It’s been a long time. Still not so popular

You can tell by the popularity of people who don’t talk
Just talk
Pass by. Give me a bump
I come here every day and I’m not happy…
I want to marry, anyone see me suitable??
Oh beauty
Your line is too long, first study hard and make progress every day.
MM, how old are you? You want to get married…
Is it okay to see me
Change the touch, it’s not top!
Although not standard, but still support you a bit! Hey hey ~~~ Ha ha!! So many wolves!! Lightning first! What do you mean!! Count me in I’m married too. There’s no fit. Is there really no true love in this society? Do you have to be 180? Do you have to have a bachelor’s degree? Does the income have to be more than 10W? Must the hukou be Shanghai local? Does a real relationship have to be mixed with these questions? I can’t believe that women in this world are so realistic. I have to wait for a girl who doesn’t need these things. Does the flower have a owner? No, if I did, I wouldn’t be looking ~~
What a buzz! I’ll join in! Count me in.
How can such a beautiful flower have no owner?
The 12th floor of the brothers you say seems to be a copy of my post it you ~~ if you find a wife don’t forget is my credit ~
I’m here to sign up…
Go to Beijing to marry you!
Am I suitable? Unfortunately, I am also in Wuhan
When do you come to me? I want you! haha

# # = = = =

$^ \ ^ $
\ 0 /

Let me help you out. You look so much like my old girlfriend.
The good guys are covering for you
You know, it’s a consolation to do something bad for my girlfriend.