Pregnant with your ex-boyfriend’s child, he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t know what to do

I went to work on March 15, 16, when I was just separated from the last object, although it was a peaceful breakup, it was still a long time, I did a day off a day, at that time he (Oda) was very good to me and took care of me, he is the kind of person who can make trouble, and who can play, who has difficulties he can help, but the IQ is particularly high, He is recognized as the highest IQ person in the store, but his past is also very messy, eating, drinking, prostitution and gambling. And I belong to the good temper, good personality, sometimes no brain, at that time someone chased me, is the store manager, nothing to go to my there to chat with me, the store manager is 10 years older than me, giving people the feeling of special will take care of people, coax people, but also romantic, I had a relationship with him, but how to say older people are particularly heavy, I found that the store manager was a person who paid special attention to his own interests and had the courage to set my words to understand the things in the store, and always used me. I gradually had a distance with him. At that time, Oda took more and more care of me, and as time went on, I liked him more and more. Later, the store manager felt that I was getting farther and farther away from her, and began to drive a rift between me and Oda. Oda was particularly sensitive and smart, and I didn’t want to hide it from him, so I told him everything. We got off work at three in the morning, and I cried under his dormitory building until morning, and he finally came down and opened a small hotel nearby with me. When we entered the room, we began to cry, I cried, he also hugged me, I also promised that I would not contact him again and said that I forgive you, from that day on I am more good to him, all his requirements I will meet, from drinking water at work to work he was bitten by bugs I buy medicine, to his clothes, I have wrapped. The store manager already suspected that we were together, I fought at work and I quit, and there were some small things in the resignation, I listened to the Xiaotian pit the store manager, I left, I left, I left on the 15th, we rented a house on the 17th, because we planned to do a few months to rent a hotel to live monthly, before because the store did not let the object, it has not been public, I thought I quit on the public, he has not agreed, said later quit to say again, that was already in mid-October. Oda said you first temporarily find a job to do until a year ago, we go back to my house to do something, I said, I go with you, rent a house after the store changed a big manager, Oda dry manager, is earning performance commissions, rent a house I feel stable feelings, I work harder, his socks so underwear clothes are I buy I wash, he loves to eat my mother dumplings, The canned food made by my mother, I asked my mother to make dumplings every few days. I was making a bus journey of more than one hour to go home and bring them to him. The hotel could not do any food, but I had a small pot that could cook noodles. I waited for him to get off work every day and cooked noodles for him when he was hungry after work. Like every day at 12 o ‘clock asked him if he was off work, suddenly told me to break up, suddenly the whole world is gone, I don’t believe it, because there is no warning before breaking up, it is normal, and there are four women in the store, two have objects, one he is very annoying, one is younger than me just a few months, and at that time I did not leave, we share a dormitory, I see his small life and work to take special care of the little girl (Xiao Lin) and he knows that I have a special relationship with Oda, I also told him something to find Oda before I left, I never suspected him. Xiao Tian told me that they were together that day, I still don’t believe it, then how did not answer the phone, wechat SMS did not return, I went home and cried for three days, Xiao Tian did not return to our home for three days, the third day he went back to pack up his things, took away his things, and we have not met, I returned to the house found nothing, only full of memories, I cried all day, it was uncomfortable I looked for my friend to drink, drink especially much, I felt like he, I took my friend to the store to play, in fact, just want to see him, but he saw me hide, even words and even a look did not give me, I feel sad I despair, I lie in the morning to 5 electricity dazed back to the hotel, the kind of despair no one can understand, looking at our home, Once the memory, I really can’t stand it, I took a knife to cut the wrist, a friend found, called the ambulance, go to the hospital together, a friend still have to go to work at night, I call Oda I have to give an injection for a while, can you come and accompany me for a while. He picked up the phone and scolded me, saying that I had killed the whole thing, that I made him sick to watch, and I was more desperate. Crying with a friend in his arms, he had 9 stitches in his arm, and the needles were messed up until more than 11 o ‘clock, spending more than 1000. He said he had time to come over to see me and call me, I have been waiting, the house has just paid the rent, but I really can’t stay, there is always a feeling of suffocation, I withdrew the house, I told him on wechat that I withdrew the house, resigned from the work, something to call, a long time did not give me back suddenly found that his circle of friends can not see, he gave me deleted, shielded, I was full of despair, no matter how to take care of you for eight months why break up with me so ruthless, do things so heartless, I myself slow down a few days to open, want to continue to be a friend, silently care about him, our wages are separate, buy and borrow for him is separate, Before the score borrowed 900 from me to give me 400 also owe me 500 he said several times at the end of the commission to me, did not intend to want, but for so long I have been together with him has not saved money, go to the hospital have spent how much, I at the end of the month he opened commission to find him, in fact, I have selfish also want to see him, I smile to find him, I intend him to give me the money I go, Not noisy, but he scolded me in front of so many colleagues, said to see me disgusting, no money and no money to me, I really angry, where he went with him, he scolded me quickly roll, I asked him Oda you now see me disgusting, when I slept with him how not disgusting, he will go, we are downstairs he still scolded me with language to stimulate me, my angry legs are soft, No way I said to find small Lin, he is afraid of us fighting, let small Lin to me, I saw him I was wronged, I took care of small Lin, know that we are together still when do not know, with oda make ambiguous and finally make us break up, finally small Lin also talk to me, I thought I was in the past, Found that my heart will still hurt in yesterday January 3, my period has not come, normal character at the end of December, I was afraid, I bought a test paper to try it at home, I was honored to win, I do not believe and try again, the same result, I also do not understand why the plot of the TV series appeared in me, I called Oda to tell him I was pregnant, There are more than 35 days, he began to ask who, is it his, we have a good 13 days, 35 days ago we are still renting a house together, he told me that he has no money, also can not manage, I said that you, really is your, he said that you were born, born is his he admitted that he is responsible, or let me go to fight, and then wait for him to have money, how much to give me a report, But before cutting the wrist to eat the medicine there are a lot of doctors said to play those medicine children can not, I told him that it is really your child, he said he and Lin together today let me wait for his phone, I know he is dragging, also know that Lin tube his strict, at night friends showed me Xiao Tian and Lin to see the movie circle of friends, my heart is like a knife stabbed, Am I worthless to him? It’s a big deal. I’m pregnant. I’m having his baby. I hate ah, what I do is not good, I wholeheartedly treat him, treat him like a husband after marriage, with me, he almost didn’t wash any clothes, even drink water and take medicine are fed to him in front of me, what I do is not good, I can accept that the two people do not break up emotionally, but I can not accept why they have been together for eight months every day, breaking up so unfeeling, So cruel to me, even if it is a friend he will not do so, I once because I know him very well. But now I find that I don’t understand him at all. He looked first and finally found that there was no problem. Blame someone. Even if you didn’t know it was gonna happen. You have 48 hours to take your meds. Your signature is good, I’d like to hear it in person! Leave contact information, ha ha novel, wrong words too many children take off, live again, who does not meet a few cheating men play with women’s feelings, want to open. In the future, it is important to be better than him to look for me, I am responsible for your collection of broken shoes to see which side of the copy now think about it, a worthless marriage certificate, in fact, is quite important, of course, also like a guarantee of the same feeling