What is a woman supposed to do

Why the average life expectancy of female friends is longer than that of male friends, in addition to the fact that most women do not often smoke and drink, there is also a major reason, that is, men have to bear more social responsibilities, and men have to bear much more pressure than women.

You are a girl, you can think of a is a out of the mess, tired of crying beautiful happy, you spoiled you capricious, you somersault to express their feelings, when to toss comfortable when. Nobody says anything about you… Girls, be emotional. Everyone will forgive you for being emotional. You can commit intermittent neurosis without thinking about the consequences, and then say: we have a few days every month… I didn’t mean to…

Think about it, is it not every time you say this to him, he will smartly hug you and say that your temper is also very cute! It always works, even when you kick their cat to death after 10 years. Who wants to be angry with you?
Don’t you ever think you deserve it?! No one needs a grandma!

He loves you now. You could piss on his head. Don’t push a man too hard. You love a man! You think you really are Princess Pearl! Is there a wormwood on your family’s ancestral grave?

A woman should have a cherish heart, cherish the person who is according to you and let your temper. You have to remember, unless he loves you, you are nothing! To put it a little darkly, a woman has to learn to be prepared for adversity, to leave a way out for herself.

Yes, he now takes you as the Lafayette tribute, when you get used to it, think that this is your life, he changed his heart, you can cry all can not find the grave head. Usually a little convergence, but also a kind of protection for themselves. Our “naughty” strength, the old will not work, or save for the critical moment, you think?

Women always seem to like to ask questions such as do you really like me, who did you save first when your mother and I fell into the river, who is beautiful between me and her? If you are not important, why do people have to answer the same question 10 times a day? If you’re not important, why do you pretend to smile when you curse your mother?

If you don’t think your man is capable, find a capable one as soon as possible, so that after you get married and have children, it will be too late to regret, don’t give yourself a life to suffer. Who’s your man to blame? Who was supposed to be in school or not, skipping school for you? Who was supposed to go to work in the first place and not go to work for you? Do you want her with you, or do you want him to focus on his career? You think your man is the Lord? You just find a few more, have to make money for you, have to fight for your face, have to light a lamp to talk, have to blow a lamp and pull wax! You know, men hate it when you slide into bed with your old face on, and then you start talking about him all the time. It doesn’t work. It works. Do you deserve it? We need to know how much we’re worth! Don’t want love and romance and want people to send you roses on holidays, and at the same time want reality and life and want people to save money for you to buy a house and a car. You think all men have sex with Gates?!

It is not easy for men to earn a living outside, sometimes, their feelings are also very fragile, but they also have to keep their sanity, keep calm, keep strong! You have no idea how hard it is! Ask yourself, if a woman in this society really can’t get along, there is the last way, find someone to marry, do a professional housewife. No one can say anything about you. And your man, he has to get along, he can’t get along, he has to work hard to get along; Not to mention dragging around an aunt; What’s more, you have to drag one or more young masters and aunts (your crystallization) together in the future? Have you ever thought about…

If you don’t know how to save money, it is better to find ways to make money yourself, instead of complaining that you married the wrong man. At least half of your stuff should be bought by yourself, so that even if he loses you, you can give yourself a chance to tear up what he bought for you and pull his face to relieve the gas! I don’t go home naked after ruining everything they bought.

Even if you’ve decided to get married, give your man some space. He’ll understand and appreciate it. Trust me. Then love you he is also a man, you can not understand why he watches the football game to forget to remember your existence, you can not understand why he has to go out with his buddies to drink a few times a week, you can not understand why he can casually have a lie waiting for you, you just accept it; Because those things don’t need you to understand. Just like he will not understand that you have a change of clothes in your closet every day until you are 80 years old, although he does not understand, he is still willing to eat a dress for you for half a month.

I mean, when a man isn’t around, there’s a lot more we can do than just fuck around and spend his money. For example, go home to see your parents, eat the food they cook for you, listen to their memories of the bitter and sweet; For example, go to his house to help his parents clean up and do some exercise; For example, ask a sister to find a place to exercise and maintain a good figure to the end; For example, find a few classics, recharge yourself, improve your literacy, and don’t feel silly all day long as a big chest and no brain lost easy to find stupid, is a special thing; The book really can not read, see the plate also become, smelly and long Korean drama don’t look at, read more silent ji, see a little technical content, women must still be able to keep outside; If there is a bit of pursuit, spare time I advise you to practice the word, the ink is free, as long as tomorrow to your son’s signature, don’t let the teacher is your child’s own signature, fine little Ya stand at the door to go on the line.

Man home, you can smile, don’t lose this face, why, bitter? Is your man the one who killed your father? You didn’t go with him to do a female version of Wounded City, did you? At this time, show your cooking skills, take out the “knowledge” you stole at the dinner table to scare him, talk to him about Yao Ming Yi Jianlian, talk about the world table tennis European brocade, talk about the fund trend of the motherland policy… It’s a lot better than just being here.
With such a good daughter-in-law, you want to let him have an affair is difficult! Men are very afraid of trouble, as long as the family is still in good shape, he will not waste the time, energy and money to re-establish a relationship, unless he is still naive. If he is tired of you, you first find the reason in yourself! Once a friend of mine said such a sentence: I love you, I can give you a cow and a horse, but you don’t really take me as a cow and a horse! That really struck me… Girls, is he really a bull and a horse in your heart? Do you know, in your life, to meet a willing to be a cow and horse for you, how big of a creation? A moment of silence for the young and ignorant…
If men really don’t want you, then they definitely don’t want you. I mean, you better leave it alone. He is not with you, don’t hysterically search for the reason, I tell you, there is only one truth, you are not good enough. I have also been confused for a long time, the woman’s stupidity, where is the source of the stream? So far, the most convincing answer for me is dependence. Women always identify things that do not belong to themselves as their own, and then suffer from gains and losses; What is more interesting is that it is clearly that they do not know how to cherish the things that are lost by nature, and they must say that it is the betrayal of others, which makes men quite helpless. The old woman is a vulnerable group, this pretentiousness strength up, not necessarily who is weak. Your pain is because you always feel like a victim, so don’t you ask for it? I have to give you this advice: Play seriously, but remember it’s just a game.

You have to face, the most test of your relationship, is actually a very vulgar thing – money. The reason why I do not oppose puppy love is that maybe only the love in the student era is the most ox X, ox X is so pure. At that time, it was the most unambitious time for a man, he had no house, no car, no money, and even if he thought about sleeping with you all day, it was because he was young and physically had this urgent need. And at that time, is the woman most proud of the time, she was young and innocent and pure, did not force a man to buy her SK2, LV…… A poor boy with an unknown future led a silly girl, all the way silly walk. You walk all the way, through the snack bar that you have to pass after school every day, through the station that you want to be bored for a while, through the overpass that he only sent you a rose on Valentine’s Day, through the back door of the classroom that has escaped countless classes… Until today, in the face of the material temptation of sex and sex, have you hesitated……

In fact, in the final analysis, I want to tell my man, I love you, I can not leave you, I also want to spend 24 hours with you; But because I love you, I force myself to be independent.
I want to tell my man, I hope you are rich, because I have in my bones the greed and vanity of all women; You can not support me, but you must have the ability to support me.
I want to tell my man, if you have a dollar, then I want you to spend 50 cents to buy me a string of malatang I love to eat; If you have a thousand dollars, we have to eat once I want to eat three thousand li, otherwise, how can you say you love me?
If all emotional problems can be explained and solved with money, how good it would be… But you know, anything that can be solved with money is not a problem! I still want to put my love in a position more sacred than money.
If my man really can’t do that, I’ll put up with it, or if he does, I’ll lose him. He did not force me to grow into Manyu Jiaxin, I have no reason to force him to cover Li Ka-shing.
With nothing to do, I would like to take this document to the girls who make people happy and sad, including me; By the way, I wish everyone, including me, every day from the inside out exudes irresistible charm – sexual charm and human charm.
Finally, I would like to post some good habits and share them with you. I strongly hope that after reading the sisters, in addition to cute, more elegant!

  1. Get into the habit of writing something every day, even if it is a record, even a few words.
  2. It’s normal to disagree with others because you have a separate CPU, but learn to be respectful.
  3. Don’t quarrel with your man, just think of your sister, I will not receive this!
  4. Even if you are really better than Cecilia Cheung, don’t make a “Edison Chen incident”, cherish the superior conditions given to you by God, and do not use hidden dragons.
  5. Focus on your heart, but not your appearance; Men are tired of looking at the beauty, and you are sloppy all day long here to fill up the blockage!
  6. Know something about national affairs, but don’t be close to human fireworks; Be aware of fashion trends, but don’t follow them blindly.
  7. There’s no shame in being a man all your life.
  8. Own your own house if you can; A place where you can be your own.
  9. Remember, there’s more to men than you can learn in a lifetime. You have to appreciate men. As for what kind of man to appreciate, what to appreciate in men, I think it lies in your taste.
  10. Become a mother when the time is right.
    Thank you for your recommendation!
    Yeah, what to do? You said the bad. I think: the most should do at the moment that is each other’s ~ mentality. If you want to analyze it, it’s long. Don’t want to type, figure it out yourself!
    Potato wants to fight with steamed bun, but there is a river in front of him, he can’t cross. (Hit a plant)

The duel began, and the potato stabbed the bun with a fatal knife.

The mouse says to the Mustang, “I dated the cat yesterday!” (Hit a food)

The wild horse didn’t believe him and picked up the mouse. (Beat a vegetable)

The pig said, “Come on!” (Hit a food)

Who can say the answer