MM can’t get married and make a good friend

Ha ha, you look at me as a child, right? Then you are wrong. My friends have said that my idea is very realistic, and I do not want to my age now. My mother sees that all my friends have boyfriends younger than me, and I envy them psychologically I am a girl with a personality very naughty very gentle but I have a bad temper friends say so, but I don’t think so because I am in a bad mood just so hey hey anyway you know me after I go back every day to make you happy because I have a place is black and see what Don’t know you back after regret ha ha I wait for your jacket
How about I come?
I fit a little bit
Fate this thing is not said to come…
Maybe tomorrow your other half will come out in front of you??
I want to meet you too… I’m just afraid I’ll regret it
Hey hey…
This year, there are a lot of liars, cheating feelings have ~ to see!!!
Add me Q 834012081
I’m applying. I want you to be my wife
Give it a try
apply for a job.
Ha ha, a girl who can bring joy, may I meet you?
zuo’s a friend! Go to Mount Tai have a guide! Hey hey
Lie, I’ll hit you
I came to sign up, it’s your husband’s friend to see your choice…

The region is not limited. The economy is not limited. Education is not limited. Age: older than the legal age of marriage less than 27. About 160CM tall. Looks average. Good character is the key! Can love home, love baby women come!
The poor man is ugly, 5 ‘9 “,

Primary school culture, rural hukou,

One acre of thin farmland, three broken houses,

Cold pot and cold stove, wife does not have,

All year round, the medicine stays in the mouth,

Today’s Internet, recruiting girlfriends,

Revolutionary road, hand in hand!