Hodgepodge Season 157 If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old.

To see 3D, you no longer need special plasma TVS or special stereoscopic glasses. The 3D effect can be produced by displaying the picture in quick succession from two different angles. Check out the top 11 photos from Gizmodo’s 3D photography contest, and how they were shot. 1. Public phone My Panasonic m4/3 stereo lens had been asleep for a long time, and it was this competition that allowed me to reuse it for stereo photography. I’ve recently become obsessed with pay phones and thought it would be a good subject. The 3D photo I submitted was first taken with a handheld camera and then converted into two alternating frames. — Dan Mark-Moore 2. I photographed the RC Reventon model remote control car jointly developed by the world’s top sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and the British model manufacturer De Agostini. A strong beam of light is used to illuminate the model at close range, making the surrounding light dim, and a piece of white paper is used to disperse the light. I made the floor a little shabby to give it the feel of an alley. Camera and parameters used: Canon T2i, ISO 200, aperture f/3.5, shutter speed 1/30 second. – Diego Ramirez 3. Camera and parameters for the world’s most three-dimensional violin: Sony DSC-S930, ISO800, aperture F2.4. — Avin Abraham 4. Orchids I have a row of orchids on my windowsill, and I thought they would look great. I shot the Nikon D40 camera on a triangle mount with a shutter speed of 1/125 second, aperture f5.3, speed of ISO 200, and lens 18-55mm. My focus was on purple orchids and I only used two frames to make the dithered stereoscopic photo. I increased the exposure, saturation, and contrast a little bit before animating it. — Stacy Repin 5. St. Elizabeth’s Fountain For this competition, I chose the St. Elizabeth’s Fountain statue as the theme. I didn’t shoot close enough to enhance the 3D effect, but instead tried to make sure the trees could be captured. The High Dynamic Light Rendering Method (HDR) is also used to equalize the light. Camera and parameter Settings used: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/10 aperture, 1/50 second shutter speed, ISO 200. I chose a large Packard Motor plant that had been largely unused since about 1958 and had been razed by shovels after a few Michigan winters. This is probably the largest abandoned industrial production site in the world today. I used a Nikon D90 with an aperture of f/11, a shutter speed of 1/80 seconds, an ISO 200 speed, and a focal length of 18mm. I selected 3 photos 4 inches apart and took 3 photos of each location for high dynamic light rendering (HDR), resulting in a total of 9 images.
Using Photomatix software to render high dynamic light (HDR), I finally got the effect I wanted. Then Photoshop CS5.5 was used to modify the tif file obtained above, and the filter Topaz Adjust was processed, and CS5.5 was used for animation. In order to make the animation more fluid, I copied the second frame and put it at the end of the animation so that there was less hard cropping. So those orders should be 1,2,3,2, and so on. – Ken Janeczko 7. I set aside several hours each day for this task, which took me three whole days to finish. I had no idea how hard it would be. I’m going to spray water onto the leaves first, wait for the perfect drop to form, wait for the wind to die down before I can shoot some shots, then switch angles and shoot again. We have to hurry, because we have to get this shot done before the water drops and the wind starts blowing. I had to do it over and over again because I had to take one shot and then move my tripod and Angle it for a second shot before the breeze blew the dew off. Camera Model and parameters: Nikon D90, 18-200 VR (optical stabilization), focal length 105mm, shutter speed 1/30 second, aperture f/16, speed ISO 200. 8. A rusted turntable is part of a machine on a farm in Lyndon Johnson National Park in Texas. I originally wanted to go outdoors and take some photos of wildflowers, but in the end I chose this photo that I like to submit. Camera parameters: Aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1/25 second, speed ISO 200. — Karen Tarlow 9. Tulips This is a flower that has just bloomed after last week’s rain. It’s made up of two photos, with Photoshop tweaking the eye level slightly. I found that when I used the top tulip as the rotation point, the animation looked rather unnatural, so I used the center line of the flower stem as the rotation point. I used 1/10th of a second frame to transition the two shots and make the animation look fresh and natural. It used a SONY Alpha A55 with a tripod, a 70mm focal length and an aperture of f/18, 1/8 second exposure time. — Marvin Francois 10. A few weeks ago, I bought a foam board covered with prisms that reflect light. First make up your mind to choose it as the background for this picture. I carefully balanced a rubber ball with a flashing LED light on top of a red glass vase. Then expose every five seconds. The hardest part is getting the ball to glow again for different shots without moving it (because the ball only flashes for 10 seconds at a time, you have to shake it to get it to glow again). The space between two different shots should not be more than 2 inches, because if it is too far away, the resulting renderings will be dazzling. Finally, I made some minor adjustments using Lightroom, the image processing software. Camera and parameters used: Nikon D7000, Tenlong 90mm macro lens, speed ISO 100, aperture about f20. 11. Duck King My fiancee has a 3-year-old daughter who loves rubber ducks, and she has a big blue rubber duck. For Valentine’s Day, I bought her a bunch of rubber ducklings in Valentine’s Day colors. She let the big duck lead the little ducks and ordered them to form a circle. The big duck has become their leader. I thought the ducklings surrounding their leader would make for a very three-dimensional picture. I fitted the iPhone 4 with a Kodak 2X telephoto lens and clipped it to the Pico Flex Table Dolly, a retractable dolly designed for shooting around ducks. Except for the ducks, there is no special lighting or setting. – Joshua Bowman (Joshua Bowman) no body, makeup, Photoshop! Angle is everything! Life is as brilliant as summer flowers, death is as quiet as autumn leaves. A friend’s grandmother knitted a sweater that can have 30 lives. I don’t know what’s in my bones, but in my heart, there’s a gangster, a little girl and an old woman. Frog, you can’t hurt a powerful fly… I cried… Kimono small loli what, really too love!! ~~ Violent artillery!! Before you go to bed, make sure you do the same thing you did when you were a kid! ! All problems are ultimately a matter of time; All the troubles, in fact, are looking for trouble. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day that I like you. ~ Is this peek-a-boo? Recently, I just watched the dog play. This double reed is playing well! This is the first master in China! Zhongnanhai bodyguard Buddha said: the fate to the day is doomed, the edge to the people to take. The same kind of cause, the same kind of fruit, everything is created by the mind. Face it with a smile, don’t complain. Leisurely, one’s heart, with nature, with fate. [A woman who does not work hard has only two results] : go to the endless market, buy endless stall goods… A man who does not work hard has only one result: his girlfriend is holding a LV bag, and he is wearing a Lv hat. There is only one secret to a woman’s success, and that is… Meeting is a matter of two people, leaving is a person’s decision, meeting is a beginning, leaving is to meet the next leave. It’s a popular world to leave, but none of us are good at goodbyes. Milan Kunderadu has been busy, and now Zhu Yuanzhang is coming, see if this mango looks like Zhu Yuanzhang’s brother…. 2012, Zhiqiang and Shi Yi, I believe that love this expression is too captivating We squeeze toothpaste later, gentle ah ~~. Foreign super outdoor graffiti!! With false true ah, do not know how many people will go to the wall Wu Junru and Chen Kexin rent Chen Kexin and Wu Junru love for many years to have a daughter, but the star couple is not as rich as the outside world imagined, so far they can only rent. It turns out that Chan’s films “Warlords” and “Wuxia” lost badly, and only “Warlords” lost nearly 500 million yuan. In his autobiography “My Own Road”, Chan revealed that every time they went on a date, they watched movies, and the two people knew each other because of the movie, but also because of the movie debt. When I woke up at noon, my mother said that the rice cooker was broken, and I saw that the pan was printed with Supor. I checked the phone to call the past, they said to send to repair it, I was looking for half an hour to find the after-sale store, go into the people a look at the brand said: can not repair. I said why? One word did not make me shudder to death: you are a copycat Supor ah! I said no way! It says it in Chinese! I told you to look at English. Shit! Taobao, you hurt the big man. What an overbearing slogan!! British angler catches the largest ray in the Irish Sea on April 6, local time, Andy Logan set a new record in an ocean fishing, he caught a ray weighing 100 kilograms, about 2.5 meters long. The fish had dragged the 4.5-ton fishing vessel for about two miles. Take care of everyone’s feelings, destined to not feel good. If you’ve ever played this game, then you’re old. Idiots have best friends, hookers have first loves, gangsters have grade-school classmates. So, don’t run naked down the stupid road like an ox… I don’t know what happened, and love, how to do, like a beautiful couple, eventually lost, those years, we chase the vampire diaries together. It’s off the air for two weeks. Slapping a bloodsucking mosquito can kill a person. The remains of a battered mosquito can get into the skin, causing a fungal infection and even death! A 57-year-old woman in the United States died from a muscular fungal infection. The researchers tested for infection caused by the remains of battered mosquitoes entering the skin. Experts warn that when the mosquito is found to be sucking blood, it is best to gently flick the mosquito away. Older, men began to wear suits, women began to learn to wear makeup. I find men in suits beautiful. Everyone has a girl who can hit. Who do you think of? Youth is an ignorant rush, always leave the injury of displacement. A beautiful day has begun. Do not retain, is called youth. Don’t explain, is calm. Don’t let go, is called true love. Life is not perfect. Let’s break up. M: Why? W: Now that the exams are over, you don’t have to grab a place in the library. M: Oh, but I have two train tickets for the 2013 Spring Festival travel rush. Woman: No, I’m just kidding you. A man attends a special TV dating event. After two rounds, the female guest did not turn off a light, a miracle. In the third round, a female guest asked, “How many girlfriends have you had?” Male guest: “Talked about two, the first is more ordinary, the second is more literary, I hope to find my third girlfriend in life today…” Before he finished speaking, the lights went out… At 9:30 last night, I met a male colleague in the local supermarket. He looked through my shopping basket and saw a condom. Colleague: “Out in the middle of the night to buy TT, nightlife is very happy!” I saw him take a bag of toilet paper, back: “Buy toilet paper in the middle of the night, your nightlife is very lonely!” At this time, a beautiful MM walked in the door. She walked to the counter next to the cash register and said, “Get me two batteries!” So we both became evil… Don’t care too much about the people around you and don’t deliberately care about other people’s things. There will always be people in this world who will make you sad and make you jealous and make you gnash your teeth. Not because they’re bad, but because you care. So if you want peace of mind, you must first not care. If you don’t care about something, it can’t hurt you; If you don’t care about people, they won’t make you angry. You’ve already lost if you care. The man who doesn’t care about anything is invincible. When I was a child, I hoped to grow up quickly. When I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. When you are single, you begin to envy the sweetness of your lovers. When you are in love, you miss the freedom of being single. A lot of things, do not get always feel good, get after the beginning to understand: we get at the same time is losing. Sometimes, women will have sex for money, men feel cheap. Sometimes, men will pay for sex and women look down on it. When love is gone, you sleep with anyone, men are not angry. When the feeling has dried up, you give money to anyone, women are not anxious.
Sex can make a man fight. Money, can make a woman proud. Love pales in comparison to sex and money. And once you have true love, you give up sex and money altogether. A little lost in the heart, there are a lot of things that are completely not personal control, so there are a lot of words can not be exported. So smile to let the occurrence, the disappearance of the disappearance, the coming, the going, the saying, the closing, the guessing guess, the thinking, the writing, the stop stop, I am still me, I have been here. Some people can’t be together, but their hearts are together; Some people surface together, but the heart can not be together; Some people never want to be together, but naturally together; Some people go through a lot of trouble to get together, only to find out that they’re not right for each other… Just because we can’t be together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I

Is there a girl willing to endure hardships and happiness with me?

I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108 Cixi, single, kung fu, Ningbo
I am engaged in early childhood education industry, work in the city, and get along with children every day. Basically is the home unit two point line, so life events also wasted down, I this year 25, height 158 weight 46, hope to find a good temper, has been ready to house (parents care about), income can support his wife, parents at home also get along with people. You can leave a short message. Because before also sent a post, about what, I think this is not very reliable don’t send me. 25 years old height 174 weight 130 more introverted no temper, the family are very simple, there is a new house, no bad habits, before more like to play games now not how to play. I am 83 years old, unmarried, in the health institution, graduate degree, may I know my college degree, correspondence undergraduate do not mind? Don’t mind, education is not so important, my QQ: 375958915 kindergarten teacher impression there will be a lot of enthusiastic parents to introduce objects ah 25 years old, undergraduate, height 180 weight 142 houses and cars QQ573004179 how to contact. Wechat chat 13858206972 about the intention to quickly add my QQ224575638090 only son, do not smoke do not drink do not gamble, have an independent marriage house, no bad habits are good high ah, on how I short 18 year old children can be self-cultivation is also a skill :-P24 passing by can fight about too small conditions good small
If you are the One, the public Lang Yi, contact information, interests, understand each other 12.jpg download attachment 2015-2-7 13:59 upload young man, good, come on, ha conditions are too good, where the conditions are good to their top to the world’s top 500 companies in the beauty is more will not find it… Is it too late to leave work at 5pm? What about those of us who stay up until 10 p.m. every night… Come on, the conditions are too good and good office romance will not have, too familiar! Where is it? What company is so late? TSK TSK, neighbors like you said there is no husband and wife in a company produced our company if you fall in love, get married, you must go to a neighbor, which is a Wanda 500 company girlfriend just grab a large number of it is the company married women, and do not allow office love
In fact, I have found that a series of requirements for friends are written clearly, even if these are met, the probability of success is still very small. Because we have to pay attention to the eye edge, but also to speak. So it’s hard. It also depends on whether you are handsome ~ not beautiful ~, how kung fu hurts does not hurt, will not take care of people, willing to spend money, what interests, cleanliness, faith, a few cases of previous history, bad habits, whether there is body odor, abortion history (female),…… And so on and so on is endless. When you find the perfect person in your heart, someone will be there long ago. If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be so many people left. Is the solution to the drop, continue to remain, Hao Hao makes sense how much male fairy, female turtle, can not believe what is called big fairy, turtle fairy eat turtle, turtle eat big fairy, fairy things, wonderful next personal resume to write ten pages, in line with each other, so the probability is a little bigger, haha… You’re still chatting on the Earth Bar forum

How many more of these weird toilets? Can we fix them?

Some people have to tease the bus stop should move forward or back a section of the toilet deliberately put this position to block the road, do not consider pedestrians at all, it is estimated that three generations of people every day, interesting, according to the ancient understanding, happiness. Where did the ball kick the rental company Niu force, the gods have to make way suddenly found this TM call post! Ahh… Problems that can not be solved in life, simple, play Fujian news channel broke :0591-83331234, Xiamen local media do not (dare) report, she reported the design is really lack of a public toilet how good, how many people convenient, you don’t pick,… This toilet problem many Caitang students parents have feedback, and the above reply, said to remove, for many years has been in the same position 12345 complaints many departments kick the ball problem in Xiamen as long as someone put forward, generally will be solved, just like the software Park II east gate, every morning right turn is blocked by straight, now there is adding right turn lane. Quoting the inexplicable sentimental Jun on the 11th floor published at 14:40 on 2023-09-18: Many parents of students in Caitang have received feedback on this toilet problem, which is the same as the above reply, saying that it will be removed, and it has been in the same position for many years since it is not the government and no one is in charge at the same time, the villagers can organize to push it aside, and there are two or three meters behind it. The city management is not moving. Chengguan, whether to regulate the road management? The Park Bureau has replied – transferred to the urban management processing can not send pictures
National Day with children want to go to the following places (3 days and 2 nights) Yongding Tulou – Longyan Forest Water Village Jiuxi Lu drift → Pei Xie Tourist Center Longyan Xinluo District → Changting Ancient City → Long硿 Cave scenic spot should go how, the hotel booking which area is appropriate, help the warm fish fish to give some advice, thank you for having time, walk hundreds of kilometers, you cram for the moment, Should have planned ahead. Want to go around the whole Longyan Liancheng how much is a catty of dried melon? When my sister sent me a box of Longyan city center is it necessary to go? What’s the fun? A young, heavy industrial city. Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest due to violations… Then Yongding Tulou, the child designated to Yongding Tulou – Longyan forest water village Jiuxi Lu drift decided to go to these two places. Take it easy

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors didn’t have any good things, and I didn’t do anything and I had pink eye

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you. Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house.

Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome. Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you.

Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house. Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome.

Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? The old saying is good, low-key said is very right, this rural impersonal is for hydrology some relatives do not want you to live well, you are not good when you say you do not have the ability, you say you are good, alas, what people have this between people, with the department between the most easy to have a conflict of interest; There are always interests between families and between neighbors; In fact, this is also the case between countries, and it is often neighboring countries that are prone to conflicts. Come out to be a person, is the initiative to send red envelopes, red and white, have children, the size of the disease, with the encounter, where as long as it is done, there is no bad. The premise is to have more children, so that you can go to each other. It’s a smooth ride with the neighborhood. It takes a long time to get used to it, to not look at each other. Normal, the human heart is like this, N years ago, my father’s house was rebuilt, want to discuss the same wall with his Cousins, do not discuss, and then we eat a little loss, back from their own home to build a wall up, it is disgusting, his house only one room does not live, only put there to shut mosquitoes.

When you ask him to sell it to us and refuse to ask you, you say something, and then you don’t honor it after it is done. The neighbor built the house through my drainage and we agreed, negotiated that the vacant lot next to my house would be paved with cement or it would be weeds and not look good, and the neighbor agreed, but after the house was built, he refused to admit it. It would be better if the neighbors were relatives of the same family. Before I built a house in my hometown, my uncle and father-in-law would actively help. Build a house if the neighbor is a little wrong, the eyes will be long to assassinate calm calm rural building, building roads is the most people can see the time… Not afraid of neighbors, afraid of neighbors drive Land Rover. Laugh at your poor hate your rich relationship did not deal with when I built a house, the neighbor also went to report me, said I illegally built the original hundreds of flat old house demolished to give his brother to build a new house. Now we’re going to build it, we’re not going to let it, we’re going to report it.

Will the second wave of infections peak in March-May? Two groups of people or most affected!

Over the Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic did not rebound significantly. With the emergence of Omicron variants CH.1.1, XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB, there is great concern about a possible second wave of infection. The topic “The second round of infections may peak in March to May” has also been trending recently. Why is the second round of infection peak predicted in March to May? Xing Mingyou, chief physician of the Infection Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, analyzed that from a virological point of view and an epidemiological point of view, the antibody level in the body after “Yangkang” will maintain a relatively high peak for 3 to 6 months, and the probability of re-infection in a short time is only 2%. However, the population base of our country is very large, starting from December last year, after another 3 to 6 months, our antibody levels slowly decline, at this time if there is a new virus mutation strain, we are highly likely to have clinical symptoms after re-infection, and there may still be a peak. Professor Xing predicted that the second wave of infections could peak in March to May, but this time the peak may not be felt by the public. Due to the difference in the time sequence of infection, coupled with the presence of a basic antibody level after our second infection, the number of people infected in the second round, the severity of infection symptoms, and the amplitude of time concentration will be much weaker than the first. Lu Mengji, a German Chinese virologist and professor of the Virus Research Institute of Essen University School of Medicine, also said in an interview with China News Weekly on February 1 that it is expected that from late March this year, with the decline of population immunity, the risk of population infection will increase, and the change in the epidemic will be very obvious in May and June, when it may face a second wave of impact. But whether the second wave comes in March or May or June depends on the emergence of a new strain with a very strong impact. 1. The elderly who are still recovering Lu Mengji said that now many infected elderly people are in the physical recovery period, and many people with poor physique are infected again, and the consequences may be very serious. At this stage, some people at high risk of immune deficiency who have not been infected may also face the impact of the next wave of epidemics. 2. Uninfected people The most affected by the current outbreak are the uninfected population, estimated at 15 to 20 percent. Compared with the previous situation where the whole population was susceptible, the degree of impact has been reduced, but given the population base in China, the size of the population involved is still very large. What can we do? Everyone should be the first person responsible for their own health, maintain social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits, which can largely prevent infections and secondary infections. 1. Maintain the habit of wearing masks Professor Xing Mingyou reminded that, especially in crowded public places, it is necessary to standardize the wearing of masks. It is enough for ordinary people to wear medical surgical masks during regular travel. In some high-risk positions and environments, the probability of infection increases and N95 masks are needed. 2. Priority vaccination for the third group Professor Xing Mingyou said that because the antibodies produced after the first infection have disappeared six months after “Yangkang”, it is very necessary to reseed and strengthen the vaccine. Vaccination can delay the time of infection, or reduce the probability of infection. Three groups of people are recommended to give priority to vaccination: first, engaged in high-risk positions such as doctors, couriers; 2. Elderly patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, tumors, or those who have undergone dialysis transplantation; Third, in the first infection appeared in the performance of pneumonia, the symptoms of more severe hospitalized people, in the first “Yangkang” after 6 months must be vaccinated to strengthen the vaccine. Source: People’s Daily Science Popularization, Health Times, Hubei release, healthy Hubei, Youth Hebei — ☆ — Horses run and dance according to dance. — ☆ — What about the first round? Experts are thinking about ways to make money — – brick house – do – being is beautiful — – have read – do – being is now no one wearing a mask – do – oh oh – can – it doesn’t matter – do – being is letter? ☆ – Impossible to defend! — ☆ — The main high school entrance examination children Oh, in case of exam when sick how poor. ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Can we not send this news? Boring, you – ☆ – really want to pay attention – ☆ – brick said the Spring Festival second round of infection peak? ☆ — or to prevent the main — ☆ — Chinese experts is a derogatory term — ☆ — ☆ — expert brick is too terrible — ☆ — even a weather forecast is not accurate, but also engage in these difficult, don’t be ashamed
How much is the entrance fee for the bronze statue? Does any great God know? Please reply, thank you – ☆ – no money free – ☆ – I went in 2018, when I did not need tickets, drive to, only charged 10 yuan parking fee. Mind you, the shift ends at 4:00 p.m. – ☆ – Thank you – ☆ – Happy New Year! – ☆ – This free visit – ☆ – local ID card buy 30 – ☆ – no money – ☆ – free entry to the park, but the Hong Wish hall charges, which is to visit the history of Buddhism, sell arts and crafts, decorate the magnificent, landscape car usually 30 per person back and forth, walk up and back for more than an hour, see the scenery is very good, parking fee 10 yuan, 4.30 PM forbidden to enter the park. — ☆ — Free — ☆ — Free — ☆ yesterday asked 39 — ☆ — Go play — ☆ — no money — ☆ — Free tickets, go inside the Buddhist hall to buy tickets — ☆ — free parking ten dollars went to n trip — ☆ — Parking outside the factory there are many parking Spaces, so parking fees also sound — ☆ — free I still 14 years to go, outsiders 150, Local 30, now do not have tickets — ☆ — do not need tickets just go to Hong Yuan Tang to collect 30 yuan, the rest is the parking lot to collect parking fees — ☆ — several years ago it was free. — Free outside — — I don’t know — — No money — — Free
On the morning of February 11, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and Science and Technology Museum launched a brand activity of tomorrow’s Little Scientist: “Light and Eyes” popular science class in the lecture hall on the fifth floor. Ms. Xia Xuelian from Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Sports is invited to give a lecture. First of all, Teacher Xia explained the use of light for everyone, through the PPT display of the sun, the moon, lights, fireflies and other luminous objects, science what is the light source. Then with the help of spotlights, sunlight, etc., let the students understand that light travels in a straight line in a uniform medium, and can not pass through opaque objects; By showing shadows, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, etc., we can understand the phenomenon of light traveling in a straight line. Through the phenomenon of first seeing lightning and then hearing thunder, we explained the speed of light, and let the students understand that light travels fastest in vacuum; By seeing objects that do not emit light with our eyes, we have learned about the reflection of light. Finally, the teacher explained the eye to you, so that you understand the structure of the eye, convex lens imaging law and its application. And explained to the students the correct way to protect the eyes in daily life. The students listened carefully, actively answered the teacher’s questions, and took notes. By carrying out such activities, the aim is to further cultivate young students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, and improve their ability to explore science independently. – ☆ – Read – ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Good – ☆ – Thumbs up! – ☆ – Thumbs up – ☆ – Good

[Shanghai recruitment network 02.03] These enterprises in the city urgently need to recruit people, see the medium speed investment!

Shenzhen Xinghe Food Co., LTD. Pickup truck driver 3500-4500 yuan/month deliverer (meal supplement) 3000-4000 yuan/month Company Address: Room 404, Block B, Shanghua International, Guichi District, Shenzhen City View details Shenzhen Zhima Flower Extracurricular Training School Co., LTD. Reception 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Anhui Province Liyang Lanting East gate View details Guichi District Micro wedding hall makeup apprentice salary negotiable dress division 4000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Guichi District Xiushan Gate Square Building 1 View details Shenzhen Ji ‘an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine physician (five insurance/speech supplement) Salary negotiable Market publicity director (five insurance/speech supplement) Salary negotiable Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Duwu Road and Zhaoming Avenue intersection Xinghua Jiangnan Building 10 View details Anhui Jindian Culture and Technology Co., LTD. 3D designer (five insurance) 4000-8000 yuan/month advertising installation (five insurance) 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Hengtai City Huating Street 16 building 215-216 View details Anhui Province such heart trading Co., LTD. E-commerce customer service 3000-4000 yuan/month audit officer (five insurance) 3000-4000 yuan/month
Address: Room 105-106, Building 25, Huabang Yangguang City, Guichi District, Shenzhen City Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Property Administration Personnel Specialist (five insurance) Salary negotiable Jinjiang Star reception (two days off two) 3100-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Office Building A1 Taoyuan Community, Guichi District, Shenzhen City, Anhui Province View details Shenzhen Tang Yun Teahouse Co., LTD. Night shift attendant 2200-2300 yuan/month attendant 2700-3000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District South American Garden Xuri Building 1001-1016 View details Shenzhen Qianlima Creative Advertising Co., LTD. Advertising production installation (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Graphic designer (five insurance/work meal) 5000-7000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Taoyuan Community A1 Building 16, 17 View details Shenzhen Zhibang Pest Control Service Co., LTD. Reserve cadres (fresh graduates post) 2500-4500 yuan/month Business consultant (five insurance) 3500-15000 yuan/month Company Address: 7 / F, Yuxiu Gate 1 Building, Guichi District, Shenzhen (on the elevator behind Wenjiang Noodle Hall) View details Guichi District Impression tree women’s shop Impression Tree/Momo tree women’s shopping guide 4500-8000 yuan/month Impression tree/Momo tree women’s shop manager 5000-10000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District West street impression tree ladies View details Anhui Zhengde Human Resources Co., LTD. Shenzhen branch IT solution engineer (five insurance/double vacation) 5000-8000 yuan/month front desk guide (college degree/five insurance) 2000-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Chamber of Commerce Building 10th floor View details Shenzhen Tianle Trading Co., LTD. Warehouse packing staff 2500-3500 yuan/month clerk 2500-3500 yuan/month Company Address: Building 1, Health Road, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Anhui Baojiang Environmental Consulting Co., LTD. Market Manager (part-time) Salary negotiable Market Manager (two days off/lunch provided) 3000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Bosman Apartment Room 1007 View details Anhui Youmei Construction Engineering Co., LTD. Clerk (five insurance)3000-3500 yuan/month Financial accounting (five insurance) 4000-6000 yuan/month Company Address: Room 1501, Chaoyang Building, South American Garden, Guichi District, Shenzhen City View details Shenzhen Tianask Productivity Promotion Center Co., LTD. KA major customer sales (five insurance and one fund/double holidays) 5000-8000 yuan/month Project declaration specialist (high) (Five insurance and one fund/double holidays) 4000-6000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Bosman Square commercial street 127.128 View details Anhui Maosheng Xiangrui Agricultural Products Trading Co., LTD supermarket computer (five insurance) salary negotiable supermarket cashier (five insurance) 2600-3000 yuan/month Company Address: 208, 208 duplex, Building 2, Xinghua Cultural Park, Xinghua Village, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Anhui Well-known Culture Media Co., LTD. Marketing Manager 5000-10000 yuan/month executive (part-time) 90 yuan/day (monthly settlement) Company Address: Room 710, Building 1, Jiaqi Hotel, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Pingtianhu Scenic Area Ming Shang Stone Business Department Housekeeping 1500-1600 yuan/month marble processing master 5500-7000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Baihui Plaza c Building 108 View details Shenzhen Changjie Property Management Service Co., LTD. Floor cleaning salary negotiable security 2300-2400 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Keyuan New village south of the Sun New City B30 building 616 View details Anhui Kaitai Project Management Co., LTD. Project budget 2000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: No. 575, Qishan Avenue, Guichi District, Shenzhen View details Shenzhen Chuangzhiyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Interior design 8000-12000 yuan/month Clerk 3000-5000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen City, Anhui Province, Guichi District, Grand Yue Plaza 5th floor creation art decoration View details Anhui Hengda Wine Co., LTD. Business manager (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Group purchase department (five insurance) 6000-12000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen Guichi District Qingfeng Road and Cuibai Road southwest View details Shenzhen Law Insurance Legal Consulting Co., LTD telephone sales (five insurance/double holidays) 3000-10000 yuan/month Sales supervisor (five insurance) 3000-8000 yuan/month Company Address: Shenzhen guichi OuJinDing building 4th floor, room 422 for details – – – can – do – well – being is being fostered, reporting in a timely manner, nurture, thumb up — – being good
Looking for him to – do – should be in the bags – – somebody else help you try to eat – do – being is packing missed a good less – do – – – – being fostered – when packing leakage rt-mart also authentic – do – was to steal to eat? — ☆ — Machine packaging, missing a — ☆ — Meituan preferably on the same brand (the same model), the date is fresh, much cheaper — ☆ — This situation should be missing a — ☆ — If you see the production line should be able to understand why there is one less

Don’t fall in love because of loneliness

Lonely, easy to be touched by the care of others,
Thought it was love!

And then together.
Miss their love, love their own missed!

Too much to miss.

I like words: Don’t love because of loneliness.
Don’t be lonely all your life because of wrong love.

Live lonely people, can get true love.
Before not grasp the love, is really very lonely feeling!
Live lonely people, can get true love? Is it really hard to say?
Lonely people will always be afraid of loneliness
Some people say loneliness like smoke
Some people say lonely as the sea
Some people say lonely as autumn
It can be seen that each one has its own loneliness
Loneliness is a touch of sadness
Like a silk tied to its own cocoon

There is an ancient poem, “Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow. Now know all the sorrow flavor, want to say again. Want to return to rest, but the day cool good autumn! .

Don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, not afraid of indifference between people. Because no one is not lonely, no one is not lonely! Everyone in this rolling red dust, are experiencing different loneliness and loneliness, staged a different life paragraph!
Into Li Qingzhao’s loneliness
Turn into banana rain
Ye Ye Xinxin
Drip rain 霪
Sad and miserable
One’s tears run dry.
Into the loneliness of Zhang Ailing
In a bleak gesture
Sigh silently
The strings were dancing
Admire the world
It is rich and beautiful
Laugh crazy talent said lonely
Into Wang Xiaobo’s loneliness
Between laughs
Incarnate as a giant spirit god
The phoenix swims through the sky
Look at the xuan Hua hatchet whistling past
The loneliness of splitting the imprisoned air…
Read someone else’s loneliness all afternoon
Lie on your back in lonely silence
Skinny, voluptuous or proud
The sowing of words and sentences
Fangfu’s language jointing
The feelings are flourishing in the clouds
The loneliness of life falls resolutely in reading
Loneliness is a dim street lamp;
Loneliness is midnight cigarettes;
Loneliness is an umbrella in the rain;
Loneliness is a bag full of dust;
When you feel most helpless
It’s when you miss someone
Life is a lonely journey
When a person should be called lonely, when you want to be a person, it should be called lonely Mo
Loneliness is an attitude, loneliness is an idea
Loneliness and loneliness are different, loneliness and loneliness are the same mental state, and loneliness is more tough, robust, with poetry. Although loneliness is as unique as loneliness, its bones have a desire for people to watch, because it is beautiful as smoke.
Shemo is the pale blue in the sky with the old old light. If you lift your head casually, you can no longer avoid it.
But. one hundred percent,
He who can’t stand loneliness will never get true love.

Because the reason why she (he) is together is not to be lonely rather than love.

There are things that only you believe in, as long as you insist I believe that absolutely will appear.

  • That’s who I am.
    The truth. I don’t know what loneliness is. Blink, don’t call me stupid.
    I really don’t know. My life is simple, there is no trouble, a person has a person’s happiness, two people have two people’s happiness, seriously understand you will not feel lonely.
    Head on

Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow! haha
… meaning a lot.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am even more speechless.

Big white rabbit I sleep.

I want to harass you, I put up with it!
Don’t be wrong because of loneliness, or don’t love, love, don’t say wrong.
Lonely, together that is not love.
Sichuan people love to join in… Ho ho

  • I don’t love it.
    Hi, Honey!
    Ho ho

MM can’t get married and make a good friend

Ha ha, you look at me as a child, right? Then you are wrong. My friends have said that my idea is very realistic, and I do not want to my age now. My mother sees that all my friends have boyfriends younger than me, and I envy them psychologically I am a girl with a personality very naughty very gentle but I have a bad temper friends say so, but I don’t think so because I am in a bad mood just so hey hey anyway you know me after I go back every day to make you happy because I have a place is black and see what Don’t know you back after regret ha ha I wait for your jacket
How about I come?
I fit a little bit
Fate this thing is not said to come…
Maybe tomorrow your other half will come out in front of you??
I want to meet you too… I’m just afraid I’ll regret it
Hey hey…
This year, there are a lot of liars, cheating feelings have ~ to see!!!
Add me Q 834012081
I’m applying. I want you to be my wife
Give it a try
apply for a job.
Ha ha, a girl who can bring joy, may I meet you?
zuo’s a friend! Go to Mount Tai have a guide! Hey hey
Lie, I’ll hit you
I came to sign up, it’s your husband’s friend to see your choice…

The region is not limited. The economy is not limited. Education is not limited. Age: older than the legal age of marriage less than 27. About 160CM tall. Looks average. Good character is the key! Can love home, love baby women come!
The poor man is ugly, 5 ‘9 “,

Primary school culture, rural hukou,

One acre of thin farmland, three broken houses,

Cold pot and cold stove, wife does not have,

All year round, the medicine stays in the mouth,

Today’s Internet, recruiting girlfriends,

Revolutionary road, hand in hand!

Summary of life in 2023

Summary of life in 2023
Fulfilled wish
1 Work from familiar to proficient, personal ability to grow rapidly, with the basic conditions from excellent to excellent.

  1. I realized my dream as a photographer and bought a SLR camera.
    3 The computer entered the era of HD, equipped with Blu-ray DVD, 7.1 channel innovative sound card and 5.1 channel giant gun.
    4 The transition from boy to man was completed, though it came too late.
    5 Awarded by the National Ministry of Health, and have the opportunity to travel to Hainan for four days.
  2. Fulfilled my desire as a scriptwriter and director, and began to be familiar with writing scripts and directing stage plays.
    7 Begin to develop a latent ability for career planning and life guidance counseling.
  3. The foundation of writing poetry began to become solid and was affirmed by senior people.
    9 Music editor and video editor began to contact and can do basic use and operation.
    10 Self-words and deeds began to mature, can consider problems from a higher perspective, their own views are affirmed, from the various channels of others to actively dig the situation, their gold content is improving.
    Place of failure
    1 Online shopping at a high price, let me learn how to operate not to be cheated.
    Love experience failure, the reason for failure is because I want to be responsible for the end.
  4. Hair becomes a testing ground in the chaos of advertising, but the effect is not obvious.
  5. Lost an opportunity to finish school and paid high tuition fees.
  6. Life attitude tends to be conservative and too idealistic.
    2023 wish list
    1 Finish school and get a qualification.
    If someone is willing, please let us pursue happiness together and be responsible for our common life to the end.
  7. Survive for change and prepare for the next step at the crossroads of life.

Thousands of fans “net red”, account suddenly blocked!

On September 2, the account of the popular anchor “Xiucai” was banned. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Tiktok said that the account violated the relevant regulations of the platform and has been banned. According to people familiar with the matter, Xiucai has recently been reported for illegal behavior, which may be part of the reason for his ban. Statistics show that the number of fans on the whole network exceeds 10 million. It is reported that the “Xiucai” age is 39 years old, Bozhou City, Anhui province, Mengcheng county, Tiktok Internet celebrity, the number of fans more than 12 million. Its earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past year or two, basically the number of likes are in hundreds of thousands, the top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow is “sky”. Related reports: Tens of millions of fans anchor “Xiucai” is called “middle-aged and elderly women harvester” “middle-aged and elderly handsome man is” Xiucai “, middle-aged and elderly beauty is “a smile in the city”!” “The same old, ‘scholar’ there squat my mother, ‘Chengcheng’ here squat my father!” Now, these Internet jokes are being confirmed by young people online. “The middle-aged and the elderly are too wild, my mother recently became obsessed with male anchors, and also wrote a short essay for him.” Recently, a blogger Ms. Ma (a pseudonym) joked that she thought it was a joke made by her mother, but as a result, she opened the male anchor’s home page and found that she had tens of millions of fans. The male anchor mentioned is a “scholar” with tens of millions of fans on a short video platform. Description: Please input description Short video account “Xiucai” “A smile in the city” the number of fans are more than 10 million a short video platform “Xiucai” account shows that its fans 10.54 million, a total of more than 1,300 video works, the earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past one or two years, basically the number of likes are hundreds of thousands. Its top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow of “heaven”. From the video content, the scene is mostly rural, and the “xiu talent” in front of the camera often combs his hair exquisitingly, wears a suit or shirt, wears a belt, the camera is close, then smiles, pulls his hair, and sings (lip-sync) : “Love you is not my fault, you are too beautiful to cause trouble…” In this regard, some people joked: “Pretend to look back, found candid photography, cover your mouth and smile, lift your hair, just these few moves, which aunt is not pinched to death!” “Earthy, top!” Below the videos of the “Xiucai” account, you can see “love confession”, “Xiucai brother is good, you are in the dream”, “lovable, provocative”, “Love you is not my fault, it is you are too handsome”…… There is even more explicit language. Most of these accounts are middle-aged and elderly women. It is reported that an aunt in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, will release the “scholar” every day, sometimes, three related videos will be released a day, in the video, often will confess the “scholar” : “excellent ‘scholar’ brother, I miss you” “Today with you, really happy” “busy finished, sisters miss you”…… Ms. Feng (a pseudonym) from Zhejiang Province in addition to like to co-shoot videos with “Xiucai”, also set up a “Xiucai group main iron powder group”. She told reporters that the “scholar” is very good and kind, and she especially likes it. Description: Please enter a description of the platform statistics, “Xiucai” fans, female users accounted for 70. 44%, users over 40 years old accounted for 79. Eight percent. The huge fan base is also bringing huge benefits to the “top stream”. When the “top stream” enters the middle-aged and elderly groups, many people worry about this: Will it become a pension “killer”? Such fears are not unreasonable. According to a number of media reports, from May to July this year, the Shanghai police carried out the “fake Jin Dong” fraud gang, and arrested 8 suspects. A number of older women in their 60s who responded to help “fake Jin Dong” were cheated, and an older woman invested more than 200,000 yuan. According to the suspect’s account, the star photos and video materials used in the live broadcast were downloaded from the Internet, and the star voice used was also the audio of the software. They will be those who are attracted to the “star idol”, after screening, pull into the so-called “star private fan group”, and then by the gang members plus wechat, as a “star” identity and the victim for “emotional exchange”, when the victim let down the guard and believe it, the criminal gang will turn to the traditional “killing pig plate” mode, the perpetrator of targeted fraud. In addition, a 72-year-old woman from Jilin Province traveled 1,700 kilometers by train to Anhui Province, saying she wanted to find a “scholar” : “I must meet him.” In this regard, a platform responded in an interview with reporters that for online fraud that is more likely to occur in the elderly, it will conduct graded intervention on the risk by pop-up window prompts, security confirmation, intelligent voice and other interactive methods. In terms of live rewards, the platform launched a gift consumption reminder function last year, and users can set their own daily consumption reminder limit. If the amount of the reward reaches the set limit, the system will also pop up. There are too many people of this kind. I have just brushed that it is not that the old people are too stupid, but that the stupid people are old. I brushed it, smiled sideways, licked my tongue. Oh, it’s so greasy and funny. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

First meal of school, still swallow it?

A multi-purpose broom. I sweep the floor, I scrub the tables, I scrub the POTS. If not, do you know that this is a sun kitchen for students? The sun is shining, and the surveillance head under the wind, seems to be used to. On the Internet, I have seen rat heads and duck necks, and I have seen fish with maggots, and I always feel that this kind of food hygiene is still far from us. Shanghai schools are strictly controlled. Never thought ah, the world crows are generally black, and the canteen world also has “a Qiu river” and “if Gou Ying”. Parents in Shanghai are really honest. Dare not speak in anger. Even if there is a video with screenshots, but the hostages are still in their hands, the sniper can only hold the gun and rage, look up, cry to the sky ah… Staff canteens should be abolished, teachers and principals should eat together, and parents should take turns to accompany dinner every week. Supervise food safety in campus canteens together. It used to be a matter of conscience to cook for children. It’s up to the kitchen staff to be self-aware. It’s all right now. Had to “stare like a bell”. Shanghai University has called on relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive inspection of school canteens to ensure the food safety of students. At the same time, I also hope that the school can face up to the problem and actively rectify. A modified version. The image was mosaicked. No Internet bullying, no human flesh. The punishment should be punished, the change. The appeal of parents is very simple, let the child eat a peace of mind meal. Oh, did you receive a phone call asking you to delete this article? The Education Bureau and relevant departments should check the food of Shanghai Lincheng School is really like food.

Thank you for your concern and supervision of the food safety of teachers and students in our school. At around 10:45 this afternoon, an employee of our school canteen had an illegal operation (cleaning the stove and cleaning the pot with a sweeping broom). After receiving the response, the market supervision Administration and the Education Bureau went to the school site for the first time to verify the existence of the facts; Schools are required to immediately carry out a comprehensive canteen health hazards investigation and rectification. The market supervision bureau also carried out a sampling inspection of the canteen system construction, facilities and equipment, and food samples retained on the day. At noon on the same day, the school dismissed the staff involved; Initiate accountability for school leaders. In the afternoon, the school held a parent representative meeting to apologize to the majority of parents and promised to immediately carry out a comprehensive rectification of the hidden health hazards in the cafeteria. The school will further promote the working mechanism of “daily control, weekly investigation and monthly scheduling” to ensure that such incidents do not occur again and to ensure the safety of students’ tongues. Parents are welcome to continue to supervise, if you find all kinds of violations, please timely report to the school or education department, market supervision department. Shanghai No. 1 Primary School on September 4, 2023 is to have a good inspection is to have a good inspection and strict inspection, please the school to announce a follow-up series of substantive measures to the parents of students, rather than a simple punishment and official reply. The point is that it doesn’t happen again. When will the children be able to eat a “peace of mind meal”? Can you refer to the “ask politics” form to a “face to face” honesty, to give children and parents a frank reply!

Exposure of Shanghai black enterprise: Shanghai Dinghai District Tianyi nursing home. How can such a unit in Shanghai be expelled without cause?! Pay cut for no reason to transfer posts, framed employees work mistakes to employees to lose money without a word to fire employees, everyone to evaluate. Have you done everything, I am still in the protracted war, this unit is absolutely, get out of Shanghai, my situation says they have not yet given a reply, delay and delay, the false testimony provided in court I will not let it go, Shanghai said well, everyone can see to you deal with it, I can’t think of a step faster you sent up, I haven’t finished dealing with their false testimony in court. Old people often call me to say that the food is not good, the food is very bad. How much money does this nursing home pay? I know that the internal management of this company, this nursing home is in chaos… The care of the elderly is not very good, and the food is very poor. へ?) No one wants… A unit nursing home in vain, the people fooled into finishing the job () ︿) There are such nursing homes ah passing by to see

Shanghai Islands, known as the “city of Thousand Islands”, has thousands of islands and reefs, tens of thousands of place names of native, simple, popular… These place names all record the history of the ancestors’ life and the changes of the islands and reefs. Then, do you know the “story in the place names” of Shanghai? Today, along with Xiaobian along the river of history, the number of Shanghai Islands “highest big” place names first chair: “Changguo County” this place name was produced nearly a thousand years ago in the Northern Song Xining six years (1073). At that time, after the baptism of “Qingli New Deal” advocated by Fan Zhongyan and “Xining Reform” presided over by Wang Anshi, the Northern Song Dynasty implemented an unprecedented open policy and realized national wealth and military strength. The powerful trading fleet has established trade relations with North Korea and Japan in East Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and has direct influence on West Asia and Africa. In this context, Zhao Xu, Emperor of Song Shenzong, issued an edit in June of the sixth year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty to rebuild the county administration of Wengshan County, that is, Shanghai Islands. At that time, the Song Dynasty changed the previous concept of looking at the island “fairyland” simply from the perspective of supernatural culture, and viewed the location advantage of the island more from the perspective of reform and reform, and raised it to the height of national strategy related to the wealth of the country and the strength of the army. Therefore, Emperor Shenzong abandoned the name of the old Weng Mountain and gave the new county the name of “Changguo”. On the meaning of the name of Changguo County, the Yuan “Dado Changguo State Map” has a detailed interpretation: “Established county, named Changguo, meaning that it controls Japan in the east, Denglai in the north, Oumin in the south, Wuhui in the west, and the giant barrier in the sea is enough to Changzhuang national power.” After the restoration of Changguo County, in only 40 years, the population increased by more than 10 times compared with the initial establishment of Changguo County, and the economic and social development was rapid, becoming the most prosperous period in the ancient history of Shanghai. Since then, the Shanghai Islands have entered a new period closely related to the fate of the country and the rise and fall of the nation. The second chair: “Ziwei” Ziwei, also known as the North Star, known as “the Lord of the number of fights.” The ancients thought it was the “star of Kings”. In December of the third year of Jianyan in the Southern Song Dynasty (1130), a major event affecting the national situation once again occurred in Shanghai Islands. Emperor Zhao Gou was chased to Mingzhou by Jin Bing, except for the sea road, looking around the Jin Bing. In desperation, Zhao Gou and his party boarded the ship to Shanghai and took refuge in Tiantongpu, now Shuangqiao Street, for eight days. According to the folk legend, Zhao Gou had been helped by young village girls in the local area, so later issued a decree that all Shanghai women, regardless of rich or poor, could be married like royal women, wearing a phoenix crown, Xia Pei, spreading red felt, sitting on a bridal sedan, holding palace lamps, blowing and celebrating for three days. As a result, the Shanghai Islands formed the “newlywed woman three days king” custom. Photo Source: The third chair of Dinghai Cultural Tourism: “Dinghaishan” after the three times of the Ming and Qing dynasties, since the revival of the Song Dynasty Shanghai Islands once again abandoned and withered. In the reign of Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi appeased the coast and pacified the sea border, so he decided to redevelop the Shanghai Islands.

In the 26th year of Kangxi’s reign (1687) in May, Emperor Kangxi in Shanghai Town General Huang Dalai proposed to set up a county administration in the Shanghai Islands in the letter: “The mountain is called a boat, it is moving and not quiet”, then took the meaning of “Haibo Yongding”, and changed “Shanghai” to “Dinghai Mountain”, awarded the Chen Han, the title of “Dinghai Mountain” plaque. In the 27th year of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty approved the establishment of Dinghai County administration in Shanghai Islands. At the same time, in order to avoid the repetition of the name, the original Dinghai County in Ningbo was also renamed Zhenhai County. The three characters of “Dinghai Mountain” inscribed by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty were later enshrined in the “Imperial Library” (now Dinghai No. 1 Middle School). However, because the royal library was destroyed in a special era, today’s “Dinghaishan” plaque is a replica. I can’t believe that these familiar place names come from so many places! The long river of history has left a precious imprint of the island ancient village. Looking at these “place names”, it seems that they can talk to the ancients across time and space! What other “top” place names do you know? Share the story behind it ~ Source: Shanghai Civil affairs I only know that Dinghai Mountain long knowledge of the East pole of the name of the cow force, the earth has the North Pole, Shanghai has the East Pole to see our six horizontal first chair I am assured that long knowledge users are banned, the theme automatically shield! Not in Putuo? Yeah, yeah