Shanghai’s oldest man in Linhai is very clean and can still do his own laundry

Bi, who has lived in the village for 113 years, is currently the oldest person in Zhejiang Province. Laochangji Village, Taozhu Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, is almost the easternmost part of Linhai land. Less than eight kilometers east of Lao Changji Village is the coastline. On the afternoon of October 16, I went to the centenarian’s home, an old house on the edge of Lao Changji Village, owned by her third son. In front of the house is a small courtyard without walls, the cement floor under the eaves is very clean, and the old man often uses a cane in one hand and a small broom to clean the dust on the cement floor. There was also a stone covered with a cloth mat in the small yard, where the old man basked in the sun. The old man is very clean and now he also washes his clothes the old man’s room is about 15 square meters, a bed, a table, a small “stove” with a rice cooker, a refrigerator and a few small stools, simple and refreshing. Villagers said that the old man loved to be clean, often saw her sweeping the floor in the yard, but also like to wash their own clothes, always feel that they wash more clean. Bi Nv was born in 1907, the thirty-third year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty. According to the 2019 Statistical Bulletin of Zhejiang Province’s Elderly Population and aging Cause, the oldest person in Zhejiang is Bi NV, 113 years old, from Taozhu Town, Linhai City. Tao Haiting, a staff member of the grass-roots health and aging Health Department of Taizhou Municipal Health Commission, said that every year, cities across the province will do a statistics on centenarians, and the data will be summarized in the provincial statistical bulletin of the elderly population and aging cause. According to provincial statistics, Bi is not only the oldest person in Taizhou, but also the oldest person in Zhejiang province. At present, the number of centenarians in Taizhou ranks third in the province, followed by Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Doesn’t look that old, like 90 or something
The residential community is a place to live, how can you let the loudspeaker flood, crazy Shouting, and frequently come to the community every day to endanger the residents: they are also making money. As for Shouting in the community, then who let him come in to change the floor? You like to tow your own car? 666 We speak, and the people next to us cannot hear as long as their ears are plugged. But it’s crazy because you put your fingers in your ears and the horn is still piercing. The decibel level should far exceed the national noise limit !!!!!!!!!!!!! At first, I thought I was advocating educational advice. Later, when I saw a law enforcement vehicle on the street taking electronic scales from a stall, I appealed to the law enforcement vehicle to enter the residential area and the law enforcement officer to take away the horn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a woman who does not use a horn, does not even shout, but still has a business! Because it is obvious: the residential complex is dense, you come every day, residents see your car can not know what you do? Territory: Is the place where residents live, foreign businessmen do not rule, harm, harassment of residents, the United States now has no 5G? Boss Ren said, you don’t even have 5G, how can I steal you? Taking your stuff and selling it is money. Pests do business to make money is originally in the residential area of residents, do not oppose business, against the noise horn. In the residential community, until today, August 14, 2020, the horn of garbage collection shouted loudly, the noise of serious pollution did not change, and continued to satirize civilization! Harass the residents and challenge the face of the four officers! The rag-collecting horn shouts, sort. 1, special number, end sentence: “afraid – plow – afraid – what.” The cry of the devil. 2, begins abruptly: “Afraid… 3, “there is feeding”. 4, “high price recycling”. 5, “… Everything.” On October 16th the United States recorded 69,000 new cases in a single day
Ming Dynasty pavilion old Lu Ben ended in Baoqing Road Ding worry back home, and helped his hometown to build the South city, Shaoxing city built an area of 48 acres “; Thirteen halls of Lu Fu “. For hundreds of years, the 13th Hall of Lu Fu has been the most well-deserved mansion in Shaoxing City. Now it has been opened up by the local Wang Yangming Memorial Hall. Yuyao’s pride, well, worth going to is Lu Jin, not Lu Ben. I often play cricket in it when I was a child, and I am familiar with it. But now Shaoxing in order to highlight Wang Yangming’s investment of 6 billion yuan to build Wang Yangming’s former residence, the two neighbors who moved to Shaoxing live together in one room, which is probably to let the two Yuyao saints talk about the past, in fact Yuyao and Shaoxing origin is very deep, such as Xiaoshan Street, the flower gate is Yuyao Simen Xie Qian son Shaoxing City, Yuyao County, Xie PI was established, is now only preserved one of the flower gate. Yuyao Lu Wen An temple why not display open. After all, Luben has contributed to Yuyao. ” {{A text from “Yuyao Lu Family Research in Ming Dynasty” (Zhejiang University Press 2012, written by Ningbo University Associate Professor Zhang Ping) was attributed to “Lu Ben” rather than “Lu Ji”. She thought that in the name of Reuben, the genealogy was sometimes written “forward”; But from the names of Reuben’s three brothers “Wo”, “Wo”; “Music”; ” “Pick” All from the side “; “Wood” and the echoing relationship between the name and the word should be “wood”. Ben “. ” The name “Ben” is” The word “Ru Li” is connected, which approximately contains the meaning of “establishing your body from the root”. In addition, Shen Defu’s “Wanli Ye Wo” Volume 8 “Cabinet” has “; Named “encountered”; One also believes that the reason why Zhang Zhi and Lu Ben were elected to the cabinet is because their names are similar, which happens to have the meaning of “re-treating the root cause”, and is called the meaning of the extremely renamed Jiajing Emperor. “Make no mistake, it was borrowed by Mr. Yang Ming. Yes, the same as the prime minister, the same as the Shaoxing Lord, how different comments, Lu Ji no fault, for the people and their own less damage, did not openly fight with the strict thieves just, the Zhou Gong in today’s Cultural Revolution is the same, perhaps learn from Lu Ge old way of people!
Today I most want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I most want to say: “Sign in every day”. What I want to say today is: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” Today I want to say: “The top ten cities for night travel are Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Foshan.” I want to say today: “Come on!”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “work!” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” What I want to say most today is “go to work go to………” I want to say today: “Go, go, go”. I want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I want to say today: “I want to say today”. Today I want to say: “boiler boiling rice, I want to fill water ~”. Today I want to say: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” .
It is not easy to be in charge of a forum, and I am sorry that the moderator has made a mistake and will not dare to quarrel with you

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival send festival send festival and send out ah no longer send dumplings to stink in

I male Yuyao native 89 years of their own business height 168 weight 60 although the Dragon Boat Festival to pass but I still hope this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival can go to your home with you have to write up the annual income
I am Yuyao Xiaodong, only child, rural house. I got married at the age of 26, because the woman was two years older than me, and it would take two years to get married. At the end of the year, an aunt introduced me, because if I didn’t get married at the end of the year, I would have to wait for two years, and the woman might consider having a baby earlier, so I got married quickly after knowing my former wife for more than a month. After marriage, I found that her character was too strong, and the two sides were inconsistent with each other, and with the deepening of the contradiction, I filed for divorce.
I am 170 height weight 110 catties, high school education, work private enterprise procurement, salary monthly 3500, daughter belongs to ex-wife. Because I’m a homebody, so I’m here. I don’t gamble or smoke or drink. There is a car divorce to the ex-wife, so in recent years will not buy a car, raising children is important. After divorce these two years I am running around, I also want to start a family, but no harvest, but make their own physical and mental exhaustion, it is too tired, looking for objects can not drag on, in the forum also read a lot of posts, some old Internet users said the forum in the marriage success rate is too low, there are a lot of unreliable, I think this is also a platform, Try to look for it is not impossible, in short, everything with it! Marriage is like Qian Zhongshu novel siege described in the same, the city want to come out, outside the city want to go in, although I recovered single, but I am ordinary people, still can not escape the common, the key is to find a suitable other half, so it is worth entering the siege again to live a married life!
In fact, there has been a lesson, the most hope to find an unmarried foreign woman, such as Anhui Jiangxi Fujian Hubei these places, grow good, anyway, is the province, not too far from Zhejiang on the line, young, local women difficult to get, age and older, flower head through, the day is not peaceful, the head is dead, of course, there are good, but a fall into the pit a wise, I also dare not take the risk, or a little worried, the first marriage I must find a local, I have learned, of course, the field or local or also to see people, I actually value the appearance of the body, although a poor boy, but for the happiness of the latter half of life, or find a like it! That’s what we’re looking for these years!
I am 83 years old, I grow a little young, many people meet for the first time, they say I look only twenty-seven or eight years old, I hope the other side is under 28 years old, because the ex-wife is two years older than me, there is a lesson, want to find a younger, give both sides some time to contact, if not appropriate can end early, and then find, Those older women are more anxious to get married, so I will appear very passive, because I am not anxious to get married and have children, I do not have any economic foundation now, just want to have a stable relationship first, when the time is ripe to consider having children, the main look is comfortable, engaged in legitimate work, long day shift. Wouldn’t mind having a brother or sister.
I think to find an object should be realistic, do not brag, to both sides willing to live together, province after marriage complain. I qq 2402250826, wechat me1180574, overtime remarks forum. Please ask the woman to carefully consider my above content, after careful consideration. In addition, I hope to be able to pass photos to each other to show sincerity, in addition, if some netizens do not like what I said, please do not sarcasm, hope that the mouth mercy, I grew up in a bad environment, understand the hardships of life, but also cherish each other, thousands of years to sleep together, I want to find a person I like, can share the joys and sorrows, each other! In addition, solemnly declare: added and do not speak, do not add, have met several, no sincerity and why add me, I said it is very clear, please carefully consider carefully and then add, do not take so much fun, I found that other men in the forum also encountered similar situations, do not forum women also have so many unreliable! Come on, high school education, physical and mental exhaustion, success rate, only child, looking for a partner this picture of the head is a big wish to find a predestined head is a big picture? I don’t think ah, OK, very normal ah local what is good, eel, turtle, bayberry, is female Ning Fu good, ha ha not more than 165 non is really dia scratch, west, like blowfly is really annoying, you didn’t see my lower body, but also eye, eye your head ah, Originally, the forum was very harmonious friendship environment was ruined by this kind of scum, and then the other woman also has eyes, want you to do a lot of things, height is not distance. I asked the woman height is almost OK, you are the second time to hurt me, I really can not stand it I am for the broad masses of the people. Why don’t you send a full picture. The whole person. Prove my eyes wrong. That’ll shut me up. Prove it with an actual photo. It’s the devil to put up a sticker for a fellow countryman or you are sweet and interesting
On the same day, the price difference is so much, what will you choose? One 77 yuan for half an hour is not a high-speed train. 57 points is the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed rail, the other is the current bullet train. The Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway officially opened on September 28. Time is not the same ah time is money, it is better to take more than 80 bullet trains, it is only half an hour apart from the price, what difference Quanzhou does not feel, the speed difference in 10MIN, the ticket price is more expensive time is money expensive time is money – curious about the convenience of this high-speed rail who, Xiamen and Fuzhou while living while working workers? High-speed rail 140 yuan high-speed train 84 yuan, the same to Fuzhou South Station, for people who are not in a hurry can be more than 56 yuan to play, take a network car. Why do high-speed trains. ???? The time is not the same as looking forward to the price of the people’s day to drive domestic demand out of the package, the recharge card 140 of this is Xiamen directly to Fuzhou, there is no stop in the middle. It’s like a bus station express. 77 that is the middle station with stops set bureau change snatch rail as if the ticket price of high-speed rail will be floating 6.40 open, 6.00 will be hit to the North station. The two lines are different, too. The time is short and the price is high. The time is long and the price is cheap. Think too much, 12306 will give you time to think about it, the second out of the ticket.

How many more of these weird toilets? Can we fix them?

Some people have to tease the bus stop should move forward or back a section of the toilet deliberately put this position to block the road, do not consider pedestrians at all, it is estimated that three generations of people every day, interesting, according to the ancient understanding, happiness. Where did the ball kick the rental company Niu force, the gods have to make way suddenly found this TM call post! Ahh… Problems that can not be solved in life, simple, play Fujian news channel broke :0591-83331234, Xiamen local media do not (dare) report, she reported the design is really lack of a public toilet how good, how many people convenient, you don’t pick,… This toilet problem many Caitang students parents have feedback, and the above reply, said to remove, for many years has been in the same position 12345 complaints many departments kick the ball problem in Xiamen as long as someone put forward, generally will be solved, just like the software Park II east gate, every morning right turn is blocked by straight, now there is adding right turn lane. Quoting the inexplicable sentimental Jun on the 11th floor published at 14:40 on 2023-09-18: Many parents of students in Caitang have received feedback on this toilet problem, which is the same as the above reply, saying that it will be removed, and it has been in the same position for many years since it is not the government and no one is in charge at the same time, the villagers can organize to push it aside, and there are two or three meters behind it. The city management is not moving. Chengguan, whether to regulate the road management? The Park Bureau has replied – transferred to the urban management processing can not send pictures
National Day with children want to go to the following places (3 days and 2 nights) Yongding Tulou – Longyan Forest Water Village Jiuxi Lu drift → Pei Xie Tourist Center Longyan Xinluo District → Changting Ancient City → Long硿 Cave scenic spot should go how, the hotel booking which area is appropriate, help the warm fish fish to give some advice, thank you for having time, walk hundreds of kilometers, you cram for the moment, Should have planned ahead. Want to go around the whole Longyan Liancheng how much is a catty of dried melon? When my sister sent me a box of Longyan city center is it necessary to go? What’s the fun? A young, heavy industrial city. Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest due to violations… Then Yongding Tulou, the child designated to Yongding Tulou – Longyan forest water village Jiuxi Lu drift decided to go to these two places. Take it easy

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors didn’t have any good things, and I didn’t do anything and I had pink eye

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you. Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house.

Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome. Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you.

Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house. Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome.

Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? The old saying is good, low-key said is very right, this rural impersonal is for hydrology some relatives do not want you to live well, you are not good when you say you do not have the ability, you say you are good, alas, what people have this between people, with the department between the most easy to have a conflict of interest; There are always interests between families and between neighbors; In fact, this is also the case between countries, and it is often neighboring countries that are prone to conflicts. Come out to be a person, is the initiative to send red envelopes, red and white, have children, the size of the disease, with the encounter, where as long as it is done, there is no bad. The premise is to have more children, so that you can go to each other. It’s a smooth ride with the neighborhood. It takes a long time to get used to it, to not look at each other. Normal, the human heart is like this, N years ago, my father’s house was rebuilt, want to discuss the same wall with his Cousins, do not discuss, and then we eat a little loss, back from their own home to build a wall up, it is disgusting, his house only one room does not live, only put there to shut mosquitoes.

When you ask him to sell it to us and refuse to ask you, you say something, and then you don’t honor it after it is done. The neighbor built the house through my drainage and we agreed, negotiated that the vacant lot next to my house would be paved with cement or it would be weeds and not look good, and the neighbor agreed, but after the house was built, he refused to admit it. It would be better if the neighbors were relatives of the same family. Before I built a house in my hometown, my uncle and father-in-law would actively help. Build a house if the neighbor is a little wrong, the eyes will be long to assassinate calm calm rural building, building roads is the most people can see the time… Not afraid of neighbors, afraid of neighbors drive Land Rover. Laugh at your poor hate your rich relationship did not deal with when I built a house, the neighbor also went to report me, said I illegally built the original hundreds of flat old house demolished to give his brother to build a new house. Now we’re going to build it, we’re not going to let it, we’re going to report it.

[Shanghai recruitment network 02.03] These enterprises in the city urgently need to recruit people, see the medium speed investment!

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Looking for him to – do – should be in the bags – – somebody else help you try to eat – do – being is packing missed a good less – do – – – – being fostered – when packing leakage rt-mart also authentic – do – was to steal to eat? — ☆ — Machine packaging, missing a — ☆ — Meituan preferably on the same brand (the same model), the date is fresh, much cheaper — ☆ — This situation should be missing a — ☆ — If you see the production line should be able to understand why there is one less

He (husband) who waited for six years

People look for him, suddenly look back, that person is in the team last, in fact, I do not know what he is like? I think it’s “Prince Charming”! In fact, I have thought about his stature, not full of bookish good, give people a sense of security is good, preferably Taurus, more reliable! Hard work is a personal feeling! However, it will be another two years before he shows up and I am really looking forward to it……
Take your time, my friend!
Excuse me, were you also born on January 1st?
Are you 1.1 too? But I really don’t have any Aquarius friends, since I was born, have not met, strange!
Age to a certain time naturally want to get married, where is the warm ocean, there is a woman can become my other companion?
Looking forward to you!
The chimpanzee accidentally stepped on a gibbon’s poop, and the gibbon gently and carefully scrubbed it clean and they fell in love. People ask how they got together. The chimpanzee said with emotion: ape dung! It’s all ape shit!
Look for a girlfriend who works in Zhuhai to be sincere, see my information suitable and please contact me.
I am cheerful, warm and generous, good quality. Don’t like to follow the trend, like to keep a low profile. Mature and stable. Does not like restraint. Big-hearted, gentle. In my world there is no sorrow hate, only happiness. Looking for a mature, stable, single-minded, physically and mentally healthy man to spend his life with. As long as you are healthy, caring, ideal, thoughtful, deep, responsible men on the line, we can create their own world together. I will be your frustration when the power, will be your tired harbor, choose I will not let you down! Looking forward to meeting you, as long as I feel I can get married!
I hope to meet you
Nice to meet you
Certain economic foundation is preferred
Nice to meet you!
Me too!
Can we be friends
It looks like you’re married. I’m looking for a husband, not a friend!
Nice to meet you
Applicant: I own a small business in Foshan, Guangdong Province, and have certain economic foundation; Because of the busy business, so far a single person. Hope to find a girlfriend (wife), and work together, are you willing to
That’s good, but it feels important, the kind that supports each other for a long time. Help to the old. I wish you as soon as possible, girl!
Thank you very much! It’s not easy to find a lover!
People’s exchanges in good faith, want to deceive people playing with feelings go away!

Who can name a reason, why is this?

In fact, I really do not want to get married, in my heart, if I get married, I am finished, usually the suitor did not, usually the attention and love of the opposite sex to me will no longer, no freedom, think of these I will be afraid of the day of marriage, but I clearly hope to have a boyfriend to love me,
God, am I out of my mind?
Somebody help me, what’s going on with me,
Who can untie my heart knot, thank you !!!!
Because you’re still young and when you get to 27, you’ll have the answer you need.
Agreed oh!!
thank you,
But I don’t think that’s the answer.
Am I suitable?
Wanting to have company is probably lonely
Marriage is to want to bind the partner
Perhaps your understanding of marriage is to support your husband and raise your children
You’re right. You want a life for yourself, not a population
It takes your whole life to make a baby and you end up grateful and unfilial
And what else do you have
After all, we are also from childhood our feelings for our parents are any
I wonder if it’s worth it to my parents
Why do we do it now if it’s not worth it
If there are any superfluous conditions, we might consider them
Don’t want to burn yourself out because of marriage….

I don’t want to use the seed of my bread just because the house consumes it
Maybe we can start with the bread romance and then the dwelling

You have an opinion at every age, at least not for a few years now
I’m not kidding. You have to believe in objectivity
This is not positive or negative
Just be happy and live your life for yourself

I want to get married because I want to be bound to her and I don’t want her to leave again
But I don’t want kids and I probably can’t afford them or I just haven’t had enough fun
Wait till you’re tired of it
Want to know more please check primary school 100,000 why
I think it is just that you are a girl who loves to dream, is a little demanding, some picking, and may not have experienced hardships… This is probably called ‘the beginning of the affair shaper heart. Just ideal and reality, you have to choose the same!
It’s so boring not to talk
Women are not ordinary stupid oh, stupid very cute ~~~~

It just means that you haven’t found the one you really love ~

Wait, maybe that day the old man woke up to give you a red line!
What is love….
Depressed ,,,,,
Still young. Always hoping for more than you give. As you grow older and experience more, you will gradually get tired of this life, hoping to find someone who can tie you down. But there is something wrong with the idea that youth is not a reason. I’m sure you’ll figure it out yourself.
Nothing to do, come for a walk, popularity is so low !!!!
Head down oneself,
This idea is because the person you like has not appeared!
You do have a fear of marriage certificate
You say this because you have not met the person you love, if you fall in love, you will not care whether you admire, on the contrary, he is the most important, your heart only cares about his opinion of you, as long as he loves you, take good care of you, you will feel that other people’s evaluation and admiration are so insignificant …………
Personal opinion, for reference only, ha ha!!
Not who you thought you’d be after marriage?
No more freedom.
A really attractive girl is not only single to exchange for the appreciation of the opposite sex, if that, they only care about some external factors, in other words, you have a lot less inside. Do you know what that means? It’s not about having a relationship with just one person of the opposite sex, it’s about having priorities. A boyfriend is not the same as a male friend. You said that if you have a boyfriend, you are afraid that no other boys will favor you again. Do you want many boys to favor your appearance or do you want only one to favor your heart? I feel that your heart is a little vain, the reason may be that you have not met the boy who can reassure you. How to change? A person’s personality can not be changed, to your advice is not to find a boyfriend for the time being, your vanity does not change to who will not be fair…

What is a woman supposed to do

Why the average life expectancy of female friends is longer than that of male friends, in addition to the fact that most women do not often smoke and drink, there is also a major reason, that is, men have to bear more social responsibilities, and men have to bear much more pressure than women.

You are a girl, you can think of a is a out of the mess, tired of crying beautiful happy, you spoiled you capricious, you somersault to express their feelings, when to toss comfortable when. Nobody says anything about you… Girls, be emotional. Everyone will forgive you for being emotional. You can commit intermittent neurosis without thinking about the consequences, and then say: we have a few days every month… I didn’t mean to…

Think about it, is it not every time you say this to him, he will smartly hug you and say that your temper is also very cute! It always works, even when you kick their cat to death after 10 years. Who wants to be angry with you?
Don’t you ever think you deserve it?! No one needs a grandma!

He loves you now. You could piss on his head. Don’t push a man too hard. You love a man! You think you really are Princess Pearl! Is there a wormwood on your family’s ancestral grave?

A woman should have a cherish heart, cherish the person who is according to you and let your temper. You have to remember, unless he loves you, you are nothing! To put it a little darkly, a woman has to learn to be prepared for adversity, to leave a way out for herself.

Yes, he now takes you as the Lafayette tribute, when you get used to it, think that this is your life, he changed his heart, you can cry all can not find the grave head. Usually a little convergence, but also a kind of protection for themselves. Our “naughty” strength, the old will not work, or save for the critical moment, you think?

Women always seem to like to ask questions such as do you really like me, who did you save first when your mother and I fell into the river, who is beautiful between me and her? If you are not important, why do people have to answer the same question 10 times a day? If you’re not important, why do you pretend to smile when you curse your mother?

If you don’t think your man is capable, find a capable one as soon as possible, so that after you get married and have children, it will be too late to regret, don’t give yourself a life to suffer. Who’s your man to blame? Who was supposed to be in school or not, skipping school for you? Who was supposed to go to work in the first place and not go to work for you? Do you want her with you, or do you want him to focus on his career? You think your man is the Lord? You just find a few more, have to make money for you, have to fight for your face, have to light a lamp to talk, have to blow a lamp and pull wax! You know, men hate it when you slide into bed with your old face on, and then you start talking about him all the time. It doesn’t work. It works. Do you deserve it? We need to know how much we’re worth! Don’t want love and romance and want people to send you roses on holidays, and at the same time want reality and life and want people to save money for you to buy a house and a car. You think all men have sex with Gates?!

It is not easy for men to earn a living outside, sometimes, their feelings are also very fragile, but they also have to keep their sanity, keep calm, keep strong! You have no idea how hard it is! Ask yourself, if a woman in this society really can’t get along, there is the last way, find someone to marry, do a professional housewife. No one can say anything about you. And your man, he has to get along, he can’t get along, he has to work hard to get along; Not to mention dragging around an aunt; What’s more, you have to drag one or more young masters and aunts (your crystallization) together in the future? Have you ever thought about…

If you don’t know how to save money, it is better to find ways to make money yourself, instead of complaining that you married the wrong man. At least half of your stuff should be bought by yourself, so that even if he loses you, you can give yourself a chance to tear up what he bought for you and pull his face to relieve the gas! I don’t go home naked after ruining everything they bought.

Even if you’ve decided to get married, give your man some space. He’ll understand and appreciate it. Trust me. Then love you he is also a man, you can not understand why he watches the football game to forget to remember your existence, you can not understand why he has to go out with his buddies to drink a few times a week, you can not understand why he can casually have a lie waiting for you, you just accept it; Because those things don’t need you to understand. Just like he will not understand that you have a change of clothes in your closet every day until you are 80 years old, although he does not understand, he is still willing to eat a dress for you for half a month.

I mean, when a man isn’t around, there’s a lot more we can do than just fuck around and spend his money. For example, go home to see your parents, eat the food they cook for you, listen to their memories of the bitter and sweet; For example, go to his house to help his parents clean up and do some exercise; For example, ask a sister to find a place to exercise and maintain a good figure to the end; For example, find a few classics, recharge yourself, improve your literacy, and don’t feel silly all day long as a big chest and no brain lost easy to find stupid, is a special thing; The book really can not read, see the plate also become, smelly and long Korean drama don’t look at, read more silent ji, see a little technical content, women must still be able to keep outside; If there is a bit of pursuit, spare time I advise you to practice the word, the ink is free, as long as tomorrow to your son’s signature, don’t let the teacher is your child’s own signature, fine little Ya stand at the door to go on the line.

Man home, you can smile, don’t lose this face, why, bitter? Is your man the one who killed your father? You didn’t go with him to do a female version of Wounded City, did you? At this time, show your cooking skills, take out the “knowledge” you stole at the dinner table to scare him, talk to him about Yao Ming Yi Jianlian, talk about the world table tennis European brocade, talk about the fund trend of the motherland policy… It’s a lot better than just being here.
With such a good daughter-in-law, you want to let him have an affair is difficult! Men are very afraid of trouble, as long as the family is still in good shape, he will not waste the time, energy and money to re-establish a relationship, unless he is still naive. If he is tired of you, you first find the reason in yourself! Once a friend of mine said such a sentence: I love you, I can give you a cow and a horse, but you don’t really take me as a cow and a horse! That really struck me… Girls, is he really a bull and a horse in your heart? Do you know, in your life, to meet a willing to be a cow and horse for you, how big of a creation? A moment of silence for the young and ignorant…
If men really don’t want you, then they definitely don’t want you. I mean, you better leave it alone. He is not with you, don’t hysterically search for the reason, I tell you, there is only one truth, you are not good enough. I have also been confused for a long time, the woman’s stupidity, where is the source of the stream? So far, the most convincing answer for me is dependence. Women always identify things that do not belong to themselves as their own, and then suffer from gains and losses; What is more interesting is that it is clearly that they do not know how to cherish the things that are lost by nature, and they must say that it is the betrayal of others, which makes men quite helpless. The old woman is a vulnerable group, this pretentiousness strength up, not necessarily who is weak. Your pain is because you always feel like a victim, so don’t you ask for it? I have to give you this advice: Play seriously, but remember it’s just a game.

You have to face, the most test of your relationship, is actually a very vulgar thing – money. The reason why I do not oppose puppy love is that maybe only the love in the student era is the most ox X, ox X is so pure. At that time, it was the most unambitious time for a man, he had no house, no car, no money, and even if he thought about sleeping with you all day, it was because he was young and physically had this urgent need. And at that time, is the woman most proud of the time, she was young and innocent and pure, did not force a man to buy her SK2, LV…… A poor boy with an unknown future led a silly girl, all the way silly walk. You walk all the way, through the snack bar that you have to pass after school every day, through the station that you want to be bored for a while, through the overpass that he only sent you a rose on Valentine’s Day, through the back door of the classroom that has escaped countless classes… Until today, in the face of the material temptation of sex and sex, have you hesitated……

In fact, in the final analysis, I want to tell my man, I love you, I can not leave you, I also want to spend 24 hours with you; But because I love you, I force myself to be independent.
I want to tell my man, I hope you are rich, because I have in my bones the greed and vanity of all women; You can not support me, but you must have the ability to support me.
I want to tell my man, if you have a dollar, then I want you to spend 50 cents to buy me a string of malatang I love to eat; If you have a thousand dollars, we have to eat once I want to eat three thousand li, otherwise, how can you say you love me?
If all emotional problems can be explained and solved with money, how good it would be… But you know, anything that can be solved with money is not a problem! I still want to put my love in a position more sacred than money.
If my man really can’t do that, I’ll put up with it, or if he does, I’ll lose him. He did not force me to grow into Manyu Jiaxin, I have no reason to force him to cover Li Ka-shing.
With nothing to do, I would like to take this document to the girls who make people happy and sad, including me; By the way, I wish everyone, including me, every day from the inside out exudes irresistible charm – sexual charm and human charm.
Finally, I would like to post some good habits and share them with you. I strongly hope that after reading the sisters, in addition to cute, more elegant!

  1. Get into the habit of writing something every day, even if it is a record, even a few words.
  2. It’s normal to disagree with others because you have a separate CPU, but learn to be respectful.
  3. Don’t quarrel with your man, just think of your sister, I will not receive this!
  4. Even if you are really better than Cecilia Cheung, don’t make a “Edison Chen incident”, cherish the superior conditions given to you by God, and do not use hidden dragons.
  5. Focus on your heart, but not your appearance; Men are tired of looking at the beauty, and you are sloppy all day long here to fill up the blockage!
  6. Know something about national affairs, but don’t be close to human fireworks; Be aware of fashion trends, but don’t follow them blindly.
  7. There’s no shame in being a man all your life.
  8. Own your own house if you can; A place where you can be your own.
  9. Remember, there’s more to men than you can learn in a lifetime. You have to appreciate men. As for what kind of man to appreciate, what to appreciate in men, I think it lies in your taste.
  10. Become a mother when the time is right.
    Thank you for your recommendation!
    Yeah, what to do? You said the bad. I think: the most should do at the moment that is each other’s ~ mentality. If you want to analyze it, it’s long. Don’t want to type, figure it out yourself!
    Potato wants to fight with steamed bun, but there is a river in front of him, he can’t cross. (Hit a plant)

The duel began, and the potato stabbed the bun with a fatal knife.

The mouse says to the Mustang, “I dated the cat yesterday!” (Hit a food)

The wild horse didn’t believe him and picked up the mouse. (Beat a vegetable)

The pig said, “Come on!” (Hit a food)

Who can say the answer

Is the cow more expensive or the chicken more expensive?

Teacher: Is the cow more expensive or the chicken more expensive? Xiao Ming quick answer: Chicken expensive! Teacher: Why? Xiao Ming: Nine cows only a hair, chicken 80 hair. Teacher: Get out! & # 128532; Biology class teacher asked: Wolf and dog after mating called Wolf dog, that tiger and lion? Xiao Ming answered again: call the old lion. Teacher: Get out! & # 128521; Math Teacher: Class, today we are going to review the multiplication tables. Teacher: 37? Xiao Ming: Four concubines! Teacher: Thirty-nine? Xiao Ming: Stomach Tai! Teacher: Five eight? Xiao Ming: In the same city! Teacher: Ninety-nine? Xiao Ming: Duck neck! Teacher: Fuck off! Don’t come tomorrow! Biology class, tiger, 39, lion, good math student… . There’s money in it. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Bought a house in Yuyao or Cixi, and then went home every week to see mom and dad, wechat circle of friends posted “the countryside” air is so nice.” Countryside “food is really fresh, today back to the” countryside “to see parents, go to a sun once, really put themselves when the city, or superior? Look really uncomfortable forget the people are not worth mentioning dizzy, such people really pretend forced ah. People buy in Shanghai how to do oh, ha ha a week can go back once is also considered to be a premium suit threatening! The problem is not to go home in a week, but to go to the “countryside” do not know what such people are thinking if Shanghai to buy a house, back here is called “stomp down the country head” It is just every time to see a little inexplicable contempt said very well, in fact, in the eyes of others Yuyao or Cixi or are rural people, what is worth showing off. No matter where you live, you are the same person and you are not inferior. There is nothing to despise, anyway, the world can say, what people have. You bother this today and bother that tomorrow this is your own trouble with yourself, no fun. All caps and pithy! I also hate people say country people, as long as they feel good, where is not a good place. Azionon left green dragon right white tiger ah pretend forced ah ah ah become “city people”! Identity times long, self feel good. Left green dragon to right white tiger a penis in the middle ah! This is also despised? ! The hill-raiser who goes to another hill-raiser is not going to be drowned by your spit…
As the old saying goes, “Stand with poise.” What you may not know is that posture not only affects your appearance but also reveals your personality. Let’s test what kind of person you are! How are you used to standing in the picture above? (Optional) Figure A standing pose B Standing pose C Standing pose D Standing pose E Standing pose Voting result A. Put your hands in your pockets at this moment you are closing your heart or hiding some emotion, immersed in your own world and do not want to communicate with others. B. Feet wide, hands on hips You are energized and eager to get ready for the next big thing. Self-confidence is strong, often with a potential for aggression, suggesting leadership and authority. C. Hands hanging down naturally At this moment you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy, free from the world and eager for everyone to live in peace. Ignore the things that make you unhappy and try to keep yourself as smooth and calm as possible. D. This posture occurs when you cross your hands in front of your chest and talk to others. It is a defensive behavior, which is a subconscious posture of defending against injury and attack. It often occurs when there is a dispute. Don’t want to accept the other person’s attitude, opinions, opinions. E. Like to rely on something else You are very direct and don’t like to hide your thoughts. But you like to take shortcuts, lack independence, and always think that others can do something for you. Do you think it’s correct? I sit like a clock
On January 1, all women are not allowed to wear bras, meaning that there is no bad omen in the New Year; Men also don’t wear pants, indicating that the next year will not suffer. Remember to tell each other! Attention, wives! In the morning, I must resolutely remove my husband’s pants fork, paste a few hundred yuan bills on the buttocks, bite hard, and then face east, put my hands together, and murmur :2017, butts rich! Butt rich! Butt rich! Wearing a bra, Oriental, wife, husband, man 124027 vo44on0s6wbavb8z. JPG download attachment after January 1, all women can’t wear a bra, meaning in the New Year no omen um um um agghh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Cool, my little sister who’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby.

Thousands of fans “net red”, account suddenly blocked!

On September 2, the account of the popular anchor “Xiucai” was banned. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Tiktok said that the account violated the relevant regulations of the platform and has been banned. According to people familiar with the matter, Xiucai has recently been reported for illegal behavior, which may be part of the reason for his ban. Statistics show that the number of fans on the whole network exceeds 10 million. It is reported that the “Xiucai” age is 39 years old, Bozhou City, Anhui province, Mengcheng county, Tiktok Internet celebrity, the number of fans more than 12 million. Its earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past year or two, basically the number of likes are in hundreds of thousands, the top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow is “sky”. Related reports: Tens of millions of fans anchor “Xiucai” is called “middle-aged and elderly women harvester” “middle-aged and elderly handsome man is” Xiucai “, middle-aged and elderly beauty is “a smile in the city”!” “The same old, ‘scholar’ there squat my mother, ‘Chengcheng’ here squat my father!” Now, these Internet jokes are being confirmed by young people online. “The middle-aged and the elderly are too wild, my mother recently became obsessed with male anchors, and also wrote a short essay for him.” Recently, a blogger Ms. Ma (a pseudonym) joked that she thought it was a joke made by her mother, but as a result, she opened the male anchor’s home page and found that she had tens of millions of fans. The male anchor mentioned is a “scholar” with tens of millions of fans on a short video platform. Description: Please input description Short video account “Xiucai” “A smile in the city” the number of fans are more than 10 million a short video platform “Xiucai” account shows that its fans 10.54 million, a total of more than 1,300 video works, the earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past one or two years, basically the number of likes are hundreds of thousands. Its top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow of “heaven”. From the video content, the scene is mostly rural, and the “xiu talent” in front of the camera often combs his hair exquisitingly, wears a suit or shirt, wears a belt, the camera is close, then smiles, pulls his hair, and sings (lip-sync) : “Love you is not my fault, you are too beautiful to cause trouble…” In this regard, some people joked: “Pretend to look back, found candid photography, cover your mouth and smile, lift your hair, just these few moves, which aunt is not pinched to death!” “Earthy, top!” Below the videos of the “Xiucai” account, you can see “love confession”, “Xiucai brother is good, you are in the dream”, “lovable, provocative”, “Love you is not my fault, it is you are too handsome”…… There is even more explicit language. Most of these accounts are middle-aged and elderly women. It is reported that an aunt in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, will release the “scholar” every day, sometimes, three related videos will be released a day, in the video, often will confess the “scholar” : “excellent ‘scholar’ brother, I miss you” “Today with you, really happy” “busy finished, sisters miss you”…… Ms. Feng (a pseudonym) from Zhejiang Province in addition to like to co-shoot videos with “Xiucai”, also set up a “Xiucai group main iron powder group”. She told reporters that the “scholar” is very good and kind, and she especially likes it. Description: Please enter a description of the platform statistics, “Xiucai” fans, female users accounted for 70. 44%, users over 40 years old accounted for 79. Eight percent. The huge fan base is also bringing huge benefits to the “top stream”. When the “top stream” enters the middle-aged and elderly groups, many people worry about this: Will it become a pension “killer”? Such fears are not unreasonable. According to a number of media reports, from May to July this year, the Shanghai police carried out the “fake Jin Dong” fraud gang, and arrested 8 suspects. A number of older women in their 60s who responded to help “fake Jin Dong” were cheated, and an older woman invested more than 200,000 yuan. According to the suspect’s account, the star photos and video materials used in the live broadcast were downloaded from the Internet, and the star voice used was also the audio of the software. They will be those who are attracted to the “star idol”, after screening, pull into the so-called “star private fan group”, and then by the gang members plus wechat, as a “star” identity and the victim for “emotional exchange”, when the victim let down the guard and believe it, the criminal gang will turn to the traditional “killing pig plate” mode, the perpetrator of targeted fraud. In addition, a 72-year-old woman from Jilin Province traveled 1,700 kilometers by train to Anhui Province, saying she wanted to find a “scholar” : “I must meet him.” In this regard, a platform responded in an interview with reporters that for online fraud that is more likely to occur in the elderly, it will conduct graded intervention on the risk by pop-up window prompts, security confirmation, intelligent voice and other interactive methods. In terms of live rewards, the platform launched a gift consumption reminder function last year, and users can set their own daily consumption reminder limit. If the amount of the reward reaches the set limit, the system will also pop up. There are too many people of this kind. I have just brushed that it is not that the old people are too stupid, but that the stupid people are old. I brushed it, smiled sideways, licked my tongue. Oh, it’s so greasy and funny. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Watch it! These foods and habits, they trigger inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, you may think of gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis… But did you know that some chronic inflammation may be related to unhealthy eating habits on a daily basis? 1 These 5 foods are pro-inflammatory foods. Excessive consumption of red meat, including red meat and pork, can promote the body’s inflammatory response and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer and obesity. 2 the & # 46; A large number of harmful substances including N-nitroso compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines are produced during the processing and production of meat. Excessive consumption of meat, such as smoked meat, roast meat, ham, sausage, bacon, etc., will increase the level of oxidative stress in the human body and produce inflammatory reactions. 3 & # 46; Eating too much high-carb foods, such as refined staples and foods high in sugar, stimulates the expression of inflammatory molecules. 4 & # 46; High salt intake is not only a risk factor for high blood pressure, but also stimulates inflammation and damages target organs, such as excessive salt in cooking, often eating salted meat, pickles and so on. 5 & # 46; Trans fatty acid Description: Please enter a description Regular consumption of foods containing trans fatty acids can also promote inflammation, such as bread with shortening, milk tea with vegetable butter, chocolate with cocoa butter substitute, cake with margarine, etc. 2. These eating habits can trigger inflammation. Alcoholic hepatitis: long-term drinking alcohol is metabolized by the liver, the acetaldehyde produced in the metabolic process will damage liver cells, long-term drinking, acetaldehyde accumulation, easy to cause alcoholic liver. At first, there will be loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain, and slowly develop into alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. Description: Please enter a description 2. Chronic atrophic gastritis: unhealthy diet smoking, long-term drinking, lack of intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and the necessary nutrients contained in them, frequent consumption of moldy, pickled, smoked and fried food and other foods, excessive intake of salt, etc., can increase the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis or aggravate chronic atrophic gastritis and even increase the possibility of cancer. 3 & # 46; Chronic inflammation of esophageal mucosa: hot drink, hot food long-term drinking of overheated beverages may often burn the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa, which will cause chronic inflammatory reaction of esophageal mucosa, thereby increasing the risk of esophageal cancer. 39 foods with potential anti-inflammatory properties. Fish Fish such as salmon contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent many diseases. You can eat fish twice a week. If you don’t like fish, try high-quality fish-related foods. 2 the & # 46; Kelp Description: Please enter a description Kelp has potential anti-tumor and antioxidant properties that can help fight inflammation. 3 & # 46; The cruciferous vegetables broccoli, kale, kale and cauliflower all contain antioxidants that protect the body from damage from harmful compounds. 4 & # 46; Some varieties of blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant properties and potential anti-inflammatory properties. Moderate intake is also helpful in preventing brain aging, cancer prevention and Alzheimer’s disease prevention. 5 & # 46; Turmeric This spice contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin, which also has potential anti-inflammatory properties. It’s found in things like curries. 6 & # 46; Ginger Description: Please enter a Description Ginger has potential anti-inflammatory and blood-sugar control properties. Drinking ginger tea is a great addition to any diet. 7 & # 46; Although its performance in studies has been erratic, garlic does help fight inflammation, regulate blood sugar and control infections. 8 & # 46; Green tea Description: Enter a Description Green tea contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids and may even reduce the risk of certain cancers. 9 & # 46; Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, beta-carotene, manganese and vitamins B6 and C and other nutrients, which play a positive role in the recovery of inflammation in the human body. Source: People’s Daily Oh oh more problems do not eat will also come out to eat what do not pay too much attention, do not overdo it right to eat a good amount of what to eat don’t say too much, eat a few pieces of braised meat immediately have gastroenteritis is not easy to be good
On the evening of September 2, a thunderstorm hit Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, causing a surge in patients with cough and asthma. A large number of residents went to hospitals for medical treatment, and the respiratory departments and emergency departments of local hospitals were overwhelmed. Why are so many patients showing up at the same time with similar symptoms? On September 3, the health and Health Commission of Hohhot City responded that the increase in the number of patients in the emergency department of the hospital was related to “thunderstorm asthma” caused by high pollen concentration after rain. On the afternoon of September 3, the registration window of the pediatric clinic of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University (photo by Li Chunxue, an intern reporter of the Central Radio Network) reporters visited the affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, and the number of patients in the respiratory department was more than daily. In the pediatric emergency department, patients and their families who are waiting for treatment of cough and wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath are also queuing up for medical treatment. When the reporter interviewed, a nine-year-old child was accompanied by his family waiting for medical treatment, his mother introduced that the child showed breathing difficulties, cough, and no symptoms of rhinitis before, she quickly took the child to the hospital for examination, and is still waiting for the screening results of allergens. “There was a surge in pollen levels after thunderstorms, leading to clusters of cases, so there was a particularly large number of patients coming to the emergency room yesterday.” Song Wei, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, said, “This cluster of asthma has a feature, most of the patients have a history of allergic rhinitis, and there are more patients with the first attack.” On the evening of September 2, the outpatient department of Inner Mongolia Hospital was overcrowded (Central radio network survey subjects) Wang Jichun, deputy director of the pediatric department of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, introduced that thunderstorm asthma is a special type of bronchial asthma, which refers to the acute attack or aggravation of bronchial asthma in or immediately following the thunderstorm weather, which can be manifested as a large-scale outbreak of asthma in local areas. Symptoms range from mild to severe, and can be life-threatening in severe cases. Almost all thunderstorm asthma occurred during peak pollen season. As early as August 31, the Saihan District Meteorological Bureau of Hohhot released the news that the pollen concentration in Hohhot urban area continued to rise, which was higher than the same period last year and reached a new high this year. According to the comprehensive analysis of the current herb growth and meteorological conditions, the pollen concentration in the urban area still maintained a very high concentration, lasting until mid-September. Artemisia pollen was the main pollen, followed by chenopodium pollen. Pollen allergy is closely related to thunderstorm asthma. It is understood that seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by seasonal pollen allergy is the most sensitive risk factor for thunderstorm asthma, and the prevalence of seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients with thunderstorm asthma is as high as 60% to 99%, of which 70% is medium-severe allergic rhinitis. Doctors recommend that young people or people with asthma who have no underlying medical conditions and have difficulty breathing during thunderstorms should have some allergy and asthma medications such as loratadine, cetirizine and Symbicortubo at home. Following the instructions, you can manage some mild asthma symptoms at home on your own. If the symptoms cannot be relieved after medication, please go to a regular hospital in time. At the same time, patients should actively treat pollen allergy to prevent the occurrence of allergic asthma, and it is recommended to receive preventive pollen allergen-specific immunotherapy to form “immune tolerance” to pollen allergens and achieve “desensitization”. In addition, during the thunderstorm season of the pollen season, minimize pollen exposure and prophylactic use of anti-allergy medications to avoid accidents. Source: Health first away from pollen allergy feeling can be a human geography problem