Some love, have to each end of the world

The seasons change, it is cold, and the weather changes faster than a woman’s heart.

Perhaps because of this, I am in this hot and cold alternately at the time of suffering from loss, restless.

Shouldn’t be like this, my heart has been like a dry well, how can you let a piece of autumn leaves waves?

In order to appease the ups and downs of the small mind, I decided ~~

Watch a beautiful music video every day from now on,

Watch an episode of Kangxi,

Spend an hour on blogs and forums,

Three hours of reading,

The rest of the time is spent coding and staring into space.

Ten years? How long is that?

So far that one could ignore a fatal injury ten years ago,

But can clearly remember those details of ten years ago that others have long been unable to remember, although others have long been blurred.

In ten years, a lot of people walk by you, some stay in your heart, some lose their ID forever.

Who still remembers who had a green appearance? Who still remembers that letter from ten years ago?

I once said that in order to see the world with you one day, I would work harder, but I finally compromised.

Please allow me to say that time is really the most powerful thing, will let you inadvertently burst into tears, a turn around, only to find that the most important things have long been lost.

Some love, have to live in peace,

Some people, once scattered, meet as miss.

Unwilling, but also inevitable surrender to the fate of the arrangement.

Absent happiness can not make up for back, miss the embrace only a desolate.

Yesterday was listening to He Jie’s “You must be happy”, so the mind automatically flashed such a picture:

In the busy street,

In the dead of night,

Think of the person you once loved, you sit on the street, pull out your phone to make a call,

I’m thinking about him, but all I can do is talk about the weather and jokes,

I had to make a phone call to my old friend, and then cry about the sadness and loneliness that no one can understand you at this moment, and you never dared to tell him these words, because I was afraid that he did not understand, more afraid that he disdained.

Finally had to wipe the tears, smiling in the heart to recite the blessing of that person, please must be happy ah,

In this way, even if you can not give me the happiness I want, can see your happiness is also my happiness.

Today I suddenly want to listen to Miriam Yeung’s “Big City Small Things”, over and over again, the sad music makes people want to cry for no reason,

I know it’s the theme song of a movie, but I don’t want to see it, it’s already a complete story,

What? I suddenly want to write short, nutrient-poor love stories,

A woman falls in love with a man whose smile is clean, but whose eyes and eyebrows are sad,

Men spoil her in their hands, sweet love like a fairy tale.

If she hadn’t stumbled across the picture in his wallet one day,

The subject of the photo is not her, yet the woman has a face that is very similar to her own,

The woman suddenly realized that his lingering and deep feeling was for another woman, and he was just a substitute.

She wants to pretend that she doesn’t know anything, but the jealousy of the bottom of her heart, the substitute is also a feeling, no woman can bear to pay the life to love the man, his heart lives another woman.

Well, run away. It is better to disappear, find a man who does not love to marry, no feelings, and there is no entanglement of pain and injury.

Death had taken his heart, and he thought he could transfer his feelings for the woman to someone else, only to find out later that he had fallen in love with the substitute.

Somehow, he finds the woman who is the substitute, at this woman’s wedding.

Looking at each other, as a substitute, the woman’s eyes shed tears, do not know whether it is joy or excitement;

The man hesitated. Should he take her away at all costs? Or, she has found a better happiness, and he should bless her, and then silently leave?

That’s the end of the story.

As for whether or not they were together? Who knows!

I’d rather a timid man not accept another relationship, retreat into his world with his dead girlfriend;

Perhaps many years from now, he will see a white-haired woman in another lane,

The woman may be in a wheelchair, or she may be guarding a small shop with a husband with a gentle smile beside her.

Do you think he’ll regret it?

Do you think the replacement will remember him?

Or is it that after a few years, everyone has passed away?

Well, life is full of regrets and misses.

So, I love tragedy hopelessly.

Some love, have to, each safe end of the world.

You get it.
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I wonder if my sister wrote it. Although it is long… But very moved… Some love has to go anywhere. Right now. I lost love. Also understand this sentence. Actually. The scariest part is. We went to the end of the world. I still miss him in my heart