He (husband) who waited for six years

People look for him, suddenly look back, that person is in the team last, in fact, I do not know what he is like? I think it’s “Prince Charming”! In fact, I have thought about his stature, not full of bookish good, give people a sense of security is good, preferably Taurus, more reliable! Hard work is a personal feeling! However, it will be another two years before he shows up and I am really looking forward to it……
Take your time, my friend!
Excuse me, were you also born on January 1st?
Are you 1.1 too? But I really don’t have any Aquarius friends, since I was born, have not met, strange!
Age to a certain time naturally want to get married, where is the warm ocean, there is a woman can become my other companion?
Looking forward to you!
The chimpanzee accidentally stepped on a gibbon’s poop, and the gibbon gently and carefully scrubbed it clean and they fell in love. People ask how they got together. The chimpanzee said with emotion: ape dung! It’s all ape shit!
Look for a girlfriend who works in Zhuhai to be sincere, see my information suitable and please contact me.
I am cheerful, warm and generous, good quality. Don’t like to follow the trend, like to keep a low profile. Mature and stable. Does not like restraint. Big-hearted, gentle. In my world there is no sorrow hate, only happiness. Looking for a mature, stable, single-minded, physically and mentally healthy man to spend his life with. As long as you are healthy, caring, ideal, thoughtful, deep, responsible men on the line, we can create their own world together. I will be your frustration when the power, will be your tired harbor, choose I will not let you down! Looking forward to meeting you, as long as I feel I can get married!
I hope to meet you
Nice to meet you
Certain economic foundation is preferred
Nice to meet you!
Me too!
Can we be friends
It looks like you’re married. I’m looking for a husband, not a friend!
Nice to meet you
Applicant: I own a small business in Foshan, Guangdong Province, and have certain economic foundation; Because of the busy business, so far a single person. Hope to find a girlfriend (wife), and work together, are you willing to
That’s good, but it feels important, the kind that supports each other for a long time. Help to the old. I wish you as soon as possible, girl!
Thank you very much! It’s not easy to find a lover!
People’s exchanges in good faith, want to deceive people playing with feelings go away!