The snow in early winter

I don’t know when it started to get so sad
You feel like you’re falling apart at what point
So sad
Very uncomfortable
On the way home, the first snow of the winter was falling outside
My colleague let me ride
But I just like to go
Even though it’s cold outside
Although the clothes are wet
Although already tired
But I’m just trying to clear my head
My shoes are soaking wet
A few people on the street
It’s like I stopped crying
So many, many things that I repressed came up
Carrying too many unsolved heart knot
About to suffocate.
So sad… Really sad
I feel so desperate.
Such a beautiful young sister, why despair?
Now that winter has come, can spring be far behind?
The mood is floating like a fine day suddenly about to get cold… And the weather often affects our mood when you find that the weather is only in the completion of its cycle of replacement only to find that the change is our mood!
Find your other half, will definitely leave the despair of a new life. Life is valued in the bosom friend, the four seas meet flesh and blood relatives
It’s not good to be so sad at such a young age
There’s nothing wrong with sentimentality ‘it’s about size’
There are pain and tears can go to a close friend to talk about it
Go out for a break what can relieve a bad mood

Wish to get out of the shadow of pain early
My four seasons
It’s all impetuous, desperate and cold
The body is like the walking dead in the world
We have to admit that many external factors affect mood
Like the weather, like a song, like a place where memories were made

Most of the time, the enlightenment of pain is the expression of language

You don’t know the fear of despair without your own experience
Really want to work hard
I really want to get out of my own circle
Don’t want to be a cocoon. Don’t want to be a prison
But the more I struggle, the more I feel bound
Wrapped around my body
It makes me suffocate
I thought I’d always be happy if I laughed
But it turns out it hurts more and more
More and more sad
It really hurts to be more and more depressed
It’s really depressing.
Like outstretched hands in the dark
Although it seems to grasp the thread of light
Can finally find that the bubble of fantasy can not withstand any test
Confusion, pain, despair, depression, decadence
Oh, no, sister
Try to be open-minded about everything. There is no such thing as a problem we can’t overcome.
Be selfish sometimes