This year’s Dragon Boat Festival send festival send festival and send out ah no longer send dumplings to stink in

I male Yuyao native 89 years of their own business height 168 weight 60 although the Dragon Boat Festival to pass but I still hope this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival can go to your home with you have to write up the annual income
I am Yuyao Xiaodong, only child, rural house. I got married at the age of 26, because the woman was two years older than me, and it would take two years to get married. At the end of the year, an aunt introduced me, because if I didn’t get married at the end of the year, I would have to wait for two years, and the woman might consider having a baby earlier, so I got married quickly after knowing my former wife for more than a month. After marriage, I found that her character was too strong, and the two sides were inconsistent with each other, and with the deepening of the contradiction, I filed for divorce.
I am 170 height weight 110 catties, high school education, work private enterprise procurement, salary monthly 3500, daughter belongs to ex-wife. Because I’m a homebody, so I’m here. I don’t gamble or smoke or drink. There is a car divorce to the ex-wife, so in recent years will not buy a car, raising children is important. After divorce these two years I am running around, I also want to start a family, but no harvest, but make their own physical and mental exhaustion, it is too tired, looking for objects can not drag on, in the forum also read a lot of posts, some old Internet users said the forum in the marriage success rate is too low, there are a lot of unreliable, I think this is also a platform, Try to look for it is not impossible, in short, everything with it! Marriage is like Qian Zhongshu novel siege described in the same, the city want to come out, outside the city want to go in, although I recovered single, but I am ordinary people, still can not escape the common, the key is to find a suitable other half, so it is worth entering the siege again to live a married life!
In fact, there has been a lesson, the most hope to find an unmarried foreign woman, such as Anhui Jiangxi Fujian Hubei these places, grow good, anyway, is the province, not too far from Zhejiang on the line, young, local women difficult to get, age and older, flower head through, the day is not peaceful, the head is dead, of course, there are good, but a fall into the pit a wise, I also dare not take the risk, or a little worried, the first marriage I must find a local, I have learned, of course, the field or local or also to see people, I actually value the appearance of the body, although a poor boy, but for the happiness of the latter half of life, or find a like it! That’s what we’re looking for these years!
I am 83 years old, I grow a little young, many people meet for the first time, they say I look only twenty-seven or eight years old, I hope the other side is under 28 years old, because the ex-wife is two years older than me, there is a lesson, want to find a younger, give both sides some time to contact, if not appropriate can end early, and then find, Those older women are more anxious to get married, so I will appear very passive, because I am not anxious to get married and have children, I do not have any economic foundation now, just want to have a stable relationship first, when the time is ripe to consider having children, the main look is comfortable, engaged in legitimate work, long day shift. Wouldn’t mind having a brother or sister.
I think to find an object should be realistic, do not brag, to both sides willing to live together, province after marriage complain. I qq 2402250826, wechat me1180574, overtime remarks forum. Please ask the woman to carefully consider my above content, after careful consideration. In addition, I hope to be able to pass photos to each other to show sincerity, in addition, if some netizens do not like what I said, please do not sarcasm, hope that the mouth mercy, I grew up in a bad environment, understand the hardships of life, but also cherish each other, thousands of years to sleep together, I want to find a person I like, can share the joys and sorrows, each other! In addition, solemnly declare: added and do not speak, do not add, have met several, no sincerity and why add me, I said it is very clear, please carefully consider carefully and then add, do not take so much fun, I found that other men in the forum also encountered similar situations, do not forum women also have so many unreliable! Come on, high school education, physical and mental exhaustion, success rate, only child, looking for a partner this picture of the head is a big wish to find a predestined head is a big picture? I don’t think ah, OK, very normal ah local what is good, eel, turtle, bayberry, is female Ning Fu good, ha ha not more than 165 non is really dia scratch, west, like blowfly is really annoying, you didn’t see my lower body, but also eye, eye your head ah, Originally, the forum was very harmonious friendship environment was ruined by this kind of scum, and then the other woman also has eyes, want you to do a lot of things, height is not distance. I asked the woman height is almost OK, you are the second time to hurt me, I really can not stand it I am for the broad masses of the people. Why don’t you send a full picture. The whole person. Prove my eyes wrong. That’ll shut me up. Prove it with an actual photo. It’s the devil to put up a sticker for a fellow countryman or you are sweet and interesting
On the same day, the price difference is so much, what will you choose? One 77 yuan for half an hour is not a high-speed train. 57 points is the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed rail, the other is the current bullet train. The Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway officially opened on September 28. Time is not the same ah time is money, it is better to take more than 80 bullet trains, it is only half an hour apart from the price, what difference Quanzhou does not feel, the speed difference in 10MIN, the ticket price is more expensive time is money expensive time is money – curious about the convenience of this high-speed rail who, Xiamen and Fuzhou while living while working workers? High-speed rail 140 yuan high-speed train 84 yuan, the same to Fuzhou South Station, for people who are not in a hurry can be more than 56 yuan to play, take a network car. Why do high-speed trains. ???? The time is not the same as looking forward to the price of the people’s day to drive domestic demand out of the package, the recharge card 140 of this is Xiamen directly to Fuzhou, there is no stop in the middle. It’s like a bus station express. 77 that is the middle station with stops set bureau change snatch rail as if the ticket price of high-speed rail will be floating 6.40 open, 6.00 will be hit to the North station. The two lines are different, too. The time is short and the price is high. The time is long and the price is cheap. Think too much, 12306 will give you time to think about it, the second out of the ticket.