Thousands of fans “net red”, account suddenly blocked!

On September 2, the account of the popular anchor “Xiucai” was banned. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Tiktok said that the account violated the relevant regulations of the platform and has been banned. According to people familiar with the matter, Xiucai has recently been reported for illegal behavior, which may be part of the reason for his ban. Statistics show that the number of fans on the whole network exceeds 10 million. It is reported that the “Xiucai” age is 39 years old, Bozhou City, Anhui province, Mengcheng county, Tiktok Internet celebrity, the number of fans more than 12 million. Its earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past year or two, basically the number of likes are in hundreds of thousands, the top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow is “sky”. Related reports: Tens of millions of fans anchor “Xiucai” is called “middle-aged and elderly women harvester” “middle-aged and elderly handsome man is” Xiucai “, middle-aged and elderly beauty is “a smile in the city”!” “The same old, ‘scholar’ there squat my mother, ‘Chengcheng’ here squat my father!” Now, these Internet jokes are being confirmed by young people online. “The middle-aged and the elderly are too wild, my mother recently became obsessed with male anchors, and also wrote a short essay for him.” Recently, a blogger Ms. Ma (a pseudonym) joked that she thought it was a joke made by her mother, but as a result, she opened the male anchor’s home page and found that she had tens of millions of fans. The male anchor mentioned is a “scholar” with tens of millions of fans on a short video platform. Description: Please input description Short video account “Xiucai” “A smile in the city” the number of fans are more than 10 million a short video platform “Xiucai” account shows that its fans 10.54 million, a total of more than 1,300 video works, the earliest video was shot in 2020, almost every work, tens of thousands of likes, especially the works of the past one or two years, basically the number of likes are hundreds of thousands. Its top three videos, the number of likes is about one million, the flow of “heaven”. From the video content, the scene is mostly rural, and the “xiu talent” in front of the camera often combs his hair exquisitingly, wears a suit or shirt, wears a belt, the camera is close, then smiles, pulls his hair, and sings (lip-sync) : “Love you is not my fault, you are too beautiful to cause trouble…” In this regard, some people joked: “Pretend to look back, found candid photography, cover your mouth and smile, lift your hair, just these few moves, which aunt is not pinched to death!” “Earthy, top!” Below the videos of the “Xiucai” account, you can see “love confession”, “Xiucai brother is good, you are in the dream”, “lovable, provocative”, “Love you is not my fault, it is you are too handsome”…… There is even more explicit language. Most of these accounts are middle-aged and elderly women. It is reported that an aunt in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, will release the “scholar” every day, sometimes, three related videos will be released a day, in the video, often will confess the “scholar” : “excellent ‘scholar’ brother, I miss you” “Today with you, really happy” “busy finished, sisters miss you”…… Ms. Feng (a pseudonym) from Zhejiang Province in addition to like to co-shoot videos with “Xiucai”, also set up a “Xiucai group main iron powder group”. She told reporters that the “scholar” is very good and kind, and she especially likes it. Description: Please enter a description of the platform statistics, “Xiucai” fans, female users accounted for 70. 44%, users over 40 years old accounted for 79. Eight percent. The huge fan base is also bringing huge benefits to the “top stream”. When the “top stream” enters the middle-aged and elderly groups, many people worry about this: Will it become a pension “killer”? Such fears are not unreasonable. According to a number of media reports, from May to July this year, the Shanghai police carried out the “fake Jin Dong” fraud gang, and arrested 8 suspects. A number of older women in their 60s who responded to help “fake Jin Dong” were cheated, and an older woman invested more than 200,000 yuan. According to the suspect’s account, the star photos and video materials used in the live broadcast were downloaded from the Internet, and the star voice used was also the audio of the software. They will be those who are attracted to the “star idol”, after screening, pull into the so-called “star private fan group”, and then by the gang members plus wechat, as a “star” identity and the victim for “emotional exchange”, when the victim let down the guard and believe it, the criminal gang will turn to the traditional “killing pig plate” mode, the perpetrator of targeted fraud. In addition, a 72-year-old woman from Jilin Province traveled 1,700 kilometers by train to Anhui Province, saying she wanted to find a “scholar” : “I must meet him.” In this regard, a platform responded in an interview with reporters that for online fraud that is more likely to occur in the elderly, it will conduct graded intervention on the risk by pop-up window prompts, security confirmation, intelligent voice and other interactive methods. In terms of live rewards, the platform launched a gift consumption reminder function last year, and users can set their own daily consumption reminder limit. If the amount of the reward reaches the set limit, the system will also pop up. There are too many people of this kind. I have just brushed that it is not that the old people are too stupid, but that the stupid people are old. I brushed it, smiled sideways, licked my tongue. Oh, it’s so greasy and funny. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha