Shanghai, a national 5A tourist attraction, was “teased”! Official: Quick rectification!

Shanghai has just sent off a very hot summer tourism file in the tourism peak, we heard tourists praise the sea and sky scenery, delicious seafood, but also received some ridicule on the evening of August 31, The second “Ask politics Shanghai” program this year exposed Shengsi “traffic ship tourists on the deck, upgrade need to pay and do not issue tickets”, “flower and bird Township into the island charges but do not provide tickets in a timely manner” and other transport and tourism field non-standard charging problems. Shanghai is building an island leisure tourism destination can not let tourists add congestion “ask the government of Shanghai” that night after the second day of the action reporters learned that on September 1 Shengsi County clearly immediately stop the non-standard charging behavior and carry out self-inspection in the tourism service industry to comprehensively improve the quality of service for everyone to ridicule the problem one by one to respond to the question of a passenger ship deck charges can also be “bargained. “? Rectification plan: Since September 1, Shengsi Island inter-traffic routes have completely stopped sightseeing deck service projects and charges, and all the signs and tables and chairs on the passenger ships about the original sightseeing deck service charges have been removed. Guo Hua, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shengsi County Trading Company At present, our 10 regular passenger ships and passenger rollers that have carried out sightseeing business have all completed the rectification, and all sightseeing platforms have been canceled. Question 2: The passenger ship’s upper cabin ticket sale singing “empty city plan” cabin upgrade fee claim ticket was rejected? Rectification plan: Shengsi County Trading company requires that all passenger ships under the same boat company upgrade must take the initiative to provide invoices, tourists upgrade the difference must be paid into the enterprise account. At present, the company’s unified charge two-dimensional code for all passenger ships is being produced, and the bar of all passenger ships will post a sign “The ship provides supplementary ticket and upgrade services, and provide invoices” in a prominent place, and set up a supervisory complaint telephone. Question Three scenic spots do not provide paper tickets for the reason is “too late”? Rectification plan: In the future, Huayao Island wharf staff must wear work uniforms during work, and at the same time, ensure that tickets can be provided normally when Beiao Wharf is temporarily opened. Are you satisfied with Shengsi’s rectification plan? Xiao Bian knows that everyone’s ridicule comes from the deep love of Shanghai tourism. However, the promotion of tourism services is only carried out, and it is not completed. I hope that various departments around the world will continue to improve and improve and live up to everyone’s expectations. What comments do you have for Shanghai tourism services

There is a bird in the tree, and the song of love bird is still very good. Star Ylang Lin came to Putuo Mountain! Haven’t heard of it, don’t know each other, come, come, whoo whoo oh thank you all for coming to Shanghai, thank you for coming, to our Shanghai, to drive the development and popularity of Shanghai, the stars of the 80’s don’t be so high-profile

I really threw up some time ago to find a job, couldn’t find it at all, how difficult it is now, so the back is a little want to put rotten. There is a small company, I sent my resume, two rounds of interviews, and finally failed to ask me, but the HR person is very good, I can not stop to talk to her about my current situation. As a result, the HR person told me that my resume was not bright and asked me if I had written it completely. I said yes, because I hadn’t really done that kind of awesome project, and I didn’t know how to write it. HR said that it is normal, in fact, many elites are not necessarily strong, but good at optimizing on the resume, so I do not have to be so honest, I can appropriately exaggerate in the field that I am familiar with. I mean, isn’t that just resume padding? She says it’s hard to pass your resume because, at least from a visual point of view, your resume isn’t competitive. HR talked to me for a long time and comforted me for a long time, and I suddenly felt that she had a point. Would like to ask everyone, is it necessary to inject water on the resume now, in order to have the opportunity to work? But also just over the resume this level, really ask a few pounds a few two exposed no water, smoothly ashore, all rely on the community cow I originally did not, but my classmates do so oh finally have to be exposed when don’t be too crazy first look at the water, at least the chance of success

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