First meal of school, still swallow it?

A multi-purpose broom. I sweep the floor, I scrub the tables, I scrub the POTS. If not, do you know that this is a sun kitchen for students? The sun is shining, and the surveillance head under the wind, seems to be used to. On the Internet, I have seen rat heads and duck necks, and I have seen fish with maggots, and I always feel that this kind of food hygiene is still far from us. Shanghai schools are strictly controlled. Never thought ah, the world crows are generally black, and the canteen world also has “a Qiu river” and “if Gou Ying”. Parents in Shanghai are really honest. Dare not speak in anger. Even if there is a video with screenshots, but the hostages are still in their hands, the sniper can only hold the gun and rage, look up, cry to the sky ah… Staff canteens should be abolished, teachers and principals should eat together, and parents should take turns to accompany dinner every week. Supervise food safety in campus canteens together. It used to be a matter of conscience to cook for children. It’s up to the kitchen staff to be self-aware. It’s all right now. Had to “stare like a bell”. Shanghai University has called on relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive inspection of school canteens to ensure the food safety of students. At the same time, I also hope that the school can face up to the problem and actively rectify. A modified version. The image was mosaicked. No Internet bullying, no human flesh. The punishment should be punished, the change. The appeal of parents is very simple, let the child eat a peace of mind meal. Oh, did you receive a phone call asking you to delete this article? The Education Bureau and relevant departments should check the food of Shanghai Lincheng School is really like food.

Thank you for your concern and supervision of the food safety of teachers and students in our school. At around 10:45 this afternoon, an employee of our school canteen had an illegal operation (cleaning the stove and cleaning the pot with a sweeping broom). After receiving the response, the market supervision Administration and the Education Bureau went to the school site for the first time to verify the existence of the facts; Schools are required to immediately carry out a comprehensive canteen health hazards investigation and rectification. The market supervision bureau also carried out a sampling inspection of the canteen system construction, facilities and equipment, and food samples retained on the day. At noon on the same day, the school dismissed the staff involved; Initiate accountability for school leaders. In the afternoon, the school held a parent representative meeting to apologize to the majority of parents and promised to immediately carry out a comprehensive rectification of the hidden health hazards in the cafeteria. The school will further promote the working mechanism of “daily control, weekly investigation and monthly scheduling” to ensure that such incidents do not occur again and to ensure the safety of students’ tongues. Parents are welcome to continue to supervise, if you find all kinds of violations, please timely report to the school or education department, market supervision department. Shanghai No. 1 Primary School on September 4, 2023 is to have a good inspection is to have a good inspection and strict inspection, please the school to announce a follow-up series of substantive measures to the parents of students, rather than a simple punishment and official reply. The point is that it doesn’t happen again. When will the children be able to eat a “peace of mind meal”? Can you refer to the “ask politics” form to a “face to face” honesty, to give children and parents a frank reply!

Exposure of Shanghai black enterprise: Shanghai Dinghai District Tianyi nursing home. How can such a unit in Shanghai be expelled without cause?! Pay cut for no reason to transfer posts, framed employees work mistakes to employees to lose money without a word to fire employees, everyone to evaluate. Have you done everything, I am still in the protracted war, this unit is absolutely, get out of Shanghai, my situation says they have not yet given a reply, delay and delay, the false testimony provided in court I will not let it go, Shanghai said well, everyone can see to you deal with it, I can’t think of a step faster you sent up, I haven’t finished dealing with their false testimony in court. Old people often call me to say that the food is not good, the food is very bad. How much money does this nursing home pay? I know that the internal management of this company, this nursing home is in chaos… The care of the elderly is not very good, and the food is very poor. へ?) No one wants… A unit nursing home in vain, the people fooled into finishing the job () ︿) There are such nursing homes ah passing by to see

Shanghai Islands, known as the “city of Thousand Islands”, has thousands of islands and reefs, tens of thousands of place names of native, simple, popular… These place names all record the history of the ancestors’ life and the changes of the islands and reefs. Then, do you know the “story in the place names” of Shanghai? Today, along with Xiaobian along the river of history, the number of Shanghai Islands “highest big” place names first chair: “Changguo County” this place name was produced nearly a thousand years ago in the Northern Song Xining six years (1073). At that time, after the baptism of “Qingli New Deal” advocated by Fan Zhongyan and “Xining Reform” presided over by Wang Anshi, the Northern Song Dynasty implemented an unprecedented open policy and realized national wealth and military strength. The powerful trading fleet has established trade relations with North Korea and Japan in East Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and has direct influence on West Asia and Africa. In this context, Zhao Xu, Emperor of Song Shenzong, issued an edit in June of the sixth year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty to rebuild the county administration of Wengshan County, that is, Shanghai Islands. At that time, the Song Dynasty changed the previous concept of looking at the island “fairyland” simply from the perspective of supernatural culture, and viewed the location advantage of the island more from the perspective of reform and reform, and raised it to the height of national strategy related to the wealth of the country and the strength of the army. Therefore, Emperor Shenzong abandoned the name of the old Weng Mountain and gave the new county the name of “Changguo”. On the meaning of the name of Changguo County, the Yuan “Dado Changguo State Map” has a detailed interpretation: “Established county, named Changguo, meaning that it controls Japan in the east, Denglai in the north, Oumin in the south, Wuhui in the west, and the giant barrier in the sea is enough to Changzhuang national power.” After the restoration of Changguo County, in only 40 years, the population increased by more than 10 times compared with the initial establishment of Changguo County, and the economic and social development was rapid, becoming the most prosperous period in the ancient history of Shanghai. Since then, the Shanghai Islands have entered a new period closely related to the fate of the country and the rise and fall of the nation. The second chair: “Ziwei” Ziwei, also known as the North Star, known as “the Lord of the number of fights.” The ancients thought it was the “star of Kings”. In December of the third year of Jianyan in the Southern Song Dynasty (1130), a major event affecting the national situation once again occurred in Shanghai Islands. Emperor Zhao Gou was chased to Mingzhou by Jin Bing, except for the sea road, looking around the Jin Bing. In desperation, Zhao Gou and his party boarded the ship to Shanghai and took refuge in Tiantongpu, now Shuangqiao Street, for eight days. According to the folk legend, Zhao Gou had been helped by young village girls in the local area, so later issued a decree that all Shanghai women, regardless of rich or poor, could be married like royal women, wearing a phoenix crown, Xia Pei, spreading red felt, sitting on a bridal sedan, holding palace lamps, blowing and celebrating for three days. As a result, the Shanghai Islands formed the “newlywed woman three days king” custom. Photo Source: The third chair of Dinghai Cultural Tourism: “Dinghaishan” after the three times of the Ming and Qing dynasties, since the revival of the Song Dynasty Shanghai Islands once again abandoned and withered. In the reign of Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi appeased the coast and pacified the sea border, so he decided to redevelop the Shanghai Islands.

In the 26th year of Kangxi’s reign (1687) in May, Emperor Kangxi in Shanghai Town General Huang Dalai proposed to set up a county administration in the Shanghai Islands in the letter: “The mountain is called a boat, it is moving and not quiet”, then took the meaning of “Haibo Yongding”, and changed “Shanghai” to “Dinghai Mountain”, awarded the Chen Han, the title of “Dinghai Mountain” plaque. In the 27th year of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty approved the establishment of Dinghai County administration in Shanghai Islands. At the same time, in order to avoid the repetition of the name, the original Dinghai County in Ningbo was also renamed Zhenhai County. The three characters of “Dinghai Mountain” inscribed by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty were later enshrined in the “Imperial Library” (now Dinghai No. 1 Middle School). However, because the royal library was destroyed in a special era, today’s “Dinghaishan” plaque is a replica. I can’t believe that these familiar place names come from so many places! The long river of history has left a precious imprint of the island ancient village. Looking at these “place names”, it seems that they can talk to the ancients across time and space! What other “top” place names do you know? Share the story behind it ~ Source: Shanghai Civil affairs I only know that Dinghai Mountain long knowledge of the East pole of the name of the cow force, the earth has the North Pole, Shanghai has the East Pole to see our six horizontal first chair I am assured that long knowledge users are banned, the theme automatically shield! Not in Putuo? Yeah, yeah