318 back and forth Jiuhuashan and Chizhou city, too uncomfortable, all the way dark

During the Chinese New Year, 318 round trip Jiuhuashan and Shenzhen city, driving too uncomfortable at night, all the way dark, outsiders say Shenzhen road public service is too bad, the toll station on the podium to collect 10 yuan, the money out of the ah, national highway standards, actually all the way street lights black, civilized city first this point can not pass, hope the relevant departments pay attention to it. ☆ – Yes, I can’t see the road clearly – ☆ – The eyes of the headlights on the way – ☆ – A year charges so much, where does the money go? The last time someone responded, the government responded quickly, and then nothing happened. People who cross the road at night are afraid to cross the road. Night vision is not good, to the side only to see a person, the driver quickly brake, if there is an accident in the case of street lights can be avoided. ☆ – Soon to install street lights, and so on – ☆ – and so on the heat of the storm passed again – ☆ – One night back to the city in the road Sun that intersection, a car with headlights to come over to scare the labor and capital, 318 night is really too dark, rainy day on the road sign line is also vague to see a point is not clear – ☆ – I do not know this year may be arranged? Qingyang’s are done — ☆ — there were street lights before, and then the quality of street lights was not good, it was dismantled, and the result was gone — ☆ — Don’t worry, is preparing — ☆ — The province — ☆ — Jiuhua Mountain here at night but there are street lights — ☆ — Qingyang’s street lights are installed at the junction of Five rivers and your pond — ☆ — Support the building — ☆ — Hope to light up, convenient for the people, Also enhance the image of the city – ☆ – On the night of the fifteenth day of the first month from Qingyang back to GUI Chi, to Jiuzishan Public School, all the street lights are bright. ☆ – no money to pay electricity – ☆ – there will be – ☆ – when can install street lights Shenzhen traffic worst. Many places don’t have streetlights. The roads are not easy — ☆ — they used to be — ☆ — It’s a problem — ☆ — 318 It’s hard to walk at night. It would be a lot better if we could install a little reflective road tack on the roadside and in the middle of the road. – – Safety hazard. – – Got it! The lotus lamp has been removed for more than ten years, and now the Qingyang section has installed a high-pole street lamp, and the black paint of the Guichi section is black — ☆ — it is not good to open at night, and there is no isolated lawn in the middle. Can not see the road ahead by the opposite distant light! Yes, you reminded me and there was no response! — Drive slowly at night — — The most hateful thing on the way is the high beam of the big truck. — ☆ — Let alone the street lights, the toll station speed bumps are broken for a long time with concrete. — ☆ — Shenzhen’s street lights are spent in the urban area. — ☆ — Qingyang to Wuxi to Jiuhuashan road have street lights, and now it is much better to drive at night. — This is still the road built by Fang Xiping, objective evaluation, he did something in Shenzhen. Including Jiuhuashan Avenue was also built at that time, Qingxi River scenic belt was also built at that time. ☆ – It is dark at night, there are many big trucks, headlights can not see clearly – ☆ – There should be – ☆ – There is money to eat and drink how good – ☆ – If there is an installation plan to have quality installation after installation it is recommended to pave the road effect is good otherwise it is not a waste of taxpayers’ money for the driver. And do not open 318 state road broken ridge location often see the retrograde – ☆ – do not know
On February 1, Anhui Provincial Meteorological Observatory released “Meteorological Information Special Report”, data show that since January, the average temperature of the province is higher than the same period of the year, the temperature fluctuations are large, and the amount of rain and snow is less. It is expected that the next ten days in the province more rainy weather, local sleet or light snow. It is predicted that the average temperature of the whole province in February is higher than usual, and the rain and snow amount in the north of the Huai River is more than usual, and the south of the Huai River is less than usual. Since January, the average temperature in the province is 1.3 ° C higher than that in the same period of the year (2.9 ° C), and the temperature fluctuates greatly. Among them, the maximum temperature of 55 counties (cities) along the Huai River and south of the Huai River on January 8 exceeded 20 ° C, of which 11 counties (cities) broke the historical January extreme value, the highest Lu ‘an 24.2 ° C. On January 13-15 and 23-25, there were two cold wave weather processes in the province. In January, the average amount of rain and snow in the province was 30% less. The average rain and snow in the province is 36 mm, which is 30% less than the same period of the year (50 mm), of which between the Jianghuai River, along the river and the eastern part of the Jiangnan River is less than 3-8%, and most of the Huaibei River is more than 5-70%. Rain and snow mainly appeared on January 13-15 and 22-24, with heavy rain in Yixian (62.2 mm), Qimen (57.5 mm) and Tunxi (50.4 mm) on January 13. In the past week, the province was mainly sunny, and the temperature has risen significantly since January 28. On January 31, the highest temperature in the Huaibei area was 17 ~ 20℃, the south of the Huaihe River was generally 20 ~ 22℃, and the highest was 24.3℃ in Shitai. According to the climate forecast in February and the weather forecast data for the next ten days, the rainfall and snow in the north of the Huaihe River in February is more than that in the normal year (21-40 mm), and the south of the Huaihe River is less than that in the normal year (40-116 mm). The next ten days, Anhui more rainy weather. Among them, there was sleet or light snow in the north between Jianghuai and Huaihe on February 2 and in the mountains along the north of Huaihe and Huaihe on February 8. The rainy days are 2 ~ 3 days in the Huaibei area and 7 ~ 8 days in the south of the Huaihe River. The rainfall in Huaibei area is 2 ~ 5% more than that in normal years. The south of Huaihe River is 5 ~ 90% more than usual, and the local area is more than 1 times. In terms of temperature, it is expected that the average temperature of the province in February is 0.5 ~ 1.0℃ higher than that of the usual year (3.4 ~ 5.0℃ along the Huai River North, 5.0 ~ 7.0℃ south of the Huai River). In early February, the temperature was obviously 1 ~ 2℃ higher; In the middle and late months, the temperature is about 0.5℃ higher. On February 1-2, under the influence of cold air, the average temperature of the province will drop by 5 ~ 7 ° C from north to south, while the average wind will increase to about 4, and the gust will be 7. From March 3 to 6, the temperature in the province rose slowly; There is also a cold air on 7-8, and the average temperature in the province will drop by 4 to 6 ° C. In the coming week, the city is cloudy and rainy weather, including light rain or sleet from the evening of February 2 to the night, and rain around the 5th and 8th. It is expected that in the next week, the precipitation of the city is more than usual. The meteorological department warned that the cold air process on February 1-2 has adverse effects on agricultural production, energy supply and human health. The rainy weather in Anhui from 2 to 9 has an adverse effect on the Spring Festival traffic. In the cold air interval, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are poor, and haze weather may occur. Hefei Tong client – all media reporter Shao Xiaojie – ☆ – Temperature anomaly – ☆ – Received. — ☆ — There is a big temperature difference in spring. — ☆ — It’s going to fall soon. — ☆ — Oh — Oh — Yes, I feel the same way. — ☆ — Read it