Summary of life in 2023

Summary of life in 2023
Fulfilled wish
1 Work from familiar to proficient, personal ability to grow rapidly, with the basic conditions from excellent to excellent.

  1. I realized my dream as a photographer and bought a SLR camera.
    3 The computer entered the era of HD, equipped with Blu-ray DVD, 7.1 channel innovative sound card and 5.1 channel giant gun.
    4 The transition from boy to man was completed, though it came too late.
    5 Awarded by the National Ministry of Health, and have the opportunity to travel to Hainan for four days.
  2. Fulfilled my desire as a scriptwriter and director, and began to be familiar with writing scripts and directing stage plays.
    7 Begin to develop a latent ability for career planning and life guidance counseling.
  3. The foundation of writing poetry began to become solid and was affirmed by senior people.
    9 Music editor and video editor began to contact and can do basic use and operation.
    10 Self-words and deeds began to mature, can consider problems from a higher perspective, their own views are affirmed, from the various channels of others to actively dig the situation, their gold content is improving.
    Place of failure
    1 Online shopping at a high price, let me learn how to operate not to be cheated.
    Love experience failure, the reason for failure is because I want to be responsible for the end.
  4. Hair becomes a testing ground in the chaos of advertising, but the effect is not obvious.
  5. Lost an opportunity to finish school and paid high tuition fees.
  6. Life attitude tends to be conservative and too idealistic.
    2023 wish list
    1 Finish school and get a qualification.
    If someone is willing, please let us pursue happiness together and be responsible for our common life to the end.
  7. Survive for change and prepare for the next step at the crossroads of life.