Who can name a reason, why is this?

In fact, I really do not want to get married, in my heart, if I get married, I am finished, usually the suitor did not, usually the attention and love of the opposite sex to me will no longer, no freedom, think of these I will be afraid of the day of marriage, but I clearly hope to have a boyfriend to love me,
God, am I out of my mind?
Somebody help me, what’s going on with me,
Who can untie my heart knot, thank you !!!!
Because you’re still young and when you get to 27, you’ll have the answer you need.
Agreed oh!!
thank you,
But I don’t think that’s the answer.
Am I suitable?
Wanting to have company is probably lonely
Marriage is to want to bind the partner
Perhaps your understanding of marriage is to support your husband and raise your children
You’re right. You want a life for yourself, not a population
It takes your whole life to make a baby and you end up grateful and unfilial
And what else do you have
After all, we are also from childhood our feelings for our parents are any
I wonder if it’s worth it to my parents
Why do we do it now if it’s not worth it
If there are any superfluous conditions, we might consider them
Don’t want to burn yourself out because of marriage….

I don’t want to use the seed of my bread just because the house consumes it
Maybe we can start with the bread romance and then the dwelling

You have an opinion at every age, at least not for a few years now
I’m not kidding. You have to believe in objectivity
This is not positive or negative
Just be happy and live your life for yourself

I want to get married because I want to be bound to her and I don’t want her to leave again
But I don’t want kids and I probably can’t afford them or I just haven’t had enough fun
Wait till you’re tired of it
Want to know more please check primary school 100,000 why
I think it is just that you are a girl who loves to dream, is a little demanding, some picking, and may not have experienced hardships… This is probably called ‘the beginning of the affair shaper heart. Just ideal and reality, you have to choose the same!
It’s so boring not to talk
Women are not ordinary stupid oh, stupid very cute ~~~~

It just means that you haven’t found the one you really love ~

Wait, maybe that day the old man woke up to give you a red line!
What is love….
Depressed ,,,,,
Still young. Always hoping for more than you give. As you grow older and experience more, you will gradually get tired of this life, hoping to find someone who can tie you down. But there is something wrong with the idea that youth is not a reason. I’m sure you’ll figure it out yourself.
Nothing to do, come for a walk, popularity is so low !!!!
Head down oneself,
This idea is because the person you like has not appeared!
You do have a fear of marriage certificate
You say this because you have not met the person you love, if you fall in love, you will not care whether you admire, on the contrary, he is the most important, your heart only cares about his opinion of you, as long as he loves you, take good care of you, you will feel that other people’s evaluation and admiration are so insignificant …………
Personal opinion, for reference only, ha ha!!
Not who you thought you’d be after marriage?
No more freedom.
A really attractive girl is not only single to exchange for the appreciation of the opposite sex, if that, they only care about some external factors, in other words, you have a lot less inside. Do you know what that means? It’s not about having a relationship with just one person of the opposite sex, it’s about having priorities. A boyfriend is not the same as a male friend. You said that if you have a boyfriend, you are afraid that no other boys will favor you again. Do you want many boys to favor your appearance or do you want only one to favor your heart? I feel that your heart is a little vain, the reason may be that you have not met the boy who can reassure you. How to change? A person’s personality can not be changed, to your advice is not to find a boyfriend for the time being, your vanity does not change to who will not be fair…