Waiting for you to love the woman (marriage)

I am 29 years old, born in Changchun City, Han nationality, primary school teacher, bachelor’s degree, unmarried, 1.60 meters tall. I look medium, like reading, listening to music, good character, easygoing personality, honest and trustworthy, stable, there is a sense of family responsibility, no burden. Age between 29 and 35 years old, height of 1.72 meters or more, good character, facial features, college or above culture, Changchun area work, administrative institutions staff, individual business to have economic strength, teachers and civil servants preferred. Good overall quality, healthy body, unmarried, to have independent standard housing, have a sense of responsibility, feelings single-minded.
It’s better to change her name to the woman you’re raising
High is really high
Show understanding.
I can’t help it. Who made you a teacher?
To be a teacher you have to be poor, but no one thinks so except yourself.
As a teacher, you cannot be vulgar, because you are a person of knowledge.
You can’t find big money as a teacher, but if you want a better life, you have to.
As a teacher you have to be scolded, you can not scold back, you are a cultural person.
You can’t rest as a teacher. Don’t you have two long vacations? No one cares if you have meetings to study and train.
As a teacher you know nothing except what you are required to teach your students.
As a teacher you will not adapt to the society, of course, people will say that is because you can not.
As a teacher, you can not complain, and there are many people in society who are more difficult than you

Anyway, as a teacher you’re a grandchild, and you get used to it,
Yu ‘er, hello! No matter what others say, I support you, because from your words, I can see that you are very sincere and serious search for marriage
Basket sauerkraut, each love, of course, no one has the right to choose their own vision of the future!
What are you saying? She’s a good girl, a good teacher
Heheh. I’m not saying she’s bad.
I suggest you read what I wrote a few more times.
This man, no matter what values we stand on, we must light up hope with love!
Extreme and sarcastic remarks will only make yourself struggle in the circle of fearlessness, fear and resentment!
Learn to love others, respect society, optimistic life, master the above principles, I believe you will make a difference in the essay industry!
Because, I look forward to becoming your honest, kind, selfless and open-minded literary reader!
This is called: Pig Bajie look in the mirror, inside and outside is not a person.
I’m not good at literature. I just love to play with words. Don’t try to read me from my words.
To think that words must be able to reveal people’s hearts and express people’s thoughts is bound to make mistakes.
I just wrote it for fun, and if it disturbs your peace,
You can call me “out of the way!” .
Take a look at the news of the strike by teachers in Yongchuan, Chongqing, and you will know why I published the above words.
Men have no ability, don’t say women reality,
Of course, women don’t call men promiscuous if they can’t,
Sister, I tell you, here the marriage, if you just write the marriage two words, package you a lot of people support you, and then add some conditions, especially when it comes to the economy better, you look at it, a two men ugly words come out, because they do not meet your standards, alas, men, you do not meet even if, why can not bless people, I have to say a word of anger, anyway, I have been scolded a lot, and the men here are disappointed enough, or go to the matchmaker.
Sister, support you, everyone has a purpose. Hang in there, whatever they say,
Good luck finding the right one. But let’s focus on emotion, not economics. Because the truth is hard to find. The money is easy to find.
Boo!! Maybe I just didn’t meet a good quality teacher in my heart!
… faint
Why are you dizzy? Do you want to strike a blow?
Busy with what, not in the Q,
Pass by……
No money men, only can only say that modern women are too realistic, too talk about “money” love. Also can not “injustice” women, only sigh that they do not have the ability to keep.
When you’re asking people
Look at yourself first
Rich people may not look at you
It’s better to be realistic
Don’t always make such high demands
Give yourself and others a way out
The top
I think this MM is right, since it is the most important or people, rather than the economy, of course, the economy is to be considered, but please do not miss a good marriage because of economic reasons.
Lord, wake up! It seems that in this period, the older young people who are unmarried are basically more than in the 1980s, why? It’s not that we can’t. It’s not that we don’t want to. Was born in the wrong time, what bad let us meet, reading? We didn’t have compulsory education at first. Work? Just caught up with the distribution of the economic base without a package? I dizzy, my primary school to junior college students, how many people? Buy a house on their own, no one!! There is a house that can be counted on 10 fingers of both hands, and it is financed by the family, or the parents directly help to buy it. Maybe this is a small city, per capita income is low, high consumption ~ ‘seriously You are a civil servant, you may not understand our kind of people who struggle at the grassroots level of society, now count you 20 years old to work,30 years old should have a little become it, can buy a 20W house (you say to have an economic basis oh, we even if the house is bought out, the economic basis of mortgage slaves should not be stable)10 years saved 20W,1 year is 2W, that every The monthly deposit should be kept at 1650+after deducting the basic monthly expenses, and the monthly income should be at least 4K to achieve the amount. Here, teachers and civil servants earn 3K a month. Do the math yourself, you ask for
I just want to tell you about the situation in our small city, and also complain about the dissatisfaction of my friends and me with the current social situation. The economy is growing year after year, prices are rising month by month, and income is falling day by day.
Finally, best wishes for you to find your special someone ^_^