I guess I’m not mature enough for what you want

And then, no, just a soy sauce, sister, you are not married, meet the right person is not mature enough so what I married, children will be soy sauce, okay, fairy tales are deceiving, honey, that suits me… Don’t give up, don’t give up! Have faith that the right person will come along. Come on, you have a good mentality, I have passed that mentality, now into the bad stage of what age what mentality is not black enough to be as black as the Indians
… In fact, I am very curious about the last room who pays Yuyao has a house, but also need to open a room so vulgar hello, Tuhao goodbye less empty can look on, just eat and drink, witness your beautiful blind date cut, a dull gathering a lively is actually a text message, it seems to give the floor face ah most do not like AA, Or I’ll pay this time and he’ll pay next time and it’ll be a lot more comfortable to be friends and support. Can I come over? I don’t talk, I eat dick or your dick! That is about the same, you eat the share of their own Fu Tao Tao refueling thank Tao Tao refueling AA is a bright spot AA can not stop, it is better not to eat, ha ha, to drink cold white open AA forced the big wave of the standard party
At the awkward age of 27. Shamelessly post it on the forum and see if I can meet my true love. Self-introduction: ’89 Snake. Be self-employed. I have a cheerful personality. As for the appearance can not be beautiful if Fan Bingbing, but still can be. Own a car. In the mind of him: to have an eye edge. Long can not say handsome. But get it right. Personality, good temper. The most important thing is filial piety. Have a proper job. Be self-motivated. Steady income. At least to support this family. A separate wedding room is required. That’s all. Interested male compatriots can add my wechat signal: babygood111 first understand (if you are the One) If you are the One, Fan Bingbing, self-introduction conditions are very good your social men wechat is left behind how to see ah do not hope, only seek a wood ear how not to put photos… I added you on wechat. I added you on wechat
Every true love for the purpose of marriage !!!! The first one chased the movie for 6 years, saw the gift, took care of the care, and finally the heart changed after 6 years did not chase Nima!! Really have a clear conscience to her good ah !!!!!! The second!! I met you on the Internet! Chongqing I want to people well ~~ the most basic trust or to give, since people agree I went all the way from Yuyao to Chongqing to meet my parents also spent a lot of money. After less than a year, the distance suspicion should be so noisy. I’m a nerd. I don’t go out at night. The third talked about 1 year just points I was so good to him rain umbrella for him with his own drizzling all the expenses are my gifts are not less care is really non-stop in the care of others in the end no, I take it seriously his parents actually said I harassment… He himself had been slept with by other gangsters. Come break up with me ~!! I don’t know what I did wrong !!!!! I am a good man dignified every time love good humble more and more lack of security and then find a girlfriend also feel will suffer from gain and loss I just want to live the same life in peace to find a similar girl married Nima yo!!! What’s wrong with society !!!! This more than 20 girls are precocious reality will choose? Still immature like to be fucked and fucked !!!! Can not settle heart !!!! I really feel like I can’t love anymore… Nima mood special fire !!!!! Sense of security, fall in love, find a girlfriend, Chongqing, Yuyao what good to live, alive is good. Emotional history 8 years brother ah, society mo Mo Wu. It’s not easy to take care of yourself. A radish and a pit… There’s no need to grovel to please people. The better you treat a woman, the less she’ll take you seriously. Blindly treat people well, ordinary people will not cherish. Can only say that brother you must have a bad face always meet a right person, when that person shows up, the rest are passengers. Brother, you proved a sentence that men are not bad women do not love women is despicable. Brother don’t go too much to the heart of the woman can not be too good, a woman will have to Ningxing, think that there is a black fungus is a great chase after six years did not chase how to understand? Never held hands or never got married? I don’t even have a hand to sign, let alone get married. I think my face is on the side of some women. The more you care about her, the more she doesn’t take you seriously, and the more she likes to take her seriously. This also applies to men. Cherish the people in front of you, and you share the face of the partial still Ga failure? Non Mo is not the dry drop thing did not do decisively, was as a beast as I do things too decisive. It’s so efficient. She may feel that he can not accept the beat of the T.T floor is looking for the 90 then it is certainly not reliable (most 90 are like night shows and handsome men, but the good is less, not to say no), would rather find a few years older than their own do not find 4-5 years old!!! What we’re looking for now is a family, a secure life