No need to merge cities anymore, this place publishes combined city GDP for the first time

We all know that there is only one deputy center in Anhui Province, that is, Wuhu, but the deputy center in Sichuan Province has become a twin city [Yibin + Luzhou] GDP602.9 billion, [Nanchong + Dazhou] GDP518.8 billion, the “deputy center” of the combination of two cities, the GDP and fiscal revenue icon total ranking, can be said to be an innovative move. So which cities in Anhui can be combined? 1, Wuhu + Maanshan GDP 710 billion 2, Anqing + Shenzhen 396.1 billion (Anchi Copper Group 519.1 billion)3, Huainan + Bengbu 364 billion 4, Suzhou + Huaibei 349 billion Note: The distance between the above combination of cities are far lower than the combination of Sichuan, even if the distance between Anqing and Tongling is lower than the distance between Nanchong and Dazhou, no longer need to shout every day merged cities, Anhui development combination of cities will have more advantages, do you think? – ☆ – Oh oh – ☆ – creative – ☆ – to legal compliance and reasonable name Anchi copper city! — ☆ — Very creative, lots of bones. — ☆ — Think of these as better to make money, contribute more to GDP — ☆ — I think it will be called Anhui Province and Anhui City in the future, and become a city GDP is more beautiful, — ☆ — oh, — ☆ — oh — oh — ☆ Is it meaningful? Speechless! – do – passing – – each provinces such combination, or the bottom – do – oh, next to – do – jiangsu superiority arises spontaneously, nurture, the ostrich, self-deception – – ha ha ha – – I have nothing to do with being – being fostered – yuan longping let you eat so full – do – and this wave operation have read – – well – being – being creative new idea – do – not merge? I also expect Hefei to merge with Shenzhen It seems to become Hefei people have no hope – ☆ – Anchi Tong shouted for many years – ☆ – have read – ☆ – Anqing metropolitan area? Anqing ring poverty belt is almost, almost did not give me the whole spit – ☆ – good idea – ☆ – self comfort. 50 years old man I, on behalf of a group of people to say: I am Jin Zhiyu leaves, never willing to partner with the hanging wire. ☆ Come on, come on. ☆ There is only one center in Anhui called Hefei. The power of the fat, ha ha. ☆ — No matter how you merge and split, don’t put me and the Fir-Yang people together. I don’t deserve it! – ☆ – Yes is, say no is not – ☆ – Good idea – ☆ – can not pull up – ☆ – creative, good opinion, but Hefei does not agree, that’s it
On January 17, it was reported that since January, Yanglodo has increased the price of two products of lactic acid bacteria drinks “Yanglodo” and “Yanglodo Low sugar” sold throughout China, and will pass on the price increase of raw materials to the sales price. Among them, Guangzhou Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd. sales in the region and other regions of the price increase is different, the increase is 8.7%~14.3%. About the price of products, the reporter to Yang Le many aspects to verify, the other party did not disclose much, only said that “if the price of products on the offline shelf has risen, it is in the price increase.” According to consumer shopping records, in August 2022, the price of Yolo Live bacteria type lactic acid bacteria (5 packages) in Beijing 711 convenience store was 11.7 yuan, and in January 2023, the price of this product was 12.8 yuan, an increase of 1.1 yuan. Expert analysis: There are two major factors in the price adjustment of Yanglodo. First, the price of raw sugar has risen in the past two years, and the price of sugar imported from Cuba has also risen, which has caused the cost of Yanglodo to rise. In addition, in the probiotic industry, the price of ordinary probiotics is relatively good, and some proprietary probiotics have patent fees in them, and the cost is higher. Domestic sales growth slowed down some of the “worry” in China, the products of the company are concentrated in the two types of Yanglodo and Yanglodo low sugar, with a large single product strategy. When it first entered the Chinese market, there were not many domestic probiotic products, and Yangle Dor had a first-mover advantage in the Chinese market. However, with the increase of domestic probiotic products, this advantageous aura gradually lost, and the growth rate of Yangle Dor slowed down. According to data provided by Kantar Worldview, from August 2020 to August 2021, the sales of Yanglotte in the Chinese market fell by 16.2%; Penetration was down 3.4%, average prices were down 0.7%, and shopping volume for the year was down 14.9%. Sales declined, to a certain extent, resulting in the difficulty of maintaining the favor of capital. In 2000, it formed an alliance with food company Danone, but in 2020, Danone announced that it would sell its entire stake in the company for nearly 500 million euros because “the partnership did not produce the desired synergies”. Industry competition has intensified probiotic products for the food and beverage industry in recent years, the industry believes that the next five years or usher in a period of rapid development. This has also attracted all kinds of players to the track, and the industry competition has intensified. Data show that the market size in 2020 is close to 85 billion yuan. The product market has gradually entered a mature period of “high grade and many varieties”, and differentiated probiotic products have been more welcomed by the market. Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that brand power is the advantage of Yangle Duo, but because the sales channels of Yangle Duo are mainly supermarket and family distribution, cold chain distribution requirements are high, sales expansion space is limited, the overall channel is more favorable to the first and second tier market, and the three, four and five line market is relatively weak. Under the trend of consumption upgrading in China, the depth of Yangle multi-channel and the breadth of the market need to increase with the rigidity and consumption power of the people. Source: Beijing Business Daily, Hangzhou Daily — ☆ — It is much more expensive than the same type, but also the price. – – Japanese – – No – – It’s getting harder – – – No – – Anyway, I’m not that many people, I don’t drink this, I’d rather have yogurt or flavor. — ☆ — ☆ — Uh-huh? – ☆ – Very good – ☆ – Well – ☆ – really didn’t pay attention – ☆ – Praise – ☆ – Network report a, this is not really a problem, don’t drink, drink too much can only give yourself aggravated, not healthy – ☆ – Praise – ☆ – Don’t drink – ☆ – I don’t drink, you go up! ☆ — I don’t know. ☆ — Not much to drink. It’s a drink. ☆ — It’s advertised here. Drinks are not nutritious – ☆ – go up