On self-cultivation — Lin Yutang

Holiday at home, occasionally found on the shelf father sent this “on humor, on reading – Lin Yutang classic works selection” book; Opened the reading, which found this “talk about self-cultivation” is very interesting, I feel that the article on the description of the Chinese educated people is very appropriate, and very feel, so I want to share with you.

The old Chinese education, marked with the word “self-cultivation”, paid attention to the cultivation of virtue, and the modern so-called education, emphasis on credits is different. Credits may not necessarily have knowledge, knowledge may not have self-cultivation. China regards learning and self-cultivation as one thing, which is one of the major characteristics of Chinese traditional education, which is different from German education focusing on fine study, French education focusing on artistic cultivation, and British education focusing on character cultivation. The so-called character of the British, the original text is not only Chinese can not be translated, French and German can not be translated, so the meaning of the word, in particular, refers to perseverance, perseverance, calm, prudent, fearless in the face of danger, brave, obey the discipline, obey the etiquette and customs and other components, and perseverance, perseverance, obey the discipline, especially from outdoor sports. Therefore, the English regard sports as life, as religion. The British people are well aware of this. The British people have this “education” that focuses on virtue, so whether they live in the North or the South, or travel across the oceans, only seven or eight people, or twenty or thirty people, can form an autonomous group in Africa, in Australia, in India, or in one of the small towns in Egypt, and thus rule the other people. The British Empire was built on this. Although Chinese education is also based on cultivating virtue, the cultivation of its goals is quite different. Probably the British style of pottery cultivation, the more the character of the more rigid, the Chinese style of pottery cultivation, the more the more soft, to the point of indecision, has been highly respected. Although Confucianism is not so, but in history, it is such a result, because the word “self-cultivation” means that it pays attention to endure humiliation, peaceful outlook, does not show its vanguard, does not show anger in color, does not offend people easily, does not eat losses in the future, intelligent calculation and so on. So the uneducated people in China are like a cliff, like a cliff, like a pine, like a cypress, like a hungry Wolf, like an eagle, like a horse, like a porcupine, like a thorn, like a file, like a Li Kui, like a Wu song, like a shrew, like all things difficult to deal with. People who have been cultivated are like noodles, such as dumplings, such as fat pigs, such as poultry, such as training sheep, such as snails, such as the scenery of the West Lake, such as rain flowers, such as hydrangea, such as wind wheels, such as catkins, such as cotton, such as hanging verruca, such as Tan Yankai, such as Li Yuanhong, such as Mr. Hao Hao, such as all smooth things.
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