Don’t fall in love because of loneliness

Lonely, easy to be touched by the care of others,
Thought it was love!

And then together.
Miss their love, love their own missed!

Too much to miss.

I like words: Don’t love because of loneliness.
Don’t be lonely all your life because of wrong love.

Live lonely people, can get true love.
Before not grasp the love, is really very lonely feeling!
Live lonely people, can get true love? Is it really hard to say?
Lonely people will always be afraid of loneliness
Some people say loneliness like smoke
Some people say lonely as the sea
Some people say lonely as autumn
It can be seen that each one has its own loneliness
Loneliness is a touch of sadness
Like a silk tied to its own cocoon

There is an ancient poem, “Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow. Now know all the sorrow flavor, want to say again. Want to return to rest, but the day cool good autumn! .

Don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, don’t say you are not afraid of loneliness, not afraid of indifference between people. Because no one is not lonely, no one is not lonely! Everyone in this rolling red dust, are experiencing different loneliness and loneliness, staged a different life paragraph!
Into Li Qingzhao’s loneliness
Turn into banana rain
Ye Ye Xinxin
Drip rain 霪
Sad and miserable
One’s tears run dry.
Into the loneliness of Zhang Ailing
In a bleak gesture
Sigh silently
The strings were dancing
Admire the world
It is rich and beautiful
Laugh crazy talent said lonely
Into Wang Xiaobo’s loneliness
Between laughs
Incarnate as a giant spirit god
The phoenix swims through the sky
Look at the xuan Hua hatchet whistling past
The loneliness of splitting the imprisoned air…
Read someone else’s loneliness all afternoon
Lie on your back in lonely silence
Skinny, voluptuous or proud
The sowing of words and sentences
Fangfu’s language jointing
The feelings are flourishing in the clouds
The loneliness of life falls resolutely in reading
Loneliness is a dim street lamp;
Loneliness is midnight cigarettes;
Loneliness is an umbrella in the rain;
Loneliness is a bag full of dust;
When you feel most helpless
It’s when you miss someone
Life is a lonely journey
When a person should be called lonely, when you want to be a person, it should be called lonely Mo
Loneliness is an attitude, loneliness is an idea
Loneliness and loneliness are different, loneliness and loneliness are the same mental state, and loneliness is more tough, robust, with poetry. Although loneliness is as unique as loneliness, its bones have a desire for people to watch, because it is beautiful as smoke.
Shemo is the pale blue in the sky with the old old light. If you lift your head casually, you can no longer avoid it.
But. one hundred percent,
He who can’t stand loneliness will never get true love.

Because the reason why she (he) is together is not to be lonely rather than love.

There are things that only you believe in, as long as you insist I believe that absolutely will appear.

  • That’s who I am.
    The truth. I don’t know what loneliness is. Blink, don’t call me stupid.
    I really don’t know. My life is simple, there is no trouble, a person has a person’s happiness, two people have two people’s happiness, seriously understand you will not feel lonely.
    Head on

Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, love the upper floor. Love the upper floor, for the new words strong say sorrow! haha
… meaning a lot.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am even more speechless.

Big white rabbit I sleep.

I want to harass you, I put up with it!
Don’t be wrong because of loneliness, or don’t love, love, don’t say wrong.
Lonely, together that is not love.
Sichuan people love to join in… Ho ho

  • I don’t love it.
    Hi, Honey!
    Ho ho