Use an egg to get rid of the moisture on your body, so practical!

Use an egg to get rid of the moisture on your body, so practical! Suitable for all people, especially those who are prone to wind packs and often itch in humid weather. If the lower body is also itchy or smelly, it is more important to use. In addition, it is especially suitable for women who have been sick and misdelivered. Ingredients Choose 2 fresh eggs, half a pot of water. Note: Local eggs are best if available. Method half a pot of boiling water, it is best to cover all the eggs with water, turn on the high fire, and then immediately put the shell eggs into the pot to cook, after the water opens for three minutes, the fire is adjusted to the minimum, and then cook for 15-20 minutes, turn off the heat, dry for one or two minutes, remove the eggs with a skimmer, peel the shell while it is hot, please be careful not to break the eggs. While still hot, roll the egg over your face, quickly (because it’s too hot), mainly on your eyes and forehead, then roll over the rest of your face. Until the eggs are no longer hot. Symptom: Remove the egg white, if the yolk is full of small dots, indicating that there is a climate, the size of the climate according to the size and number of small dots are different. If the yolk turns black, it indicates that there is wet poison, and the size of wet poison varies according to the color of the yolk, which can be judged according to the naked eye. In addition, according to this method, wet poison and air can also be sucked out of the lower body, limbs, front chest and back. The air on the lower body (vulva) and legs takes the shape of a strip, which is different from the face and upper body. Note 1, the egg must be hot, if not hot, you can cook and continue to roll. 2, after the first use of rolling face, the forehead will be very itchy, because the atmosphere is sucked out. After the first use on the arms and legs, the calves and shoulders will be itchy, which is also a signal that the atmosphere and wet poison are being sucked out. After the lower body is sucked, there is no swelling and odor. 3, if this is the first time you use this method, and your climate and wet poison is still more serious, then you may need to use two eggs every day, one roll the upper body, one roll the lower body, until the egg rolls the yolk does not change, this process may take a long time, the body moisture may last more than a month before all the moisture is sucked out. Many people in Hunan have been rolled with eggs since they were born, and they use eggs regularly (such as once a month), one or two eggs at a time to get rid of toxic gas and atmosphere. Finally, don’t doubt that you don’t have wet poison. In fact, everyone does, but many, many people don’t know it. Medicine is often not a good way to do, although eggs are not very cheap, but can make the body clean, so it is worth the investment of 20 or 30 yuan a year. Really that good? Really?

I remember when I was a kid, I got in a fight, I got hurt, and this is the way it works because the yolk turns black

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