken, have the ability dont mentality must be absolutely good? Before 1949 (the founding of the Communist Party of China), one of the marshals, Lin Biao, must have a noise before going to bed, and the sound of gunfire (killing sound dark) can be sleepy. Normal. Is the front row loud? No front row loud. The floor insulation is too poor. It’s so bad… The houses in the community are the same, or villa sleep sweet! All the same at night, the sound of the Wucaicheng can be heard, too close to our upstairs two children next door two children downstairs training class tonight you are recording, send a comparison, the worst sound insulation cast-in-place concrete is too thin, in fact, you can hear the footsteps of the upstairs and the moving sound of tables, chairs and benches. The white things in the community, suona firecrackers get a headache at 12 o ‘clock in the night, Buddhist do zhai, make stinky tofu smelly winter melon, belt fish, dried vegetables, play osmanthus, four or five in the morning put square dance, load coal stove, burn garbage this whole building down, Yuyao seems to have no good soundproof community
On the 13th of this month, Shaoxing released a heavy news that 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! All 178 tall buildings in the old city will be demolished and flattened! In the news mentioned: in the ancient city of Shaoxing 9.09 square kilometers of land, Shaoxing building, Zhenyuan Hall, Dynasty Hotel and other buildings have been completed or will begin to dismantle in the future there will be 178 high-rise buildings have been gradually dismantled so many, can sell a lot of money… Tear down and build, build and tear down enterprising 178 is how high building ah, tear down and build things out can be rich. Nonsense, no economic sense. There are too many new houses, demolishing old houses and digesting new ones. The houses in the old city of Shaoxing are basically not high, which blocks the plane channel. The demolition and construction Office has another job. Who benefits again

Simba forced the security guard to apologize to the fans

It is also a watch live to see the magic, say a bad word, pay attention to this kind of network anchor after dinner boring time a person to see the pastime, take it out to say things that you this person pattern is really low. Soil Longming this name is like a pet dog someone jealous he so fire want to take advantage of this matter to kill Simba just Simba who?? You said it was a stage jump, it was your concert, and Simba was in front of the hotel disrupting traffic, and the hotel was good for other guests… Wouldn’t it have been if he’d contracted the place instead of himself having a concert for his fans on the 18th and getting some news first, Simba don’t be too much of a hype man, just the Lion King Simba the Lion King? You got me, Ruben Wei?
Maotai many towns I have seen this page, but forget which APP to find open, the postage is very expensive oh is to earn your postage money Maotai town on the small winery production of one-time mixed wine, the cost of about 5 yuan a bottle, I have ordered such wine in Guizhou, the name, packaging and other styles as you decide (hundreds of boxes can be customized mixed), If the owner pays more than 50 yuan, there is no fun! You’re not who you are and you’re just a sidekick
All the suggestions in the article are good, and they are indeed suitable for the daughter’s study and life. But in reality, how many students are so conscious, independent and planned for learning like the owner’s daughter? Other people’s children are other people’s children. Grid on this pattern excellent good, grew up to be admitted to the civil service. Good good good family is more than 50 million happy! Then give it to me!! Sincere blessing
In NetEase news saw the “Shi Hai time college Entrance examination database”, 2018, 2019, but missing 2020, in Ningbo famous schools through the search, that three years are all, Ningbo counties and cities first-class high schools nearly three years into Zhejiang University statistics Yuyao top 100 into Zhejiang University, the top 200 985, the top 500 Ningbo University, Well, it is also very difficult to enter Ningbo University Cixi school so good, should go to buy Cixi school district house. Does Cixi Middle School have more students than Yuyao Middle School? The teaching quality of Yuyao Middle School was withdrawn
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “come on, come on, come on.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I want to say today: “Have to work overtime today!” I want to say today: “sign to save money kei!” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “Perseverance”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” .

Is there a girl willing to endure hardships and happiness with me?

I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108 Cixi, single, kung fu, Ningbo
I am engaged in early childhood education industry, work in the city, and get along with children every day. Basically is the home unit two point line, so life events also wasted down, I this year 25, height 158 weight 46, hope to find a good temper, has been ready to house (parents care about), income can support his wife, parents at home also get along with people. You can leave a short message. Because before also sent a post, about what, I think this is not very reliable don’t send me. 25 years old height 174 weight 130 more introverted no temper, the family are very simple, there is a new house, no bad habits, before more like to play games now not how to play. I am 83 years old, unmarried, in the health institution, graduate degree, may I know my college degree, correspondence undergraduate do not mind? Don’t mind, education is not so important, my QQ: 375958915 kindergarten teacher impression there will be a lot of enthusiastic parents to introduce objects ah 25 years old, undergraduate, height 180 weight 142 houses and cars QQ573004179 how to contact. Wechat chat 13858206972 about the intention to quickly add my QQ224575638090 only son, do not smoke do not drink do not gamble, have an independent marriage house, no bad habits are good high ah, on how I short 18 year old children can be self-cultivation is also a skill :-P24 passing by can fight about too small conditions good small
If you are the One, the public Lang Yi, contact information, interests, understand each other 12.jpg download attachment 2015-2-7 13:59 upload young man, good, come on, ha conditions are too good, where the conditions are good to their top to the world’s top 500 companies in the beauty is more will not find it… Is it too late to leave work at 5pm? What about those of us who stay up until 10 p.m. every night… Come on, the conditions are too good and good office romance will not have, too familiar! Where is it? What company is so late? TSK TSK, neighbors like you said there is no husband and wife in a company produced our company if you fall in love, get married, you must go to a neighbor, which is a Wanda 500 company girlfriend just grab a large number of it is the company married women, and do not allow office love
In fact, I have found that a series of requirements for friends are written clearly, even if these are met, the probability of success is still very small. Because we have to pay attention to the eye edge, but also to speak. So it’s hard. It also depends on whether you are handsome ~ not beautiful ~, how kung fu hurts does not hurt, will not take care of people, willing to spend money, what interests, cleanliness, faith, a few cases of previous history, bad habits, whether there is body odor, abortion history (female),…… And so on and so on is endless. When you find the perfect person in your heart, someone will be there long ago. If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be so many people left. Is the solution to the drop, continue to remain, Hao Hao makes sense how much male fairy, female turtle, can not believe what is called big fairy, turtle fairy eat turtle, turtle eat big fairy, fairy things, wonderful next personal resume to write ten pages, in line with each other, so the probability is a little bigger, haha… You’re still chatting on the Earth Bar forum

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival send festival send festival and send out ah no longer send dumplings to stink in

I male Yuyao native 89 years of their own business height 168 weight 60 although the Dragon Boat Festival to pass but I still hope this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival can go to your home with you have to write up the annual income
I am Yuyao Xiaodong, only child, rural house. I got married at the age of 26, because the woman was two years older than me, and it would take two years to get married. At the end of the year, an aunt introduced me, because if I didn’t get married at the end of the year, I would have to wait for two years, and the woman might consider having a baby earlier, so I got married quickly after knowing my former wife for more than a month. After marriage, I found that her character was too strong, and the two sides were inconsistent with each other, and with the deepening of the contradiction, I filed for divorce.
I am 170 height weight 110 catties, high school education, work private enterprise procurement, salary monthly 3500, daughter belongs to ex-wife. Because I’m a homebody, so I’m here. I don’t gamble or smoke or drink. There is a car divorce to the ex-wife, so in recent years will not buy a car, raising children is important. After divorce these two years I am running around, I also want to start a family, but no harvest, but make their own physical and mental exhaustion, it is too tired, looking for objects can not drag on, in the forum also read a lot of posts, some old Internet users said the forum in the marriage success rate is too low, there are a lot of unreliable, I think this is also a platform, Try to look for it is not impossible, in short, everything with it! Marriage is like Qian Zhongshu novel siege described in the same, the city want to come out, outside the city want to go in, although I recovered single, but I am ordinary people, still can not escape the common, the key is to find a suitable other half, so it is worth entering the siege again to live a married life!
In fact, there has been a lesson, the most hope to find an unmarried foreign woman, such as Anhui Jiangxi Fujian Hubei these places, grow good, anyway, is the province, not too far from Zhejiang on the line, young, local women difficult to get, age and older, flower head through, the day is not peaceful, the head is dead, of course, there are good, but a fall into the pit a wise, I also dare not take the risk, or a little worried, the first marriage I must find a local, I have learned, of course, the field or local or also to see people, I actually value the appearance of the body, although a poor boy, but for the happiness of the latter half of life, or find a like it! That’s what we’re looking for these years!
I am 83 years old, I grow a little young, many people meet for the first time, they say I look only twenty-seven or eight years old, I hope the other side is under 28 years old, because the ex-wife is two years older than me, there is a lesson, want to find a younger, give both sides some time to contact, if not appropriate can end early, and then find, Those older women are more anxious to get married, so I will appear very passive, because I am not anxious to get married and have children, I do not have any economic foundation now, just want to have a stable relationship first, when the time is ripe to consider having children, the main look is comfortable, engaged in legitimate work, long day shift. Wouldn’t mind having a brother or sister.
I think to find an object should be realistic, do not brag, to both sides willing to live together, province after marriage complain. I qq 2402250826, wechat me1180574, overtime remarks forum. Please ask the woman to carefully consider my above content, after careful consideration. In addition, I hope to be able to pass photos to each other to show sincerity, in addition, if some netizens do not like what I said, please do not sarcasm, hope that the mouth mercy, I grew up in a bad environment, understand the hardships of life, but also cherish each other, thousands of years to sleep together, I want to find a person I like, can share the joys and sorrows, each other! In addition, solemnly declare: added and do not speak, do not add, have met several, no sincerity and why add me, I said it is very clear, please carefully consider carefully and then add, do not take so much fun, I found that other men in the forum also encountered similar situations, do not forum women also have so many unreliable! Come on, high school education, physical and mental exhaustion, success rate, only child, looking for a partner this picture of the head is a big wish to find a predestined head is a big picture? I don’t think ah, OK, very normal ah local what is good, eel, turtle, bayberry, is female Ning Fu good, ha ha not more than 165 non is really dia scratch, west, like blowfly is really annoying, you didn’t see my lower body, but also eye, eye your head ah, Originally, the forum was very harmonious friendship environment was ruined by this kind of scum, and then the other woman also has eyes, want you to do a lot of things, height is not distance. I asked the woman height is almost OK, you are the second time to hurt me, I really can not stand it I am for the broad masses of the people. Why don’t you send a full picture. The whole person. Prove my eyes wrong. That’ll shut me up. Prove it with an actual photo. It’s the devil to put up a sticker for a fellow countryman or you are sweet and interesting
On the same day, the price difference is so much, what will you choose? One 77 yuan for half an hour is not a high-speed train. 57 points is the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed rail, the other is the current bullet train. The Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway officially opened on September 28. Time is not the same ah time is money, it is better to take more than 80 bullet trains, it is only half an hour apart from the price, what difference Quanzhou does not feel, the speed difference in 10MIN, the ticket price is more expensive time is money expensive time is money – curious about the convenience of this high-speed rail who, Xiamen and Fuzhou while living while working workers? High-speed rail 140 yuan high-speed train 84 yuan, the same to Fuzhou South Station, for people who are not in a hurry can be more than 56 yuan to play, take a network car. Why do high-speed trains. ???? The time is not the same as looking forward to the price of the people’s day to drive domestic demand out of the package, the recharge card 140 of this is Xiamen directly to Fuzhou, there is no stop in the middle. It’s like a bus station express. 77 that is the middle station with stops set bureau change snatch rail as if the ticket price of high-speed rail will be floating 6.40 open, 6.00 will be hit to the North station. The two lines are different, too. The time is short and the price is high. The time is long and the price is cheap. Think too much, 12306 will give you time to think about it, the second out of the ticket.

Will the second wave of infections peak in March-May? Two groups of people or most affected!

Over the Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic did not rebound significantly. With the emergence of Omicron variants CH.1.1, XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB, there is great concern about a possible second wave of infection. The topic “The second round of infections may peak in March to May” has also been trending recently. Why is the second round of infection peak predicted in March to May? Xing Mingyou, chief physician of the Infection Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, analyzed that from a virological point of view and an epidemiological point of view, the antibody level in the body after “Yangkang” will maintain a relatively high peak for 3 to 6 months, and the probability of re-infection in a short time is only 2%. However, the population base of our country is very large, starting from December last year, after another 3 to 6 months, our antibody levels slowly decline, at this time if there is a new virus mutation strain, we are highly likely to have clinical symptoms after re-infection, and there may still be a peak. Professor Xing predicted that the second wave of infections could peak in March to May, but this time the peak may not be felt by the public. Due to the difference in the time sequence of infection, coupled with the presence of a basic antibody level after our second infection, the number of people infected in the second round, the severity of infection symptoms, and the amplitude of time concentration will be much weaker than the first. Lu Mengji, a German Chinese virologist and professor of the Virus Research Institute of Essen University School of Medicine, also said in an interview with China News Weekly on February 1 that it is expected that from late March this year, with the decline of population immunity, the risk of population infection will increase, and the change in the epidemic will be very obvious in May and June, when it may face a second wave of impact. But whether the second wave comes in March or May or June depends on the emergence of a new strain with a very strong impact. 1. The elderly who are still recovering Lu Mengji said that now many infected elderly people are in the physical recovery period, and many people with poor physique are infected again, and the consequences may be very serious. At this stage, some people at high risk of immune deficiency who have not been infected may also face the impact of the next wave of epidemics. 2. Uninfected people The most affected by the current outbreak are the uninfected population, estimated at 15 to 20 percent. Compared with the previous situation where the whole population was susceptible, the degree of impact has been reduced, but given the population base in China, the size of the population involved is still very large. What can we do? Everyone should be the first person responsible for their own health, maintain social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits, which can largely prevent infections and secondary infections. 1. Maintain the habit of wearing masks Professor Xing Mingyou reminded that, especially in crowded public places, it is necessary to standardize the wearing of masks. It is enough for ordinary people to wear medical surgical masks during regular travel. In some high-risk positions and environments, the probability of infection increases and N95 masks are needed. 2. Priority vaccination for the third group Professor Xing Mingyou said that because the antibodies produced after the first infection have disappeared six months after “Yangkang”, it is very necessary to reseed and strengthen the vaccine. Vaccination can delay the time of infection, or reduce the probability of infection. Three groups of people are recommended to give priority to vaccination: first, engaged in high-risk positions such as doctors, couriers; 2. Elderly patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, tumors, or those who have undergone dialysis transplantation; Third, in the first infection appeared in the performance of pneumonia, the symptoms of more severe hospitalized people, in the first “Yangkang” after 6 months must be vaccinated to strengthen the vaccine. Source: People’s Daily Science Popularization, Health Times, Hubei release, healthy Hubei, Youth Hebei — ☆ — Horses run and dance according to dance. — ☆ — What about the first round? Experts are thinking about ways to make money — – brick house – do – being is beautiful — – have read – do – being is now no one wearing a mask – do – oh oh – can – it doesn’t matter – do – being is letter? ☆ – Impossible to defend! — ☆ — The main high school entrance examination children Oh, in case of exam when sick how poor. ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Can we not send this news? Boring, you – ☆ – really want to pay attention – ☆ – brick said the Spring Festival second round of infection peak? ☆ — or to prevent the main — ☆ — Chinese experts is a derogatory term — ☆ — ☆ — expert brick is too terrible — ☆ — even a weather forecast is not accurate, but also engage in these difficult, don’t be ashamed
How much is the entrance fee for the bronze statue? Does any great God know? Please reply, thank you – ☆ – no money free – ☆ – I went in 2018, when I did not need tickets, drive to, only charged 10 yuan parking fee. Mind you, the shift ends at 4:00 p.m. – ☆ – Thank you – ☆ – Happy New Year! – ☆ – This free visit – ☆ – local ID card buy 30 – ☆ – no money – ☆ – free entry to the park, but the Hong Wish hall charges, which is to visit the history of Buddhism, sell arts and crafts, decorate the magnificent, landscape car usually 30 per person back and forth, walk up and back for more than an hour, see the scenery is very good, parking fee 10 yuan, 4.30 PM forbidden to enter the park. — ☆ — Free — ☆ — Free — ☆ yesterday asked 39 — ☆ — Go play — ☆ — no money — ☆ — Free tickets, go inside the Buddhist hall to buy tickets — ☆ — free parking ten dollars went to n trip — ☆ — Parking outside the factory there are many parking Spaces, so parking fees also sound — ☆ — free I still 14 years to go, outsiders 150, Local 30, now do not have tickets — ☆ — do not need tickets just go to Hong Yuan Tang to collect 30 yuan, the rest is the parking lot to collect parking fees — ☆ — several years ago it was free. — Free outside — — I don’t know — — No money — — Free
On the morning of February 11, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and Science and Technology Museum launched a brand activity of tomorrow’s Little Scientist: “Light and Eyes” popular science class in the lecture hall on the fifth floor. Ms. Xia Xuelian from Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Sports is invited to give a lecture. First of all, Teacher Xia explained the use of light for everyone, through the PPT display of the sun, the moon, lights, fireflies and other luminous objects, science what is the light source. Then with the help of spotlights, sunlight, etc., let the students understand that light travels in a straight line in a uniform medium, and can not pass through opaque objects; By showing shadows, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, etc., we can understand the phenomenon of light traveling in a straight line. Through the phenomenon of first seeing lightning and then hearing thunder, we explained the speed of light, and let the students understand that light travels fastest in vacuum; By seeing objects that do not emit light with our eyes, we have learned about the reflection of light. Finally, the teacher explained the eye to you, so that you understand the structure of the eye, convex lens imaging law and its application. And explained to the students the correct way to protect the eyes in daily life. The students listened carefully, actively answered the teacher’s questions, and took notes. By carrying out such activities, the aim is to further cultivate young students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, and improve their ability to explore science independently. – ☆ – Read – ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Good – ☆ – Thumbs up! – ☆ – Thumbs up – ☆ – Good

318 back and forth Jiuhuashan and Chizhou city, too uncomfortable, all the way dark

During the Chinese New Year, 318 round trip Jiuhuashan and Shenzhen city, driving too uncomfortable at night, all the way dark, outsiders say Shenzhen road public service is too bad, the toll station on the podium to collect 10 yuan, the money out of the ah, national highway standards, actually all the way street lights black, civilized city first this point can not pass, hope the relevant departments pay attention to it. ☆ – Yes, I can’t see the road clearly – ☆ – The eyes of the headlights on the way – ☆ – A year charges so much, where does the money go? The last time someone responded, the government responded quickly, and then nothing happened. People who cross the road at night are afraid to cross the road. Night vision is not good, to the side only to see a person, the driver quickly brake, if there is an accident in the case of street lights can be avoided. ☆ – Soon to install street lights, and so on – ☆ – and so on the heat of the storm passed again – ☆ – One night back to the city in the road Sun that intersection, a car with headlights to come over to scare the labor and capital, 318 night is really too dark, rainy day on the road sign line is also vague to see a point is not clear – ☆ – I do not know this year may be arranged? Qingyang’s are done — ☆ — there were street lights before, and then the quality of street lights was not good, it was dismantled, and the result was gone — ☆ — Don’t worry, is preparing — ☆ — The province — ☆ — Jiuhua Mountain here at night but there are street lights — ☆ — Qingyang’s street lights are installed at the junction of Five rivers and your pond — ☆ — Support the building — ☆ — Hope to light up, convenient for the people, Also enhance the image of the city – ☆ – On the night of the fifteenth day of the first month from Qingyang back to GUI Chi, to Jiuzishan Public School, all the street lights are bright. ☆ – no money to pay electricity – ☆ – there will be – ☆ – when can install street lights Shenzhen traffic worst. Many places don’t have streetlights. The roads are not easy — ☆ — they used to be — ☆ — It’s a problem — ☆ — 318 It’s hard to walk at night. It would be a lot better if we could install a little reflective road tack on the roadside and in the middle of the road. – – Safety hazard. – – Got it! The lotus lamp has been removed for more than ten years, and now the Qingyang section has installed a high-pole street lamp, and the black paint of the Guichi section is black — ☆ — it is not good to open at night, and there is no isolated lawn in the middle. Can not see the road ahead by the opposite distant light! Yes, you reminded me and there was no response! — Drive slowly at night — — The most hateful thing on the way is the high beam of the big truck. — ☆ — Let alone the street lights, the toll station speed bumps are broken for a long time with concrete. — ☆ — Shenzhen’s street lights are spent in the urban area. — ☆ — Qingyang to Wuxi to Jiuhuashan road have street lights, and now it is much better to drive at night. — This is still the road built by Fang Xiping, objective evaluation, he did something in Shenzhen. Including Jiuhuashan Avenue was also built at that time, Qingxi River scenic belt was also built at that time. ☆ – It is dark at night, there are many big trucks, headlights can not see clearly – ☆ – There should be – ☆ – There is money to eat and drink how good – ☆ – If there is an installation plan to have quality installation after installation it is recommended to pave the road effect is good otherwise it is not a waste of taxpayers’ money for the driver. And do not open 318 state road broken ridge location often see the retrograde – ☆ – do not know
On February 1, Anhui Provincial Meteorological Observatory released “Meteorological Information Special Report”, data show that since January, the average temperature of the province is higher than the same period of the year, the temperature fluctuations are large, and the amount of rain and snow is less. It is expected that the next ten days in the province more rainy weather, local sleet or light snow. It is predicted that the average temperature of the whole province in February is higher than usual, and the rain and snow amount in the north of the Huai River is more than usual, and the south of the Huai River is less than usual. Since January, the average temperature in the province is 1.3 ° C higher than that in the same period of the year (2.9 ° C), and the temperature fluctuates greatly. Among them, the maximum temperature of 55 counties (cities) along the Huai River and south of the Huai River on January 8 exceeded 20 ° C, of which 11 counties (cities) broke the historical January extreme value, the highest Lu ‘an 24.2 ° C. On January 13-15 and 23-25, there were two cold wave weather processes in the province. In January, the average amount of rain and snow in the province was 30% less. The average rain and snow in the province is 36 mm, which is 30% less than the same period of the year (50 mm), of which between the Jianghuai River, along the river and the eastern part of the Jiangnan River is less than 3-8%, and most of the Huaibei River is more than 5-70%. Rain and snow mainly appeared on January 13-15 and 22-24, with heavy rain in Yixian (62.2 mm), Qimen (57.5 mm) and Tunxi (50.4 mm) on January 13. In the past week, the province was mainly sunny, and the temperature has risen significantly since January 28. On January 31, the highest temperature in the Huaibei area was 17 ~ 20℃, the south of the Huaihe River was generally 20 ~ 22℃, and the highest was 24.3℃ in Shitai. According to the climate forecast in February and the weather forecast data for the next ten days, the rainfall and snow in the north of the Huaihe River in February is more than that in the normal year (21-40 mm), and the south of the Huaihe River is less than that in the normal year (40-116 mm). The next ten days, Anhui more rainy weather. Among them, there was sleet or light snow in the north between Jianghuai and Huaihe on February 2 and in the mountains along the north of Huaihe and Huaihe on February 8. The rainy days are 2 ~ 3 days in the Huaibei area and 7 ~ 8 days in the south of the Huaihe River. The rainfall in Huaibei area is 2 ~ 5% more than that in normal years. The south of Huaihe River is 5 ~ 90% more than usual, and the local area is more than 1 times. In terms of temperature, it is expected that the average temperature of the province in February is 0.5 ~ 1.0℃ higher than that of the usual year (3.4 ~ 5.0℃ along the Huai River North, 5.0 ~ 7.0℃ south of the Huai River). In early February, the temperature was obviously 1 ~ 2℃ higher; In the middle and late months, the temperature is about 0.5℃ higher. On February 1-2, under the influence of cold air, the average temperature of the province will drop by 5 ~ 7 ° C from north to south, while the average wind will increase to about 4, and the gust will be 7. From March 3 to 6, the temperature in the province rose slowly; There is also a cold air on 7-8, and the average temperature in the province will drop by 4 to 6 ° C. In the coming week, the city is cloudy and rainy weather, including light rain or sleet from the evening of February 2 to the night, and rain around the 5th and 8th. It is expected that in the next week, the precipitation of the city is more than usual. The meteorological department warned that the cold air process on February 1-2 has adverse effects on agricultural production, energy supply and human health. The rainy weather in Anhui from 2 to 9 has an adverse effect on the Spring Festival traffic. In the cold air interval, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are poor, and haze weather may occur. Hefei Tong client – all media reporter Shao Xiaojie – ☆ – Temperature anomaly – ☆ – Received. — ☆ — There is a big temperature difference in spring. — ☆ — It’s going to fall soon. — ☆ — Oh — Oh — Yes, I feel the same way. — ☆ — Read it

The snow in early winter

I don’t know when it started to get so sad
You feel like you’re falling apart at what point
So sad
Very uncomfortable
On the way home, the first snow of the winter was falling outside
My colleague let me ride
But I just like to go
Even though it’s cold outside
Although the clothes are wet
Although already tired
But I’m just trying to clear my head
My shoes are soaking wet
A few people on the street
It’s like I stopped crying
So many, many things that I repressed came up
Carrying too many unsolved heart knot
About to suffocate.
So sad… Really sad
I feel so desperate.
Such a beautiful young sister, why despair?
Now that winter has come, can spring be far behind?
The mood is floating like a fine day suddenly about to get cold… And the weather often affects our mood when you find that the weather is only in the completion of its cycle of replacement only to find that the change is our mood!
Find your other half, will definitely leave the despair of a new life. Life is valued in the bosom friend, the four seas meet flesh and blood relatives
It’s not good to be so sad at such a young age
There’s nothing wrong with sentimentality ‘it’s about size’
There are pain and tears can go to a close friend to talk about it
Go out for a break what can relieve a bad mood

Wish to get out of the shadow of pain early
My four seasons
It’s all impetuous, desperate and cold
The body is like the walking dead in the world
We have to admit that many external factors affect mood
Like the weather, like a song, like a place where memories were made

Most of the time, the enlightenment of pain is the expression of language

You don’t know the fear of despair without your own experience
Really want to work hard
I really want to get out of my own circle
Don’t want to be a cocoon. Don’t want to be a prison
But the more I struggle, the more I feel bound
Wrapped around my body
It makes me suffocate
I thought I’d always be happy if I laughed
But it turns out it hurts more and more
More and more sad
It really hurts to be more and more depressed
It’s really depressing.
Like outstretched hands in the dark
Although it seems to grasp the thread of light
Can finally find that the bubble of fantasy can not withstand any test
Confusion, pain, despair, depression, decadence
Oh, no, sister
Try to be open-minded about everything. There is no such thing as a problem we can’t overcome.
Be selfish sometimes

It’s been a long time. Still not so popular

You can tell by the popularity of people who don’t talk
Just talk
Pass by. Give me a bump
I come here every day and I’m not happy…
I want to marry, anyone see me suitable??
Oh beauty
Your line is too long, first study hard and make progress every day.
MM, how old are you? You want to get married…
Is it okay to see me
Change the touch, it’s not top!
Although not standard, but still support you a bit! Hey hey ~~~ Ha ha!! So many wolves!! Lightning first! What do you mean!! Count me in I’m married too. There’s no fit. Is there really no true love in this society? Do you have to be 180? Do you have to have a bachelor’s degree? Does the income have to be more than 10W? Must the hukou be Shanghai local? Does a real relationship have to be mixed with these questions? I can’t believe that women in this world are so realistic. I have to wait for a girl who doesn’t need these things. Does the flower have a owner? No, if I did, I wouldn’t be looking ~~
What a buzz! I’ll join in! Count me in.
How can such a beautiful flower have no owner?
The 12th floor of the brothers you say seems to be a copy of my post it you ~~ if you find a wife don’t forget is my credit ~
I’m here to sign up…
Go to Beijing to marry you!
Am I suitable? Unfortunately, I am also in Wuhan
When do you come to me? I want you! haha

# # = = = =

$^ \ ^ $
\ 0 /

Let me help you out. You look so much like my old girlfriend.
The good guys are covering for you
You know, it’s a consolation to do something bad for my girlfriend.

Some love, have to each end of the world

The seasons change, it is cold, and the weather changes faster than a woman’s heart.

Perhaps because of this, I am in this hot and cold alternately at the time of suffering from loss, restless.

Shouldn’t be like this, my heart has been like a dry well, how can you let a piece of autumn leaves waves?

In order to appease the ups and downs of the small mind, I decided ~~

Watch a beautiful music video every day from now on,

Watch an episode of Kangxi,

Spend an hour on blogs and forums,

Three hours of reading,

The rest of the time is spent coding and staring into space.

Ten years? How long is that?

So far that one could ignore a fatal injury ten years ago,

But can clearly remember those details of ten years ago that others have long been unable to remember, although others have long been blurred.

In ten years, a lot of people walk by you, some stay in your heart, some lose their ID forever.

Who still remembers who had a green appearance? Who still remembers that letter from ten years ago?

I once said that in order to see the world with you one day, I would work harder, but I finally compromised.

Please allow me to say that time is really the most powerful thing, will let you inadvertently burst into tears, a turn around, only to find that the most important things have long been lost.

Some love, have to live in peace,

Some people, once scattered, meet as miss.

Unwilling, but also inevitable surrender to the fate of the arrangement.

Absent happiness can not make up for back, miss the embrace only a desolate.

Yesterday was listening to He Jie’s “You must be happy”, so the mind automatically flashed such a picture:

In the busy street,

In the dead of night,

Think of the person you once loved, you sit on the street, pull out your phone to make a call,

I’m thinking about him, but all I can do is talk about the weather and jokes,

I had to make a phone call to my old friend, and then cry about the sadness and loneliness that no one can understand you at this moment, and you never dared to tell him these words, because I was afraid that he did not understand, more afraid that he disdained.

Finally had to wipe the tears, smiling in the heart to recite the blessing of that person, please must be happy ah,

In this way, even if you can not give me the happiness I want, can see your happiness is also my happiness.

Today I suddenly want to listen to Miriam Yeung’s “Big City Small Things”, over and over again, the sad music makes people want to cry for no reason,

I know it’s the theme song of a movie, but I don’t want to see it, it’s already a complete story,

What? I suddenly want to write short, nutrient-poor love stories,

A woman falls in love with a man whose smile is clean, but whose eyes and eyebrows are sad,

Men spoil her in their hands, sweet love like a fairy tale.

If she hadn’t stumbled across the picture in his wallet one day,

The subject of the photo is not her, yet the woman has a face that is very similar to her own,

The woman suddenly realized that his lingering and deep feeling was for another woman, and he was just a substitute.

She wants to pretend that she doesn’t know anything, but the jealousy of the bottom of her heart, the substitute is also a feeling, no woman can bear to pay the life to love the man, his heart lives another woman.

Well, run away. It is better to disappear, find a man who does not love to marry, no feelings, and there is no entanglement of pain and injury.

Death had taken his heart, and he thought he could transfer his feelings for the woman to someone else, only to find out later that he had fallen in love with the substitute.

Somehow, he finds the woman who is the substitute, at this woman’s wedding.

Looking at each other, as a substitute, the woman’s eyes shed tears, do not know whether it is joy or excitement;

The man hesitated. Should he take her away at all costs? Or, she has found a better happiness, and he should bless her, and then silently leave?

That’s the end of the story.

As for whether or not they were together? Who knows!

I’d rather a timid man not accept another relationship, retreat into his world with his dead girlfriend;

Perhaps many years from now, he will see a white-haired woman in another lane,

The woman may be in a wheelchair, or she may be guarding a small shop with a husband with a gentle smile beside her.

Do you think he’ll regret it?

Do you think the replacement will remember him?

Or is it that after a few years, everyone has passed away?

Well, life is full of regrets and misses.

So, I love tragedy hopelessly.

Some love, have to, each safe end of the world.

You get it.
hi! This MM, our hometown is the same place, now the place of work is not far apart, would you like to contact? I don’t know what you think, but I’m fucking.
Thank you for your attention, but I’m not a fuck.
Either QJ or XT
Not really.
It’s so hard to guess. So many places. Oh, I see. You’re from the wildlings, aren’t you? haha
Have Someone to talk to
Are we still talking? Don’t talk about me playing my “happy landlord” to go, by the way to Professor Lang that knock on the door.
“Life is beautiful, so why bother?” (Tomorrow I will open a post, welcome to disturb, do not come to pull all to South Africa diamond digging.)
I wonder if my sister wrote it. Although it is long… But very moved… Some love has to go anywhere. Right now. I lost love. Also understand this sentence. Actually. The scariest part is. We went to the end of the world. I still miss him in my heart

Watch it! These foods and habits, they trigger inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, you may think of gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis… But did you know that some chronic inflammation may be related to unhealthy eating habits on a daily basis? 1 These 5 foods are pro-inflammatory foods. Excessive consumption of red meat, including red meat and pork, can promote the body’s inflammatory response and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer and obesity. 2 the & # 46; A large number of harmful substances including N-nitroso compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines are produced during the processing and production of meat. Excessive consumption of meat, such as smoked meat, roast meat, ham, sausage, bacon, etc., will increase the level of oxidative stress in the human body and produce inflammatory reactions. 3 & # 46; Eating too much high-carb foods, such as refined staples and foods high in sugar, stimulates the expression of inflammatory molecules. 4 & # 46; High salt intake is not only a risk factor for high blood pressure, but also stimulates inflammation and damages target organs, such as excessive salt in cooking, often eating salted meat, pickles and so on. 5 & # 46; Trans fatty acid Description: Please enter a description Regular consumption of foods containing trans fatty acids can also promote inflammation, such as bread with shortening, milk tea with vegetable butter, chocolate with cocoa butter substitute, cake with margarine, etc. 2. These eating habits can trigger inflammation. Alcoholic hepatitis: long-term drinking alcohol is metabolized by the liver, the acetaldehyde produced in the metabolic process will damage liver cells, long-term drinking, acetaldehyde accumulation, easy to cause alcoholic liver. At first, there will be loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain, and slowly develop into alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. Description: Please enter a description 2. Chronic atrophic gastritis: unhealthy diet smoking, long-term drinking, lack of intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and the necessary nutrients contained in them, frequent consumption of moldy, pickled, smoked and fried food and other foods, excessive intake of salt, etc., can increase the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis or aggravate chronic atrophic gastritis and even increase the possibility of cancer. 3 & # 46; Chronic inflammation of esophageal mucosa: hot drink, hot food long-term drinking of overheated beverages may often burn the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa, which will cause chronic inflammatory reaction of esophageal mucosa, thereby increasing the risk of esophageal cancer. 39 foods with potential anti-inflammatory properties. Fish Fish such as salmon contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent many diseases. You can eat fish twice a week. If you don’t like fish, try high-quality fish-related foods. 2 the & # 46; Kelp Description: Please enter a description Kelp has potential anti-tumor and antioxidant properties that can help fight inflammation. 3 & # 46; The cruciferous vegetables broccoli, kale, kale and cauliflower all contain antioxidants that protect the body from damage from harmful compounds. 4 & # 46; Some varieties of blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant properties and potential anti-inflammatory properties. Moderate intake is also helpful in preventing brain aging, cancer prevention and Alzheimer’s disease prevention. 5 & # 46; Turmeric This spice contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin, which also has potential anti-inflammatory properties. It’s found in things like curries. 6 & # 46; Ginger Description: Please enter a Description Ginger has potential anti-inflammatory and blood-sugar control properties. Drinking ginger tea is a great addition to any diet. 7 & # 46; Although its performance in studies has been erratic, garlic does help fight inflammation, regulate blood sugar and control infections. 8 & # 46; Green tea Description: Enter a Description Green tea contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids and may even reduce the risk of certain cancers. 9 & # 46; Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, beta-carotene, manganese and vitamins B6 and C and other nutrients, which play a positive role in the recovery of inflammation in the human body. Source: People’s Daily Oh oh more problems do not eat will also come out to eat what do not pay too much attention, do not overdo it right to eat a good amount of what to eat don’t say too much, eat a few pieces of braised meat immediately have gastroenteritis is not easy to be good
On the evening of September 2, a thunderstorm hit Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, causing a surge in patients with cough and asthma. A large number of residents went to hospitals for medical treatment, and the respiratory departments and emergency departments of local hospitals were overwhelmed. Why are so many patients showing up at the same time with similar symptoms? On September 3, the health and Health Commission of Hohhot City responded that the increase in the number of patients in the emergency department of the hospital was related to “thunderstorm asthma” caused by high pollen concentration after rain. On the afternoon of September 3, the registration window of the pediatric clinic of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University (photo by Li Chunxue, an intern reporter of the Central Radio Network) reporters visited the affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, and the number of patients in the respiratory department was more than daily. In the pediatric emergency department, patients and their families who are waiting for treatment of cough and wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath are also queuing up for medical treatment. When the reporter interviewed, a nine-year-old child was accompanied by his family waiting for medical treatment, his mother introduced that the child showed breathing difficulties, cough, and no symptoms of rhinitis before, she quickly took the child to the hospital for examination, and is still waiting for the screening results of allergens. “There was a surge in pollen levels after thunderstorms, leading to clusters of cases, so there was a particularly large number of patients coming to the emergency room yesterday.” Song Wei, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, said, “This cluster of asthma has a feature, most of the patients have a history of allergic rhinitis, and there are more patients with the first attack.” On the evening of September 2, the outpatient department of Inner Mongolia Hospital was overcrowded (Central radio network survey subjects) Wang Jichun, deputy director of the pediatric department of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, introduced that thunderstorm asthma is a special type of bronchial asthma, which refers to the acute attack or aggravation of bronchial asthma in or immediately following the thunderstorm weather, which can be manifested as a large-scale outbreak of asthma in local areas. Symptoms range from mild to severe, and can be life-threatening in severe cases. Almost all thunderstorm asthma occurred during peak pollen season. As early as August 31, the Saihan District Meteorological Bureau of Hohhot released the news that the pollen concentration in Hohhot urban area continued to rise, which was higher than the same period last year and reached a new high this year. According to the comprehensive analysis of the current herb growth and meteorological conditions, the pollen concentration in the urban area still maintained a very high concentration, lasting until mid-September. Artemisia pollen was the main pollen, followed by chenopodium pollen. Pollen allergy is closely related to thunderstorm asthma. It is understood that seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by seasonal pollen allergy is the most sensitive risk factor for thunderstorm asthma, and the prevalence of seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients with thunderstorm asthma is as high as 60% to 99%, of which 70% is medium-severe allergic rhinitis. Doctors recommend that young people or people with asthma who have no underlying medical conditions and have difficulty breathing during thunderstorms should have some allergy and asthma medications such as loratadine, cetirizine and Symbicortubo at home. Following the instructions, you can manage some mild asthma symptoms at home on your own. If the symptoms cannot be relieved after medication, please go to a regular hospital in time. At the same time, patients should actively treat pollen allergy to prevent the occurrence of allergic asthma, and it is recommended to receive preventive pollen allergen-specific immunotherapy to form “immune tolerance” to pollen allergens and achieve “desensitization”. In addition, during the thunderstorm season of the pollen season, minimize pollen exposure and prophylactic use of anti-allergy medications to avoid accidents. Source: CNR.cn Health first away from pollen allergy feeling can be a human geography problem

It’s the annual donation day! Family, have you been donated?

Today, the company is going to raise money again. Several times a year, I don’t know why! Donate in the name of the company, then the company directly shipped it… Why do we always have to donate. Don’t donate!! With so many leaders watching, it might get ugly. Donate it. I don’t even know where this thing goes, do I? Why not donate to the union if we haven’t started this year? Let them lay off ah do not donate ah every year compulsory donation At present no donation is voluntary, can not be forced national laws can not build back the will of women compulsory donation boss play smart compulsory no way, voluntary death do not donate, now donated to the hands of the animals.

5300 salary per month, although the food and living in the factory spend little money, but not much to buy new clothes, every day in the factory do not need to dress up, also lazy to make up, every day out of the very haggard no color, immediately 23, I feel very frustrated, can not be a lifetime factory sister, do not want to settle for the status quo, want to change themselves, and do not know where to start, Family members give advice don’t ask questions since you have been living and eating in the factory, why bother? Work safely and steadily, later find a factory grass marriage, two people struggle in the factory is not very good, which factory ah? Help me also find a well said you seem to really have such a high salary is good than less than under, look at the mentality of 22 years old salary of more than 5000 is very good, I was 22 years old salary 300 yuan into what factory, do what work

The little red book suddenly announced that it would shut down the platform next month

Recently, the small Red book’s own e-commerce platform “small oasis” suddenly released a user farewell letter, announcing that it will stop operations on October 1 this year, and officially shut down on October 31. Recently, the small red book’s e-commerce platform “small oasis” issued a farewell letter to users, saying that due to business adjustment, after serious consideration, “small oasis” will stop operations on October 1, 2023, stop the sale of goods, and officially close the “small oasis” on October 31, 2023. Xiaohongshu said that for the follow-up after-sales problems of “small oasis” products, consumers can contact customer service through the historical orders of the “Small Oasis” channel product page. After the store is officially closed, consumers can still apply for after-sales feedback through the order page, and the company will always protect the shopping rights and interests. Public information shows that Little Red Book is a lifestyle sharing community, covering fashion, skin care, makeup, food, travel and other fields. As of January 2023, Little Red Book has more than 3&#46 users; 500 million. It is understood that in early 2022, Small Red Book launched its own e-commerce project “small oasis”, the initial main business includes beauty, skin care products, fragrance, fashion home and other comprehensive categories. Soon after, as the topic of outdoor camping continued to be hot, the number of notes and topics related to Xiaored Book soared, and once exceeded the beauty category, the platform then changed its positioning, turning to deep camping, land, skiing, cycling, hiking and other sports scenes. Sales are not ideal or the reason for the shutdown of the e-commerce platform – from the point of view of product sales, as of now, in the “camping” category of products, there are only five products with recent sales of more than 1,000. Among them, the highest sales for a price of 109 yuan camping lights, the recent purchase of 5031 pieces; The second most recently purchased bottle was 1,636. In the “urban sports” category, only four products have recently sold more than 1,000, of which the highest sales of products recently purchased 1,840 pieces. “Cycling” and “skateboard” category, there are no recent sales of more than 1,000 products, of which, “cycling” category of the highest sales of an urban commuter car recently purchased 88 pieces, “skateboard” category of the highest sales of a product recently purchased less than 300 pieces. For the reasons for the closure of “small oasis”, in the farewell letter, the small red book said that “small oasis” in the process of business exploration and development, failed to achieve the expected goal of maximizing to meet everyone’s outdoor needs. Source: Zhejiang online received not heard received good used meiying not used indeed not heard of unknowingly received