I have a blind date phobia now, and it’s not easy to put pressure on myself

The success rate is so low that I do not know if there is a word to say, but I still feel that I have to say after careful consideration: I saw the floor has a blind date (marriage) phobia. It is! Blind date is a dead end! I just went on a blind date last night! Blind date is already a joke, almost will not succeed! But what if you don’t have a blind date? Now people have basically lost their ability to know the opposite sex! How did it turn out to introduce you to my cousin? I’m in the right place, I’m in the right place, and I don’t know how to get married. I’m also on the road and don’t know if the next stop is the one I want. Your cousin’s last name, right? My cousin will have a surname with me, you are too ridiculous that is not necessarily, some people themselves are their own old cousin, one is their own siblings, one plays their own mother or other elders…… That’s how weird it is! I hope you’re not one of them! In addition, objectively, the cousin with their own family name this probability is not small! Hello, God. You remember him right away. How is God these days… Buy a house, change a car, otherwise how to live up to his original lofty words? Can you add your wechat, my psychological quality, has not debated with you no return to the stock God? Oh God! Fourth blind date this is OK! Wish I could get off alone! Her sister tried to help me!
Reading post is fate, reply post is friendship. Today, you suddenly find that you don’t know what to do when you do something stupid? Often think of someone in the heart is very upset after all want to find a place to vent the depressed heart. Hope to be watered. Love, marriage, how, fate you lonely.
I am 87 years, Ningbo Xiangshan people, working in Cixi Zhou Lane, staying in Zhou lane for 10 years, in a blink of an eye after 30 years, see other people’s children will call uncle, and I am still a single person, I also want to find a person who cares about me, hope that we can understand each other, don’t rely on these introductions to deny, Maybe I am what you want to find after you know me, I wechat 18858228108
123 Australia, university graduation, Chinese restaurant, Thailand, photo brother come on wish you find the right one as soon as possible too long… Can be a little more false estimate was injured by teachers, doctors, female cadres! Young and promising Come on, it’s sincere. A very mature boy… Come on! Don’t forget to invite me to McDonald’s for a drink! Can the early education center work, can the early education center work this year belongs to the rabbit, this year belongs to the rabbit this condition also use the forum to find! This is ridiculous! You brainless women beware of being cheated! Classic jealousy… Forum female essence, not to mention the building conditions are not very good. More suitable for life. LZ is awesome, even teachers and doctors