I don’t want to hold on anymore

Don’t want to do this, you only love yourself, with you, in addition to grievances have no other feeling you to me fierce, I see your face I live a good humble I admit, I was beaten by you I can not afford to hide… Go, go why! Don’t be so tired to let go of their hands hold a few you escaped with me or give up, or really too tired, tired life is not as sad for a while, go go, people always have to learn to grow up, go go, life is inevitable to experience pain and struggle. Live every day, do every day, eat what you like to eat, listen to what you like to listen to, do what you like to do, all this is just to numb your hurt heart with him, he yelled at me, I pressed the fire, know that he is the temper for a long time, really tired, After all, I am also a woman ah, this life never to love again all my happy ignorance and friendship Right, right, right, I actually want not much, just care, let me feel that I can rely on the shoulder, but he, what can not be released “Let me live alone, HMM, I decided, time to go, I am right, To be good to yourself is the king, ah, so am I, even if I am a little bit enthusiastic and now the mood is not good mood, yes, I beg out, he said a nice word, I can be happy for a long time. Make oh I am not the same depressed Lazar want to enter when you go pull you go also pick me up OK, say you are not very busy with work ah too miss you, come and see, I will soon put into the intense work we are looking at Jigong year sample get a few efforts to return to the forum early
Back to the 17th floor (kill pig big no) post I know, you are a lunar dog, but was born in 83 years see every day very confused follow post “wife (when the wife)” you boring, brain mutilated brother you use a new coat ah
Recently, Ning Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Market released the 2016 annual fruit sales ranking. According to statistics, the total sales volume of Ningbo fruit market in 2016 was 536,300 tons, an increase of 5.9% compared with 2015. Among them, apple is still the favorite of Yongcheng residents, with 75,300 tons of sales to occupy the first place for seven consecutive years. Watermelon, pear, tangerine, sweet orange, grapefruit, peach, melon, mango, and small tomato rank second to tenth. Although it held the “hegemonic” position, Apple’s annual sales declined significantly, falling 36.9% compared with 2015. Xu Hui, the relevant person in charge of the wholesale market, told the author, “In 2015, the wholesale price of apple once fell to about 4 yuan per kilogram. “With the decrease of migrant population and the decrease in the number of street vendors, the popularity of the mass fruit consumption market has gradually faded, and the wholesale price of apples has recovered to the normal level of 7.4 yuan per kilogram, while the sales volume has declined.” At the same time as the mass fruit “cooling”, cherries, strawberries, oranges, bayberries and other high-end fruits with high prices and strong seasonality have shown a strong upward trend. According to Xu Hui, in recent years, the consumption power of Ningbo citizens has increased year by year, and more attention has been paid to the taste and quality of fruits, resulting in the “small aristocrats” in these fruits being sought after. In addition, the southern provinces suffered from bad weather in 2016, and all kinds of southern fruits suffered production cuts, resulting in a large number of low-priced northern seasonal fruits in the Ningbo fruit market, further stimulating local consumers’ desire to buy. Which fruit is the most popular in 2017? “These days, the seasonal fruit sugar orange is quite hot. My stall is also busy with customers, and several staff members are busy from 5 a.m. to 12 noon.” Mr. Wang, a wholesaler, told the author excitedly, “The small peak of the fruit market will continue until around the Spring Festival.” Wholesale market, fruit wholesale, Ningbo City, ranking, cooling wholesale market, fruit wholesale, Ningbo City, ranking, cooling