Snow and I had to tell the story

When I was young and ignorant and mixed emotions, I met snow, joined an illegal organization, and finally snow became a moderator, and ruthlessly abandoned me… PS “The theme of this story is paranoia… In that year, I had just graduated and returned to Yuyao with longing for my hometown and longing for a better life. At this time, an ID into my sight, she is snow, how elegant name ah, how poetic name ah. The flower god in Liaozhai, I was deeply attracted. Maybe I am lucky, pluck up the courage to chat with her, and gradually get familiar with her. Is this what it’s like to be in love, to keep Posting to each other on the forums. And joined an organization she leads. At that time I sang “Conquer” every day: So conquered by you!! 1 But the good days are always short, since she became a moderator, there are countless suitors, they cruelly abandoned me. I was depressed, sunk, even depressed. Because I can’t figure out!!!!! Since we broke up, why not return the burnt cake I bought for you !!!!!! Snow. Give me back my burnt pie, you cheating woman !!!! Burned cookies? Isn’t it churros? You bought a churro for me, and then said you were hungry, and I gave you the churro, and I bought a cup of soy milk for you, you forgot? You forgot all this? Back to the post on the 20th floor (Jiang Xue) you are too shameless, obviously you ate the burnt cake, I also bought the churros. You ate half a heel, soy milk I did not want, you have to buy, and now also take it, you really shameless for today’s story enough why scold ah. I’m the victim. The story is boring, the plot is simple, it’s not educational, it has no real meaning. Failure 13:66, you are very sick, hurry to the hospital I want to occupy a seat. Story is making up pro, now 15 o ‘clock to 3:30, if there is no content, I strongly ask to delete this post! Make it up, keep making it up… Edited wonderful I give you plus sperm help, 66 is want to go to a mental hospital, and sorry to say 66, edited it ~~~ don’t let everyone down ah relaxed to tomorrow, ha ha melon seeds peanut mineral water to cut ~~ for a long time did not eat coke cake for coke cake
From whom? Pull out to kill the letter rumor you are afraid of famous pig afraid of strong, you become a celebrity, congratulations all said rumors, you really believe ah? What are you talking about? No one
There is a very jealous woman, every day to search her husband, if found another woman’s hair, will cry loudly. Once she searched for a long time, but found nothing, so she cried even more fierce, she pointed at her husband and scolded: Well, I did not expect you to even the nun now! The biggest flaw in this picture is that it doesn’t show the woman’s most beautiful belly

  1. Brave people are easily provoked. 2, angry people, easy to be dragged down. 3, greedy people, easy to be bought. 4, kind people, easy to be troubled. 5, witty and shy people, easy to be embarrassed. Honest people, easy to be deceived. Clean and do not know the benefit of the people, easy to be insulted. Tough and domineering people, easy to be used. Weak people, easy to be deceived. Top, top, top. No one’s gonna pick you up? Your writing is very good.
    It’s time for your meds, isn’t it? It’s Jiang Xue this time. I got it right. Come and see Na

Go left, go right — this damn love!

When we are bored and empty and lonely, we really want to have such a person to accompany you, regardless of life and work are so busy, there will be such a person in our hearts worth you to worry about. When such a person appears in your side, please cherish it well, a lot of fate will be a pity to miss, a lot of love will be very sorry for life. Love is more transparent than pearls, more shining than gems, more dazzling than the sun. If you love, please treat each other with undivided attention. When we have each other’s love, we should cherish each other, when we go to each other, we read each other’s good, at least once love that is really really exist. If you do not love, why should we be together at the beginning; If not, just because he is not suitable for each other to share a person. In my heart, I have always believed that there is such a sea sell stone rotten, sky old love exists, I desire to have such a vigorous love in my life, do not care about everlasting, only care about once had. Many times, I find myself really a contradiction, I want to have is a simple, ordinary love. You always accompany me, we cook together, clean the room together, watch our favorite TV series together, sit on the balcony and bask in the warm sun together. I grow old with you slowly, you don’t mind my body out of shape, I don’t mind your hair slowly becoming less, even if it becomes a bald, you are still my lifelong dependence. A lot of feelings together when love is dead and alive, a lot of feelings do not become each other’s harm. Once the person you love the most, eventually became the guy you hate the most. When love is gone, love dies. No matter what reason appears, each other can not be together, then it is good to get together and leave each other a good thought. Recall the beginning, that he – I once loved the man; That she — the woman I once loved. He was so good to me, I wanted to commit to him, I loved him so much, I wanted to do anything to marry him even if it was a naked wedding. In the end, the only reason we couldn’t be together was because we didn’t want to disappoint the parents who gave me birth, raised me, and dyed my hair blond. You go left, I go right, this damn love at least once existed in life. Bless the lovers who love each other deeply, bless the lovers who have broken up. shafa top.. Join in the fun, how can I be less I am afraid of the world is not chaotic big fairy more points, show I have more culture, ha ha you appear I have no culture alas, I work very busy chicken move chicken move, the egg cracked!
Today I want to say: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. Today I want to say: “Monday! Good morning!” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. Today I want to say: “boiler boiling rice, I want to fill water ~”. Today I want to say: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want to irrigate ~”. I most want to say today: “The member did not fill in the content of today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I want to say today: “The member did not fill in what he wants to say today.” I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. I most want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”. Today I want to say: “According to the statistics of the province, Bi Nv is not only the oldest person in Taizhou, but also the oldest person in Zhejiang Province.” I want to say today: “boiler boiling wave rice, I want water zai ~”.
“I am a police officer of Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau, please cooperate!” “I’m a police officer, please cooperate!” What do you do when you get a call like that? Recently, there have been new means of impersonating public security fraud. Criminals in the fraud process requires the victim to install “security protection” and other mobile phone APP, the APP in the process of logging in to the bank card, the background to collect the victim input bank card number, password, verification code and other information, resulting in bank card funds stolen. On September 5, the victim, surnamed Chen, who lives in Shiqi Street, Haishu, received a phone call from a man claiming to be the Hubei Provincial Communications Administration. The caller claimed that two mobile phone cards issued by Mr. Chen in Beijing Daxing were involved in illegal activities, and transferred the call to a person claiming to be “He Yong, a police officer from Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau.” “He Yong” said to Mr. Chen that in addition to the two mobile phone cards, there is a bank card involved in money laundering activities, and Mr. Chen needs to cooperate with him to investigate. Hear each other’s answer Mr. Chen heart suddenly panicked, quickly said willing to cooperate with each other’s investigation, and added “He Yong” QQ number. After that, “He Yong” in the name of cooperating with the investigation, let Mr. Chen install an APP called “Public security protection”, and kept the screen sharing in QQ voice communication, and also asked Mr. Chen to open the interception of all calls (resulting in 96110 anti-fraud dissuade phone can not enter). Mr. Chen, who fully believes the other party’s rhetoric, has no doubt at all, and under the guidance of the other party, he entered the bank card number, password and SMS verification code in the APP, and even loaned more than 100,000 yuan on multiple platforms and transferred it to the bank card. Until the next day, all the funds on the bank card were transferred, Mr. Chen woke up, and only then did He know that yesterday’s “Hubei Provincial Communications Administration Bureau” and “Beijing Daxing District Public Security Bureau police He Yong” were crooks, and he lost more than 105,000 yuan. Police remind, when asked for SMS verification code, bank card password and other information, be careful. When the public security police handle the case, they will not ask the public for SMS verification code, bank card password and other information, and will not ask the public to transfer money! In the face of unfamiliar links and apps, do not click, these unidentified links and apps are usually the bait of fraudsters, and they will read the information on the phone after clicking or downloading, but they can not fill in their identity information on it. If you find yourself cheated, call 110 or 96110 for the first time. (Source: Ningbo Evening News reporter Zhang Yifu correspondent Wang Xize) This fraud gang will not innovate, are old, but the world fool is dead not only.

I’m tired of chasing girls after 90 years

It was nice seeing each other last Sunday! Not many messages sent! Yesterday began to send her information always say busy! Today is also busy so far! I’m embarrassed to text her! What do you do?! Give up, people just refuse you in a euphemistic ah, do you still cling to it, must people clearly refuse you just give up! It happened to me too! A woman’s heart is a lifetime book! Hard to understand! Ouch! Looks like it’s about time! I’m obviously not interested in you. Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Ouch! Got it! It’s time for me to relax! Know it is good, so as not to be a spare tire is very difficult very difficult nothing to drive a car, go to her unit waiting to reject your rhythm get brain cut refreshing ah, you think chasing girlfriend ah, please you are blind date, chat to continue, chat not to 88, you really go after, this colored a good ning sex. If you always secret her, it means that people are not interested in you, decisive escape to find the next house HEHE amount! Got it, thanks! She doesn’t like you. What’s the fare? ~ Drive a 50w or so car to pick him up for dinner and date immediately Tuo Tuo to find a married person is really difficult ah, brothers have no worries about pulling brothers!
I female 26 years old, Yuyao people, looking for marriage object, because the circle is small, so take this platform to find people to spend their life, I am just a very ordinary girl, every day in addition to work is off the job requirements: 1: Yuyao local boys 26-31, the best near the city, divorced detour 2: boys honest, down-to-earth, to have their own stable work 3: Boys do not touch tobacco and alcohol, do not gamble 4: family harmony, cult, Jesus faith detour 5: boys foreign trade association, or heavy, hypocritical, do not add 6: boys temperament, violent tendencies, do not add if you meet the above conditions of the boys, then please add qq: 2110424072
In the forum, all kinds of men who do not smoke, drink and gamble, and pay their wages to sit on housework and love their wives can not find objects; And the reality that I am in contact with, all kinds of men who smoke and drink and play mahjong casually change women, you big gods explain, why is this? No wedding fashion b, after marriage show ah! Women still like bad guys! You know that! Because your friend is not looking for a married woman do not know thick skin can accomplish a lot of things, birds of a feather, what kind of people will live in what circle. My brother told me that his friend’s friend, my brother went out with him 3 times, and he changed 3 women, rich people can change! Do all kinds of gangsters out there like all kinds of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, and get paid to do housework?? Unless they want to go from light, by then, they want to find a variety of men who don’t smoke, drink, gamble, pay to do housework and love their wives. The sad character of society determines everything: the sky is grey, the wild, the good woman, the love rogue
— Contact information, small partners, Yuyao, junior college, bright LZ leave a contact information ah and you are the same age, unmarried, local, have a stable job, can you, really want to take off single, looking at the anxiety of parents, I am also very helpless, courage to see the forum, do not know whether? qq: 3257604575 Let the future, now come… qq415527724
Male, 1987, height 178, there is a room in the city, live apart from his parents, there is a scooter, interested people can add wechat wangqi197367 passing by fun than you are also in

I guess I’m not mature enough for what you want

And then, no, just a soy sauce, sister, you are not married, meet the right person is not mature enough so what I married, children will be soy sauce, okay, fairy tales are deceiving, honey, that suits me… Don’t give up, don’t give up! Have faith that the right person will come along. Come on, you have a good mentality, I have passed that mentality, now into the bad stage of what age what mentality is not black enough to be as black as the Indians
… In fact, I am very curious about the last room who pays Yuyao has a house, but also need to open a room so vulgar hello, Tuhao goodbye less empty can look on, just eat and drink, witness your beautiful blind date cut, a dull gathering a lively is actually a text message, it seems to give the floor face ah most do not like AA, Or I’ll pay this time and he’ll pay next time and it’ll be a lot more comfortable to be friends and support. Can I come over? I don’t talk, I eat dick or your dick! That is about the same, you eat the share of their own Fu Tao Tao refueling thank Tao Tao refueling AA is a bright spot AA can not stop, it is better not to eat, ha ha, to drink cold white open AA forced the big wave of the standard party
At the awkward age of 27. Shamelessly post it on the forum and see if I can meet my true love. Self-introduction: ’89 Snake. Be self-employed. I have a cheerful personality. As for the appearance can not be beautiful if Fan Bingbing, but still can be. Own a car. In the mind of him: to have an eye edge. Long can not say handsome. But get it right. Personality, good temper. The most important thing is filial piety. Have a proper job. Be self-motivated. Steady income. At least to support this family. A separate wedding room is required. That’s all. Interested male compatriots can add my wechat signal: babygood111 first understand (if you are the One) If you are the One, Fan Bingbing, self-introduction conditions are very good your social men wechat is left behind how to see ah do not hope, only seek a wood ear how not to put photos… I added you on wechat. I added you on wechat
Every true love for the purpose of marriage !!!! The first one chased the movie for 6 years, saw the gift, took care of the care, and finally the heart changed after 6 years did not chase Nima!! Really have a clear conscience to her good ah !!!!!! The second!! I met you on the Internet! Chongqing I want to people well ~~ the most basic trust or to give, since people agree I went all the way from Yuyao to Chongqing to meet my parents also spent a lot of money. After less than a year, the distance suspicion should be so noisy. I’m a nerd. I don’t go out at night. The third talked about 1 year just points I was so good to him rain umbrella for him with his own drizzling all the expenses are my gifts are not less care is really non-stop in the care of others in the end no, I take it seriously his parents actually said I harassment… He himself had been slept with by other gangsters. Come break up with me ~!! I don’t know what I did wrong !!!!! I am a good man dignified every time love good humble more and more lack of security and then find a girlfriend also feel will suffer from gain and loss I just want to live the same life in peace to find a similar girl married Nima yo!!! What’s wrong with society !!!! This more than 20 girls are precocious reality will choose? Still immature like to be fucked and fucked !!!! Can not settle heart !!!! I really feel like I can’t love anymore… Nima mood special fire !!!!! Sense of security, fall in love, find a girlfriend, Chongqing, Yuyao what good to live, alive is good. Emotional history 8 years brother ah, society mo Mo Wu. It’s not easy to take care of yourself. A radish and a pit… There’s no need to grovel to please people. The better you treat a woman, the less she’ll take you seriously. Blindly treat people well, ordinary people will not cherish. Can only say that brother you must have a bad face always meet a right person, when that person shows up, the rest are passengers. Brother, you proved a sentence that men are not bad women do not love women is despicable. Brother don’t go too much to the heart of the woman can not be too good, a woman will have to Ningxing, think that there is a black fungus is a great chase after six years did not chase how to understand? Never held hands or never got married? I don’t even have a hand to sign, let alone get married. I think my face is on the side of some women. The more you care about her, the more she doesn’t take you seriously, and the more she likes to take her seriously. This also applies to men. Cherish the people in front of you, and you share the face of the partial still Ga failure? Non Mo is not the dry drop thing did not do decisively, was as a beast as I do things too decisive. It’s so efficient. She may feel that he can not accept the beat of the T.T floor is looking for the 90 then it is certainly not reliable (most 90 are like night shows and handsome men, but the good is less, not to say no), would rather find a few years older than their own do not find 4-5 years old!!! What we’re looking for now is a family, a secure life

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival send festival send festival and send out ah no longer send dumplings to stink in

I male Yuyao native 89 years of their own business height 168 weight 60 although the Dragon Boat Festival to pass but I still hope this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival can go to your home with you have to write up the annual income
I am Yuyao Xiaodong, only child, rural house. I got married at the age of 26, because the woman was two years older than me, and it would take two years to get married. At the end of the year, an aunt introduced me, because if I didn’t get married at the end of the year, I would have to wait for two years, and the woman might consider having a baby earlier, so I got married quickly after knowing my former wife for more than a month. After marriage, I found that her character was too strong, and the two sides were inconsistent with each other, and with the deepening of the contradiction, I filed for divorce.
I am 170 height weight 110 catties, high school education, work private enterprise procurement, salary monthly 3500, daughter belongs to ex-wife. Because I’m a homebody, so I’m here. I don’t gamble or smoke or drink. There is a car divorce to the ex-wife, so in recent years will not buy a car, raising children is important. After divorce these two years I am running around, I also want to start a family, but no harvest, but make their own physical and mental exhaustion, it is too tired, looking for objects can not drag on, in the forum also read a lot of posts, some old Internet users said the forum in the marriage success rate is too low, there are a lot of unreliable, I think this is also a platform, Try to look for it is not impossible, in short, everything with it! Marriage is like Qian Zhongshu novel siege described in the same, the city want to come out, outside the city want to go in, although I recovered single, but I am ordinary people, still can not escape the common, the key is to find a suitable other half, so it is worth entering the siege again to live a married life!
In fact, there has been a lesson, the most hope to find an unmarried foreign woman, such as Anhui Jiangxi Fujian Hubei these places, grow good, anyway, is the province, not too far from Zhejiang on the line, young, local women difficult to get, age and older, flower head through, the day is not peaceful, the head is dead, of course, there are good, but a fall into the pit a wise, I also dare not take the risk, or a little worried, the first marriage I must find a local, I have learned, of course, the field or local or also to see people, I actually value the appearance of the body, although a poor boy, but for the happiness of the latter half of life, or find a like it! That’s what we’re looking for these years!
I am 83 years old, I grow a little young, many people meet for the first time, they say I look only twenty-seven or eight years old, I hope the other side is under 28 years old, because the ex-wife is two years older than me, there is a lesson, want to find a younger, give both sides some time to contact, if not appropriate can end early, and then find, Those older women are more anxious to get married, so I will appear very passive, because I am not anxious to get married and have children, I do not have any economic foundation now, just want to have a stable relationship first, when the time is ripe to consider having children, the main look is comfortable, engaged in legitimate work, long day shift. Wouldn’t mind having a brother or sister.
I think to find an object should be realistic, do not brag, to both sides willing to live together, province after marriage complain. I qq 2402250826, wechat me1180574, overtime remarks forum. Please ask the woman to carefully consider my above content, after careful consideration. In addition, I hope to be able to pass photos to each other to show sincerity, in addition, if some netizens do not like what I said, please do not sarcasm, hope that the mouth mercy, I grew up in a bad environment, understand the hardships of life, but also cherish each other, thousands of years to sleep together, I want to find a person I like, can share the joys and sorrows, each other! In addition, solemnly declare: added and do not speak, do not add, have met several, no sincerity and why add me, I said it is very clear, please carefully consider carefully and then add, do not take so much fun, I found that other men in the forum also encountered similar situations, do not forum women also have so many unreliable! Come on, high school education, physical and mental exhaustion, success rate, only child, looking for a partner this picture of the head is a big wish to find a predestined head is a big picture? I don’t think ah, OK, very normal ah local what is good, eel, turtle, bayberry, is female Ning Fu good, ha ha not more than 165 non is really dia scratch, west, like blowfly is really annoying, you didn’t see my lower body, but also eye, eye your head ah, Originally, the forum was very harmonious friendship environment was ruined by this kind of scum, and then the other woman also has eyes, want you to do a lot of things, height is not distance. I asked the woman height is almost OK, you are the second time to hurt me, I really can not stand it I am for the broad masses of the people. Why don’t you send a full picture. The whole person. Prove my eyes wrong. That’ll shut me up. Prove it with an actual photo. It’s the devil to put up a sticker for a fellow countryman or you are sweet and interesting
On the same day, the price difference is so much, what will you choose? One 77 yuan for half an hour is not a high-speed train. 57 points is the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed rail, the other is the current bullet train. The Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway officially opened on September 28. Time is not the same ah time is money, it is better to take more than 80 bullet trains, it is only half an hour apart from the price, what difference Quanzhou does not feel, the speed difference in 10MIN, the ticket price is more expensive time is money expensive time is money – curious about the convenience of this high-speed rail who, Xiamen and Fuzhou while living while working workers? High-speed rail 140 yuan high-speed train 84 yuan, the same to Fuzhou South Station, for people who are not in a hurry can be more than 56 yuan to play, take a network car. Why do high-speed trains. ???? The time is not the same as looking forward to the price of the people’s day to drive domestic demand out of the package, the recharge card 140 of this is Xiamen directly to Fuzhou, there is no stop in the middle. It’s like a bus station express. 77 that is the middle station with stops set bureau change snatch rail as if the ticket price of high-speed rail will be floating 6.40 open, 6.00 will be hit to the North station. The two lines are different, too. The time is short and the price is high. The time is long and the price is cheap. Think too much, 12306 will give you time to think about it, the second out of the ticket.

How many more of these weird toilets? Can we fix them?

Some people have to tease the bus stop should move forward or back a section of the toilet deliberately put this position to block the road, do not consider pedestrians at all, it is estimated that three generations of people every day, interesting, according to the ancient understanding, happiness. Where did the ball kick the rental company Niu force, the gods have to make way suddenly found this TM call post! Ahh… Problems that can not be solved in life, simple, play Fujian news channel broke :0591-83331234, Xiamen local media do not (dare) report, she reported the design is really lack of a public toilet how good, how many people convenient, you don’t pick,… This toilet problem many Caitang students parents have feedback, and the above reply, said to remove, for many years has been in the same position 12345 complaints many departments kick the ball problem in Xiamen as long as someone put forward, generally will be solved, just like the software Park II east gate, every morning right turn is blocked by straight, now there is adding right turn lane. Quoting the inexplicable sentimental Jun on the 11th floor published at 14:40 on 2023-09-18: Many parents of students in Caitang have received feedback on this toilet problem, which is the same as the above reply, saying that it will be removed, and it has been in the same position for many years since it is not the government and no one is in charge at the same time, the villagers can organize to push it aside, and there are two or three meters behind it. The city management is not moving. Chengguan, whether to regulate the road management? The Park Bureau has replied – transferred to the urban management processing can not send pictures
National Day with children want to go to the following places (3 days and 2 nights) Yongding Tulou – Longyan Forest Water Village Jiuxi Lu drift → Pei Xie Tourist Center Longyan Xinluo District → Changting Ancient City → Long硿 Cave scenic spot should go how, the hotel booking which area is appropriate, help the warm fish fish to give some advice, thank you for having time, walk hundreds of kilometers, you cram for the moment, Should have planned ahead. Want to go around the whole Longyan Liancheng how much is a catty of dried melon? When my sister sent me a box of Longyan city center is it necessary to go? What’s the fun? A young, heavy industrial city. Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest due to violations… Then Yongding Tulou, the child designated to Yongding Tulou – Longyan forest water village Jiuxi Lu drift decided to go to these two places. Take it easy

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors didn’t have any good things, and I didn’t do anything and I had pink eye

I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you. Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house.

Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome. Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? I found that when I built a house, I knew that my neighbors did not have a good thing, and I did not work and had pink eye. Upgrade good places are very beautiful small building ah what mean to confirm, needless to say neighbors, their own people are the first jealous, the first out to block you.

Telling your story… is not blocking the light from hearing that you went through it a few years before you drew a tiger. It was fine when it was covered. And then the end gets in the way. Hey, everything’s okay! Pay attention to your neighbors and take care of them. I help my neighbors when they need help, and I don’t mess around when I build a house. Sometimes I’m a failure… Live in the countryside to brothers more fist big good work, no potential, build a house is basically every neighbor to quarrel in the past, what light drainage across the road, a lot of problems what that first done with the neighbors are not neighbors have no relationship, mainly willfulness, everyone is not necessarily, [expression] as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! If you read correctly, this is Xiang An Huang Chu? Hehe… I want you to type it right. Fishnet is a forum for communication, not a place for you to vent. Rational discussion and some valuable and constructive posts are welcome.

Rural people, there will be jealous, but if the neighbors are not good things, it means that they are not what good things, will not be a man. It’s the same thing. When you’re strong enough, the people around you are friendly. My family bought all the old houses in the neighborhood, so there’s no one to talk to. Across a small ditch, the next group of neighbors over the area, built two floors, was reported by their own family members, and was knocked down half last month. Rural is like this, poor mountain bad water out of the people last year just built, did not encounter the problem you said everyone is looking forward to others than their own worse you release this sentence no one call call [expression] to you? The old saying is good, low-key said is very right, this rural impersonal is for hydrology some relatives do not want you to live well, you are not good when you say you do not have the ability, you say you are good, alas, what people have this between people, with the department between the most easy to have a conflict of interest; There are always interests between families and between neighbors; In fact, this is also the case between countries, and it is often neighboring countries that are prone to conflicts. Come out to be a person, is the initiative to send red envelopes, red and white, have children, the size of the disease, with the encounter, where as long as it is done, there is no bad. The premise is to have more children, so that you can go to each other. It’s a smooth ride with the neighborhood. It takes a long time to get used to it, to not look at each other. Normal, the human heart is like this, N years ago, my father’s house was rebuilt, want to discuss the same wall with his Cousins, do not discuss, and then we eat a little loss, back from their own home to build a wall up, it is disgusting, his house only one room does not live, only put there to shut mosquitoes.

When you ask him to sell it to us and refuse to ask you, you say something, and then you don’t honor it after it is done. The neighbor built the house through my drainage and we agreed, negotiated that the vacant lot next to my house would be paved with cement or it would be weeds and not look good, and the neighbor agreed, but after the house was built, he refused to admit it. It would be better if the neighbors were relatives of the same family. Before I built a house in my hometown, my uncle and father-in-law would actively help. Build a house if the neighbor is a little wrong, the eyes will be long to assassinate calm calm rural building, building roads is the most people can see the time… Not afraid of neighbors, afraid of neighbors drive Land Rover. Laugh at your poor hate your rich relationship did not deal with when I built a house, the neighbor also went to report me, said I illegally built the original hundreds of flat old house demolished to give his brother to build a new house. Now we’re going to build it, we’re not going to let it, we’re going to report it.

Will the second wave of infections peak in March-May? Two groups of people or most affected!

Over the Spring Festival holiday, the epidemic did not rebound significantly. With the emergence of Omicron variants CH.1.1, XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB, there is great concern about a possible second wave of infection. The topic “The second round of infections may peak in March to May” has also been trending recently. Why is the second round of infection peak predicted in March to May? Xing Mingyou, chief physician of the Infection Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, analyzed that from a virological point of view and an epidemiological point of view, the antibody level in the body after “Yangkang” will maintain a relatively high peak for 3 to 6 months, and the probability of re-infection in a short time is only 2%. However, the population base of our country is very large, starting from December last year, after another 3 to 6 months, our antibody levels slowly decline, at this time if there is a new virus mutation strain, we are highly likely to have clinical symptoms after re-infection, and there may still be a peak. Professor Xing predicted that the second wave of infections could peak in March to May, but this time the peak may not be felt by the public. Due to the difference in the time sequence of infection, coupled with the presence of a basic antibody level after our second infection, the number of people infected in the second round, the severity of infection symptoms, and the amplitude of time concentration will be much weaker than the first. Lu Mengji, a German Chinese virologist and professor of the Virus Research Institute of Essen University School of Medicine, also said in an interview with China News Weekly on February 1 that it is expected that from late March this year, with the decline of population immunity, the risk of population infection will increase, and the change in the epidemic will be very obvious in May and June, when it may face a second wave of impact. But whether the second wave comes in March or May or June depends on the emergence of a new strain with a very strong impact. 1. The elderly who are still recovering Lu Mengji said that now many infected elderly people are in the physical recovery period, and many people with poor physique are infected again, and the consequences may be very serious. At this stage, some people at high risk of immune deficiency who have not been infected may also face the impact of the next wave of epidemics. 2. Uninfected people The most affected by the current outbreak are the uninfected population, estimated at 15 to 20 percent. Compared with the previous situation where the whole population was susceptible, the degree of impact has been reduced, but given the population base in China, the size of the population involved is still very large. What can we do? Everyone should be the first person responsible for their own health, maintain social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits, which can largely prevent infections and secondary infections. 1. Maintain the habit of wearing masks Professor Xing Mingyou reminded that, especially in crowded public places, it is necessary to standardize the wearing of masks. It is enough for ordinary people to wear medical surgical masks during regular travel. In some high-risk positions and environments, the probability of infection increases and N95 masks are needed. 2. Priority vaccination for the third group Professor Xing Mingyou said that because the antibodies produced after the first infection have disappeared six months after “Yangkang”, it is very necessary to reseed and strengthen the vaccine. Vaccination can delay the time of infection, or reduce the probability of infection. Three groups of people are recommended to give priority to vaccination: first, engaged in high-risk positions such as doctors, couriers; 2. Elderly patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, tumors, or those who have undergone dialysis transplantation; Third, in the first infection appeared in the performance of pneumonia, the symptoms of more severe hospitalized people, in the first “Yangkang” after 6 months must be vaccinated to strengthen the vaccine. Source: People’s Daily Science Popularization, Health Times, Hubei release, healthy Hubei, Youth Hebei — ☆ — Horses run and dance according to dance. — ☆ — What about the first round? Experts are thinking about ways to make money — – brick house – do – being is beautiful — – have read – do – being is now no one wearing a mask – do – oh oh – can – it doesn’t matter – do – being is letter? ☆ – Impossible to defend! — ☆ — The main high school entrance examination children Oh, in case of exam when sick how poor. ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Can we not send this news? Boring, you – ☆ – really want to pay attention – ☆ – brick said the Spring Festival second round of infection peak? ☆ — or to prevent the main — ☆ — Chinese experts is a derogatory term — ☆ — ☆ — expert brick is too terrible — ☆ — even a weather forecast is not accurate, but also engage in these difficult, don’t be ashamed
How much is the entrance fee for the bronze statue? Does any great God know? Please reply, thank you – ☆ – no money free – ☆ – I went in 2018, when I did not need tickets, drive to, only charged 10 yuan parking fee. Mind you, the shift ends at 4:00 p.m. – ☆ – Thank you – ☆ – Happy New Year! – ☆ – This free visit – ☆ – local ID card buy 30 – ☆ – no money – ☆ – free entry to the park, but the Hong Wish hall charges, which is to visit the history of Buddhism, sell arts and crafts, decorate the magnificent, landscape car usually 30 per person back and forth, walk up and back for more than an hour, see the scenery is very good, parking fee 10 yuan, 4.30 PM forbidden to enter the park. — ☆ — Free — ☆ — Free — ☆ yesterday asked 39 — ☆ — Go play — ☆ — no money — ☆ — Free tickets, go inside the Buddhist hall to buy tickets — ☆ — free parking ten dollars went to n trip — ☆ — Parking outside the factory there are many parking Spaces, so parking fees also sound — ☆ — free I still 14 years to go, outsiders 150, Local 30, now do not have tickets — ☆ — do not need tickets just go to Hong Yuan Tang to collect 30 yuan, the rest is the parking lot to collect parking fees — ☆ — several years ago it was free. — Free outside — — I don’t know — — No money — — Free
On the morning of February 11, Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and Science and Technology Museum launched a brand activity of tomorrow’s Little Scientist: “Light and Eyes” popular science class in the lecture hall on the fifth floor. Ms. Xia Xuelian from Shenzhen Bureau of Education and Sports is invited to give a lecture. First of all, Teacher Xia explained the use of light for everyone, through the PPT display of the sun, the moon, lights, fireflies and other luminous objects, science what is the light source. Then with the help of spotlights, sunlight, etc., let the students understand that light travels in a straight line in a uniform medium, and can not pass through opaque objects; By showing shadows, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, etc., we can understand the phenomenon of light traveling in a straight line. Through the phenomenon of first seeing lightning and then hearing thunder, we explained the speed of light, and let the students understand that light travels fastest in vacuum; By seeing objects that do not emit light with our eyes, we have learned about the reflection of light. Finally, the teacher explained the eye to you, so that you understand the structure of the eye, convex lens imaging law and its application. And explained to the students the correct way to protect the eyes in daily life. The students listened carefully, actively answered the teacher’s questions, and took notes. By carrying out such activities, the aim is to further cultivate young students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, and improve their ability to explore science independently. – ☆ – Read – ☆ – Got it – ☆ – Good – ☆ – Thumbs up! – ☆ – Thumbs up – ☆ – Good

318 back and forth Jiuhuashan and Chizhou city, too uncomfortable, all the way dark

During the Chinese New Year, 318 round trip Jiuhuashan and Shenzhen city, driving too uncomfortable at night, all the way dark, outsiders say Shenzhen road public service is too bad, the toll station on the podium to collect 10 yuan, the money out of the ah, national highway standards, actually all the way street lights black, civilized city first this point can not pass, hope the relevant departments pay attention to it. ☆ – Yes, I can’t see the road clearly – ☆ – The eyes of the headlights on the way – ☆ – A year charges so much, where does the money go? The last time someone responded, the government responded quickly, and then nothing happened. People who cross the road at night are afraid to cross the road. Night vision is not good, to the side only to see a person, the driver quickly brake, if there is an accident in the case of street lights can be avoided. ☆ – Soon to install street lights, and so on – ☆ – and so on the heat of the storm passed again – ☆ – One night back to the city in the road Sun that intersection, a car with headlights to come over to scare the labor and capital, 318 night is really too dark, rainy day on the road sign line is also vague to see a point is not clear – ☆ – I do not know this year may be arranged? Qingyang’s are done — ☆ — there were street lights before, and then the quality of street lights was not good, it was dismantled, and the result was gone — ☆ — Don’t worry, is preparing — ☆ — The province — ☆ — Jiuhua Mountain here at night but there are street lights — ☆ — Qingyang’s street lights are installed at the junction of Five rivers and your pond — ☆ — Support the building — ☆ — Hope to light up, convenient for the people, Also enhance the image of the city – ☆ – On the night of the fifteenth day of the first month from Qingyang back to GUI Chi, to Jiuzishan Public School, all the street lights are bright. ☆ – no money to pay electricity – ☆ – there will be – ☆ – when can install street lights Shenzhen traffic worst. Many places don’t have streetlights. The roads are not easy — ☆ — they used to be — ☆ — It’s a problem — ☆ — 318 It’s hard to walk at night. It would be a lot better if we could install a little reflective road tack on the roadside and in the middle of the road. – – Safety hazard. – – Got it! The lotus lamp has been removed for more than ten years, and now the Qingyang section has installed a high-pole street lamp, and the black paint of the Guichi section is black — ☆ — it is not good to open at night, and there is no isolated lawn in the middle. Can not see the road ahead by the opposite distant light! Yes, you reminded me and there was no response! — Drive slowly at night — — The most hateful thing on the way is the high beam of the big truck. — ☆ — Let alone the street lights, the toll station speed bumps are broken for a long time with concrete. — ☆ — Shenzhen’s street lights are spent in the urban area. — ☆ — Qingyang to Wuxi to Jiuhuashan road have street lights, and now it is much better to drive at night. — This is still the road built by Fang Xiping, objective evaluation, he did something in Shenzhen. Including Jiuhuashan Avenue was also built at that time, Qingxi River scenic belt was also built at that time. ☆ – It is dark at night, there are many big trucks, headlights can not see clearly – ☆ – There should be – ☆ – There is money to eat and drink how good – ☆ – If there is an installation plan to have quality installation after installation it is recommended to pave the road effect is good otherwise it is not a waste of taxpayers’ money for the driver. And do not open 318 state road broken ridge location often see the retrograde – ☆ – do not know
On February 1, Anhui Provincial Meteorological Observatory released “Meteorological Information Special Report”, data show that since January, the average temperature of the province is higher than the same period of the year, the temperature fluctuations are large, and the amount of rain and snow is less. It is expected that the next ten days in the province more rainy weather, local sleet or light snow. It is predicted that the average temperature of the whole province in February is higher than usual, and the rain and snow amount in the north of the Huai River is more than usual, and the south of the Huai River is less than usual. Since January, the average temperature in the province is 1.3 ° C higher than that in the same period of the year (2.9 ° C), and the temperature fluctuates greatly. Among them, the maximum temperature of 55 counties (cities) along the Huai River and south of the Huai River on January 8 exceeded 20 ° C, of which 11 counties (cities) broke the historical January extreme value, the highest Lu ‘an 24.2 ° C. On January 13-15 and 23-25, there were two cold wave weather processes in the province. In January, the average amount of rain and snow in the province was 30% less. The average rain and snow in the province is 36 mm, which is 30% less than the same period of the year (50 mm), of which between the Jianghuai River, along the river and the eastern part of the Jiangnan River is less than 3-8%, and most of the Huaibei River is more than 5-70%. Rain and snow mainly appeared on January 13-15 and 22-24, with heavy rain in Yixian (62.2 mm), Qimen (57.5 mm) and Tunxi (50.4 mm) on January 13. In the past week, the province was mainly sunny, and the temperature has risen significantly since January 28. On January 31, the highest temperature in the Huaibei area was 17 ~ 20℃, the south of the Huaihe River was generally 20 ~ 22℃, and the highest was 24.3℃ in Shitai. According to the climate forecast in February and the weather forecast data for the next ten days, the rainfall and snow in the north of the Huaihe River in February is more than that in the normal year (21-40 mm), and the south of the Huaihe River is less than that in the normal year (40-116 mm). The next ten days, Anhui more rainy weather. Among them, there was sleet or light snow in the north between Jianghuai and Huaihe on February 2 and in the mountains along the north of Huaihe and Huaihe on February 8. The rainy days are 2 ~ 3 days in the Huaibei area and 7 ~ 8 days in the south of the Huaihe River. The rainfall in Huaibei area is 2 ~ 5% more than that in normal years. The south of Huaihe River is 5 ~ 90% more than usual, and the local area is more than 1 times. In terms of temperature, it is expected that the average temperature of the province in February is 0.5 ~ 1.0℃ higher than that of the usual year (3.4 ~ 5.0℃ along the Huai River North, 5.0 ~ 7.0℃ south of the Huai River). In early February, the temperature was obviously 1 ~ 2℃ higher; In the middle and late months, the temperature is about 0.5℃ higher. On February 1-2, under the influence of cold air, the average temperature of the province will drop by 5 ~ 7 ° C from north to south, while the average wind will increase to about 4, and the gust will be 7. From March 3 to 6, the temperature in the province rose slowly; There is also a cold air on 7-8, and the average temperature in the province will drop by 4 to 6 ° C. In the coming week, the city is cloudy and rainy weather, including light rain or sleet from the evening of February 2 to the night, and rain around the 5th and 8th. It is expected that in the next week, the precipitation of the city is more than usual. The meteorological department warned that the cold air process on February 1-2 has adverse effects on agricultural production, energy supply and human health. The rainy weather in Anhui from 2 to 9 has an adverse effect on the Spring Festival traffic. In the cold air interval, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are poor, and haze weather may occur. Hefei Tong client – all media reporter Shao Xiaojie – ☆ – Temperature anomaly – ☆ – Received. — ☆ — There is a big temperature difference in spring. — ☆ — It’s going to fall soon. — ☆ — Oh — Oh — Yes, I feel the same way. — ☆ — Read it

Waiting for you to love the woman (marriage)

I am 29 years old, born in Changchun City, Han nationality, primary school teacher, bachelor’s degree, unmarried, 1.60 meters tall. I look medium, like reading, listening to music, good character, easygoing personality, honest and trustworthy, stable, there is a sense of family responsibility, no burden. Age between 29 and 35 years old, height of 1.72 meters or more, good character, facial features, college or above culture, Changchun area work, administrative institutions staff, individual business to have economic strength, teachers and civil servants preferred. Good overall quality, healthy body, unmarried, to have independent standard housing, have a sense of responsibility, feelings single-minded.
It’s better to change her name to the woman you’re raising
High is really high
Show understanding.
I can’t help it. Who made you a teacher?
To be a teacher you have to be poor, but no one thinks so except yourself.
As a teacher, you cannot be vulgar, because you are a person of knowledge.
You can’t find big money as a teacher, but if you want a better life, you have to.
As a teacher you have to be scolded, you can not scold back, you are a cultural person.
You can’t rest as a teacher. Don’t you have two long vacations? No one cares if you have meetings to study and train.
As a teacher you know nothing except what you are required to teach your students.
As a teacher you will not adapt to the society, of course, people will say that is because you can not.
As a teacher, you can not complain, and there are many people in society who are more difficult than you

Anyway, as a teacher you’re a grandchild, and you get used to it,
Yu ‘er, hello! No matter what others say, I support you, because from your words, I can see that you are very sincere and serious search for marriage
Basket sauerkraut, each love, of course, no one has the right to choose their own vision of the future!
What are you saying? She’s a good girl, a good teacher
Heheh. I’m not saying she’s bad.
I suggest you read what I wrote a few more times.
This man, no matter what values we stand on, we must light up hope with love!
Extreme and sarcastic remarks will only make yourself struggle in the circle of fearlessness, fear and resentment!
Learn to love others, respect society, optimistic life, master the above principles, I believe you will make a difference in the essay industry!
Because, I look forward to becoming your honest, kind, selfless and open-minded literary reader!
This is called: Pig Bajie look in the mirror, inside and outside is not a person.
I’m not good at literature. I just love to play with words. Don’t try to read me from my words.
To think that words must be able to reveal people’s hearts and express people’s thoughts is bound to make mistakes.
I just wrote it for fun, and if it disturbs your peace,
You can call me “out of the way!” .
Take a look at the news of the strike by teachers in Yongchuan, Chongqing, and you will know why I published the above words.
Men have no ability, don’t say women reality,
Of course, women don’t call men promiscuous if they can’t,
Sister, I tell you, here the marriage, if you just write the marriage two words, package you a lot of people support you, and then add some conditions, especially when it comes to the economy better, you look at it, a two men ugly words come out, because they do not meet your standards, alas, men, you do not meet even if, why can not bless people, I have to say a word of anger, anyway, I have been scolded a lot, and the men here are disappointed enough, or go to the matchmaker.
Sister, support you, everyone has a purpose. Hang in there, whatever they say,
Good luck finding the right one. But let’s focus on emotion, not economics. Because the truth is hard to find. The money is easy to find.
Boo!! Maybe I just didn’t meet a good quality teacher in my heart!
… faint
Why are you dizzy? Do you want to strike a blow?
Busy with what, not in the Q,
Pass by……
No money men, only can only say that modern women are too realistic, too talk about “money” love. Also can not “injustice” women, only sigh that they do not have the ability to keep.
When you’re asking people
Look at yourself first
Rich people may not look at you
It’s better to be realistic
Don’t always make such high demands
Give yourself and others a way out
The top
I think this MM is right, since it is the most important or people, rather than the economy, of course, the economy is to be considered, but please do not miss a good marriage because of economic reasons.
Lord, wake up! It seems that in this period, the older young people who are unmarried are basically more than in the 1980s, why? It’s not that we can’t. It’s not that we don’t want to. Was born in the wrong time, what bad let us meet, reading? We didn’t have compulsory education at first. Work? Just caught up with the distribution of the economic base without a package? I dizzy, my primary school to junior college students, how many people? Buy a house on their own, no one!! There is a house that can be counted on 10 fingers of both hands, and it is financed by the family, or the parents directly help to buy it. Maybe this is a small city, per capita income is low, high consumption ~ ‘seriously You are a civil servant, you may not understand our kind of people who struggle at the grassroots level of society, now count you 20 years old to work,30 years old should have a little become it, can buy a 20W house (you say to have an economic basis oh, we even if the house is bought out, the economic basis of mortgage slaves should not be stable)10 years saved 20W,1 year is 2W, that every The monthly deposit should be kept at 1650+after deducting the basic monthly expenses, and the monthly income should be at least 4K to achieve the amount. Here, teachers and civil servants earn 3K a month. Do the math yourself, you ask for
I just want to tell you about the situation in our small city, and also complain about the dissatisfaction of my friends and me with the current social situation. The economy is growing year after year, prices are rising month by month, and income is falling day by day.
Finally, best wishes for you to find your special someone ^_^

Who can name a reason, why is this?

In fact, I really do not want to get married, in my heart, if I get married, I am finished, usually the suitor did not, usually the attention and love of the opposite sex to me will no longer, no freedom, think of these I will be afraid of the day of marriage, but I clearly hope to have a boyfriend to love me,
God, am I out of my mind?
Somebody help me, what’s going on with me,
Who can untie my heart knot, thank you !!!!
Because you’re still young and when you get to 27, you’ll have the answer you need.
Agreed oh!!
thank you,
But I don’t think that’s the answer.
Am I suitable?
Wanting to have company is probably lonely
Marriage is to want to bind the partner
Perhaps your understanding of marriage is to support your husband and raise your children
You’re right. You want a life for yourself, not a population
It takes your whole life to make a baby and you end up grateful and unfilial
And what else do you have
After all, we are also from childhood our feelings for our parents are any
I wonder if it’s worth it to my parents
Why do we do it now if it’s not worth it
If there are any superfluous conditions, we might consider them
Don’t want to burn yourself out because of marriage….

I don’t want to use the seed of my bread just because the house consumes it
Maybe we can start with the bread romance and then the dwelling

You have an opinion at every age, at least not for a few years now
I’m not kidding. You have to believe in objectivity
This is not positive or negative
Just be happy and live your life for yourself

I want to get married because I want to be bound to her and I don’t want her to leave again
But I don’t want kids and I probably can’t afford them or I just haven’t had enough fun
Wait till you’re tired of it
Want to know more please check primary school 100,000 why
I think it is just that you are a girl who loves to dream, is a little demanding, some picking, and may not have experienced hardships… This is probably called ‘the beginning of the affair shaper heart. Just ideal and reality, you have to choose the same!
It’s so boring not to talk
Women are not ordinary stupid oh, stupid very cute ~~~~

It just means that you haven’t found the one you really love ~

Wait, maybe that day the old man woke up to give you a red line!
What is love….
Depressed ,,,,,
Still young. Always hoping for more than you give. As you grow older and experience more, you will gradually get tired of this life, hoping to find someone who can tie you down. But there is something wrong with the idea that youth is not a reason. I’m sure you’ll figure it out yourself.
Nothing to do, come for a walk, popularity is so low !!!!
Head down oneself,
This idea is because the person you like has not appeared!
You do have a fear of marriage certificate
You say this because you have not met the person you love, if you fall in love, you will not care whether you admire, on the contrary, he is the most important, your heart only cares about his opinion of you, as long as he loves you, take good care of you, you will feel that other people’s evaluation and admiration are so insignificant …………
Personal opinion, for reference only, ha ha!!
Not who you thought you’d be after marriage?
No more freedom.
A really attractive girl is not only single to exchange for the appreciation of the opposite sex, if that, they only care about some external factors, in other words, you have a lot less inside. Do you know what that means? It’s not about having a relationship with just one person of the opposite sex, it’s about having priorities. A boyfriend is not the same as a male friend. You said that if you have a boyfriend, you are afraid that no other boys will favor you again. Do you want many boys to favor your appearance or do you want only one to favor your heart? I feel that your heart is a little vain, the reason may be that you have not met the boy who can reassure you. How to change? A person’s personality can not be changed, to your advice is not to find a boyfriend for the time being, your vanity does not change to who will not be fair…

On self-cultivation — Lin Yutang

Holiday at home, occasionally found on the shelf father sent this “on humor, on reading – Lin Yutang classic works selection” book; Opened the reading, which found this “talk about self-cultivation” is very interesting, I feel that the article on the description of the Chinese educated people is very appropriate, and very feel, so I want to share with you.

The old Chinese education, marked with the word “self-cultivation”, paid attention to the cultivation of virtue, and the modern so-called education, emphasis on credits is different. Credits may not necessarily have knowledge, knowledge may not have self-cultivation. China regards learning and self-cultivation as one thing, which is one of the major characteristics of Chinese traditional education, which is different from German education focusing on fine study, French education focusing on artistic cultivation, and British education focusing on character cultivation. The so-called character of the British, the original text is not only Chinese can not be translated, French and German can not be translated, so the meaning of the word, in particular, refers to perseverance, perseverance, calm, prudent, fearless in the face of danger, brave, obey the discipline, obey the etiquette and customs and other components, and perseverance, perseverance, obey the discipline, especially from outdoor sports. Therefore, the English regard sports as life, as religion. The British people are well aware of this. The British people have this “education” that focuses on virtue, so whether they live in the North or the South, or travel across the oceans, only seven or eight people, or twenty or thirty people, can form an autonomous group in Africa, in Australia, in India, or in one of the small towns in Egypt, and thus rule the other people. The British Empire was built on this. Although Chinese education is also based on cultivating virtue, the cultivation of its goals is quite different. Probably the British style of pottery cultivation, the more the character of the more rigid, the Chinese style of pottery cultivation, the more the more soft, to the point of indecision, has been highly respected. Although Confucianism is not so, but in history, it is such a result, because the word “self-cultivation” means that it pays attention to endure humiliation, peaceful outlook, does not show its vanguard, does not show anger in color, does not offend people easily, does not eat losses in the future, intelligent calculation and so on. So the uneducated people in China are like a cliff, like a cliff, like a pine, like a cypress, like a hungry Wolf, like an eagle, like a horse, like a porcupine, like a thorn, like a file, like a Li Kui, like a Wu song, like a shrew, like all things difficult to deal with. People who have been cultivated are like noodles, such as dumplings, such as fat pigs, such as poultry, such as training sheep, such as snails, such as the scenery of the West Lake, such as rain flowers, such as hydrangea, such as wind wheels, such as catkins, such as cotton, such as hanging verruca, such as Tan Yankai, such as Li Yuanhong, such as Mr. Hao Hao, such as all smooth things.
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