When times change

I envy the feeling of holding hands and growing old together, but the kind of life I want in this life ends when I am 24 years old. Since it is not perfect, then, I hope that in my lifetime, I can meet a man who helps each other, where are you?
If one day, I meet you in the crowd, please cherish me, I am really good. Although once a marriage let me interrupt the dream of growing old together. However, I am really looking for, have been looking for, looking forward to life, there will be a man of my own, a man who can tolerate me, treat me well, understand me. I will seriously hold your hand, through time and space 、、、、、、
Hi, let’s talk

I thought I would not be sad, the original smile blessing the most painful……

I said I would not care, the original is still one step away from putting down, but I forgot.

We have not been in contact for a long time, a few days ago received your light greetings, the heart is excited, with excitement but with still plain tone back to the past. You told me you were going to get engaged to someone else, and you have no idea how many times my mind went round and round, and it was sad and ironic. But in the end, all into the most plain four words: I wish you happiness. Injury, spread open the whole heart, not to understand the final struggle of your heart, now you finally want to pursue their own happiness? I also sincerely hope that you can be happy, because I owe you happiness.

Is angry or is capricious worth mentioning, early ready, smiling blessing is my commitment. Not because you are not good enough, but I do not want to pick up the so-called arrangement of love, still do not want to give up so long stubborn insistence, foolishly insist on their own ideas, think that this is independent enough, would rather be a pig to lose happiness, also do not want to selfish to block your happiness. Maybe, in the future every day, I will regret it.

All the time, you always stand in the position of being hurt, used to your good to me, used to enjoy the care you give, but has ignored your desire. Now, you are going to be a stranger to me, but why am I sad? My mind clearly flashes the message that I do not love you, but the heart can not stop flowing bitter sour water, there is a sincere love in front of you, I want to bless you very much, this is so long for a long time, I try to use the most true potential of the heart to bless, but overestimate themselves, not so much care about the thought, like a flat heart to do ripples, It’s been a long time. Is it a woman I’m naturally selfish? Please forgive me for being selfish at this time! From now on, you and her story you play, I will turn around and leave, no longer leave the gentle you have given, seal you to the dead corner of my memory, I promise you, next time, I will try to hold on to my happiness, okay?
The original girl will regret ah!
People have feelings; Is not love when he love others will be sad
Slowly the road of life, people are emotional, I hope you will be happier in the future life!