How many more of these weird toilets? Can we fix them?

Some people have to tease the bus stop should move forward or back a section of the toilet deliberately put this position to block the road, do not consider pedestrians at all, it is estimated that three generations of people every day, interesting, according to the ancient understanding, happiness. Where did the ball kick the rental company Niu force, the gods have to make way suddenly found this TM call post! Ahh… Problems that can not be solved in life, simple, play Fujian news channel broke :0591-83331234, Xiamen local media do not (dare) report, she reported the design is really lack of a public toilet how good, how many people convenient, you don’t pick,… This toilet problem many Caitang students parents have feedback, and the above reply, said to remove, for many years has been in the same position 12345 complaints many departments kick the ball problem in Xiamen as long as someone put forward, generally will be solved, just like the software Park II east gate, every morning right turn is blocked by straight, now there is adding right turn lane. Quoting the inexplicable sentimental Jun on the 11th floor published at 14:40 on 2023-09-18: Many parents of students in Caitang have received feedback on this toilet problem, which is the same as the above reply, saying that it will be removed, and it has been in the same position for many years since it is not the government and no one is in charge at the same time, the villagers can organize to push it aside, and there are two or three meters behind it. The city management is not moving. Chengguan, whether to regulate the road management? The Park Bureau has replied – transferred to the urban management processing can not send pictures
National Day with children want to go to the following places (3 days and 2 nights) Yongding Tulou – Longyan Forest Water Village Jiuxi Lu drift → Pei Xie Tourist Center Longyan Xinluo District → Changting Ancient City → Long硿 Cave scenic spot should go how, the hotel booking which area is appropriate, help the warm fish fish to give some advice, thank you for having time, walk hundreds of kilometers, you cram for the moment, Should have planned ahead. Want to go around the whole Longyan Liancheng how much is a catty of dried melon? When my sister sent me a box of Longyan city center is it necessary to go? What’s the fun? A young, heavy industrial city. Ah oh ~ The user has entered the small black room to rest due to violations… Then Yongding Tulou, the child designated to Yongding Tulou – Longyan forest water village Jiuxi Lu drift decided to go to these two places. Take it easy