Male and female friends in Zhuhai (with characteristics Oh)

The young woman lives in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province
Twenty-three this year
Born on July 27th. Ha ha
Is there anyone in the same city as me?
Anyone born on the same day of the same year as me?
There are friends who are willing to intersect with each other
I am handan! @
Can I be your friend?
I live in Shilian District 2, Shijiazhuang
Hey hey, in fact, there is nothing! Just kidding! Haha ~~~~
Many older friends have told me that the family is always talking to them, asking them not to pick, quickly find, my family is also like this, the most often said sentence is to pick and marry can not go out, to tell the truth, not we pick, get married and fall in love, it is not accompanied by home wine, after the loss of things can be, first of all, to have a little feeling, feel how to describe this thing, I don’t know. I don’t hate it, at least. And secondly? Find out each other’s family background, many people say that girls are very realistic now, but can not be realistic? Do not say better than their own, can not be worse than their own, when their wages are higher than the husband, it is estimated that this day can not go on, the man’s face problem has been so since ancient times. With these two points is almost, there is an emotional basis, there is an economic basis, you can begin to prepare for the next generation, our requirements are high? It’s not high at all. These are the basic conditions, but why can’t we find a suitable partner?
You have to think clearly, it takes two to beat, if your conditions were to change to a man’s point of view, what would you think? Women can’t go on with higher wages than men, so those female white-collar workers and female bosses, their husbands will also be higher than them? I’m dizzy!
Agree with the view of the upper floor, the feelings can not be affected by the salary, and now the salary is not necessarily low in the future, maybe people are still a potential stock (salary is a relative reflection of personal ability, the landlord is better to find a more straightforward than their ability)!
Don’t worry, wait for her to play for two or three years and become a real leftover woman, she won’t pull so.
Yes, yes, yes.
I can’t pull it up right now.
You feel good on the line, go your own way, let others say, support
Not high for some, but high for some…
My classmates often say a famous saying: wear other people’s shoes to go their own way let others find it, ha ha