It’s the annual donation day! Family, have you been donated?

Today, the company is going to raise money again. Several times a year, I don’t know why! Donate in the name of the company, then the company directly shipped it… Why do we always have to donate. Don’t donate!! With so many leaders watching, it might get ugly. Donate it. I don’t even know where this thing goes, do I? Why not donate to the union if we haven’t started this year? Let them lay off ah do not donate ah every year compulsory donation At present no donation is voluntary, can not be forced national laws can not build back the will of women compulsory donation boss play smart compulsory no way, voluntary death do not donate, now donated to the hands of the animals.

5300 salary per month, although the food and living in the factory spend little money, but not much to buy new clothes, every day in the factory do not need to dress up, also lazy to make up, every day out of the very haggard no color, immediately 23, I feel very frustrated, can not be a lifetime factory sister, do not want to settle for the status quo, want to change themselves, and do not know where to start, Family members give advice don’t ask questions since you have been living and eating in the factory, why bother? Work safely and steadily, later find a factory grass marriage, two people struggle in the factory is not very good, which factory ah? Help me also find a well said you seem to really have such a high salary is good than less than under, look at the mentality of 22 years old salary of more than 5000 is very good, I was 22 years old salary 300 yuan into what factory, do what work

The little red book suddenly announced that it would shut down the platform next month

Recently, the small Red book’s own e-commerce platform “small oasis” suddenly released a user farewell letter, announcing that it will stop operations on October 1 this year, and officially shut down on October 31. Recently, the small red book’s e-commerce platform “small oasis” issued a farewell letter to users, saying that due to business adjustment, after serious consideration, “small oasis” will stop operations on October 1, 2023, stop the sale of goods, and officially close the “small oasis” on October 31, 2023. Xiaohongshu said that for the follow-up after-sales problems of “small oasis” products, consumers can contact customer service through the historical orders of the “Small Oasis” channel product page. After the store is officially closed, consumers can still apply for after-sales feedback through the order page, and the company will always protect the shopping rights and interests. Public information shows that Little Red Book is a lifestyle sharing community, covering fashion, skin care, makeup, food, travel and other fields. As of January 2023, Little Red Book has more than 3&#46 users; 500 million. It is understood that in early 2022, Small Red Book launched its own e-commerce project “small oasis”, the initial main business includes beauty, skin care products, fragrance, fashion home and other comprehensive categories. Soon after, as the topic of outdoor camping continued to be hot, the number of notes and topics related to Xiaored Book soared, and once exceeded the beauty category, the platform then changed its positioning, turning to deep camping, land, skiing, cycling, hiking and other sports scenes. Sales are not ideal or the reason for the shutdown of the e-commerce platform – from the point of view of product sales, as of now, in the “camping” category of products, there are only five products with recent sales of more than 1,000. Among them, the highest sales for a price of 109 yuan camping lights, the recent purchase of 5031 pieces; The second most recently purchased bottle was 1,636. In the “urban sports” category, only four products have recently sold more than 1,000, of which the highest sales of products recently purchased 1,840 pieces. “Cycling” and “skateboard” category, there are no recent sales of more than 1,000 products, of which, “cycling” category of the highest sales of an urban commuter car recently purchased 88 pieces, “skateboard” category of the highest sales of a product recently purchased less than 300 pieces. For the reasons for the closure of “small oasis”, in the farewell letter, the small red book said that “small oasis” in the process of business exploration and development, failed to achieve the expected goal of maximizing to meet everyone’s outdoor needs. Source: Zhejiang online received not heard received good used meiying not used indeed not heard of unknowingly received